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  1. author

    Sonya Toolooze3 detik yang lalu

    How can anyone believe this guy?

  2. author

    Gobo Fraggel21 detik yang lalu

    This reminds me of the time my kid won the science fair against kids two grades higher, against geeks and nerds. She won. These groups of kids could not accept that someone they looked down as younger, not as smart, not up to their level, beat them. The following year she won again and there was an outcry and instead they gave her second place. Our president is a genius and man's man. When an organism is too successful it hurts the environment (the people of the USA) and a new organism appears and preys on the first one to balance the environment. Trump is creating the balance this country needs and the other organism is fighting for its life. That is all this is. A last gasp for air as their party is pulled under and drowned.

  3. author

    Allen Gaytan2 menit yang lalu

    It seems to me that the White House has a mob mentality and it is sad. If Trump did nothing wrong them release all of the transcripts and witnesses and let the Democrats dig their own graves. For someone with nothing to hid is trying to hiding everything. Then their is a lot of Republicans that are furious with Trump but are afraid of standing against him in fear of retaliation. If you don't stand for what is right then you stand for the opposite.

  4. author

    Alvin Rosa3 menit yang lalu

    Hey good thing Godzilla wasnt there!!👍😆

  5. author

    Diane4 menit yang lalu

    I feel he is simply confused.

  6. author

    GEORGELET44 menit yang lalu

    Climate Change due to fossil fuel CO2 The biggest fraud in the history of science. Address real pollution and poor peoples’ - in Africa and elsewhere - inability to get abundant, reliable energy.

  7. author

    John Knighton5 menit yang lalu

    The way Donald Trump talks about women it makes me think that his mom was a street Walking whore slutt Tramp probably only charge two bits for blow jobs and the two other hoes at the same time or a train that's my opinion that might be why he talks about women like that because he's seen his mama doing everything yep she probably pushed him out on the garbage alley and kept right on mess with men that's my opinion

  8. author

    Eddie Deyzel5 menit yang lalu

    I had no idea Dennis Busenitz was a gamer.

  9. author

    heidi rothbart5 menit yang lalu

    if you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise, the teddy bears are having their picnic

  10. author

    Ken Jamison6 menit yang lalu

    Who is the dumb Steve Allen look alike you have now on board? What a ridiculous clown ! Kenneth H. Jamison

  11. author

    School of Life BG6 menit yang lalu

    The Democrats are like the british labour party...FINISHED!!

  12. author

    Christine Benagh6 menit yang lalu

    WaPo, Leave them alone! No more non-news about this couple. Freedom of the press does not give you the right to harass people.

  13. author

    Alvin Rosa10 menit yang lalu

    I wonder what Cheech and Chong thinks about this from up in smoke..🦎💨🐲👍

  14. author

    John Dahle13 menit yang lalu

    Nadler is slitting his iwn throat.

  15. author

    All Seeing Lies16 menit yang lalu

    She looks like a jew

  16. author

    Louie Love17 menit yang lalu

    Are they in that much denial!? They sell Rainbow Brite merchandise!? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. author

    Gobo Fraggel18 menit yang lalu

    I have not had so much fun since OJ's trial. I am even popping a few oxys and I been sober for 5 years.

  18. author

    Luciano Licursi19 menit yang lalu

    You can't fix stupid but you sure can beat out of them stupid people believe anything

  19. author

    Tony Bullet19 menit yang lalu

    We should all remember where we are... 🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. author

    freejutube19 menit yang lalu

    presumably, regional talk radios are "corruptible"... their speech will help whoever pays ... bloomberg and steyer have plenty of money to spend, maybe more than trump campaign... so... regional talk radios are an important target :-) no longer a secret weapon :-)

  21. author

    Billy Joe22 menit yang lalu

    Trump doesn't need any help in the 2020 election where do they come up with this stuff

  22. author

    Horacio Toad23 menit yang lalu

    So you are going to allow "stranger" A staff in your home,,then act suspicious?

