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  1. author

    Edward RiveraHari Yang lalu

    Colin knows next to nothing he is such a tool love Stephen Jackson

  2. author

    GangShii LolHari Yang lalu

    Mocking us in our face , he also put out the video on 7 December? Coincidence? search it up

  3. author

    Edward RiveraHari Yang lalu

    Colin is a racist

  4. author

    -NN-Hari Yang lalu

    One of the best interviews Colin has done TBH.

  5. author

    Master 811Hari Yang lalu

    Bengals have no legacy? Anthony munoz and Ochocinco?

  6. author

    DONHari Yang lalu

    Kawhi is great and all but I don’t think anyone should be treated so differently like he is and expect the team to be cohesive.

  7. author

    Aatron FrazierHari Yang lalu

    2020 and we see Colin don’t know basketball

  8. author

    William SlaughterHari Yang lalu

    Big Game Lane🙌🏾

  9. author

    Amateur HourHari Yang lalu

    My man went out there and did it to em.

  10. author

    WiperHunterHari Yang lalu

    You bring in Brady if you do that. This team is win now ready and just needs a special arm

  11. author

    Rvh FlvckoHari Yang lalu

    He’s won A league MVP, Super Bowl MVP and of course he’s a champion. All of this in his 1st 2 years under center. Eat your words and your questions !!! All doubters are trying to hide but thank God for IDreporter lol It’s crazy how Nick Wright has no idea how important this guy would be to us #ChiefsKingdom

  12. author

    Tyler HoodHari Yang lalu

    Doug Gottlieb > Stephen A. & Max H.

  13. author

    Pedo BearHari Yang lalu

    Breaking News: Ned Flanders signed by Green Bay

  14. author

    Ken XiongHari Yang lalu

    Tua will take them to the promise land

  15. author

    jake linHari Yang lalu

    Well this actually aged very well Congrats to Fury, incredible performance

  16. author

    ide gas 67Hari Yang lalu

    You can't put cristiano ronaldo and Messi that low Just because You are a an amarican. Football(european) is the most popular sport in the world and there is most People that want to play football. For me cristiano is right after lebron and Messi is 5 or 6. Ronaldo is better because of his 5 champions leagues and leading portugal to a euro champios.

  17. author

    The Disturbed OnesHari Yang lalu

    People dont understand that the Bengals have one of the best RB, A good wr Corp, and have been fixing their O-line the last couple years. Theyre not as bad as people say they are. They dont need to fis anything for Burrow.

  18. author

    Chantz KaceyHari Yang lalu

    Seeing this in hindsight after seeing the beating that Fury gave Wilder, you have to respect Fury even more. He literrally did everything he said he was gonna do and he lived up to his own expectations and confidence. Great win and a lot of respect to both fighters!

  19. author

    Alfonso ArmendarizHari Yang lalu

    Wentz gets too much praise for good coaching Peterson is a really good coach,he got to playoffs throwing check downs to rbs it worked but don't overlook coaching

  20. author

    Lord YorkeHari Yang lalu

    LeBron can never win the athlete of the decade whilst Ronaldo and Messi are around

  21. author

    DatBoySweetsHari Yang lalu

    Who would give Doug his own show? Bleeech!!

  22. author

    Duane ClarkeHari Yang lalu

    This guys a basketball player. What does he know? Dak has to learn how to trust hos receivers and give them chances instead of being too conservative. Not to mention that he turned down 33 million. I would trade up for no Tua. Guys who suffered any kind of leg injury before declaring for the draft should be a player to stay away from

  23. author

    Boris SavovicHari Yang lalu

    Novak Djokovic #3 respect for Colin 😁😁😁

  24. author

    Charles CannoyHari Yang lalu

    I just do not see it, you can’t stay healthy in the SEC what makes you think you can stay healthy in the NFL. I just see Tua as an all around bust...I’m a DIEHARD eagles fan but honestly I see Tua’s ceiling as high as Prescott’s floor

  25. author

    MannyBoiiHari Yang lalu

    This guy is the biggest idiot in the sports community aside from that brown guy that comes on undisputed

  26. author

    Braxton CarterHari Yang lalu

    This age very well

  27. author

    PULLUP JHari Yang lalu

    She said slightly less 😂😂😂😂😂

  28. author

    Alex RodriguezzHari Yang lalu

    Messi 8 and Ronaldo 9 come on 😂😂

  29. author

    PULLUP JHari Yang lalu

    Lebron clutch

  30. author

    Raphael A-RHari Yang lalu

    Bring on Anthony Joshua!!

