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    Rene Reyes38 detik yang lalu


  2. author

    S Steelhead46 detik yang lalu


  3. author

    Peters Right but,2 menit yang lalu

    Desperate democrats do desperate things.

  4. author

    L Howry2 menit yang lalu

    No question, just using time to get out conspiracy theories and,of course, to knock Obama. Gotta knock Obama every chance they get. POS

  5. author

    Rae Namet2 menit yang lalu

    All based on hearsay, hearsay of hearsay of opinion, and opinion of what MIGHT be going on. All of which would not be admissible in any thing close to a real court or even a grand jury investigation... This has NEVER BEEN ABOUT IMPEACHMENT it's about ousting Trump and/or preventing him form being re-elected and protecting their own while preserving the deep state

  6. author

    Tourniquet Now2 menit yang lalu

    Washington post won't stop the sexist attacks. So despicable. Probably one of their many beta boy mysoginistic incel operatives...

  7. author

    Adam Galić4 menit yang lalu

    She doesn't want the debate to be held in view of the public becuase she would rather loose behind close doors.

  8. author

    Yolanda Sosa4 menit yang lalu

    It's So Sad That These People Have A Wool Over There Eyes.. And That's Scary

  9. author

    Wang Wei5 menit yang lalu

    Biased, lied and distorted.

  10. author

    chris wilson7 menit yang lalu

    What would polices do if same things happened in LA or NYC?

  11. author

    Rene Reyes7 menit yang lalu

    Exactly!! You said it Mr. tRump's cult follower!!! You all ARE expected to higher standards, sadly, you have NOT met those qualifications, none of your Republican colleagues have!!!!! SHAMEFUUULLL!!!!!!

  12. author

    Crym8 menit yang lalu

    I get that this is politics, but the theater is such a waste of time. Why can't they just state their facts/lies and get this going?!

  13. author

    Kelly MM8 menit yang lalu

    America since trump, has been a laughing stock of the world . If you don't impeach this criminal after what I saw today , you will lose all credibility . Love the rest of the world xxx

  14. author

    L Howry8 menit yang lalu


  15. author

    Rene Reyes10 menit yang lalu

    Yeah!! You asked for it and Mr. Kent told you!!! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!! Not even your dearest leader!!!! Especially, not him!!! Nor are you!!!

  16. author

    Duke Affa10 menit yang lalu

    I have to take this to school dci it alright

  17. author

    Strategic Gamer11 menit yang lalu

    "A Republic.. can you keep it?" We will see.

  18. author

    Case Closed12 menit yang lalu

    This lawyer has the most serial killer vibe of anyone I have ever seen! What a creepy person. He is chilling!!

  19. author

    BxGirl Blazin'14 menit yang lalu

    These people are a disgrace. They ruin this for the good clinicians out ther

  20. author

    William Sullivan14 menit yang lalu

    The Washington Post is only supported by yuppies, and the horde of modern day slaves they need dependent on social programs to keep the popular vote. Do not be indoctrinated into this nonsense

  21. author

    Delancey Mccarthy15 menit yang lalu

    It is unfortunate she chose to make the video but she is stating facts and she is saying things that a lot of people would like to . The bad attitude of the ones she is talking about it’s so heavy to the point you can’t help and hate back . If you are not spiritual enough to block the bad energy thrown at you for no reason then you end up making videos like this and being judged by society. Then all of sudden the evil ones turn into victims. Go figure.

  22. author

    Linda Minton15 menit yang lalu

    Nothing, just like the mueller HOAX.

  23. author

    Barb Dawson16 menit yang lalu

    This is not a trial it is a hearing. People, bots, trolls posting there thoughts, algorithms, Herd orders about how this isn't a real court you are correct. The trial is the duty of the Senate.

  24. author

    Barb Dawson16 menit yang lalu

    This is not a trial it is a hearing. People, bots, trolls posting there thoughts, algorithms, Herd orders about how this isn't a real court you are correct. The trial is the duty of the Senate.

  25. author

    Ambition Only16 menit yang lalu

    What happens? Nothing. Absolutely nothing will happen with this farce political stunt. Lmao, it’s funny seeing people get their hopes up

  26. author

    Daniel Platonov18 menit yang lalu

    TRUMP 2020

  27. author

    mary jones19 menit yang lalu

    wonderful job explaining it everyone, ty.

  28. author

    Memes Ahaha19 menit yang lalu

    Y’all do know Obama supported border security and a wall when he was president right?