  23. author

    James Shyr25 menit yang lalu

    Words out of those low-life partisan do-nothing but lying DemonRats will not convince anyone! All they has accomplished is giving people big laugh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........

  24. author

    Alvin Rosa26 menit yang lalu

    We may be (snow birds) but I got a feeling yall some frosted iguanas tho lol...😆👍

  25. author

    SHA8UTIE27 menit yang lalu

    Trump wins again...

  26. author

    joey kill27 menit yang lalu

    There's a paralyzing demon in all of them

  27. author

    marz333528 menit yang lalu

    I'm sure it appreciates your inane laughter about it's situation.

  28. author

    enforcer7828 menit yang lalu

    Former Minnesotan here. Dogs don't need shirts to go outside. Ever.

  29. author

    Trek Time28 menit yang lalu

    WAPO... pick a side man! Wasn’t this douche the White House picked?

  30. author

    bigV Oddball Amateur28 menit yang lalu

    Break out the BB gun... I've heard iguana tail is delicious 😋

  31. author

    Just12 Music University29 menit yang lalu

    God Chevy shut the fridge

  32. author

    Awakened Truth30 menit yang lalu

    Why does the president remind me of my youngest son who couldn't get his way when he was FOUR!

  33. author

    Exotic food reviews34 menit yang lalu

    Father white as snow this woman ain't no where near black

  34. author

    George Williams III35 menit yang lalu

    Collect then for skin and meat. They are invasive and destructive.

  35. author

    Bobby 203036 menit yang lalu

    He was right ! She should of gone to Asia or India. Closer and way worse

  36. author

    Shell King36 menit yang lalu

    If the shoe fits GOP....

  37. author

    lgb37 menit yang lalu

    Mockingbird media lockstepping the same lies and deception every day. Lies

  38. author

    Randy Sanz37 menit yang lalu

    Anyone hungry?

  39. author

    michael gagliano37 menit yang lalu

    they are living creatures who can't create a place to stay warm .as caretakers of this planet. we should make small enclosures for them .

  40. author

    Tom anderson40 menit yang lalu

    Privacy advocates??? you mean criminals!!!

  41. author

    AlvaroRiveraTV40 menit yang lalu

    Spain is not México 😂 the music was mexican

  42. author

    Kaitlin Ski41 menit yang lalu

    Poor things ☹

  43. author

    Indiana Jones42 menit yang lalu

    Democrats, I hate these guys.

  44. author

    Street Cat43 menit yang lalu

    Thanks for the useless news update

  45. author

    Michael Atkin43 menit yang lalu

    Those very invasive. All these idiots trying to save them. Smh

  46. author

    ken b44 menit yang lalu


  47. author

    ken b44 menit yang lalu


  48. author

    audrey pard45 menit yang lalu

    We will see Meghan move onto to another gullible fool before long as she is quite unsophisticated, being far too uncouth and brash, with 'ghetto' attributes to comprehend her trashy slut like actions are NOT ladylike. Although it's understood Meghan was finally being given “extensive etiquette, deportment, personal hygiene and elocution lessons" the constant vulgar sexual 'touching' of herself ‘rubbing’ and 'scratching' is particularly disturbing and quite repulsive.

  49. author

    carlric47 menit yang lalu

    Great president! I envy you America, blessings from Canada.

  50. author

    Caterina Martino49 menit yang lalu

    The Dems are full of 💩they have never told the truth I’m sad to say that I had to walk away from the Dems party

  51. author

    HORACE COMEGNA52 menit yang lalu

    Nadler is the biggest Democrat hypocrite ever, not to mention his blood type is donut!

  52. author

    Doug Pursell53 menit yang lalu

    Democrats Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff didn’t do their job in the house. The should have called the witnesses when they had the chance. Now they want the senate to do their job. They are all insane and need to see a doctor. Only thing they are getting done is wasting tax payers money.