  31. author

    Sterra 129Hari Yang lalu

    I like listing to This show ... but this is something skip bayless would say.... it’s that dumb

  32. author

    Iron Force Gaming 1Hari Yang lalu

    Give Cincinnati another chance Maybe...

  33. author

    Michael BrownHari Yang lalu

    He wasn't lying lol

  34. author

    Brighton HarrisHari Yang lalu

    The only thing he should of added... If the cowboys trade for him , they would have to sign Tom Brady for 2 years to let Tua heal

  35. author

    Brighton HarrisHari Yang lalu

    The only thing he should of added... If the cowboys trade for him , they would have to sign Tom Brady for 2 years to let Tua heal

  36. author

    Joel TardieffHari Yang lalu

    How many of these "great" college qb’s actually pan out in the NFL. Big risk for a Cowboys team that wants to win now.

  37. author

    Wesley ThomasHari Yang lalu

    He said this is going to be an "easy fight i promise you that" wow! I like this guy.. Thats exactly what it was too

  38. author

    Terry DavisHari Yang lalu

    He is wrong on the superbowl. Keep it moving

  39. author

    mario figueroaHari Yang lalu

    According to the anuel aa aventura video kobe Bryant's helicopter was destroyed by a US airforce war plane

  40. author

    mario figueroaHari Yang lalu

    You guys needs to see this reggaeton video that was recorded 6 days before he's death and shows the helicopter a girl with a burned face and a basketball on fire and it shows the mountain on fire just the one

  41. author

    Brutally Honest BasketballHari Yang lalu

    He predicted the outcome with the utmost confidence and it completely worked. Props to this dude!

  42. author

    torey josephHari Yang lalu

    Floyd is older then Manny so how is he to old then they say Canelo was to young and he made more then Lebron I'm not saying it's all about the money, but this dude changed boxing.

  43. author

    Ally Al2Hari Yang lalu

    As big and as strong as Lebron is he shouldn't ever lose n he damn sure shouldn't let Kyrie Irving take the shot tht mattered the most in the game tht mattered the most. Thts the only reason I can't and wont put him past MJ. Oh yea, n LBJ played in almost double, the amount of games MJ played in.

  44. author

    Edward MccandlishHari Yang lalu

    Colin is a real big proper sausage!

  45. author

    Neboysha NicolichHari Yang lalu

    Bucks are going to win it this year!!!FACT!!!GIANNIS MVP!

  46. author

    Natsu .D. UzamakiHari Yang lalu

    Yea he doesn’t watch too much NBA and you can tell 😭 only one ball with the rockets Duh that’s every team Russ and Harden defer to each other better than any other duo imo Harden rn is 9th in ast and Russ 11th almost both in the top 10 and the other players always swing it to the open man 🔥

  47. author

    Josiah PeterkinHari Yang lalu

    I love dis woman

  48. author

    Ali El AmraniHari Yang lalu

    Jordan simply was a better asset to win any game.Comparing stats and percentages of different eras is dumb...

  49. author

    Cam MillerHari Yang lalu

    What player literally stopped all the 90's hall of famers from getting rings?

  50. author

    Nathan BainHari Yang lalu

    Boy was he right.

  51. author

    Frank MaitlandHari Yang lalu

    Too bad sportscasters know so little about the sweet science

  52. author

    Ben AllenHari Yang lalu

    The reason Dak is so hated is cuz he’s on the Cowboys. If he wasn’t, everyone would be saying he’s a top 10 QB.

