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  1. author

    Savage6 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to Myanmar 🇲🇲

  2. author

    Leonard Pearlman6 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a big party for a small town. Looks like fun! Everyone loves a parade, and steamed buns, and fresh tofu why not?

  3. author

    Hawa Kamara6 jam yang lalu

    Thanks to the all mighty God.

  4. author

    arjun chalise6 jam yang lalu

    We are ready to go ahead in infrastructure with china. Long live Nepal 🇳🇵 China🇨🇳 relationship.

  5. author

    Trudox6 jam yang lalu

    And unemployment grows, as capitalist automation creates mass layoffs

  6. author

    Corrine Tsang6 jam yang lalu

    China ws trade will only increased will the High speed rail.gas pipeline,and development in the port of Kyaukpyu.

  7. author

    Moon Hitsearth6 jam yang lalu

    Sea of death, interesting. How about volcano full of sand? This is one of the most important places on earth, when it comes to knowing how the earth was made.

  8. author

    Corrine Tsang6 jam yang lalu

    China will bring development to the port of Kyduyu ,high speed rail ,and gas pipeline.The trade will only increased.

  9. author

    Corrine Tsang7 jam yang lalu

    Myanmar deep sea port in Kyduyu will getr more financing and a high speed rail .

  10. author

    肉红烧7 jam yang lalu


  11. author

    cat fish7 jam yang lalu


  12. author

    joel kinimi7 jam yang lalu


  13. author

    grimm reaper7 jam yang lalu

    5G technology at work.

  14. author

    Cousin Jeff7 jam yang lalu

    Winnie Xi Pooh looking for honey in Myanmar

  15. author

    Yan Chan7 jam yang lalu

    both countrys has Great culture! love Greece from China

  16. author

    Ddhfacetyy7 jam yang lalu

    This song is constantly stuck in my head. I’m 21, it’s becoming a real problem

  17. author

    ohh gurl7 jam yang lalu

    Look at all those chickens!!!

  18. author

    Merlin Young8 jam yang lalu

    This is called real life Map-Editor !

  19. author

    1 SNAKE DARK KNIGHT8 jam yang lalu

    China should be CONCERNED about RECKLESS and HUGE consumption of RESOURCES (Of The whole world) by INDIA.

  20. author

    Real Angel8 jam yang lalu

    Down with communist!

  21. author

    Kipitovi Shohe8 jam yang lalu

    Respect to you president Xi.

  22. author

    诸葛村夫8 jam yang lalu


  23. author

    thndrngest8 jam yang lalu

    to co-prosper, her thinking does reflect the general population.

  24. author

    thndrngest8 jam yang lalu

    first foreign trip this year, on a sunny day, China and Myanmar is working toward borderless relationship very soon, nice.

  25. author

    ss ys8 jam yang lalu

    Those are communist robots lol狗头

  26. author

    thndrngest9 jam yang lalu

    bamboo has a strong inner spirit, people with integrity are naturally attracted to them.

  27. author

    Randy Ciriaco9 jam yang lalu

    Yes...yes...its uncomprehensible.🌧️🌧️🌧️💧💧💧

  28. author

    More Locations9 jam yang lalu

    Thank God 🙏, we got the rain.

  29. author

    9 jam yang lalu

    Actually I wish could live there leaving contiguous Brazil

  30. author

    Adiwira Tiang Negara9 jam yang lalu

    300000 procedures? Unbelievable.

  31. author

    Zoe9 jam yang lalu

    Disney did literally nothing wrong here. They offered money, she refused. She's in the end credits, she asked for credit. What more could you want?

  32. author

    Nalini Singh9 jam yang lalu

    Wow amazing keep doing your great work .

  33. author

    dfww lin9 jam yang lalu

    Looking forward to the 3rd aircraft carrier with electromagnetic catapult

  34. author

    Endelig Gnist9 jam yang lalu

    The Chinese hold the westerners in such high regards, yet unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. This deep-seated racism, this superiority complex has to end.

  35. author

    Anupam Hongba9 jam yang lalu

    Well done China 🇨🇳

  36. author

    Made in 879 jam yang lalu

    I like it. Good job China.

  37. author

    徐聖凱9 jam yang lalu

    Nooooo the anthem...😅

  38. author

    Milady De Winter9 jam yang lalu

    I'm a vegan but at least they are free range and healthy and have some kind of life.