  29. author

    Harold Hunter19 menit yang lalu

    Every demorat in congress should be impeached

  30. author

    Nicolle Trampe21 menit yang lalu

    He wouldn't support gay marriage 7 years ago! GTFO Joe Biden, your day has passed.

  31. author

    Carlos Lizano22 menit yang lalu

    What a scam by the Dems. They can’t take the 2016 loss.

  32. author

    Rene Reyes23 menit yang lalu

    In Ukraine, the corruption problems are Russian siding criminal and former government officials. In our country, America, IT IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!!! So asking a foreign country to eradicate corruption by a known corrupt president, amounts to, THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!! With the assistance of his corrupt political party!!! Just like what Ukraine is trying to do in order to become and acknowledged by the Western alliances!!!

  33. author

    Jian Zhou24 menit yang lalu

    Well, good job on destroying your own city, peaceful Hong Kong protestors 👏👏

  34. author

    nico awara24 menit yang lalu

    The only thing ordogan does for Kurdish people is genocide he is biggest fascist dictator ever

  35. author

    Zaka Toko25 menit yang lalu

    Nothing because its all fake garbage, we will never even get Eric to show up to testify John Brennan needs to be in jail for life for treason

  36. author

    Harold Hunter25 menit yang lalu

    msm and demorats what a bunch of looney toons

  37. author

    Denis Savenok26 menit yang lalu

    4:25:40 even he cant believe what just happened

  38. author

    Mamdouh 195928 menit yang lalu

    Ask him where he gets his money from.

  39. author

    Veracity North28 menit yang lalu

    If Trump is not impeached and removed, he will be voted out in the 2020 election. Once out of the oval office he should be charged for all his criminal acts.

  40. author

    Sawgmoney baller28 menit yang lalu

    Hey guys look at me im apart of the thought bubble!!! Epstein definitely killed himself and trump FOR SURE is prettt much hitler and guess what else guys! Anyone who doesnt agree with me is a stupid boomer

  41. author

    Mamdouh 195929 menit yang lalu

    Look who's talking, Ted cruz

  42. author

    Vegan Coastie30 menit yang lalu

    I’m more about the first four words than the last four.

  43. author

    RaytheonGaming30 menit yang lalu

    I hope Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the traitor demoncrats have brain aneurysms and die.

  44. author

    Rene Reyes32 menit yang lalu

    Yes!!!!! Corruption is endemic!!! Just turn your head and look at the White House's current occupant and you WILL DEFINITELY SEE IT!!! That is, if tRump allows you long even time to do so!!! These two witnesses are BY FAR MORE BELIEVABLE AND IRREFUTABLE THAN YOURSELF, Mr. Trumper!!

  45. author

    Rivadeneyra Yenitza32 menit yang lalu

    I watched the full video of castor questioning and Taylor laugh with schiff like they smile to each other ! Like what’s going on do I need to do a citizen arrest and arrest schiff myself !

  46. author

    classickruzer138 menit yang lalu

    While the Democrats are playing their impeachment games, our great president is diligently working with leaders of the world, trying to make this world a better place for humanity as well as creating economic successes that resulted in the stock market attain highs that have never been achieved, hitting close to 28,000... A remarkable feat never accomplished before .. Democrats are a loathsome bunch of America hating SOCIO/COMMUNIST trying their best to overthrow a Constitutionally elected president.. Makes me wish tomorrow was Nov 3, 2020 so I could once again vote for DONALD J. TRUMP... CAN'T WAIT...

  47. author

    Michael K38 menit yang lalu

    It is fascinating to learn about current foreign events in such depth from our state department.

  48. author

    koen Armstrong38 menit yang lalu

    Damn you people are still gonna praises trump? Grow up and open your eyes

  49. author

    Karen Reddinger40 menit yang lalu

    The Democrats have effectively shut down the country with their impeachment fiasco. I think they have wasted enough of our tax dollars that they could have built the wall.

  50. author

    D. Moore40 menit yang lalu

    Remember this the dem's told us today that hearsay evidence is the best evidence, if you buy that, do I have some land for you.

  51. author

    Brook Armstrong41 menit yang lalu

    So the border jumper is sending a clear and powerful message. I have yet to hear any sense of gratitude from any of these people. Their country of origin would never allow this. It's all about what is "owed" to them and Demand, Demand demand.

