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  1. author

    LG3 jam yang lalu

    One hell of an elevator trip

  2. author

    Saldi Lukman213 jam yang lalu

    i love this movie, funny and funtastic

  3. author

    3s sansa4 jam yang lalu


  4. author

    Dimitri Noel5 jam yang lalu

    Hey peeps if ur here 2020.....JUS KNOW THIS UR GLORIOUS 🤩🤩 and I love u all☘️🍂

  5. author

    Jelita Julianti6 jam yang lalu


  6. author

    Klaus Feuermann7 jam yang lalu

    These TBF AVENGERs' Aviators were REAL HEROES...the avengers of MCU are just unicorns...They knew their final destination...but they flew over that proudly.

  7. author

    Ashish Choudhary7 jam yang lalu

    If you have come down to the comments section to get an opinion about whether watch this movie or not. Liam Neeson: I will find you...

  8. author

    Payal Chattopadhyay8 jam yang lalu

    By watching this trailer , it seems that this movie will gonna b a cute love story! My whats app's status is - I still believe in Narnia ❤ Nice trailer 😊

  9. author

    Zahabia Pancha8 jam yang lalu

    Can someone tell the song in the background It's beautiful

  10. author

    Russian Bot8 jam yang lalu

    Sara McKinnon is the only reason I think I'll see this movie ❤️✌🏻Conservative woman are not portrayed well at all.

  11. author

    Michael Fernando8 jam yang lalu

    I hope you guys can make more hunger games I'm so sad hunger games is over make more 😭 I'm just watching it all over again

  12. author

    Darina Thach9 jam yang lalu

    Rock Dog Chase

  13. author

    Hadi Yazid9 jam yang lalu

    The make up works especially on Theron was exceptionally good.

  14. author

    ETHAN HUNT10 jam yang lalu

    It is a great movie... But most people want only action not Brain using film... Sylvester Stallone is superb..

  15. author

    Kareem Hmoda10 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    Noor Fatch10 jam yang lalu

    Who's else love Emma's dresses and hair colors in La La Land? I can't get over with this beautiful movie ♥️ My stunning masterpiece "EMMA STONE"

  17. author

    SniperSam10 jam yang lalu

    Well this movie did provide extra cast jobs to lots of unemployed people....temporarily. no wait, actually it was all volunteer. It was filmed in my neck of the woods. I couldnt do any extra cast since I have shitty job hours.

  18. author

    JaybeeCombz10 jam yang lalu

    This movie is insane

  19. author

    Mohammed Khan11 jam yang lalu

    I like John Wick Because his very Good John Wick I like it John Wick Chapter 2 Movie 🐺❤🐺

  20. author

    Dillon Connolly12 jam yang lalu

    Who writes this garbage?

  21. author

    Man of Mirth12 jam yang lalu

    I don't watch trailers before I see a movie. I saw this movie. I liked it. If you lead a busy life, watch the trailer. It's a time saver. They show the best scenes too!

  22. author

    Yandel Olivas12 jam yang lalu

    Why do they put Old Town Road at this?

  23. author

    juan montoya13 jam yang lalu

    Song ?

  24. author

    Oi You!13 jam yang lalu

    So bad it missed DVD and went straight to torrent! Lol!

  25. author

    georgegn._13 jam yang lalu

    I want the song

  26. author

    Luke Haworth14 jam yang lalu

    I loved Rambo movies when I was a kid but I was honestly apprehensive about another one..... I just watched this and honestly I think it has given me a bit of John Rambo's PTSD 😬😬. This is what I've wanted from a film all my life there was no fucking around just 100% jungle justice served out to the bad guys. Rambo just has no chill left whatsoever

  27. author

    Philphilly 5.014 jam yang lalu

    Very bad acting very bad

  28. author

    Fernando hernandez15 jam yang lalu

    Call me gay, this is the best Love movie of all time.

  29. author

    joji31716 jam yang lalu

    Need a reboot of the series where Johnny English will face John wick . Wiaitng for that movie.

  30. author

    Don't Judge Me For things I can't change16 jam yang lalu

    It's the story of Ed Sheeran.

  31. author

    JayVas16 jam yang lalu

    Like um. Ship!.. jk, but i cant wait till the movie comes out, it looks so cute.😩

  32. author

    Guillermo Arcia16 jam yang lalu

    Music name??

  33. author

    EUNICE KASAMBA17 jam yang lalu

    Archie finally achieved his dreams

  34. author

    Shaun Butt17 jam yang lalu

    Charlize HAS to win the Oscar. Incredible acting once again wow i didnt know if it was her or Megan in the trailer. Amazing

  35. author

    Nisa Erdogan17 jam yang lalu

    I’m about to feel depressed at the end of this movie! 😭😢

  36. author

    Rossy Ross17 jam yang lalu

    This trailer is a lie, the movie didn't have old town road in it

  37. author

    joel Bélanger19 jam yang lalu


  38. author

    joel Bélanger19 jam yang lalu


  39. author

    joel Bélanger19 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    Sam Stark19 jam yang lalu

    Haha that's that one tiktok song

  41. author

    Ali Blablabla19 jam yang lalu

    This movie must've sucked so hard that I searched for the trailer instead of having youtube recommend it for me

  42. author

    Michael Gibb20 jam yang lalu

    There are two things that made we want to see this movie. 1. Rian Johnson. I'm a fan of his more recent movies, including The Last Jedi. 2. Chris Evans playing an unlikable character. And I liked it. Best movie of 2019 for me.

