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    0xVENx036 menit yang lalu

    imagine having to stretch ur body to move everyday and eat ur skin but one day u sleep and wake up with legs, wings, and hair

  2. author

    keep thinking36 menit yang lalu

    Where can I get the outfits

  3. author

    Nadia Marknsen37 menit yang lalu

    God bless you!! The qween has a home ...amazing people

  4. author

    J Baldwin39 menit yang lalu

    So heart warming ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. author

    Aesthetic Gacha42 menit yang lalu

    For a second I thought it was a little toddler running!

  6. author

    Elena42 menit yang lalu

    He's adorable. What about artificial legs. Would they work. He seems to have enough leg for them to attach them to.

  7. author

    Edward Willim47 menit yang lalu

    Both of the owners are so hot 🔥

  8. author

    Justice L48 menit yang lalu

    Pitbulls have the cutest faces! I'd adopt her in heartbeat if I could!

  9. author

    Wendi Pasa54 menit yang lalu

    Leona is amazing

  10. author

    P A55 menit yang lalu

    Maybe the family got too busy for the dog with after school sports and activities, jobs and daily mandatory routines so the dog ran off. Luckily someone fed it and it seemed to be healthy. I guess the moral of this story is that all dogs should and do get chipped if the owners are good responsible animal lovers

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    Frank Cueva56 menit yang lalu

    The Most awesome thing I have ever seen . Thanks for making my day .

  12. author

    Christfollower Love56 menit yang lalu

    0:30 my life is complete now.

  13. author

    toriey57 menit yang lalu

    There both very Precious💜💜

  14. author

    Allen TaxJam Yang lalu

    The muzzle is a double edged sword. Yeah most can see it to that it can protect others from the said dog that is muzzled. However it gives ZERO self protection for the dog that has it on. The dog can't then defend its self nor anyone else. All other dogs to this stupid can get away with hurting another dog or person.Said dog CANNOT defend. Maybe run,maybe.

  15. author

    Elizabeth WagnerJam Yang lalu

    The cattle dog is the killjoy😂 that's too perfect! Mines the fun police too lol

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    ゆめぽんたJam Yang lalu

    If you just want to look at one portion of the story and say the medical investigators have no conscience, anybody can do that. And I really hope if you’re true to your word you won’t be taking any medications for the rest of your lives, because animal testing is how drugs are approved and marketed. Really, it’s much more complicated, so think before you talk:(

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    বাক স্বাধীনতা প্রথম [freedom of speech first]Jam Yang lalu

    that cat might be eaten by a fish or something...

  18. author

    ThatRussianKid : /Jam Yang lalu

    While I was getting into the video I got a d-con ad " mice love it to DEATH"

  19. author

    Dan The 831'erJam Yang lalu

    I miss going out with the boys like this..n tagging it up

  20. author

    Cody DeutschJam Yang lalu

    I don't have a problem with pits but if I was on my bike and a car pulled along side me with a pit leaning out the window screaming in my face, I'd poop a little. Then laugh ofc. Then change my shorts and laugh some more.

  21. author

    ĐRΨĞØΠΣS [MÆŤ]Jam Yang lalu

    If this big boi can lose weight...could i also?

  22. author

    Michael RuzalJam Yang lalu


  23. author

    Scarlett PhoenixJam Yang lalu

    Why didnt he just adopt her

  24. author

    Lucille FrancescoJam Yang lalu

    tiny but mighty

  25. author

    JavaniFNJam Yang lalu

    Ohhhh myyy! I almost forgot this channel, it used to have like 900k subs but when i came back. 4.48m subs!

  26. author

    Kill the Next generationsJam Yang lalu

    He picked her up from the scruff of her neck that’s fine I guess but he also picked her up by her spine that’s fucked up

  27. author

    Lauren WallisJam Yang lalu

    ‘Sometimes I feel frustrated, but then I remember..’ what, that you trained him to do that by rewarding him with treats?

  28. author

    Dan The 831'erJam Yang lalu

    Bruh put down that phone and just get the fucken dog.

