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  1. author

    James Smith12 jam yang lalu

    Probably the biggest lie in History.

  2. author

    FutureRichPerson 24736512 jam yang lalu

    The people blowing this out of proportion are the ones that want this sht to spread so we can have an "apocalypse situation."

  3. author

    강주효12 jam yang lalu

    ㅜToday G1 and G2 결재일입니다 새해에는 경제비전을 스타트하는 새해가 되시길 충심으로 기원을 드립니다 ㆍ새해에, 복많이 받으시길 바랍니다 ㅡ

  4. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo12 jam yang lalu

    Northern Europe has one of the best and pleasant climates in the world! Check it out! Compare it with the rest of the world!

  5. author

    ilker sönmez12 jam yang lalu

    He was one of the most influential comedians ever. Almost everyone involved in comedy in the West is influenced by the Pythons in one way or another.

  6. author

    James Smith12 jam yang lalu

    Have you seen Europa, The last Battle?

  7. author

    Eazy Street12 jam yang lalu

    "Wind mills cause cancer". Trump a super duper genius. You know who else calls themselves a super genius? Wile E. Coyote.

  8. author

    JJ m12 jam yang lalu

    I'm so proud to be a kiwi ☺️☺️☺️☺️💚💚💚 love you Jacinda !!!! F**k you DONALD FRUMP

  9. author

    doug aussie12 jam yang lalu

    is that like the corolla, from Toyota. I nearly bought a corona.

  10. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo12 jam yang lalu

    People living in Tropical Rainforest Climates actually suffer way worse weather than people living in Europe! - Hot and wet weather, intolerable humidity, mosquitoes, high UV incidence, etc.

  11. author

    ece siyan jj12 jam yang lalu

    Chinese: * eat everything they saw * Coronavirus has entered the chat

  12. author

    Peter Grossett12 jam yang lalu

    After their election drubbing, Labour said they they were listening. Apparently that doesn't include white men. Bigot.

  13. author

    Tim Parker12 jam yang lalu

    Really informative and helpful. Thank you.

  14. author

    Lulu kent12 jam yang lalu

    There are millions of wealthy African Americans as well as other billionaires. If I were a rich white person and felt that any poverty raised children needed help for their tuition, I would donate toward those young people. I would not be choosing based on their race. Danny Glover is a rich movie star as well as Oprah and thousands of others. Are they willing to give up some of their millions to set up programs for the young impoverished kids who want to go to college but need help. I was raised in poverty and I put myself through college. I did not expect a handout from anyone. I worked during the day and attended night school. It worked for me. Why did it stop working. It's called work.

  15. author

    Mark Hanks12 jam yang lalu

    Usually men, OK the only cu.nt is you Derbyshire

  16. author

    Iced Clips12 jam yang lalu

    how dare you!

  17. author

    cunninggnomefoo12 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao the first one

  18. author

    Stephen Van Woert12 jam yang lalu

    He has no moral credibility at all. A pathological liar.

  19. author

    BlindMellowJelly12 jam yang lalu

    The most well-executed impeachment in world history. I have to give it to the Democrats on how flawless they have presented this information.

  20. author

    Aleksa Djuranovic12 jam yang lalu

    2020: ww3 might start New virus outbreak And its still January Whats next? Meteorite hitting earth on 2 February 2020 is earths repaying year for what humans have done to it

  21. author

    craig davidson12 jam yang lalu

    How dare a white man have an opinion.......just love those looooney leftists.

  22. author

    Rose1307412 jam yang lalu

    Arrogant Ms Nandy!

  23. author

    Nate12 jam yang lalu

    Why need more documents & witnesses? With all this facts is enough to prove Trump's Guilty.

  24. author

    herminator1612 jam yang lalu

    He needs a fade haircut dang

  25. author

    Alex Tan12 jam yang lalu

    North Korea sealed their borders to China. 9 municipalities and WuHan is in lockdown... it can be passed to tear ducts meaning face mask is not enough... Not serious yet???

  26. author

    Kimberly Howard12 jam yang lalu

    I think someone is torturing American citizens, and let's hope Gina didnt give that approval because it will be life long prison if so. 5G allows torture at will, not only is spyware in our TV, appliances torture capabilities is too.

  27. author

    Brian12 jam yang lalu

    Lol, Germany will do it again. They already have so many that believe the things they did in the past.

  28. author

    Norwegian viking12 jam yang lalu

    chinesepeople . so many without manners...,.,,,,

  29. author

    MrPoolaty12 jam yang lalu


  30. author

    cien197512 jam yang lalu

    I will never forget how many times he made me laugh.

