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  1. author

    zlyons11913 jam yang lalu

    The Bears should be 1. Trubisky is the GOAT

  2. author

    metalman53 jam yang lalu

    Everything he just said about Kirk Cousins funny how that doesn’t effect Tom Brady or Dak

  3. author

    lakerji3 jam yang lalu

    I would love to see cowherd step in the field and see how "un-cowherdly" he can be..

  4. author

    cajenner103 jam yang lalu

    I think he means the officials.

  5. author

    plop pill3 jam yang lalu

    The clutch went out and he went off a cliff?

  6. author

    Rob Kopple3 jam yang lalu

    The Lion's inability to get in the end zone is mostly to blame for their loss Monday. However, the refs should be held accountable for some obviously bad calls.

  7. author

    BIG BUCK3 jam yang lalu

    Herd - you just lost all credibility - I thought you actually understood the game....... you just lost a subscriber

  8. author

    NYners718 !3 jam yang lalu

    I been arguing wit rams fans since June. and now i LITERALLY dont see them anywhere anymore! all rams fams respond 👇

  9. author

    Hasan Hameed3 jam yang lalu

    This guy really doesn't know football

  10. author

    Andrew Buonaccorsi3 jam yang lalu

    How tf can buffalo be above the chiefs.

  11. author

    lakerji3 jam yang lalu

    man, cowherd, why won't you admit that all the officials are in love with A.Rodgers. How many times have you seen officials bailing him and the Packers out?

  12. author

    Outside The Quad3 jam yang lalu

    Thank for putting respect on the texans

  13. author

    kindley fernand3 jam yang lalu

    This is the most dislikes I've seen on one of these videos.

  14. author

    Nicholas Lewis3 jam yang lalu

    Id flip Houston and Seattle but otherwise pretty solid list.

  15. author

    John Doe3 jam yang lalu

    You’re wrong about it this time Colin.

  16. author

    E.T 203 jam yang lalu

    How are the jets not in it after beating the cowboys???? Come on Colin Cowherd?!??!!?

  17. author

    Chris Sarkisian3 jam yang lalu


  18. author

    Jason C.3 jam yang lalu

    No way NE Patriots are #1. They’ve beat No one good.

  19. author

    Daniel Seth3 jam yang lalu

    Swing me out near the bearded barley Conlin

  20. author

    corey mcclammy3 jam yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure Stafford won a game with one arm. #SIGNATUREWIN

  21. author

    Daniel Griffiths3 jam yang lalu

    Solution: It would be a simple fix to have someone in the booth that can correct incompetent officiating for the full duration of the game. This needs to be corrected.

  22. author

    QSRebelClan3 jam yang lalu

    Joy is the best woman in Sports television by far. She always give the best opinions that aren’t biased

  23. author

    The Maniak3 jam yang lalu

    The lions had a total of 58 yrds in the second half just sayin🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. author

    Anthony Family3 jam yang lalu

    I can't lie but he's right 😔

  25. author

    Arthur Trumble3 jam yang lalu

    lions always gets bad calls or don’t get calls their way. NFL don’t like lions so they make up rules to make lions lose.

  26. author

    dreo TWOTIMES BIP Larro3 jam yang lalu

    Maannnnn what! WHAT ARE U HIGH?! the panthers have limitations on offense but better then the🐶's🤔😐 ALL THESE OVER RATED DEFENSES U LIKE (NEW ENGLAND, GREEN BAY🤢 NEW ORLEANS) chicago is a top 3 defense (FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! IN EVVVERY CATEGORY! ) those teams will come back down to earth SOONER or later and end up middle of the pack DEFENSIVELY .. CHICAGO top 3 ALL YEAR !!!!!!! come on with the hating MANN BEARS 7TH BEST

  27. author

    Joseph Bentley3 jam yang lalu

    49ers looking to be a really strong team. Everything on this list fits but Texans. Texans are not good enough to be top 10.

  28. author

    Chase The Wind3 jam yang lalu

    I think the list is on point 👍🏽

  29. author

    Diss Info3 jam yang lalu

    Sort of like "looking the part" as a sports commentator?

  30. author

    Blake Anderson3 jam yang lalu

    Didn’t the lions beat the patriots last year and didn’t the patriots win the super bowl

  31. author

    teddy meyers3 jam yang lalu

    You can telyou was not playing the game assholel

  32. author

    Liam C3 jam yang lalu

    pats have 6 games that they could lose, think they'll end 12-4

  33. author

    Matthew3 jam yang lalu

    See the funny thing is even if the 2nd hands to the face wasn't called the Packers would still be in FG range and won the game. 😂😂 Sometimes people are just delusional.