  29. author

    KLeM AviationJam Yang lalu

    0:49 "Bronson HAS to be *_touched_* " Me: *Wait what?*

  30. author

    Spaghetti Monster's judging your life choicesJam Yang lalu

    I wonder if Cantu would still take his bed to bed if he had another one in the living room? Haha goofy doggo.

  31. author

    Janet JanetJam Yang lalu

    He is a big soft lovable beauty. Well done for adopting him I'm sure you have a lot of fun together.

  32. author

    Keeley MitchellJam Yang lalu

    My dog is 5 and I go to the pet store and whatever toy he picks up I’ll grab and pay for it.

  33. author

    RubyGraceJam Yang lalu


  34. author

    BananaJam Yang lalu

    That is one FAT dragon

  35. author

    OhSpiderXJam Yang lalu

    *would make a nice Rotisserie chicken* 😋

  36. author

    Nan FairclothJam Yang lalu

    I am so sorry for your loss. That's a huge amount to shoulder but God has a great way to being us happiness beyond measure. May she continue to bring you more joy than your heart can hold.

  37. author

    Tony KomskiJam Yang lalu

    Amazing video! Thank you for sharing your story! Trust on that level is a gift itself...thank you!

  38. author

    Martha Mcmillen Health & wellness coachJam Yang lalu

    Lucky kitty cat😅

  39. author

    Edie KollerJam Yang lalu

    Wonderful story ..From One woman navy vet (Vietnam Era) to another woman army vet thank you for your service:)

  40. author

    Peggy BassJam Yang lalu

    1:52 typical bird, crapped on the car lmao

  41. author

    Edie KollerJam Yang lalu

    Adorable kittys and their owners.

  42. author

    Chad GrayJam Yang lalu

    That freak loves dog more then his girlfriend)))

  43. author

    Doreen HopotoaJam Yang lalu

    I love your cute cat and I have 3 cat's.

  44. author

    Edie KollerJam Yang lalu

    So cute:)

  45. author

    Brigh GealJam Yang lalu

    Holy crap tater is so cute I could cry

  46. author

    Aahhh!!Jam Yang lalu

    Seriously what is up with the sound of the voices in these videos. It's 2019 FFS

  47. author

    Brandon RobinsonJam Yang lalu

    Koala Bears are rad.

  48. author

    Rainbowbrite Imtoogay2 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Candi Kretz2 jam yang lalu

    That is so adorable. Cant believe he's 19. He's got swag with that toy. He's standing tall, and proud with that toy. 🐶🐾💋❤💜💛💙💚💗💋

  50. author

    Doge Bread2 jam yang lalu

    *Mouse crawls to heaven* *Guy: C'MERE!* *Guy proceeds to drag the mouse back to Earth*

  51. author

    Shadowgaga912 jam yang lalu

    This is how far abuse can go! This poor baby had been abused so much for so long, he cried every time someone touches him! I hate people like that! For people like that, there should be a punishment worse than prison time for this! 😡🤬

  52. author

    Peter Nagy2 jam yang lalu

    Not only is Tydus big; he's very handsome, too.

  53. author

    Luz Aida Perrone2 jam yang lalu

    Dog people are the best people on this earth 🌍

  54. author

    Luz Aida Perrone2 jam yang lalu

    Amazing !! What wonderful owners! 🥰

  55. author

    Kathy K2 jam yang lalu

    My kitty Archie was put out by his previous owners and fed by a neighbor. When the neighbor was moving away she contacted a shelter and they brought him to me. He is laying on my chest as I right this!! I guess you could say we love each other and you would be right!!❤❤

  56. author

    Yasmine Nazarine2 jam yang lalu

    The 🐕 look like isian Chanies people

  57. author

    Lolita Dolorosa2 jam yang lalu

    What a precious baby.

  58. author

    Joystickq 642 jam yang lalu

    Me when ita monday: 1:04

  59. author

    W. F.2 jam yang lalu

    Is it just me, or does anybody else want to see a birth certificate? 19 years old? Seems untrue.

  60. author

    Chatty Cathy2 jam yang lalu

    It's amazing how sweet pitties are!!!!!!

