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Matt D'Avella
Matt D'Avella

Hi my name's Matt D'Avella. I'm a minimalist, filmmaker & I made the documentary Minimalism.
Most of my days are spent creating films so I don't have a ton of time to check email. You can send me a message at the email address below if you'd like. While I can't respond to all of them, I read as many as I can, and it truly means so much to have your support.
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My Minimalist HomeMy Minimalist Home

My Minimalist Home

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  1. author

    c8 jam yang lalu

    I want, I want that is all you hear nowadays out of someone's mouth

  2. author

    Nuclear Muscle8 jam yang lalu

    Stay single, guys. It's the best way to build up your finances. All you need to focus on is the following: 1) Increase your income. 2) Keep your spending at minimal amounts. Do NOT increase spending just because your income goes up. 3) Save more/invest more. 4) Repeat.

  3. author

    Arjun Aditya8 jam yang lalu

    Dude I got the exact same shoes

  4. author

    Lu R8 jam yang lalu

    Yes Finally somebody is saying what I've been thinking. I have said it and I was the unpopular guy for saying it. This is a fantastic video. Hurrahh, I feel vindicated.

  5. author

    FriezaPlayz8 jam yang lalu

    Is it okay to use IDreporter?

  6. author

    ChiliContestWinner8 jam yang lalu

    I would be really impressed if you did meth for a month. Hell, just for a week. It would give you a whole new perspective on drug addiction among other things. The stigma might be the biggest thing to get over.

  7. author

    Hilal Can8 jam yang lalu

    You should draw and paint :)

  8. author

    Galin Swigart8 jam yang lalu

    I like his general concept, but he brushes off financial self discipline as if it’s irrelevant. Regardless of how much money you make, spending within your means and being disciplined is important. Dave Ramsey is probably overly extreme in the opposite direction, but if you’re in debt you need to cut back on spending AND make significantly more money, not just one or the other. As in most things, balance is crucial.

  9. author

    jessy joseph9 jam yang lalu

    U are hilarious

  10. author

    Carlos Contapay II9 jam yang lalu

    I got a lot of stuff... from my childhood, grandparents, family and friends... and personal stuff I bought years ago.... even birthday and Christmas cards... I keep them.

  11. author

    Aconi919 jam yang lalu

    Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried - Renannah Tiyily Release (google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to get the ultimate millionaire mind minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my work colleague after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  12. author

    anisa Ip9 jam yang lalu

    I've been journaling for about 2 years and a half now. It started accidentally though. Back then I had a severe anxiety. I couldn't talk about it with my parents bc they said that I was just overreacting. I had no one to talk to about it so I started to write it down. I agree with Matt that writing it down actually made me even more first. Journaling is like keeping a track on yourself. By doing it, you can actually learn from your mistakes, and that's what I did. From journaling I know the things that make me anxious and now I know what I should do when that happen. I still have anxieties but at least now i know how to defeat it

  13. author

    Meena Loke9 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Nazeer Abdul-Salaam9 jam yang lalu

    I can’t even focus on the video. OMG those arms. Please tell me you’re gay. And if are, please be single. And if you are I hope you like me.😀

  15. author

    choc0lateM__9 jam yang lalu

    since when was milk bad

  16. author

    Angel Santiago9 jam yang lalu

    Perfect topic for another GUS episode ;)

  17. author

    Evan Bowen9 jam yang lalu

    I end up using risk as my flow trigger all too often. I wait until last second before my homework is due and will get into a flow state pretty quickly because I know if I don't finish it I'll get a bad grade

  18. author

    HUNDRED BUCKS10 jam yang lalu

    I’m 27. Haven’t had any social medias in 7 years.

  19. author

    Димитър Калинов10 jam yang lalu

    Adding this video to the watch later list

  20. author

    TatTvamAsi10 jam yang lalu

    What they feel from their caffeine withdrawal is how I feel everyday WITH coffee. :/ OMG, I'm scared this isn't going to work for me. FML!

