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The Witch's HouseThe Witch's House

The Witch's House

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A Town Called HellA Town Called Hell

A Town Called Hell

2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    PS1 Hagrid10 menit yang lalu

    the Indonesian ghost Pocong actually pronounced as "Pochong" the C letter in Indonesian & Malaysian supposed to be CH (in english)

  2. author

    Domplayz11 menit yang lalu

    It's dark outside My lights are off I have headphones in and most importantly, I'm watching without socks. perfect conditions edit:oh, and of course I'm alone

  3. author

    Dora osko14 menit yang lalu

    The third one looks like Slimer from ghost Busters!

  4. author

    Traveller Indranil37 menit yang lalu

    First video is from India, not phillipines.Its called CHUDAIL.

  5. author

    415spitfire43 menit yang lalu

    4:05 "me caguè todo" jajaja

  6. author

    Thinking Shrine44 menit yang lalu

    1. It sounds like some kind of birds, crows maybe. There is a sound of some glass object, a jar maybe. They might drop it by themselfs... 2. Could be a head or something ealse. Pareidolia is a bitch sometimes. But that dark figure I can not explane. 3. Spiritboxes are BS. 4. The quality of these recordings is very poor. A large part is incomprehensible. The alleged growl can be a mere squeaky plank in the floor. On the final recording it could be on tv... 5. Spiders

  7. author

    Judy Hemenover44 menit yang lalu


  8. author

    Shazbot!Jam Yang lalu

    Guy in first video said "don't wake up/get up yet, I'll be there"

  9. author

    Wolf KrakeJam Yang lalu

    Litterally every ghost video with commentary or text: "You can clearly see ____" Me: "Well damn time to visit an eyedoctor again"

  10. author

    PixelWolkeJam Yang lalu

    3:54 sonic,is that you?

  11. author

    Aegon Targaryen IJam Yang lalu

    They looked like two baby owels but it soubded like a pig? And yes baby owels look like baby aliens from hell xD

  12. author

    BIG CHUNOS2 jam yang lalu

    999IQ PLAYS 9:06

  13. author

    Adriano Seg2 jam yang lalu

    What's the point

  14. author

    WaveForceful2 jam yang lalu

    Well they were trespassing and the man was defending his property. He probably dragged them into his house so they couldn't get away while he was calling for the cops. the most likely scenario though, it was staged.

  15. author

    Michael Mitchell2 jam yang lalu

    The dude in the woods, you can literally see his shadow on the greenscreen behind him as he gets up lol

  16. author

    Illyria862 jam yang lalu

    Skin walker video fake. No body would just be like oh werewolf, let me go look.

  17. author

    CoVeReD iN bLoOd3 jam yang lalu

    Why go where its full of spiders? Thats foolishness. Whhhhhhaaaaaaay

  18. author

    Ph-gaming-mcpe3 jam yang lalu

    Real bro

  19. author

    Ian Mangaron3 jam yang lalu

    Your videos are so amazing and your voice was so interesting i really loved your channel. 👏👏👏

  20. author

    jeremy roy3 jam yang lalu

    For the guardian case. They should be able to figure out by now who's finger print that was. I would think it could be possible.

  21. author

    Michael Mitchell4 jam yang lalu

    Slow down the vid when the bedsheet falls. You can clearly see that it falls far more in one frame than the rest. It was clearly edited. Fake

  22. author

    kicik50385 jam yang lalu

    Why do paranormal investigators always talk too much ? Can't hear nothing but their chattering. Such a waste of time going on these explorations only to record their own stupid voice

  23. author

    monkey toucher6 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha all of it is fake af!!

  24. author

    Wayne Herby6 jam yang lalu

    Jan 2020 568k subs... 😲 channel growing fast!