  52. author

    Maria Martinez42 menit yang lalu

    Damn just give them the damned kool aid and put them out of their damned misery. Talk about blind stupidity, oh well to each their own! 😳😂🤣😂

  53. author

    Scrat33543 menit yang lalu


  54. author

    Yong Park44 menit yang lalu

    His journey of what? Repeating?

  55. author

    MAGADETH44 menit yang lalu

    What kind of man wears a bow tie? Trick question, no MAN does.

  56. author

    MAGADETH49 menit yang lalu

    Wtf is wrong with Kent’s eyes when Nunes is questioning him???

  57. author

    Robert Carpenter55 menit yang lalu

    Ok boomers!

  58. author

    Rene Reyes56 menit yang lalu

    Duh! Mr Turner!! That is obvious!!! Nonetheless, they are part of his foreign policy officials. Whether they have had any contact with the orange nightmare in the oval office. And are privy to his policy does NOT diminish the value of their testimonies or the "perfect" evidence of bribery!!! Or make the president's abuse of power acceptable!!!! In the words of one of your party White House members... "Deal with it"!! Mick Mulvaney.

  59. author

    japrogramer57 menit yang lalu

    1:39:20 if the white house believes the Ukraine hacked the 2016 elections .. why would they then go and ask the Ukraine to investigate the Ukraine's roll in hacking the 2016 election ? The mental gymnastics happening at the GOP are the definition of mental gymnastic, pure textbook.

  60. author

    Daniel Bumpaous57 menit yang lalu

    LMAO you guys are so insane. Your not gonna impeach him. The people wont allow it and you guys will be crushed in 2020

  61. author

    Russell CondieJam Yang lalu

    Witness? Ambassador Taylor kept impeccable notes, but he is not a first person witness. Everything he referred to during his detailed recollection is second, third and even fourth person removed with regard to President Trump. This is not a witness statement.

  62. author

    Electr_icityJam Yang lalu

    I stopped taking Nunes seriously as soon as he argued that Democrats wanted to obtain Donald Trump's nudes.

  63. author

    andyiswonderfulJam Yang lalu

    What is wrong with Kanye's brain?

  64. author

    Lourdes CorrickJam Yang lalu

    it's a dangerous things to opuse God.pharow let my people go so they mide worship me. move Congress out of your way God that they mide worship you and served you only.

  65. author

    Lee WJam Yang lalu

    What a joke this whole thing is You're fired

  66. author

    Brian MJam Yang lalu

    Nobody cares about you freeloaders thugs and cry babies

  67. author

    Zmax ProJam Yang lalu


  68. author

    Debra WalkerJam Yang lalu

    Such desperate losers there is nothing to impeach on and your right it’s going to drastically change things for the Democrats. As the American people see the flimsy narrative exposed.

  69. author

    MaryJam Yang lalu

    Menendez, it is congress job. It wasn’t Obama’s place to create DACA. When you had the House, the Senate and Obama, why didn’t you get it done instead of forcing Obamacare on us all? Trump repealed an unconstitutional order. Not all people of any country are bad. There are plenty of bad Americans, for sure. People just need to come in legally and be vetted. I have had plenty of background checks. No doubt you all will have more in various jobs. I do feel bad for you all though, but I don’t want any more gang members. We have too many already. And I know these bad people have treated you the worst who live in sanctuary cities, because they know those people are scared to tell on them. This president cares. He just wants to do things legally, by the Constitution. So many want to throw it away. When they do, we will have socialism and so many will die. Right now, some only want more control of us all.

  70. author

    Zmax ProJam Yang lalu

    IMPEACH 45

  71. author

    Zmax ProJam Yang lalu


  72. author

    Truth-FreedomJam Yang lalu

    If these people were violent dangerous criminals they would not pass the background check that the DACA application requires.

  73. author

    Percy KakuJam Yang lalu

    Look at all the wumao filling this comment wall. Comments disgusting and posters defective in morals; justifying tyranny using sovereignty to shut down legitimate criticisms.

  74. author

    xbluepuddingxJam Yang lalu

    Let’s take a 5 minute recess. *an hour and a half later

  75. author

    Braappy McBraapfaceJam Yang lalu

    "Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, make a violent revolution inevitable."

  76. author

    rick mortyJam Yang lalu

    weapons for freedom fighters, let them communicate with commies

  77. author

    daniel trahanJam Yang lalu

    what a punk trump is

  78. author

    john brownJam Yang lalu

    This video has been approved by Kevin McCallister

  79. author

    Ron DunkleJam Yang lalu

    This type of testimony would never be allowed in a real court. third hand information overhead by someone then relayed to someone else. That is nothing more than hearsay and would never be allowed. This theatrical show will do nothing more than secure re election for the president and most likely the replacement of several members of the house. They have not done their job for the past several years, not just since the 2016 election but prior to that as well. Sad time for our country!