  21. author

    John Sheppard10 jam yang lalu

    I am lonely, depressed due to everyone's face in their phone and laptops. I realized one day that everyone on Facebook in my friends and family do not acknowledge me nor give a crap about me. So I deactivated the account. People are unapproachable now in today's society

  22. author

    manusia pendosa11 jam yang lalu

    This minimalist seems logic

  23. author

    Mason11 jam yang lalu

    the intro lmao

  24. author

    Glodus Muspell11 jam yang lalu

    So, he stopped after 30 days? Thats a chickens move. Im disappointed

  25. author

    Огурчик Солёный11 jam yang lalu

    What about become vegan for one month?

  26. author

    Francis Tubolino11 jam yang lalu

    For the most part, i love and choose to be alone.

  27. author

    Andrew L12 jam yang lalu

    I will have one of your finest cult memberships please!

  28. author

    Valentino12 jam yang lalu

    It's been 2 weeks for me with no social media. Dint even watch this videos.

  29. author

    Blue Fungis12 jam yang lalu

    To be honest it just sounds like disrupting oxygen in the brain, no? That explains the hallucinations. I’d like to see some measurements of someone doing this to see if that’s right.

  30. author

    Night Star12 jam yang lalu

    It's good to have youtubers like you for people who don't have friends... i feel better after watching this video

  31. author

    yes wegameplay12 jam yang lalu

    No fap 275 days and it keep getting better and better

  32. author

    Night Star12 jam yang lalu

    I can totally follow the rules.... But I'm aduicted to only youtube ... And that's not social media right..

  33. author

    sunburn13 jam yang lalu

    you are misleading people by saying that IF needs you to skip breakfast. Absolutely not true!! One can plan his/her day according to when he/she is hungry. My fasting time is 6pm to 8 am the next day. That is, I am not following the 16:8 rule. I am doing 14:10. I am eating as healthy as I can, unlike what you said, that one can eat anything during the feeding period. Its been 5 days of eating healthy and follwoing 14:10, and I am already feeling more energetic and have lost 0.5 pounds already!! So yes, your comments on IF are misleading

  34. author

    Ritesh Bagare13 jam yang lalu

    A minimalist is having 18 pairs of Underwear. Whatt!! 3-4 pairs are enough for Everyone.. i guess

  35. author

    Lean 220013 jam yang lalu

    This video was just a promotion for coffee.

  36. author

    enaeco14 jam yang lalu

    i didn't understand the sentence at 4:22 can someone explain to me please im french

  37. author

    nicoloco997414 jam yang lalu

    This guy fucked up doing 16/8's and all he had to do was skip breakfast. What a sissy, perfect example of a typical food addict.

  38. author

    Teffy Sam14 jam yang lalu

    Hey Matt, what app do you use for scanning your receipts?

  39. author

    Yogesh Kumar14 jam yang lalu

    Nice. The kind of video and content I love. Thanks Matt.

  40. author

    April Snow14 jam yang lalu

    Loved this! 😂

  41. author

    Fun TextingStories15 jam yang lalu

    It takes a month to build a habit

  42. author

    Rohit Jalageri15 jam yang lalu

    This is one of the most useful comments section I have ever seen Trust me you are going to like it

  43. author

    Claus Mevik16 jam yang lalu

    met my fiance on my first Tinder date. Lck+1

  44. author

    Filip Voss Åkerström16 jam yang lalu

    So much talk about debt

  45. author

    may shin16 jam yang lalu

    and Italian

  46. author

    may shin16 jam yang lalu


  47. author

    Freddy Gill16 jam yang lalu

    Suggested anti-depressant: "love your neighbor". Why? It builds community! It build true face to face human connections. Key to having friends: "Be a friend" Our best friends should be in our own neighborhood. Our neighborhoods are a garden worth cultivating!

  48. author

    Gregory Kosins16 jam yang lalu

    Atheism;Feminism;Consumerism;Globalism;cultural Marxism, these trends must be tempered.