  25. author

    Avali Shadowhunter6 jam yang lalu

    I really like Marble Hornets and enjoyed there videos a lot (watched the whole series at least twice by now^^) the last one from Russia reminded me a bit of it as they have the static sounds too^^ (yes I know one of the other entries here was a Marble Hornets one)

  26. author

    Hugues Deberteix6 jam yang lalu

    .Ghost hunter looking for a ghost. .Whistle .GH searching in the corner .Edward Kenway for the kill . 100% synchronization

  27. author

    Aditya Gudla7 jam yang lalu

    2:41 the bedsheet is moving . Any one observed

  28. author

    James Field7 jam yang lalu

    Number 2 looks too hard to fake

  29. author

    James Field7 jam yang lalu

    Number 5 is classic, very weird if you ask me

  30. author

    Be Lieve10 jam yang lalu

    Rule of thumb. If your going into some place dark and creepy...bring a bright fucking flashlight. The Olight Baton Pro is 2000 lumens and you will be able to see and blind everything in the room.

  31. author

    Blaine Fiasco10 jam yang lalu

    Skin walkers are witches? I thought they were just monsters

  32. author

    David Hunt10 jam yang lalu

    Yes,the old lady did need help.But,long term help,not a quick fix. Those kids in the theater were freaking me out.We had,"The Pittsburgh Playhouse."They claimed that it was so haunted that they had had trouble putting on shows.

  33. author

    Fury Official10 jam yang lalu

    Classical ghost back in cartoons Put bedsheets

  34. author

    Blaine Fiasco10 jam yang lalu

    Spooks you racist! That wasn't a karate robe XD

  35. author

    Blaine Fiasco10 jam yang lalu

    #5 I was more scared of the mannequin than the shadow

  36. author

    SkyWatch*ST11 jam yang lalu

    The Last one was Absolutly Horrifying !!! I Think that with this Fototage of what ever Cteature it was,We have a Proof Now of What the Reason is for the Many Mystierious Dissapearences all in Forest Areas and National Parks !!! It must be most of the time some Encounter which Creatures like this. If You look up the History of all the mystierious Dissaoeariences that left Nothing left not a single piece of evidence,so they ether get brought UNDERGROUND,or they get Brought off Planet . Its really Scary stuff to think about but that is in my opinion the only Theorie that is logical and which makes the most sence . And There are People in the Now of whats really is Going On with these Dissapieriencess of MANY Hundreds of THOUSANDS of People and Childrens !!! And its Going On For Many Many Decades so Thays why For Me This Is The Only Truth that can Explain that why No One was and will Never be Found Again Period . Also what popped in my mind after seing it ,could this maybe one Of the So Called Anunnakis ??? Theyre been often reported that they can make them self unseen/Camoflaging by phasing in and out of our Spectrum or Even from one Dimension to another. I would like to know where this was Filmed and at what year. Because Many sorces saying that The Anunnakis came/coming back after a 3600 year cycle for Harvesting Us Humans !!! As Slave's like for Working slaves ,as Sex Slaves and also they Harvesting us as a Food source !!! So no matter what the Reason Is ,if Someone of you getting in there Nets then I just advising you Not to try stayinb Alive to Finnd out which kind of Slave you well be !! Even it will be impossible hto fight them One on One, Just Do It ,and yes it will be a suicid decision ! But this was litterly then your own last Decisision .

  37. author

    Rob Clark11 jam yang lalu

    On the ghost bird video. I see a fairy not a bird

  38. author

    JoesDogsa WebSlinger12 jam yang lalu

    "Mr. Cult-o-phone" Lol Cult of One pal

  39. author

    Ken Penalosa13 jam yang lalu

    Two words: fake & prank

  40. author

    ファイサルFaisal13 jam yang lalu

    Mystify? That’s a new word I have never seen a scary top channel put in the title.

  41. author

    Wesley Cameron13 jam yang lalu

    Baby dragon in front of the light.

  42. author

    Zack Clements13 jam yang lalu

    Oh look, here I am watching at night....

  43. author

    Taylor Becker13 jam yang lalu

    That creepy thing

  44. author

    MIC-E B Banister14 jam yang lalu

    11:47 and before was a raccoon getting attacked by something just saying

  45. author

    Melancholic14 jam yang lalu

    I didn't see anybody or anything on the first one

  46. author

    Your Everything Channel14 jam yang lalu

    If i saw a mannequin like that in the night while exploring. I'd probably Shout. that was just creepy man.