  53. author

    Alvin YorkHari Yang lalu

    The whole segment is full of what if's and bs. Dak has reached his ceiling in only 4 yrs really bro but, nah get a rookie whose coming off an injury who hasn't played. Nobody even knows if he's gonna be a great fit. The offense was #1 u say but u blame Dak for the Philly game of 9 pts...crazy. Top 5 QB in 4 yrs but let him walk for a rook on a repaired hip because of hype and money. Dude out the middle rounds gave us a 13-3 record starting first day out. Plus, Tua wanna sit and learn on the first year so Murray was ready Dak was ready Russel Wilson was ready but not Tua clearly no offense to him.

  54. author

    Crazy CooterHari Yang lalu

    Parker is a loud mouth racist clown. Steroids were way worse than anything and no one cared when the Yankees cheated and won all those world series with most of their team roided up. F these East coast sycophants.

  55. author

    Kyle GoughHari Yang lalu

    Lol Colin never puts respect on the raptors, plus most of these takes are trash. 0 credibility

  56. author

    RedFiveHari Yang lalu

    Yes, instead of adding a great piece to our weak defense let’s replace our top 10 Qb with an injury prone rookie who doesn’t even want to play in Detroit, great plan Cowherd!

  57. author

    MaxHari Yang lalu

    So glad Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes have their own show. “All the Smoke”. Crazy how he mentions Kobe flying to the games on the helicopter 🙏🏽

  58. author

    robderpHari Yang lalu

    7:05 Colin is really unimpressed with his microphone 😂😂

  59. author

    James CollierHari Yang lalu

    Tony “ball club” Allen

  60. author

    Jason JacksonHari Yang lalu

    I couldn't agree more as a cowboy fan especially when dak is wanting 40 mill a year and hes no were near worth that

  61. author

    yansjay lopenHari Yang lalu

    ur so funny about lbj and mj 😜😜😜😜

  62. author

    Starting OverHari Yang lalu

    Great questions Collin. And I usually dont like cowturd.

  63. author

    Jack LoftusHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one that thinks this isn’t a bad idea

  64. author

    Ski Mask The Ugly GodHari Yang lalu

    this aged very well

  65. author

    Nick WaggonerHari Yang lalu

    An “honest boss” picks Solomon Thomas instead of Patrick Mahomes. HM!

  66. author

    Open BobHari Yang lalu

    No I don’t want tua in my division oh god no

  67. author

    fjames72Hari Yang lalu

    dub nation respect!!!!!

  68. author

    stregginx145Hari Yang lalu

    Today on episode 784 of Colin disrespects Russell Westbrook

  69. author

    Beats By CedHari Yang lalu

    Why would the Cowboys go after injured QB over there starting QB who has been successful at the position? This dude sound stupid!

  70. author

    brother nero721Hari Yang lalu

    What about the Falcons in 2011 moving up from 27 to 6 to get Julio Jones. They gave up a total of 5 draft picks(flipped first round picks,gave a 2nd & 4th of that year & a 1st & 4th in 2012).but it was totally worth it,because he the best wide reciever in the NFL.

  71. author

    drew MowHari Yang lalu

    This dude drinks at night we know but now he drinks bf work?? You stink at playing a GM of a team. Jaylon smith? Traded away with picks just to MOVE UP? No dude please quit your job or stick to something you know. If you know anything bc football ain’t it Doug

  72. author

    Robert FHari Yang lalu

    This aged well

  73. author

    Vix KikHari Yang lalu

    He totally dominated Wilder

  74. author

    David De La RosaHari Yang lalu

    Who gave this dude a microphone? Doug hasn’t had a good take yet.

  75. author

    Brad WestHari Yang lalu

    3:30 did she mean Amy Schumer?

  76. author

    Lloyd Kevin SyHari Yang lalu

    I'm a simple man I see Doug Gottlieb I click dislike

  77. author

    Peter TotoHari Yang lalu

    Watch! Brady to Denver, him & Gizzy & the kids they <3 Colorado Skiing etc, Telluride is not bad for the summer either Great Air & exercise & a lot of the Hollywood Glam's live in that area too, I can see Elway trying to get Brady for a 2 year deal

  78. author

    Ben HarrisonHari Yang lalu

    How have we seen Dak’s ceiling?? He’s 26!