  43. author

    Jim Ramos20 jam yang lalu

    Sylvester Stallone is best Rambo ever i hope make Rambo 6 🙏🙏🙏🙏⚡💪💪💪👍👌💯

  44. author

    Fardja Kassim20 jam yang lalu

    I don’t Know if it’s me but, It is really charlize? I didn’t reconignzed her she looks really diffrent in that movie, who’s agree with me ? Her face looks diffrent, maybe because of the wig or something else

  45. author

    C Jackson21 jam yang lalu

    Great! Another slave horror movie told by White people. BTW, Jordan Peele has nothing to do with this movie. They're making a loose association with him because 1 guy worked as a producer on Peele's 2 films that he wrote, directed and produced himself.

  46. author

    Юрий На танке21 jam yang lalu

  47. author

    LovedBy You21 jam yang lalu

    Is she still dating Dylan O'Brien??? Because she gets to date him and get to fake marry KJ Apa in a movie. Theeeeee GREED 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄.

  48. author

    boltonky21 jam yang lalu

    Reasonable good movie, but just another profit making grab from history that's been portrayed before (Fear is real and they don't show it) also think if a movie gets made about WAR etc that VA's should get all the profits (I don't believe in war but the people affected should be given everything by there country to help them...ohh but war if profitable not death) We loose so much of true heroes for the sadest reasons....Go around your area sure there is something to help rather than spending $$$ a movies

  49. author

    Yonas21 jam yang lalu

    From the highs and lows of high school football to the highs and lows of love and loss

  50. author

    Aca21 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    iiLogan22 jam yang lalu

    This came out on my birthday lets goooooo

  52. author

    aka aka22 jam yang lalu

    I don t believe the story

  53. author

    aka aka22 jam yang lalu

    It not true

  54. author

    camiluv mendes23 jam yang lalu

    so you’re telling me i need to wait until MARCH to see this?

  55. author

    Oluwaseun Omoba23 jam yang lalu

    This movies has been made a million times. I’m tired of this plot

  56. author

    Celine K23 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone else think the lead actor side profile looked like a young Lee Pace from the video thumbnail? (Love LP more though)

  57. author

    Darius SaleHari Yang lalu

    Winner make-up Oscars is Bombshell

  58. author

    Pradeep YadavHari Yang lalu

    @LionsgateMovies Looking forward to collaborate with you one day. Keep going!

  59. author

    RUSDAN NURHAKIM 2014Hari Yang lalu

    ^Streaming Full Movie (2020) In HD Quality Full Movle Available On : --------------------------------------------------------- All Subtitles quality HD Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

  60. author

    Jade SallyHari Yang lalu

    What an absolute shite boring irrelevant trailer this was. I learnt nothing.

  61. author

    misha maisuradzeHari Yang lalu


  62. author

    Aku LiaHari Yang lalu

    The dumbest Hollywood movie ever poor coast acting and abby suppose to be a porn star not nurse .I feel sorry about your lips abby. Lmaoooo

  63. author

    Patrick TurnerHari Yang lalu

    Jack Reynor looks like a younger, skinnier Seth Rogan

  64. author

    Nameless FeelingHari Yang lalu

    Most boring teaser ever 🙄

  65. author

    cool it now 001Hari Yang lalu

    Another Janelle Monae slave movie,I think she got a fetish or something.

  66. author

    BroncoBillieBeastieHari Yang lalu

    Three immensely talented actresses here!

  67. author

    BroncoBillieBeastieHari Yang lalu

    Three immensely talented actresses here!

  68. author

    Laser Bean AnimationsHari Yang lalu

    Definitely a watcher.

  69. author

    HUSKYHari Yang lalu

    Ch 4. 2021 i m preparing for that moment

  70. author

    Saurabh JaniHari Yang lalu

    Imagine what would have happened if someone would have killed his wife

  71. author

    CeceliHari Yang lalu

    I frowned when I read "from the same director of Star Wars Last Jedi".

  72. author

    LGN CoolcashHari Yang lalu

    Feels like another love story type movie that will unfortunately flop

  73. author

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsHari Yang lalu

    That cast damn how was this movie?