  47. author

    sebastien raby14 jam yang lalu

    On the Wellington video look under the stairs when the box droping something or somebody look to be there. I didin't reed all the other comment but during the footage you dont talk about it so i just want you to know

  48. author

    Tracy Hutchinson14 jam yang lalu

    Did any one see something peek out from behind the wall in the floating sheet video? At the end.

  49. author

    John Gladden14 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Michael Cassidy15 jam yang lalu

    #5 was Billie Eilish

  51. author

    Minmin Li16 jam yang lalu

    The mannequin wins! 👻

  52. author

    Just Benjie16 jam yang lalu

    Hello Sarah Spark ! :v

  53. author

    silksoul16 jam yang lalu

    Sir hoax

  54. author

    Chris Dolan16 jam yang lalu

    Look closely, the Dora doll is speaking as well, there's batteries in that thing.

  55. author

    Heidi Ullrich16 jam yang lalu

    #3 I live just minutes from there. Never heard of the Guardian UFO case....have to look into it.

  56. author

    Ari Kiiskinen16 jam yang lalu

    So what was the scary part on nr. 7? Larz büüt or rusted stew?

  57. author

    S Will16 jam yang lalu

    In the last 10 secs of this clip as he pans around the corner, a kid or someone can be seen running up by the other tombstones in the distance. Its quick and you have to be looking in that area to see it. It on the very last video clip of the guy walking through the cemetery and hears the whistling

  58. author

    Djentleman Djones16 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else notice someone looking in the window at 8:41 - 8:45, POV Cam #2? The camera blurs the face out even.

  59. author

    Russ Anderson16 jam yang lalu

    I've seen all of the 5 videos, I'm so scared I'm going to walk around the graveyard tonight. With only a lighter

  60. author

    Oroborus17 jam yang lalu

    Again, these were amazingly bogus and not at all scary.

  61. author

    Russ Anderson17 jam yang lalu

    lol these so called ghost hunters are so lame it's pathetic, they scream like bitches

  62. author

    Russ Anderson17 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    The Annoyed Mr Floyd17 jam yang lalu

    *mister Cult of One

  64. author

    Niamh Baszyl17 jam yang lalu

    If u came here we could help u find it.

  65. author

    Raff Raffleshia17 jam yang lalu

    for 4th and 2nd video, i think it is related lol in 4th video, the guy who sit on top of the tunnel was the cameraman of the 2nd video, not realizing someone was coming

  66. author

    Jessica Caldarera18 jam yang lalu

    What about the broom that falls and pushes the sheet did no one see that

  67. author

    Anna Kennedy18 jam yang lalu

    That one video with just the flashlight is either a pig (the face looks just like a wild boar) or someone in a mask.

  68. author

    Saunsiaray Broussard18 jam yang lalu

    Very interesting and real!

  69. author

    Friendly Giant18 jam yang lalu

    First one genuinely looks like it's the reflection on the shadow being cast by the object. Then when he pans the camera the shadow doesn't get cast hence why it looks like it just looks like it disappeared. I could be wrong but that is the most logical thing I can see

  70. author

    MegaPW118 jam yang lalu

    Awesome video as usual, thank for uploading/sharing it, Sir Spooks.

  71. author

    William Kelly19 jam yang lalu

    The video with the 3 creatures in the woods is super spooky. The one that was off to the right approaching, if you pay attention, It jumped really high off the ground coming toward the guy and then disappeared again behind foilage. I think if this guy decided to stand his ground, we wouldnt have this video today, they were coming to get his ass.

  72. author

    Wolf Angel20 jam yang lalu

    Hi Sir Spooks.. May you and your fans please check out my vid I caught live on Channel 4 Boston a few minutes ago.

  73. author

    Dieno Vandale20 jam yang lalu

    It s to bad those islanders can't speak English proper, PROPER EH !.