  53. author

    Nancy Walkling53 menit yang lalu

    The people need to march on Washington to get the documents and witnesses released.

  54. author

    Zac Hayden54 menit yang lalu

    President Trump Trump do Believe in jesus and God because he says safe jesus christ and God in his heart

  55. author

    BETTERWORLD SGT058956 menit yang lalu

    Waiting for today's festivities to begin!!

  56. author

    KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:1656 menit yang lalu

    Poor poor fella, not able to comprehend article no. 2. SECTION 2 of Article Two lays out the POWERS of the presidency. 2-1 The PRESIDENT SERVES as the commander-in-chief of the military, among many other roles. 2-2 This section gives the president the POWER to GRANT PARDONS, although there is some debate about the LIMITATION set on this POWER. SECTION 2 - also requires 2-3 The "principal officer" of any executive department to TENDER ADVICE. 2-4 The Treaty Clause grants The president the power to enter into TREATIES with the approval of two-thirds of the Senate. 2-5 The Appointments Clause grants. THE president the POWER to APPOINT JUDGES and PUBLIC OFFICIALS subject to the advice and consent of the Senate. 2-6 The final clause of Section 2 grants the president the POWER to make recess appointments to FILL VACANCIES that occur when the Senate is in recess. Section 3 of Article Two lays out the responsibilities of the president, granting the president the power to CONVENE both houses of Congress, receive foreign representatives, and commission all federal officers. Section 3 requires the president to inform Congress of the "state of the union"; since 1913 this has taken the form of a speech referred to as the State of the Union.

  57. author

    WestSideLeo40558 menit yang lalu


  58. author

    Diana SloanJam Yang lalu

    Roberts would not be fair to President Trump!

  59. author

    Tustin2121Jam Yang lalu

    Apparently not enough people have watched the Magic School Bus episode on reptiles and cold-blooded animals. It teaches about how they slow down in the cold like this.

  60. author

    Thomas RenfrowJam Yang lalu

    Off with their heads

  61. author

    Marko GarciaJam Yang lalu

    Austere douchebags?

  62. author

    Better TV Reception WITH Foil Fedoras!Jam Yang lalu

    Yeah, where are your tax records Nancy?

  63. author

    SmokeThat SkinWagonJam Yang lalu

    People make me sick

  64. author

    Domino RyanJam Yang lalu

    Jurors have returned a guilty verdict on all of seven counts including five counts of lying to Congress, one count of witness tampering and one count of obstruction of a proceeding. Stone had pleaded not guilty and maintained his innocence throughout his trial in Washington, DC. Prosecutors asked that Stone

  65. author

    smoovechi1Jam Yang lalu

    Why is that funny?!

  66. author

    Joe WhitlowJam Yang lalu

    Bernie 2020

  67. author

    LoDDEMOCIDEJam Yang lalu

    Good time to cut down on the population of an invasive species. We all know people and their local government are not smart enough to do this though. They'll go with emotion instead.

  68. author

    Lil VeganJam Yang lalu

    Literally happens every year

  69. author

    Joe SchofieldJam Yang lalu

    What happens when William Barr and Giuliani complete their task at uncovering what happened in the Ukraine with the Democrats? What happens when the proof is red hot?

  70. author

    Vince MoreschiJam Yang lalu

    "We had a pretty good court til they brought in those Pettyfoggin Lawyers. The rat catchers too hard on the rats, give them rats a fair show, they say". The Great American, John Wayne in True Grit. I think Rooster would throw fat Nadler out the second story courthouse window.

  71. author

    Mohmmed AliJam Yang lalu

    U want to laugh ur in the right place 🤣

  72. author

    NerdgiantJam Yang lalu

    Who cares about these rich shits?

  73. author

    Fred BogdonJam Yang lalu

    Megan could become the richest hooker in history after filing for divorce. Never let a stiffy rule your actions.

