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  1. author

    Bipin Ale2 jam yang lalu

    My favourite wrestler is Rendy Orten

  2. author

    HOLLYWOODMAFIA2 jam yang lalu

    does anybody know the music?

  3. author

    Diana Sorensen2 jam yang lalu

    Asuka 👎👎👎

  4. author

    SMAASSHH & WRECK2 jam yang lalu

    Respect khali respect India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. author

    Nikhchan's Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    1:10 And yet..thats what Newday did!

  6. author

    guga guga2 jam yang lalu

    the jon cena

  7. author

    Leo Dan2 jam yang lalu

    The new day really sucks can't they just have a fair match

  8. author

    أنور الموسوي2 jam yang lalu

    WTF 10:48

  9. author

    Zeko Gamin2 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    AssaulT丨SaM - Pubg mobile2 jam yang lalu

    Roman is love ❤️

  11. author

    MORITZ MATZ2 jam yang lalu

    So elias has a henry bowers gimmick right now? Nice

  12. author

    Everyone has an opinion2 jam yang lalu

    Becky is so hot!

  13. author

    Kharoud Kharoud2 jam yang lalu

    India = views

  14. author

    Rasel Miah2 jam yang lalu

    বারন করবিন আর ডল্ফ জিগলার একটা মাদারচোদ

  15. author

    Rama Chandra Upadhyay2 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    Ferdz Onizac2 jam yang lalu

    John Cena like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  17. author

    bymp2 jam yang lalu

    look at Jack Swagger suffer at 1:06 and still suffers

  18. author

    Aisha Mande2 jam yang lalu

    They messed up Romans amazing,beautiful,silky hair. This isn’t over they are gonna pay for this next week

  19. author

    Bandhan Majumder2 jam yang lalu

    Roman is the best.

  20. author

    ENNAIZ EDRAGEL2 jam yang lalu

    Woww ..stay to sasha

  21. author

    Vernesa Imamovic2 jam yang lalu

    Bravo don sina

  22. author

    H A2 jam yang lalu

    I guess Vince McMahon forgot his own script that he should have stayed down instead going for the count 😂😂😂 3:22

  23. author

    Bhagwan Pokhriyal3 jam yang lalu

    Undertaker plz plz

  24. author

    Meli's drawingtime3 jam yang lalu

    안녕하세요 💙 좋은 하루 를 보내고

  25. author

    Eymen Yaltir3 jam yang lalu

    John cena

  26. author

    H A3 jam yang lalu

    Wtf!?? 2:23😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. author

    krishna kumar3 jam yang lalu

    Sheamus one of the best matches of 2012. Sheamus vs fiend (or) sheamus vs Brock will be good fued for sheamus. Old sheamus form is expected in his return with great push in wwe. Sheamus is a talented one but underrated now.

  28. author

    Blackstorm28483 jam yang lalu

    not even cool

  29. author

    Ammnah Khan3 jam yang lalu

    It’s December and you spelled it wrong

  30. author

    idont evenknow3 jam yang lalu

    U can hear brock screaming at 2:17 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  31. author

    Ray Perez3 jam yang lalu

    I want her to Let Me In😏😉

  32. author

    ربعي هل السبعان DX َ3 jam yang lalu

    😡😡😡😡😡😡 !

  33. author

    JHUN MARK VLOG3 jam yang lalu

    Look big show henis super fit

  34. author

    Ric Flair3 jam yang lalu

    Sheamus is a star

  35. author

    Happy D3 jam yang lalu

    Usko bolo bolne "Madarchod"

  36. author

    Geuisen Pangilinan3 jam yang lalu

    Wwe actually change their roles, Lacey evans was bad before now she’s good then the sasha and bayley had the bad guy role now

  37. author

    Moayad AlGhamdi3 jam yang lalu

    ICE ICE SHEAMY dn dn dn dn dada dndn

  38. author

    kannan chelliah3 jam yang lalu

    Paul Hayman is first manager of the undertaker (mark)

  39. author

    Sunny Gaur3 jam yang lalu

    Girl with specks looks adorable 😊😍

  40. author

    Shan Pollachi3 jam yang lalu

    Hulk Hogan....he is a good guy

  41. author

    Irfan Shehzad3 jam yang lalu

    Ja la dolphziggler ko ma

  42. author

    sgm 73 jam yang lalu

    Lacey booty came out on the pin damm i wish she did that to me. And i will not kick out i will be doing sexss with her and kissing her bute hole and fight with her naked like that😍😍😍😍😍😍

  43. author

    Tuan Nguyen3 jam yang lalu

    Sasha looks like a LOSER !!!! She hit Lacey with Baley’s help hahahaa

  44. author

    WARHEAD 253 jam yang lalu

    Roman should've tried the dog food considering what happened on smackdown 😂

  45. author

    Jayson Bustamante3 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    cookieswirlcfan loveu3 jam yang lalu

    I hate u Sasha Banks she rude!!!!