  31. author

    MyruFX12 jam yang lalu

    Damn this man was great

  32. author

    ChristianツV ツ12 jam yang lalu

    First WW3 now a virus 2020 wants us dead

  33. author

    Gossip Queen 10112 jam yang lalu

    Thank you atleast they're not making the same mistake that Africa did by not closing borders and still aren't and Ebola is still happening their especially in my country DRC. They acted quick and that's how a country should be

  34. author

    Kacper Snicket12 jam yang lalu

    Invalidating opinion based on race/gender... another reason to not return my vote to labour. I was expecting a reform, not the same old middle class woke nonsense that made our us switch in the first place

  35. author

    NovaGhost12 jam yang lalu

    i can’t wait for England to be all chill and america just panicking like when ebola happened

  36. author

    gary proffitt12 jam yang lalu

    Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Trump Hitler If You Think We're On The Run? We Are The Boys Who Will Stop Your Little Game We Are The Boys Who Will Make You Think Again 'Cause Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Trump Hitler If You Think Old England's Done? Mr Brown Goes Off To Town On The Eight Twenty-One But He Comes Home Each Evening And He's Ready With His Gun (So Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler If You Think Old England's Done?) So Watch Out Mr Trump Hitler You Have Met Your Match In Us If You Think You Can Crush Us We're Afraid You've Missed The Bus 'Cause Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Trump Hitler If You Think Old England's Done?

  37. author

    Walter Porras12 jam yang lalu

    I am on my 10th 12 pack of coronas and no viruses so far...

  38. author

    Samsung J312 jam yang lalu

    Be open minded and don't close your borders

  39. author

    Joeybabbs .BABBS12 jam yang lalu

    funny obama did that, he has ever right.. do your research, no laws were broken.. However Hillary destroyed drives with hammers/ obstruction/ treason, and her husband sodomized a young girl while president while in the white house.. additionally the bidens were under investigation by the NObama administration previously for the same thing.. so again.. the president has every right to investigate corruption before he spends millions of my tax dollars. He is cleaning up the swamp.. A helluva guy who reformed the VA for veterans, brought jobs back, which alot of you so called libs received Raises in the last 3 years.. .you should be sucking trumps toes..

  40. author

    Nathan Milne12 jam yang lalu

    Bro she clapped

  41. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo12 jam yang lalu

    Schoolchildren deserve their education!

  42. author

    hellavadeal12 jam yang lalu

    Making angles laugh now. Rest in peace.

  43. author

    Peter Grossett13 jam yang lalu

    Didn't Polands leader, snub this event because Putin was invited to speak and he wasn't?

  44. author

    Pink lasagna13 jam yang lalu

    I'm glad Umaru wasn't in Kyoto anime but miss kobayashi was ;c

  45. author

    CyricZ13 jam yang lalu

    Dunno what it is about Terry in the Bedevere scene just hopping off his platform at the end that tickles me.

  46. author

    desperado31513 jam yang lalu

    You made reference to racism by saying: 'I'm worried too". F**k me, I'm not worried, and I am a minority. MBGA.

  47. author

    MrMus TangMan13 jam yang lalu

    BS lady.... the guy in Washington state is 30 years old......

  48. author

    paul hoskin13 jam yang lalu

    People are being slaughtered to this day .we never learn do we

  49. author

    Robert Wozniak13 jam yang lalu

    The media: Run and never look back! The Guardian: Could you not

  50. author

    SASBETA SQUADRON13 jam yang lalu

    *There goes a comic legend!* Foley: banging coconuts together...

  51. author

    QualitySlav13 jam yang lalu

    so someone evolved air transport of the virus, and the cure is getting started

  52. author

    QUOD HK13 jam yang lalu

    Water for Australia after they kill all the camels for drink to much wazer.

  53. author

    the7thsea13 jam yang lalu

    I don't listen to pedophiles .

  54. author

    Leiper Family13 jam yang lalu

    Sooooo corny

  55. author

    Phil 50213 jam yang lalu

    It’s like watching someone getting eaten by their pet boa . Stupid liberals.

  56. author

    m67pia13 jam yang lalu

    If you enter this number 10130701 in google search then you get Corona virus and this is US patent.

  57. author

    Jacob Tennyson13 jam yang lalu

    The word virus came from Latin meaning poison. It also means Mankind. Human beings are a real virus of the Earth. Infecting every environment until every natural resources are consumed. Then we move to another area and repeat the process all over again. Human beings are a disease. We are a plague, a cancer of the Earth. Viruses are the cure!

  58. author

    Kendall Defoe13 jam yang lalu

    Will miss him forever...

  59. author

    tomm187ab13 jam yang lalu

    Seafood markets selling wild animals, exsist many places over there. Nobody knows the exact number, they said.

  60. author

    D4RK13 jam yang lalu

    Dying at 77? Luxury!

  61. author

    Jason Swaim13 jam yang lalu

    Greta Loonburg

  62. author

    Daniel Silva13 jam yang lalu

    Very easy to solve the problem, teach some wild animal to eat it when they are immobile, like cats, cougars, jackals, bears, alligator and raccons

  63. author

    MrsArodisi13 jam yang lalu

    It isn't a new virus. U have Corona virus scientific articles from 2015. Come on people!