  74. author

    Blake UnderwoodJam Yang lalu

    Breaking News: Future billionaires!! Thank you ,you racist idiots.....lol

  75. author

    SteveDJam Yang lalu

    I hear they have to many iguanas now is the time to dispose of them.

  76. author

    Tseleng BotlholeJam Yang lalu

    If only one could fall on Trump's head and stay there........

  77. author

    Petere PoetJam Yang lalu

    Global warming at its best, I thought the planet was burning up? Oh well I guess Al Gore and Greta have it all wrong. Silly narrative humans!

  78. author

    R RJam Yang lalu

    Quit putting these people in the news. Who cares.

  79. author

    I'm CheechJam Yang lalu

    Take a moment while they're immobilized and put a 22 in their head then toss them in the trash... They are an invasive species and need eradicated like the boa's and pythons in the Everglades...

  80. author

    Jim RileyJam Yang lalu

    God dam nadler

  81. author

    R DJam Yang lalu

    Breaking News : Ilhan Omar has recently become divorced. Early reports coming out of Ilhan's camp suggest the separation is amicable, and the two remain siblings.

  82. author

    5KindsOfSmokeJam Yang lalu

    This is proof our lizard overloads are engineering climate change. And people thought it was the pollution...

  83. author

    no nameJam Yang lalu

    The Queen already said their titles are stripped days ago. So why is Washington Post still calling them Prince and Duchess? Pretty big mistake for "news channel".

  84. author

    fucian jJam Yang lalu

    Are these people stupid or something? Picking up the wildlife and moving them around.

  85. author

    Pedro Metro2017Jam Yang lalu

    The queen is happy for one reason to get a black woman out of royalty family...

  86. author

    Leah DJam Yang lalu

    Adam is killing it!! I just think he should show more "pregnant pauses" wlith some " give me a break!! " facial expressions

  87. author

    Mr. Patch PlaysJam Yang lalu

    Show this to your "Climate change is a hoax!" friends lol

  88. author

    Jarhead CalvinJam Yang lalu

    Meghan would constantly be pregnant if i was hittin that. Damn she fine!

  89. author

    Karen McDonaldJam Yang lalu

    All you idiots...What, you want the VICE PRESIDENT to interupt and talk over the commander and chief and squabble so unprofessionally, like those two bumbling, talk show chooks....No, he KNOWS his place...he KNOWS when to give feedback, if and when its needed..And he KNOWS WHEN TO TAKE A BULLET FOR THE POTUS.... TRUMP 2020, BABY 👇👇👇

  90. author

    Ricky PerryJam Yang lalu

    feed the poor

  91. author

    sion sebastianJam Yang lalu

    Election has consequence mr president Trump :Thats why the country is doing well. Mike drop

  92. author

    Ricky PerryJam Yang lalu

    Those tree chickens taste good!!

  93. author

    Hugh GerectionJam Yang lalu

    The mythical sky daddy is going to bless that douche with a nice massive stroke.

  94. author

    Chief RybackJam Yang lalu

    Florida is a giant Ghetto in a jungle.

  95. author

    trafficjon400Jam Yang lalu

    Any one looking for 10,000 miss leading claims was looking hard and dying to find trouble to make Period.

  96. author

    James WadsworthJam Yang lalu

    Nadler has diaper rash

  97. author

    Sammy SamJam Yang lalu

    Evangelicals want war with Iran because they believe that will allow Israel to commit genocide and expand their power and would result in Jesus coming back for the Rapture. Pompeo and Pence are leading the charge based on their delusional indoctrinated beliefs and they need to be removed immediately

  98. author

    David LeeJam Yang lalu

    Global warming is the cause of the weird weather.

  99. author

    Lawney MalbroughJam Yang lalu

    This is why iguanas are not native to Florida. They make easy meals for predators in the winter.

  100. author

    ToBeOrNotToBeJam Yang lalu

    Bugger off