  39. author

    Erdal Aşık10 jam yang lalu

    If Korea becomes United again,then it is game over.They will beat countries such as Germany,France etc. in gdp easily.

  40. author

    Mechyuda10 jam yang lalu

    Amazing. I want to see the dishwashing technology. If this fully automated restaurant technology spreads around the world, then lousy waiters and chefs will need new jobs, such as cleaning public restrooms, gardening work, shipping and handling, and other menial tasks. Only the good waiters and chefs will be able to compete with these futuristic robots, electronics, and machines. We also need technology to replace overrated, overpriced politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate managers.

  41. author

    R H10 jam yang lalu

    These people are brave

  42. author

    Rick Chung10 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    LIM LIM10 jam yang lalu

    要自信同时有两种联合国常任国官方语文,那是简体中文 和 英文。在西方美国等,简体中文和英文并存是新国际观。 堂堂正正讲中文 ,有简体中文(在西方美国,英文字体多一点不要紧),堂堂正正用翻译。让美国学懂平起平坐。

  44. author

    Jo T10 jam yang lalu

    There is a handful of people praying to Yahweh/Yeshua and these are the ones keeping things beautiful. You can be one too. Just give your heart to Jesus Christ. Bible prophecies passed all summer long straight from the bible. Get on your knees and ask for forgiveness. Believe that Christ died on the cross and raised from the dead after three days. It's what is in your heart. God is getting ready to remove his church. Make yourself part of it.

  45. author

    Md Arin Kaiyoum10 jam yang lalu

    boycott Myanmar for Rohingya

  46. author

    Arthur Arthur10 jam yang lalu

    O projeto foi executado por Chineses. Porém a arquitetura tem origem brasileira.

  47. author

    Andre Thorpe10 jam yang lalu

    Destroying the false propaganda that they are stealers of technology.... They are proving daily they are the new innovators, creating the new advances while the former developed nations decline because of their egotistic complacency.

  48. author

    Frank Lord10 jam yang lalu

    Please accept foreigner patients

  49. author

    lie wee10 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    I'm 梅姐10 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    nagar tura10 jam yang lalu

    a male lion with will freeze its naked lower body here

  52. author

    Rob the Pizza Boi10 jam yang lalu

    FYI: These trains will be used in PNR's interprovincial line called "PNR Bicol" and this is part of the suspended rail line's rehabilitation and revival.

  53. author

    PP C.10 jam yang lalu

    Uniquely unique.. !

  54. author

    Nightcor EDM11 jam yang lalu


  55. author

    Sun bird11 jam yang lalu

    加油缅甸 和 中国!亚洲复兴!

  56. author

    Sun bird11 jam yang lalu

    More details please! Would love to go skiing in China.

  57. author

    pabitra bhakta11 jam yang lalu

    Why China support country like Pakistan , the group of terrorist.

  58. author

    FREE SILESIA11 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    K K11 jam yang lalu

    US : No..its crap or copy.. inventions are not allowed in any part of world, whatever invented sofar or going to be invented by US only are called Inventions

  60. author

    itz_SnowyThere11 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    Chau Amos11 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Houssem Gh11 jam yang lalu

    Here I'm

  63. author

    norseman bushcrafting11 jam yang lalu

    Couldnt they drop some sort of shock device from the air to trigger the mines? Cheap explosives?

  64. author

    Wisdom Therapy11 jam yang lalu

    China - Myanmar great....

  65. author

    Mark Edwards12 jam yang lalu

    I think China now stands at a pivotal point in its future, and the future of humanity. China's dominance in manufacturing, and The Belt and Road Initiative have given them a unique position. The worlds consumption of resources is a clear indication of the failures of capitalism. There has always been two directions for manufacturing and business. Manufacture a product that lasts a long time but is expensive, or to manufacture a product that is of low quality but very cheap. To put it simply, would you prefer to buy a shirt for $5 that lasts for a year, or to buy a shirt for $10 that lasts for 2 years ? That question is imperative throughout the manufacturing and retail world. The capitalist model of continuous growth depends entirely on continuous consumption. Capitalism abhors the idea of consumers purchasing products that last a lifetime. However, with so much of the world choosing the capitalist model, it has caused a crisis in the waste and pollution levels. Many of the worlds resources are being sucked dry at an alarming rate. Metals, minerals, timber, oil (plastics). China now has the opportunity to turn the tide away from capitalist continual consumption and growth. To place a value on sustainability. To manufacture products that last a lifetime or more. The future of our species depends on it.