  49. author

    Abdul M17 jam yang lalu

    or you could just wear noise-cancelling headphones

  50. author

    Claus Mevik17 jam yang lalu

    Are we gonna act like the unholy amount of lemons on the table are not even there?

  51. author

    deshxbm17 jam yang lalu

    Thumbs up for editors smile

  52. author

    Sarah james17 jam yang lalu

    I use to do this thing where id be so focused on what I was doing I would just not feel hungry or thirsty for a whole day its rlly bad. I still do it every now and then, not on purpose tho. I wish I would not it doesn't sound healthy at all. What these ppl call FLOW is what Ive been calling the zone. I don't like it, its extremely productive but omg i neglect myself so badly.

  53. author

    The Real Ladyboy Show17 jam yang lalu

    Another reason that multi-culturalism is bad for us. We need to belong to a tribe!

  54. author

    Web Surfer17 jam yang lalu

    With a combination of breath work, cold showers, and meditation, you should become totally invincible!

  55. author

    Marcella Wonderweapon17 jam yang lalu

    Did you notice, how the five flow triggers at 6:24 form a perfect pyramid? And the fifth trigger is "pattern recognition", haha 😂 Just got a nice shot of Dopamin

  56. author

    enaeco17 jam yang lalu

    wait a sec so when you procrastinate on an action (with limits) witch is decided by someone helse it give you the risk so there the dopamine comes and you do a not so bad things

  57. author

    NoFapKing18 jam yang lalu

    Smoke Salvia Divorim which is a sage and tell me there's nothing spiritual connected to it

  58. author

    Caitlinfilmt18 jam yang lalu

    Thank you so much for the video and the writing tip combined with pattern recognition!

  59. author

    Master Photog18 jam yang lalu

    WOW! What an amazing video. I just learnt the reason why many of us lonely! Keep up the good work!

  60. author

    D Z19 jam yang lalu

    有多少人听成 “I tried meth every day for 30 days?” hahahahhahah

  61. author

    Do Like You Would Be Done By19 jam yang lalu

    When Men Moves His Heart Away From Nature...His Heart Becomes Hard

  62. author

    Kylee Bristow19 jam yang lalu

    After watching your 'tracking every minute for 30 days' vid, I threw out my to-do list and put everything, no matter how small, into my calendar from then on. I'm still doing it and it's still amazing and sh*t gets done. Just in case you don't think anyone's paying attention... ;-)

  63. author

    The New Zero19 jam yang lalu

    Love the way you film these videos. It's so easy to watch through till the end without losing focus

  64. author

    Amir J19 jam yang lalu

    I need to know where you get your background music so I can listen to it while studying

  65. author

    Andrea Ray20 jam yang lalu

    2018?? It's 2020! Have you still not gotten the rock on your podcast? are you still trying??

  66. author

    perry Robson20 jam yang lalu

    2:17 is that Ed sheeren

  67. author

    Dr. Cube21 jam yang lalu

    I find this so fascinating from “the other side”, because I definitely see that there are massive relational problems between men, and I definitely experience it in terms of friendships (though many of those barriers are starting to break, thanks to working things out a little), but I have never in my entire life had a moment in time when I wasn’t open to my parents. I am a completely open book to them, and they know just about every little thing about me. It’s fascinating because it makes me wonder, what are American men experiencing in their homes? What unnecessary emotional hardship and pain, what emotional bottling are they experiencing? To what degree can I help? And to what degree am I restrained from helping because of my lack of experience, having not entirely walked in their shoes?

  68. author

    Audio21 jam yang lalu

    Texting is evil.

  69. author

    Siddhant K Sharma21 jam yang lalu

    valuable video

  70. author

    Welfare World21 jam yang lalu

    Very crisp video and the skeptism to consumerism, commendable.keep going with these candid.presemtations.loved every bit of it.

  71. author

    ZEEK ZEEK21 jam yang lalu

    Pray is better than mediation... Pray to Jesus he's listen to u..

  72. author

    j22 jam yang lalu

    he choose the worst 30 days to try this challenge idk if it was too make it harder but

  73. author

    Charmain Edwards23 jam yang lalu

    Did u loose weight??