  74. author

    Gabriel el tipo eseHari Yang lalu

    I love/hate when trailers are better than the actual movie

  75. author

    Lee TVHari Yang lalu

    Who’s here for the fabulous Kate McKinnon?!😍🇦🇺

  76. author

    James WayneHari Yang lalu

    I gotta say if anything I appreciate how simple but effective this trailer was. I know it’s a teaser but I hope other studious take notes. I don’t usually watch trailers as they show the whole damn movie. This did it right

  77. author

    Claudio D'AmbrosioHari Yang lalu

    Sly is the Best💪

  78. author

    Christonia CharlandyHari Yang lalu

    Omg the next a Walk to Remember ❤

  79. author

    Yong Shing LooiHari Yang lalu

    that;s alot of sexy looking man for a movie

  80. author

    Darren HenryHari Yang lalu

    looks like a computer game to me in the trailer

  81. author

    Sandy WandjiHari Yang lalu

    My house My rules My coffee Epic!!!!

  82. author

    Jon SimpsonHari Yang lalu

    Trailer doesn't do the film justice

  83. author

    angelicaquarius xHari Yang lalu

    What baffles me is how fast Robert moved on. He literally got engaged moments after becoming rich. If he really loved her he would've stayed fighting, you don't just throw 18 years away man. He was a good man, but Melinda and Diana were only good enough for him if he could use them to get to the top/be successful. Diana of course left her purse in the truck on purpose because she was lusting after him while watching his videos and she knew how crazy Melinda would get if she knew he was "cheating". She also knew that she had the power to make him become successful, so of course that's what she did and now she's living her best life. Melinda deserved better in life, but out of love she chose to settle for less and sacrifice her future for his dreams. I do believe that Robert did love Melinda, but not as much as she loved him. He gave Diana everything that he had promised Melinda and that is truly heartbreaking. Maybe because Melinda chose to divorce him, his ego got bruised and then he used Diana as a replacement for Melinda, but really he just wished it was Melinda by his side instead. Another thing is that Diana looks younger than Melinda and she is more successful as well and that makes her more attractive than Melinda. Of course that is not Melinda's fault, she was tired and overworked and doing the most for Robert. Truth is men always go where the grass is greener, forgetting that all they had to do was just water the other side a little bit more.

  84. author

    Rowson LukieHari Yang lalu


  85. author

    Rowson LukieHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    Rowson LukieHari Yang lalu


  87. author

    Rowson LukieHari Yang lalu


  88. author

    Rowson LukieHari Yang lalu


  89. author

    Keyan GhasemiHari Yang lalu

    Back when everyone thought this was just gonna be another late career Liam Neeson type beat em up

  90. author

    Valentín SangsterHari Yang lalu

    It's 2020 and still waiting for the song

  91. author

    Peaceful WraithHari Yang lalu

    My google chrome shows the update of this trailer . always bad things happens to goo people somehow its a fact

  92. author

    peachlily22Hari Yang lalu

    I wish we could’ve gotten a glance of Nathan Dean Parsons in the trailer

  93. author

    Vishal YadavHari Yang lalu

    Song name pls

  94. author

    Sydnei JohnsonHari Yang lalu

    britt robinson and kj apa are the duo i never knew i needef

  95. author

    AshleystarHari Yang lalu

    I can't wait to see this

  96. author

    ZylethEntityHari Yang lalu

    This was actually surprisingly good,

  97. author

    Definitely Not Tommy WiseauHari Yang lalu

    this movie felt like it was made by diet adam mckay

  98. author

    Juan LopezHari Yang lalu

    What in the world jaxi is crazy and says bad words

  99. author

    cdpmedia2011Hari Yang lalu

    Yippy Yeah another pile on hate fest over the only conservative news channel while ignoring the real bombshells of filthy scandals at ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN

  100. author

    Leanna KuharskayaHari Yang lalu

    🙄boy....& here we go again ( you STUPID ass🤬‼️ f😡🤬🖕🏼kn warmongers ‼️) are all up in arms motherf😡🤬🖕🏼ing WARMONGERING & YET & AGAIN ‼️ For “they & them & all those” VICIOUS BLOODY MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATHS-BASTARDS just CAN NEVER AT ALL BE JHAPPY NOR DO F😡🤬🖕🏼KN LIVE in & with nice quiet times of some FRIENDSHIP & COOPERATION & PEACE !!! Can they now ?!? Oh, no - they ALWAYS IN NEED & MUST HAVE SOME KIND OF A BOOGEYMAN = & THE ENEMY = to hate = to fight with = to have MORE & MORE & NEVER-ENDING PERPETUAL WARS WITH = TO KILL = & TO DIE OVER & OVER... And if this isn’t THE MOST LOUDEST & THE BEST CLEAREST DEMONSTRATION OF THEIRS & ALL TOGETHER IS THE WHOLE OF THE WESTERN’ MINDS-SET & ATTITUDES OF THEIRS UTTER-SICKNESS & THEIRS UTTER DARKEST-PERVERTED-TWISTED & TORTURED MINDS-&-SOULS....hey, well, then I sure as hell really don’t know if there is anything worst than them & that...