  66. author

    ryan M12 jam yang lalu

    My uncle lives in China and he lost his job. He has been looking for a job for months. Says China has many holes in it's economy

  67. author

    Alex K12 jam yang lalu

    Swift med professionalism..👉

  68. author

    Colin Tan12 jam yang lalu

    Where there are Chinese activities and development like investment,. the Western NGOs will bound to create a ruckus on human rights, democracy and Responsibilities to protect Jihadist Sharia rights.

  69. author

    Khusi Gurung12 jam yang lalu

    I think one day China will buy America ☺☺

  70. author

    Jin Jongz12 jam yang lalu

    buy XRP!!!

  71. author

    Dr. Muhammad Faisal12 jam yang lalu

    Well done.....

  72. author

    Jan Bily12 jam yang lalu

    Westerns are going to say that they stole their technology...... smh, when they don't even have that kind of technology in their country.

  73. author

    Jan Bily12 jam yang lalu

    Great.... less jobs for people, smh.... if more robots/machines/AI are taking people's jobs than more poverty and who is going to pay for taxes? ffs. If all companies small or big, replaced people's jobs with robots/machines/AI than who is going to buy their products? People won't have money to buy their products because the robots/machines/AI took all their jobs. I won't be surprised in 50 years for now on, even doctors will be replaced with robots.

  74. author

    ruukusanla12 jam yang lalu

    "Look at all those chickenns"

  75. author

    S Smart12 jam yang lalu

    Trump is so mad now!!!

  76. author

    مروشه سمايل12 jam yang lalu


  77. author

    foxrot Ghost13 jam yang lalu

    Boy been hacking PUBG good lately.🤣 All that chicken dinner

  78. author

    Dr. Muhammad Faisal13 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    S Smart13 jam yang lalu

    Trump will put sanctions on this restaurant owners soon!

  80. author

    Louis Bourque13 jam yang lalu

    Big China! :)

  81. author

    S Smart13 jam yang lalu

    America is going to put sanctions on Brazil soon!!

  82. author

    T0N1 M0NSTER13 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful russian made jets!

  83. author

    Robert Zeman13 jam yang lalu

    Hygiene in this restaurant is negative -1000000 since bacteria is everywhere from not cleaning daily every single think that has touched food, all the tools, clamps, nozzles, and thousands others parts.

  84. author

    malorkayel13 jam yang lalu

    Western Media, Gordon Chang: 2% GDP growth for US is great, 6% CN is terrible, economy will collapse soon.

  85. author

    Aishwarya Choudhary13 jam yang lalu

    Nice video

  86. author

    Wisdom Therapy14 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    X Y Z14 jam yang lalu

    Friendly Neighbors for many centuries!

  88. author

    FunGames14 jam yang lalu

    Why not buy a better camera from aliexpress?

  89. author

    Gloria Kong14 jam yang lalu


  90. author

    ss lc14 jam yang lalu

    感觉不好 没必要

  91. author

    左泽14 jam yang lalu

    I spend 5 minutes listening to the national anthem,I tnought they would talk sth. Luckily,both the national anthem are very nice😂

  92. author

    buddy man14 jam yang lalu

    Nice but I prefer human touch than robot in food

  93. author

    nad kos liab txig15 jam yang lalu

    Laos nothing fuck

  94. author

    Kyle Garcia15 jam yang lalu

    At 1:36 when your shat doesn't come out of your butthole so you resort to ssj 3

  95. author

    Jes Ocsamad15 jam yang lalu

    Grow opportunity for chinese product

  96. author

    Amit Bisht15 jam yang lalu

    I see KFC KFC everywhere

  97. author

    ss lc15 jam yang lalu

    当噱头 可以 不适合大规模推广一个是成本 二嘛会造成失业的

  98. author

    Ankara Taç idin15 jam yang lalu

    All these Chinese people defending ma is just disgusting, that’s why your country is behind ours because of your communist brain washed thoughts.

  99. author

    Mir Rasheed Ahmed15 jam yang lalu

    Trump 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐕🐕🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖

  100. author

    Atuel15 jam yang lalu

    Xinhua is financed by the central government of China. Need I say more? China doesn't even have independent journalism. Everything is Pro-CCP Propaganda.