  34. author

    Grayson Manczyk3 jam yang lalu

    Colin needs to understand football. They only had one single possession after that and it was a no call PI. I’m usually understanding with this, but this is ridiculous

  35. author

    Nicholas Paul3 jam yang lalu

    The Texans should be ranked #2 or #3 they just beat a Kansas City team on the road and they have Watson and a good O LINE now. How is New Orleans ranked above them ?

  36. author

    Darius Mayo3 jam yang lalu

    So no colts smh do people not realize if vinny would’ve made 1 or two field goals we would only have 1 loss. The disrespect is real

  37. author

    mango slug3 jam yang lalu

    Shoutout to my Niners!!!!

  38. author

    James Dean3 jam yang lalu

    Who cares can’t stand this idiot

  39. author

    John beason3 jam yang lalu

    Cook isn’t better than Mcaffery. He’s over shadowed by CMC because CMC is doing more. And Rivera factually didn’t have this good of a defense for a few years. Cam was having to over come deficits dug by the defense.

  40. author

    Dan Seas3 jam yang lalu

    Chiefs at 9? I'm a pats fan. The chiefs are a possible 1 spot. This guy crazy.

  41. author

    scott smith3 jam yang lalu

    1. Saints 2. Patriots 3. 49ers 4. Packers 5. Seahawks 6. Bills 7. Texans 8. Panthers 9. Vikings 10. Colts Saints are number 1 because of who've they've beaten without Brees with there one loss coming on a week when they've had a TD robbed by the officials and Brees getting hurt. Patriots and 9ers are 2 and 3 by default. Pats have only played one decent team and they had to take out their QB in order to win. Still Brady and Darth Sidious are a match made in heaven. The 9ers have beaten one decent team and that was without Gurley. Kyle Shannahan is the best coordinator in the league and that pass rush is no joke. Looking forward to their match up against the Panthers and Seahawks. Packers got lucky last night but Aaron is clutch and that defense tightens up in the RZ. Seahawks lost Russells favorite target this week for the season but still 5-1 is 5-1. Russell for MVP. That Bills defense is the best in the league. Pats can compete for that crown when they start playing decent teams. If Allen decreases his turnovers I have them over taking the Pats for the division. Watson is playing out of his mind lately and Hyde is coming into his own. The Colts have much better D than KC and can't wait for that match up. Who saw this Panther team coming after that 0-2 start. McCaffrey is STUD! And that defense can hold its own too. If Allen can manage the game as he has been then they can compete with the Saints. Curious to see how good he is when he has to com from behind by a couple scores against better defenses like the Saints or any team in the North. Kurt finally has some 🔥 in his heart. Cook in my opinion is the best back in the league simply because he plays against much better defenses in the North than McCaffrey does in the South. Man Marlon Mack's Magnificent! (Say that 10 times fast lol). Top 5 defense with Brissett emerging as really good QB this team can give the Texans a run for that division. Just outside the top 10. 11. Chiefs 12. Raiders 13. Lions 14. Ravens

  42. author

    David Okinsky3 jam yang lalu

    #1 Should have been "Belichick with Anyone"

  43. author

    Ronald Shiffman3 jam yang lalu

    I watched the game for a short while in the 3rd quarter. Stafford threw 3 incomplete passes in a row, but I can't say it was his fault. THE RECEIVERS WERE COVERED. QBs can't make miracle throws to covered receivers. Either the receivers need to get more separation or the play calling has to get more creative.

  44. author

    Always Chillin3 jam yang lalu

    If Carolina comes off the bye and beat 49ers we'll move up 2-3 spots.

  45. author

    Ryan Smith3 jam yang lalu

    Wow, very surprised you have the Bills higher than the Chiefs

  46. author

    Robert Hubbard3 jam yang lalu

    Instead of reviewing everything, give out a few more coaches challenges per half, and let all calls throughout the game to be challenged.

  47. author

    MondeoFive3 jam yang lalu

    Reggie the refs didn't miss the pass interference call on Pettigrew. The ref that was right in front the play threw a flag. Then the other refs huddled & made him pick it up! Very suspicious! Never seen an INT flag picked up after a 3 minute ref meeting on such an obvious PI! It was BS

  48. author

    E M3 jam yang lalu

    Officiating for sure has sucked all year, but I understand Collins point, Detroit had multiple chances even with the penalties to rack up the score, instead got fgs. And it is a history with Stafford, fails/chokes in every mildly important game.

  49. author

    Mikko3 jam yang lalu

    IMO Dalvin Cook is the #1 so I’m happy its been recognized.