  74. author

    Dieno Vandale20 jam yang lalu

    To bad the guy in the mine wouldn't just shutup and let us here , EH!!!!

  75. author

    Kevin20 jam yang lalu

    I have been mystified

  76. author

    Dieno Vandale20 jam yang lalu

    See y the ghost of my filthy laundry , 👻,, ,,, ,, ,, ,, ,,💩😥

  77. author

    K-LOVE Sa20 jam yang lalu

    I do watch alone

  78. author

    Gustavo Cunha21 jam yang lalu

    1 pareidolia 2 animals 3 photoshop´ 4 one of his friends was up there 5 a friend on the other side of the rock

  79. author

    VienTo21 jam yang lalu

    these are all fake but that last one, logically u can see its human in some costume

  80. author

    starfox99922 jam yang lalu

    Ah yes my favorite pastime, smashing mannequins with a hammer

  81. author

    Rae Tae22 jam yang lalu

    #4 sounds like frogs or toads to me. They’re in the outdoors it’s way less likely to be a ghost than an animal. I am a strong believer in spirits and demons and other worldly things but that one you could’ve taken more time to think about what it actually is. Some of the videos you use just clearly scream fake man

  82. author

    Jade Lemke22 jam yang lalu

    4:07 what language is that?

  83. author

    Anthony Straub22 jam yang lalu

    The naked black guy running at the car at night doesn't have eyeshine, rather those are lights reflecting off of his glasses if I'm not mistaken!?

  84. author

    Brandon Bevill22 jam yang lalu

    I just can't trust a squeaky voiced tween to tell me the truth about a pale man he met at the end of a tunnel with his skater bros... I just can't. The last story loses all validity just because of the kid, and his extremely bro-af friends, ngl.

  85. author

    Geog M.22 jam yang lalu

    I believe that we don´t know everything, but all these videos seemed fake to me.

  86. author

    Beebo the mighty little bear23 jam yang lalu

    “Mr cult o fone”. Classic.

  87. author

    Kerembeat Coskun23 jam yang lalu

    Scp 096

  88. author

    K-LOVE Sa23 jam yang lalu

    Wait is the first video real?

  89. author

    Traveller IndranilHari Yang lalu

    All evp's are FAKE..

  90. author

    Floppy BoiHari Yang lalu

    For the first one I would check out the dash cam footage

  91. author

    Steve ValleHari Yang lalu

    A dam person with a sheet...corny

  92. author

    XoyakHari Yang lalu

    Recorded with low quality camera. Everyone: *complaining about low quality* Recorded with high quality. Everyone: Thats fake

  93. author

    XoyakHari Yang lalu

    The scariest thing about John was when he was creaming for help and it sounded like he has been pulled into the house and the door just shut itself very hard. Glad he managed to get out of there alive

  94. author

    PATTY PERRYHari Yang lalu

    That's how people just go missing off the face of the planet, because they go onto caves and mines alone, now all he has to do is make a wrong turn or kick something and make it cave in or something paranormal or some animal could have been in there, so he was smart to leave again, after the first time, I never would have went back nope

  95. author

    PATTY PERRYHari Yang lalu

    I heard 4 words almost robotics like I'm going to keep trying to hear what its saying but I def do hear it

  96. author

    PATTY PERRYHari Yang lalu

    Number 3 clip, I heard it bit I had to hold my hands over my ears and close my eyes, I heard what sounded like Indians men chanting or men chanting right before they go off to fight, it was echoing also, creepy

  97. author

    Unal AksuHari Yang lalu

    Why does that sonofabi... Call the Bigfoot fucker or any other bad names? Assh...

  98. author

    Unal AksuHari Yang lalu

    The guy in Yellowstone is incurred also.Right leg. Not a Bigfoot u can see it 💯 pro.

  99. author

    Grim RascalHari Yang lalu

    I stumbled across a few of your vids and boy do you seem to specialize in obvious fake vids.

  100. author

    Unal AksuHari Yang lalu

    İ want that Bigfoot's ass in Cort for ruining the woods.🤪