  64. author

    gavin armstrong13 jam yang lalu

    we can not stand by and let this go on for if we do what did all the soliders die for in ww2 for our freedom we need to get rid of this hate

  65. author

    Emmanuel Kyeyune13 jam yang lalu

    Hey let’s bet Do you think trump will be impeached? Let’s bet My answer is No They won’t impeach him He is gonna win the trial and become more popular Can you take my 10,000$ What can you offer we bet

  66. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo13 jam yang lalu

    We don’t need anymore pinpointing and shaming.

  67. author

    Bri Goose13 jam yang lalu

    But Charlie boy...your German..the royals changed their German name after ww1 in fear of brits going after the royals. The royals don't give a toss

  68. author

    MauComm Aero13 jam yang lalu

    Much ado about nothing. Charles is just a show piece, nothing more!

  69. author

    Truth Keeper Films13 jam yang lalu

    Liberals for you.. why is that guy touching that women like that? The left are disgusting and sick. They smile in your face, but hate behind your back. They want your vote, nothing more.

  70. author

    SRT Life13 jam yang lalu

    bro no way don’t panic

  71. author

    geeza Lee13 jam yang lalu

    Piers Morgan obsessed with Meghan. She rejected him, Boris rejected him, sooner or later Trump will reject him. Piers hates rejection.

  72. author

    falconeaterf1513 jam yang lalu

    Trump loves the uneducated. So much love for those mindless Republican sheep.

  73. author

    Stacks YT13 jam yang lalu

    Was about to go to China next week but guess not

  74. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo13 jam yang lalu

    I believe causing mass fear and panic is not the way to encourage people to do something!

  75. author

    Bill Dickson13 jam yang lalu

    02:01 "That it just came from animals" Err, I think that might include humans somehow. :) lol

  76. author

    J X13 jam yang lalu

    Amalekite are ED0MITES, who are so called white people, and have no bloodline relationship to Jacob's Seed!

  77. author

    Ernes13 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo13 jam yang lalu

    Stop telling people that the “house is on fire” when you aren’t certain how serious it is!

  79. author

    XxDanSoloxX13 jam yang lalu

    Didn't realise Nandy was a racist until now. Glad this has come out so we know.

  80. author

    CaliBilly Girl13 jam yang lalu

    Person to person transmission=bad. Coronavirus is starts with animals is primarily an animal virus. It sounds like this virus is mutating. The genie is out of the bottle... Maybe it will just peter out...

  81. author

    San Arturo13 jam yang lalu

    we'll name it Xi Jinping virus.

  82. author

    falconeaterf1513 jam yang lalu

    Another day without tax returns. What a two bit crook.

  83. author

    Miles Further13 jam yang lalu

    I bet way more than 17 have died by now, they just don’t want people to panic.

  84. author

    Pacific Oceania13 jam yang lalu

    I pray for all these leaders create peace and harmony to the world.

  85. author

    David Ward13 jam yang lalu

    And there was I thinking she was Labours best chance of winning an election, and she turns out to be a racist misandrist,

  86. author

    Kyle Williams13 jam yang lalu

    Lisa nandy is the only racist in this vid judging the value of someone by the colour of their skin

  87. author

    Jacob Tennyson13 jam yang lalu

    There is new movie coming out called 28 Months Later The Wuhan Outbreak.

  88. author

    Bawlte23 Vids13 jam yang lalu

    1000's of Ben Shapiro video and the only one Ben hater can only enjoy his appearance on the video.. and still Ben admit he lost.. nobody is perfect.

  89. author

    Alberto Rojas13 jam yang lalu

    Reparation bill aiming at keeping young black man in midiocresy👎 How Germans, English, Spanish an other white races once slaves got over themselves and reconquer their dignity? Not by receiving unemployment, walfare, food stamps, section8, etc time to be a proud black race👏

  90. author

    Mark Tipton13 jam yang lalu

    So basically the last lot was it that easy to spread between humans so now they tweaked it a little bit now it’s easier to spread between humans man made I’m telling you

  91. author

    Tropic Breeze Realty13 jam yang lalu

    That last bit breaks my heart.

  92. author

    GamesAndElectronica13 jam yang lalu

    She looks very much like the standard nurse, so I believe her. :-) As I expected, no need for concern unless your health is really bad, just like other diseases.

  93. author

    Bernal Del Castillo13 jam yang lalu

    RIP Terry

  94. author

    Ihivv7 H7h713 jam yang lalu

    Shut up, charles

  95. author

    A R13 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Terry and may you rest in peace

  96. author

    Josaphine East13 jam yang lalu

    I hear both lol

  97. author

    Clarisa Fabillo13 jam yang lalu

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to hugh grant...

  98. author

    B4t4 Clan13 jam yang lalu

    the same thing made kristina to mauricio in argentina