  61. author

    Jax Watson2 jam yang lalu

    My name is jax

  62. author

    Chatty Cathy2 jam yang lalu

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  63. author

    Jan Pawlak2 jam yang lalu

    smile dog creepypasta comes alive

  64. author

    Mohan Reshme2 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    purple lace2 jam yang lalu

    Rip bby 💔

  66. author

    sherwin pirificacion2 jam yang lalu


  67. author

    David Ramirez2 jam yang lalu

    He looks like he’s been rolling in snow.

  68. author

    Omar عمر Alhashmi2 jam yang lalu

    He could feed 7 hungry children

  69. author

    michele Mcghie2 jam yang lalu

    Oh so now little boo thinks hes the man of the house.. love him

  70. author

    Lolita Dolorosa2 jam yang lalu

    I love senior citizen puppies. They're always going to be babies no matter how old they are.

  71. author

    Caitlyn Soleas2 jam yang lalu

    Your the most loving person <3

  72. author

    Who cares?2 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a stretched out testicle with legs.

  73. author

    missy lyn2 jam yang lalu

    “Rheki and crystal therapy”...😆😆 whatever works I guess.. this is adorable!!!

  74. author

    russell marcell2 jam yang lalu


  75. author

    DeathStroke 6590322 jam yang lalu

    Awww 🥰 so adorable cuteness overload

  76. author

    ATuNDER / EdGE2 jam yang lalu

    😥😥😥🤗 thanks for saving dog

  77. author

    Estortic2 jam yang lalu

    I was there yesterday

  78. author

    Lolita Dolorosa2 jam yang lalu

    Pibbles and piggles. Moki needs a toe trim.

  79. author

    mikeifyouplease2 jam yang lalu

    The world needs more people like you.

  80. author

    Nadine F2 jam yang lalu

    May you be blessed with health, peace and prosperity for doing this to this old guy.

  81. author

    saigonbond2 jam yang lalu

    Both of our rescue cats pretty much ignore us and hang out with our dogs all day instead. LOL

  82. author

    color Sgt pennywhistlepete2 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Maria Carter2 jam yang lalu


  84. author

    Grand Zeno2 jam yang lalu

    What kind of turtle is this?

  85. author

    Ken L.2 jam yang lalu

    Get the ring out of your nose if you want to be respected--and grow your hair so that you don't look like a boy.

  86. author

    LucifeL MartelL2 jam yang lalu

    Get a guard dog they said.... Get a Pitt bull they said.... 😂 And he turned out to be the most useless Pitt bull ever...! 🤣 But what a great guy...

  87. author

    JiaYi Lei2 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    kellha2 jam yang lalu

    RIP Pudge.

  89. author

    Joe2 jam yang lalu

    Enough internet for me tonight. My dog Tina and I are headed for bed. She shares my pillow. I found her tied to a nail in the corner with construction string, ten years ago. My PTSD episode scaired the crap out of her jailers, now she comforts and loves me. She is just about my only friend, and we care for each other. We only have them for part of our life, but to them,, we are thier whole life.......

  90. author

    Miro Vida2 jam yang lalu

    Might look cute but just bad training..

  91. author

    Benghali In Platforms2 jam yang lalu

    Less tattoos more kids

  92. author

    Chatty Cathy3 jam yang lalu

    Bless ur heart!! Thanks for taking such good care of the incredible Luvs!!!!

  93. author

    Ravi Peiris3 jam yang lalu

    Love this man

  94. author

    Ben Manning3 jam yang lalu

    Just like my dogs say about the neighbors cats "stupid cat"

  95. author

    TheVirginJEW 4203 jam yang lalu

    Actually hes raising them for slaughter some sweet sweet roast

  96. author

    huntersaw13 jam yang lalu

    And then he died by plague xD

  97. author

    UK Medic3 jam yang lalu

    He is simply stunning. Poor baby. I can't stand to see any animal in distress.

  98. author

    We love fort Nite3 jam yang lalu

    I have a pet pug. I can remember when he was small

  99. author

    Siena Ramirez3 jam yang lalu

    This is so amazing, it’s awesome to see people saving these horses that have almost zero chance. This is why I love this channel ❤️❤️❤️🐴🐴🐴

  100. author

    Zurse.3 jam yang lalu

    Seals are so cute