  47. author

    Rufs3 jam yang lalu

    oh my god it's fking Q at 3:16

  48. author

    SuperiorMe PW3 jam yang lalu

    Lmao,look at Randy,what the hell was he doing in the corber 5:20 - 5:30. It's funny to watch,I love unscripted moments. At the end he just sacrificed his spine for the entire rumble and job,Veince must be pleasured with that,poor Randy(

  49. author

    Sandhya K3 jam yang lalu

    Bray wyatt attacked on miz in first time in his normal face after he became the fiend.

  50. author

    Arpan Pal3 jam yang lalu

    His hindi pronounciation is very good i didn't expect that

  51. author

    SpongePants SquareBob3 jam yang lalu

    the referee count faster when Brock is pinning undertaker🤦🏻‍♂️

  52. author

    Skyler_kun3 jam yang lalu

    My happiest moment in life is when brock lesnar dies and enjoys his life in hell

  53. author

    I Like Trains3 jam yang lalu

    0:22 Alexa Bliss would be great at Cinema Sins 2: Expansion. Why do interviewers always say to wrestlers "YOU GOT INJURED HOW DO YOU FEEL"

  54. author

    che tare3 jam yang lalu

    Who is the king of idiots??? Awww i know, Baron Corbin . And who is his idiot friend awww Dolph Zigler . And who is the big dog awww it's Roman Reings. Sorry for my english . I am from Romania

  55. author

    StreetRock Concepts3 jam yang lalu

    NIkki Cross is the new HUGGER SECTION

  56. author

    ermm DERM3 jam yang lalu

    Idc what y’all say Becky would’ve gotten a pedigree if this was attitude era 💀

  57. author

    Ayu kushwaha3 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    石塚宏平3 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Daniel Johnson3 jam yang lalu

    That's why I only watch WWE highlights and skip through most of it. WWE blows. Sucks they didn't listen to Fox and try to make Smackdown more sport oriented.

  60. author

    NYCrazyRob3 jam yang lalu

    1:09 XD

  61. author

    Pranav Pranav3 jam yang lalu

    Ra ono

  62. author

    Nhan Nguyễn thanh3 jam yang lalu

    Có ai VN ở đây hk

  63. author

    Tom Clark3 jam yang lalu

    Pink power

  64. author

    Kathy Passmore3 jam yang lalu

    How i talk to you and your boss Mr McMahon boss of wwe please and my name is George Passmore please

  65. author

    goda venkata krishnarao3 jam yang lalu

    Roman Reigns is my best friend

  66. author

    Arjun Gupta3 jam yang lalu

    i feel bad for my dad when he still believes this is not scripted

  67. author

    muhammad fahad butt3 jam yang lalu

    also eat pakistani classic snacks

  68. author

    existence is crisis3 jam yang lalu

    “Say Cheese!” merch?

  69. author

    Hussein Gurey3 jam yang lalu

    Yes yes Troom

  70. author

    Melrick Sequeira3 jam yang lalu

    Roman Reigns sucks. Tasting snacks to get subscribers 😆

  71. author

    VITAL TALKS3 jam yang lalu

    Who is best JOHN CENA- Like ROMAN REIGNS- comment

  72. author

    Max pg du 7 max3 jam yang lalu

    Rey misterio 😭

  73. author

    The Joker 36243 jam yang lalu

    What a DEAD Crowd

  74. author

    • M B •3 jam yang lalu

    The way Vince says “ SHUTUPPPP! “ is just so...... UHHHHHHHHHH

  75. author

    Jessica Goodman3 jam yang lalu

    There are so many layers here. The family comment but also...The Miz hurt Daniel like a lot for at least almost a decade now...could be something there. Either way..this was great.

  76. author

    Adrian Denila3 jam yang lalu

    he's a jobber again.. sad.

  77. author

    Karma3 jam yang lalu

    People in foreign don't know how much we Indians love roman

  78. author

    HAHAHAHA Traaalalalala3 jam yang lalu

    *Crowd so dead* Jake: _aigt time to feed this peeps to my snakes_

  79. author

    kury kurty3 jam yang lalu


  80. author

    S RO TAMIL GAMING3 jam yang lalu

    More wrestlers can come but I always a Morrison fan

  81. author

    Jessie Jimenez3 jam yang lalu

    More matches like this 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  82. author

    Tasbih ullah Khan3 jam yang lalu

    9:10 this is best seen.

  83. author

    charles gamboa3 jam yang lalu

    Keith Lee is the best

  84. author

    Nurlela Nurlela3 jam yang lalu

    Old but i like to see

  85. author

    Kawaii Pringles3 jam yang lalu

    5:47 I think Daniel is dead bc the fiend scalped him last week and according to the miz Daniel Bryans has “ virtually disappeared “

  86. author

    Harsher yaara da yaar3 jam yang lalu

    Roman reigns is 1st number wrestler

  87. author

    Palak Jio3 jam yang lalu

    Sexyyy alexaaaaa

  88. author

    Bernardino Villanueva3 jam yang lalu

    Dolph Sucker BOO!! BOO!!! AJ SUCKS BOO!!!! BOO!!!!!

  89. author

    • M B •3 jam yang lalu

    1. Aksanas voice is starting to kill me 2. If I were Teddy during that drama with Aksana, I would migrate and leave

  90. author

    Itziar Valdenebro3 jam yang lalu

    My name Jake cena