  79. author

    Jakob GreenmanHari Yang lalu

    Tua is not our future Stafford is

  80. author

    Joe FioritaHari Yang lalu

    He was so on point

  81. author

    MrFab99Hari Yang lalu

    Daks peak is 5000 yards and 30 plus tds I’ll take it..... Defense and coaching needs to be better.

  82. author

    Santiago GarciaHari Yang lalu

    He said rockets can't win, so now their chances go up

  83. author

    Green MachineHari Yang lalu

    Dude just keeps hating on the rockets like they not like 17-4 without a big man touching the court. Harden and Westbrook are literally unguardable. He uses the statement, “2 ball dominant players” as a way to bring us down, if anything it’s what makes us better than everyone else. Harden and Westbrook surrounded by pure shooters is literally the definition of unstoppable. Last nights game proved this

  84. author

    Anthony GrantHari Yang lalu

    So every team is bad except for the Clippers who can’t stay healthy or win on the road

  85. author

    Uncle CharlesHari Yang lalu

    nah this ain't it

  86. author

    fLipHari Yang lalu

    Manny pacquiao??

  87. author

    Holden PerkinsHari Yang lalu

    Yeah don’t ever have this guy sub for Colin again

  88. author

    Brian WallerHari Yang lalu

    Here's what the Patriots would do. Tag dak and draft tua. If dak plays lights out sign long term and trade tua for picks. If dak doesn't show improvement let go and start tua. Patriots did this twice once with matt Cassel and jimmy grapalo

  89. author

    Dick DingwizaHari Yang lalu

    If you are gonna make the list global, you lose credibility when you list CR7 and Messi below a swimmer and an nfl player. If you asked all of Asia, South America and Africa who Phelps is, you’d find maybe 10-20% even know of him. As for Brady, you’d be lucky if 2% have ever heard his name!

  90. author

    TermoHari Yang lalu

    Perfect fight plan

  91. author

    Adrian SotoHari Yang lalu

    Tua way overhyped. He won’t make it in the nfl. Tua will be more like baker. Bama has never produced a nfl caliber QB

  92. author

    sjwilson1079Hari Yang lalu

    Unless Tom has already decided a new team

  93. author

    Y KentHari Yang lalu

    Trade Jaylon Smith and 2 first rounders!!!!!!! WTF This the same guy who said Kittles isn’t a good blocker!!! FOH

  94. author

    Brent DiezHari Yang lalu

    I think Joe Borrow's leverage is that he can push Cincinnati to strengthen the team to show that they are committed to winning. I think he goes to Cincinnati, and that Cincinnati goes on the free agent market and gets the guys they need to support Joe and give him a chance of winning.

  95. author

    tuluvotaHari Yang lalu

    Totally Agree... get the second coming of russel wilson and save money to improve the defense... and Dak is not work the $$ he wants

  96. author

    HeadhonchoHari Yang lalu

    Wiggins avg 22 why they acting Iike he’s weak?

  97. author

    rohit batraHari Yang lalu

    lakers are too old .. lbj not good defender anymore .. lbj is old ..... few seconds ... there is no one but LBJ

  98. author

    Tiffany HendrixHari Yang lalu

    I can relate. I thought I was gonna throw up watching the 2nd fight last night. It was very very hard to watch😭

  99. author

    Dalton CraneHari Yang lalu

    Great take. As a cowboys fan, I would love this move. It’s hard to diminish your cap space on one player considering that he couldn’t lead you to the playoffs in one of the weakest conferences of all time. Tua is excellent. However, Jerry Jones tends to get too attached to his players for this to happen.

  100. author

    RaptorsREPEATHari Yang lalu

    Heat can't shoot? Oh it's Colin Cowerd makes sense🤦‍♂️