  50. author

    theARK designs3 jam yang lalu

    Not partial, but NE should always be #1 for the fact no one has figured them out. They always prepare, adjust and Brady can use any receiver that's available. Plus, I would say Russell Wilson is MVP. They could lose because games are always close and still Wilson should get the nod. Think of the Seahawks without his leadership.

  51. author

    MOXIE OSWALD3 jam yang lalu

    1.Patriots 2.49ers 3.Saints 4.Packers 5.Seahawks 6.Texans 7.Panthers 8.Vikings 9.Bills 10.Bears

  52. author

    Mikko3 jam yang lalu

    I’m happy that the Vikings are at least on the list 😂

  53. author

    Chillax3 jam yang lalu

    Dak is a massive bum

  54. author

    Psycho Logical3 jam yang lalu

    So Pittsburgh and the Bills are the dregs of the NFL? Stop jumping on the patriots played nobody media bandwagon Colin.....sure they played a few bad teams but they did what great teams are supposed to do and beat em handily

  55. author

    Stephen Brown3 jam yang lalu

    Patrots peak for December January this is almost off season and their still unbeaten

  56. author

    Robert Gilliland3 jam yang lalu

    Texans get beat by the Colts this week. Will they be in the top 10 after beating Kansas City and Houston... Probably not because it's Colin

  57. author

    The Doctor Professor3 jam yang lalu

    As a Packers fan, I'll say this: Detroit left 8 points on the field and could've been up 21-0 if they had converted in the red zone. Packers were giving you the game with the muffed punt, fumble, and helmet interception. But you kicked your field goals instead and lost because you let up 2 TDs and only got 1 for yourself. The calls were bad, but Detroit missed plenty of opportunities to put the game out of reach. Hopefully, this is motivation for the next encounter.

  58. author

    N3XTL3G3ND3 jam yang lalu

    Stafford's shortcomings? Other than being careless with the football he really doesnt have any. One of the most clutch QBs in the league, (34 career game winning drives), has stats up to this point far exceeding that of Peyton Manning at this stage with FAR, FAR worse teams.. other than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers hes done more with less than any QB in the league. He FINALLY has a run game this year+a halfway decent defense, something the Lions haven't had together in any season in there existence with him on the team (last great defense was in the Jim Schwartz days, last great running back was Jahvid Best IMO).

  59. author

    SubscribeToPewDiePie & UnSubscribeFromT-Series3 jam yang lalu

    Fun Fact: Seahawks have won 14 of their last 17 and and 15 of their last 23, with ALL of those losses being by less than 7 points each.

  60. author

    Tre Roulhac3 jam yang lalu

    The Patriots or the Bills dont have the best defense. Brady played garbage against the Bill's so he saying they have the best defense. Neither team is playing anybody. The bears have the best defense

  61. author

    J M3 jam yang lalu

    1. Pats 2. Green Bay 3. Seattle 4. Chiefs 5. SF 6. Philly 7. Houston 8. Saints 9.Ravens 10. Bills

  62. author

    ChaliblueTails3 jam yang lalu

    Looking back at the Saints thing. Colin is completely right.

  63. author

    D T3 jam yang lalu


  64. author

    cameron cooper3 jam yang lalu

    Would love to see an honorable mention or two in these videos.

  65. author

    El650Jefe3 jam yang lalu

    I like the list but I feel like he has the Seahawks a tad bit to low

  66. author

    Robbie Sheth3 jam yang lalu

    Go Panthers 😜

  67. author

    SteelCity MusicMan3 jam yang lalu

    There is no flow in the NFL right now; way too many stoppages! The NFL and NHL are very highly skilled and fast leagues that depend on timing and a flow to the game and when there are two many stoppages it just makes the game choppy and unwatchable. Again the refs have been horrible this year and have been affecting the outcome of games.

  68. author

    Ryan McRee3 jam yang lalu

    Carolina: beats Houston, is somehow #7 Houston: loses to Carolina and has an average.. everything, is number 4 Carolina: am I a joke to you??

  69. author

    ao1n two3 jam yang lalu

    I'm a warrior

  70. author

    TheLongRun_3 jam yang lalu

    Remember when Colon KEPT SAYING THE SAINTS WERE BAD?!?! Looks like he went quiet real quick about that

  71. author

    Adam S3 jam yang lalu

    He is 100% right about Miami fans... people dont realize how tough they are to the coaches... and the Miami media here are some of the most ruthless in the business, at least to the Dolphins .. not even the Marlins get as much bad local press as the dolphins do mostly because the media never expect the marlins to do anything... The dolphins continuously spend the most money in the NFL, they have the most resources in the NFL, and they dont do anything to show for it..