  74. author

    cityban23 jam yang lalu

    Works for some and it don't for some !

  75. author

    Cup of Joe23 jam yang lalu

    I assume this video is for the folks interested in getting up before 6 for "fun" instead of going to work

  76. author

    Oliver SuddenHari Yang lalu

    That picture of the Rock in the back is fantastic

  77. author

    Gabri FonsoHari Yang lalu

    Costa Rica Good Video

  78. author

    Casey-Lee WattHari Yang lalu

    Had a Laugh when you walked in on them naked. lol

  79. author

    t9j6c6j51Hari Yang lalu

    We’ve really screwed this up haven’t we.

  80. author

    Aphrodite GHari Yang lalu

    Donate clean, gently used kitchenware to soup kitchens. Donate furniture to shelters and day program places.

  81. author

    Jean-Simon DesjardinsHari Yang lalu

    13:54 "It's okay to fail." Still something I have trouble with, and it feels good to hear it said out loud! Thank you :D

  82. author

    Lex NHari Yang lalu

    One time my phone got stolen and for the next month I spent on sleeping in between school and hobbies. Just never felt that free in a long time.

  83. author

    Jackson WattsHari Yang lalu

    The Best Way to find Happiness is to Be Still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10)

  84. author

    Brittany VaughnHari Yang lalu

    Thoughtwork. I cannot stress enough how transformative Kara Loewentheil's podcast UNF*CK YOUR BRAIN (available on youtube, too) has been for me. I've been focused on self-improvement for 20 years now, and nothing that I've done for 30 days has ever affected me nearly as much as her podcast and courses have over that short period. If you do anything, I implore you to try thoughtwork as she describes it. It's like CBT for people who don't have time or patience for therapy (and who are maybe generally functioning in their life, but could function even better and be even happier).

  85. author

    tiernanjamesHari Yang lalu

    “Everyday we get invitations,emails,calls and texts” Allow me to introduce myself

  86. author

    Krystine HamreHari Yang lalu

    Once you said erection I liked the video

  87. author

    Ozzie Del RealHari Yang lalu

    I don't agree with that. Right off the bat my first thought was, wouldn't that lead to codepedency. I say that because I was codependent. I tried to answer the question myself to see what I came up with and mine was a society lacking in morals, values and self-improvement/self love. I personally healed myself from an individualistic view. Jordan Peterson has helped me tremendously, I would encourage viewers to view some of his videos. Again, speaking from personal experience. "Each one teach one". You have to start from within, heal yourself first but most people don't know what questions to ask themselves. They don't know how to love themselves, what success means to them, what they value, defined there morals, determined what brings meaning into their lifes.

  88. author

    TruthofTarotHari Yang lalu

    Uploading a IDreporter video...

  89. author

    corrda1993Hari Yang lalu

    I don't know if his salary raise concept works when you're a line cook at a burger king.

  90. author

    Zachary ChoHari Yang lalu


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    Ethan MHari Yang lalu

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    Milly MoeHari Yang lalu

    Stop watching this video and go do whatever you have to do! You got this!

  93. author

    J BernsteinHari Yang lalu

    I am going to start blogging. LOL

  94. author


    Jason has big ears. Looks like he could fly like dumbo.

  95. author

    Danny PerskiHari Yang lalu

    Don't make clickbait titles.

  96. author

    CarlonchoArtHari Yang lalu

    do you think serial killers were in "flow" ?

  97. author

    ThatGuyThere ThatGuyThereHari Yang lalu

    Or meth

  98. author

    David ALHari Yang lalu

    Try book End of procrastination by Petr Ludwig 🙏 very useful

  99. author

    Andrea CerasoniHari Yang lalu

    'You wanna daytrade? Give me 36.6%, see you next year' Yeeeee... it ain't that simple, what about the countless hours spent trading? You gonna get those back at the end of the year? Didn't think so.

  100. author

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    every day....not everyday