  80. author

    Duke of HaphazardJam Yang lalu

    This was a clown show. They have no evidence.

  81. author

    Ming YinJam Yang lalu

    wtf, only terrorist uses Molotov cocktails.

  82. author


    And of course they are all white people

  83. author

    Professor Liberal AvengerJam Yang lalu

    What about Jim Jordan's pedophilia issues?

  84. author

    invisble manJam Yang lalu

    Americans can vote for Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in 2020 or they can vote for Trump acting crazy on CNN for the next 4 years.

  85. author


    These two so called hearsay witnesses are embarrassing themselves. Their "resist" behavior and willing participation in this non stop (3 years) attempt to remove a duly elected President is shameful and a sure way to discredit and sully whatever former reputation they had. It appears that they were feeling neglected and jealous of the activities of Rudy Giuliani. Can you imagine what it would be like to work with people like this, knowing that if they feel jealous of you, they will conspire for your demise? Where is their outrage at Obama for declining to help the Ukrainians when they were under attack from the Russians? George Kent; "I'm just here to testify what I know". And he testifies that Ukrainian prosecutor that Joe Biden wanted fired was corrupt and had to go. Yet, nobody asked him how he knew the prosecutor was corrupt? Was that information provided by a reliable first person or source or was it possible he was maligned by the help of the "friends" of the Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky? Isn't it odd that these two dedicated government career employees have such a problem with Trump's "back channel team? But they seem to have no problem with Biden or his Son's activities? Something just doesn't sound right here. It sure appears to me that these two have an agenda beyond just telling us what they know. Maybe a little background investigation is in order for these two creepy uncle Joe fans?

  86. author

    Rene ReyesJam Yang lalu

    tRump shouldn't be the only one being impeached!!! But the whole Repulsiblicans party and his assigned corruot cabinet members of his illegitimate presidency!!!

  87. author

    Avery PriceJam Yang lalu

    Nunes is crazy... he is trying to say that the Mueller investigation didn't turn up nothing? 😂😂😂😂😂 ffs

  88. author

    paul desmondJam Yang lalu

    Promoting the Rule of Law? Yet when it comes to enforcing our border protection laws where are the Democrats?

  89. author

    Jonathan SmithJam Yang lalu

    war-- supported by the US media, as usual

  90. author

    Rene ReyesJam Yang lalu

    Well done mr schiff!!!!

  91. author

    Rene ReyesJam Yang lalu

    Under Consritutional laws, it is unconstitutional and a federal crime to solicit aid from a foreign government period! Whether it was completed, done or carried through. This is a clear and exact example of it!!!! Intent is the defining line. What was inferred is the issue. Just like if you rob a bank and get no money. When the police come to arrest you it DOESNOT matter that you didn't steal/taken any money!!!! YOU ARE STILL GUILTY OF BANK ROBBERY, IR NOT?!!!!!!!

  92. author

    Ruben VasquezJam Yang lalu

    Those guys?

  93. author

    Frank BowneJam Yang lalu

    Lol 😅, that broad "after trump is impeached" go pound sandwich.

  94. author

    beth hullJam Yang lalu

    Let's get rid of Jim Jordan, OHIO!

  95. author

    Rene ReyesJam Yang lalu

    I never knew of a crimal organization that was or has been elected into governmental offices. But then again, I have been proven wrong!!!! The Don and the trumpeteers are currently in power!!!

  96. author

    Bklyn LuvJam Yang lalu

    I watched the entire questioning. Per usual this is not the entire story. But the post is fake news so 🤷🏾‍♀️

  97. author

    usscharlottessn766Jam Yang lalu

    Why don’t we ask what Mike Pence has to say?

  98. author

    theodore lovesuJam Yang lalu

    Chairman Mao Tse Schiff is the laughingstock of America right now.

  99. author

    Karen From FinasseJam Yang lalu

    Yeesh are Americans getting stupider or is it something in Florida's water?

  100. author

    Rene ReyesJam Yang lalu

    That is the way the Repusilblicans spinsters do best!!!! Divert, ignore the facts, the evidence, and say that any illegal/criminal acts committed by them are justified!!!!