  72. author

    David Powell3 jam yang lalu

    Sorry Colin, you are falling the way of the Kardashians, reality TV and whatnot. You used to make some sense - none that I can see in the past year or so.

  73. author

    Nick3 jam yang lalu

    Colin's hair transplant is holding up well

  74. author

    Victor Contreras3 jam yang lalu

    You can’t tell me Jimmy G vs Tom Brady in the Super Bowl wouldn’t be the best Super Bowl in years.

  75. author

    RAW FAME3 jam yang lalu

    This yr is a sleeper while its unfolding it may b two diff teams in the Superbowl who knows 👌

  76. author

    Jeffrey Hillier3 jam yang lalu

    brady will have to wake up after all those easy teams and play the nfc north this year in super bowl

  77. author

    mike de julia3 jam yang lalu

    Detroit failed to do anything in the second half and they blame the refs. What is Detroit was up 40-0 and those same exact penalties were called would people be bitching? Not Detroit fans that’s for sure.

  78. author

    Laced VW3 jam yang lalu

    Here’s the thing: he *did* win that game

  79. author

    Xavier3 jam yang lalu

    Stafford is a poor man's Dan Marino.

  80. author

    Ruben Parker jr3 jam yang lalu

    The 2nd call was atrocious, but so was Detroit's Offense in the 2nd Half

  81. author

    Jeffrey Hillier3 jam yang lalu

    when most of patriots schedule is below 500 teams hes going all the way what 3 touph games the whole year easy year for tom brady.

  82. author

    Danny P.3 jam yang lalu

    Niners vs Patriots 2020 I’m calling it

  83. author

    AJ Thirsts3 jam yang lalu

    The 49ers should be 2 minimum

  84. author

    B1ue Hawk3 jam yang lalu

    I'm no expert but here is my top 10 teams 10: Vikings 9: Ravens 8: Panthers 7: Chiefs 6: Packers 5: Texans 4: Seahawks 3: Saints 2: 49ers 1: pats

  85. author

    Ash Rim3 jam yang lalu

    He’s saying this game was worse then the no call on the saints? He’s got to be joking. A regular season game vs a super bowl berth. Even tho I don’t feel like this isn’t a big deal either because this game had big playoff implications ... the lions could have been #1 in the division... instead they’re like 3-4 games behind now ... idk what to think about the nfl anymore

  86. author

    UnlimitedProduction13 jam yang lalu

    I didn't think the Texans would be on the list, 4 is too high for is right now. I'll feel better after the Indy game but I would have taken somewhere between 10-8. I'd rather watch them slowly climb up the ranks than go from unranked to #4 within a week where there are a lot of great teams in the league.

  87. author

    Shadow Ball3 jam yang lalu

    Lions continue to get slept on

  88. author

    KingUfa2063 jam yang lalu

    6:02 49ers

  89. author

    Brett L3 jam yang lalu

    Where Colin was wrong

  90. author

    Mahdi Knicks3 jam yang lalu

    HotTake: Bears will beat the Saints next week.

  91. author

    James Hibbard3 jam yang lalu

    Best perspective in football as a matter of a fact if he did his homework I believe he could on anything

  92. author

    GAMER Z3 jam yang lalu

    I love u colin but the Lions got cheated man

  93. author

    SteelCity MusicMan3 jam yang lalu

    Seattle at 6? If Cleveland didn't turn the ball over 4 times Cleveland would have crushed Seattle. Without Russel Wilson they're not even a .500 team.

  94. author

    Bobby Vincent3 jam yang lalu

    Umbrella Review ......... not a bad proposal. They gotta do something NOW

  95. author

    garret halkides3 jam yang lalu

    Seahawks should of lost to the browns. Refs were absolutely awful.....or in someone’s pocket 🤷🏻‍♂️

  96. author

    JT ski3 jam yang lalu

    the butterfly effect. a bad call creates a ripple creating a touchdown for greenbay, and potentially taking 1 away from detroit, creating a 14 point differential. you see, theres also this thing called momentum. you're an idiot if you dont think having your drives stopped unjustly, or unjustly having your opponents drives prolonged has any effect on the teams momentum and mentality

  97. author

    St Dominique3 jam yang lalu

    I have never understood why out of all the white guys you could pay to talk about football you pick this guy .

  98. author

    Zachariah O'Connor3 jam yang lalu

    Where the packers @?

  99. author

    Francisco Camacho3 jam yang lalu

    Brady has had to deal with injury????

  100. author

    Zachariah O'Connor3 jam yang lalu

    Bills above the cheifs? You got to be smoking dope man