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  1. author

    K V15 jam yang lalu

    I preffered eat with ur hands.

  2. author

    Digestive 7216 jam yang lalu

    Frank Zappa, "Brown shoes don't make it." Enough said. I wouldn't choose Edward VIII as an arbiter either.

  3. author

    victor lamothe16 jam yang lalu

    How about long grey hair with bearded face?

  4. author

    robert lombardo17 jam yang lalu

    All that clothing is nice but you forgot the most important things. Grooming Grooming, you can’t look like a cave man. If you have a beard trim it and shape it. No mountain man look. Also invest in a good hair cut. If your folicaly challenge wear a nice cap or hat. No baseball cap.

  5. author

    Er Sturdevant17 jam yang lalu

    Aspen+Brut=Green Irish Tweed.

  6. author

    andrew kelly17 jam yang lalu

    A grey suit and a navy blue suit of good quality and fit 👍

  7. author

    ZiaUddinAhmad17 jam yang lalu

    Love the words from Clark Kent.

  8. author

    Mark Pinwill17 jam yang lalu

    My "pinky" rings are my Mum and Dads wedding rings inside each other that have been soldered together and on the other hand is my late wife's wedding ring that I have had resized. The funny things the "Mum and Dad's" rings always create the most interest.

  9. author

    Sticky Dollar17 jam yang lalu

    Never use fingers to eat, especially when you eat banana.

  10. author

    Paul T17 jam yang lalu

    Way overpriced. I prefer Taiga Works.

  11. author

    Xavier Genaux18 jam yang lalu

    Wrong shoes colour with your soite colour. IT should beaucoup black. À French gentleman temps you this. Only Italiens Doesburg IT. And this makes us Frenchies recognize them

  12. author

    Ahsan Fayyaz18 jam yang lalu

    v.nice video ... but please, also put English subtitles of your words ... so we can get u easier

  13. author

    Wiseman talk18 jam yang lalu

    Gentleman's Gazette. ......why you misleading your own self, or you don't have something to say on Internet. Europe and America a lot of food to eat with hands and you are here involving yourself into self deceiving or misleading

  14. author

    Rachel Shannon N18 jam yang lalu

    I am not your target audience. A 25 year female who is very girly, and into makeup. But the range you explains things is so impressive.

  15. author

    Herr Francois18 jam yang lalu

    Person: “Hey, i like you!” Me: “Me too!”

  16. author

    Bunny. The best18 jam yang lalu

    Someone: you're breathtaking Keanu Reeves : No you

  17. author

    Matthew18 jam yang lalu

    What’s should one do when flying?

  18. author

    Haider KAZMI19 jam yang lalu

    can you make a video of taking a bath manners please

  19. author

    p19 jam yang lalu

    Its for +15 mana and +10 vit

  20. author

    Mark Suggs20 jam yang lalu

    Men I see with attractive women do not wear the cloths you suggest

  21. author

    gerson vicente21 jam yang lalu

    Is tom ford suits next on your vids?

  22. author

    Đặng Hương Xuân22 jam yang lalu

    yes, 90-95% price of bag = profit

  23. author

    Jeffery Dion22 jam yang lalu

    Good man. I like your videos, very informative.

  24. author

    Graham Kane22 jam yang lalu

    Can you tell us about, a blood sapphire. It is half blue sapphire and half red ruby. And which finger to wear one on. Thanks. G. If anyone has one, I will pay top dollar for it.

  25. author

    Ramiz Frank23 jam yang lalu

    Thank you so much. For making this video this is so informative.

  26. author

    hovanti23 jam yang lalu

    I've enjoyed using fountain pens on and off for years (am 55 now), which is somewhat odd, as my penmanship is atrocious.

  27. author

    Jordan PittsHari Yang lalu


  28. author

    saqeb an-noorHari Yang lalu

    does he have a long neck?

  29. author

    Priyanka singh ParmarHari Yang lalu

    Tons of thanks for such an amazing video

  30. author

    Callum DepasqualeHari Yang lalu


  31. author

    Sarah HambletonHari Yang lalu

    In the opening scenes he has his fingers in his food. Later, he rests his hand on the table

  32. author

    MarisaHari Yang lalu

    I disagree that *all* of these rules should be followed in a more casual dining situation

  33. author

    DL LambertHari Yang lalu

    I like 2 tone mens dress shirts. 👔. I remember TV anchors wearing them & was impressed as a teen. 1980s. I have a small(weak) chin & larger head so a spread collar does not look as good as a standard pointed collar.

  34. author

    Bob DHari Yang lalu

    I don’t need to impress anyone but I’m going to spend 15 minutes trying to impress you😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  35. author

    kasra khatirHari Yang lalu

    my opinion Bespoke : 1-3 (Dark Charcoal, Navy and Light Grey 3 piece) MTM or off the rack: 2-3 (Black and Solid color) for Work Summer Suit- 2-3 (Linen, Creme, light blue) with Extra pants Tuxedo: 2 (A black tie tux and a Dark Navy )

  36. author

    Daniel MorganHari Yang lalu

    I only wear cowboy hats.

  37. author

    MrShelangeHari Yang lalu

    darn I live in madras! and I own Canada goose

  38. author

    Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ TᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛHari Yang lalu

    No to black? You approach me in a beige over-coat and I'm going to assume you're looking to ask me questions regarding the case of the missing neighbour's cat. Okay?

  39. author

    yeeehaa28Hari Yang lalu

    I have watched a number of How to tie a bow tie" videos and this one is the Best one. Clear and concise. Thank you.

  40. author

    IshviresHari Yang lalu

    Number 0: don't believe this clown and do whatever you like

  41. author

    Jasper WangHari Yang lalu

    It’s about design, people pay for this design, pick one bag looks better than this monogram keepall at today’s market, then we talk about value! Way much better looking, elegant, iconic than Hermes and Goyard!

  42. author

    Greg WarnerHari Yang lalu

    Boots, Levi's, LLBean heavy cotton plaid shirt, silver bolo tie,, worn under a denim jacket and a Stetson hat on top and i am always in style.

  43. author

    Melody DHari Yang lalu

    I love & sell vintage cuff links So glad I found you

  44. author

    Lisa Lovely LPAHari Yang lalu

    Making me hungry !

  45. author

    doobiewah357Hari Yang lalu

    Things men wear that women love " A thick wallet & ribbed condoms. duh

  46. author

    KatMarGanHari Yang lalu

    I love that a sign that pants are tailor made is that they do not have a waistband. I always thought that leaving out a waistband was the sign of a lazy tailor or seamstress. I'll never put in a waistband again.

  47. author

    Ignacio FuentesHari Yang lalu

    Americans invented the "off the rack" suit. So every man could wear a suit, not just the wealthy. Originally mass produced "off the rack" suits would have been slightly over sized so they could fit more people. But over time the idea evolved to have the "off the rack" suit tailored to fit. So you buy an "off the rack" suit that fits 90% and then you have it tailored to fit perfectly. This idea that Americans are walking around in big baggy "sack suits" is ridiculous. But hey what do you expect this dandy guy to say.

  48. author

    Jon JHari Yang lalu

    I think Barbour jackets are great, but I don't know about spending $400 on one! Fortunately, they are about half the price in the UK.

  49. author

    Momo KawashimaHari Yang lalu

    I dunno if I wrote it already or not, but you should have included the bowler hat, just because it's a valid option for a gentleman too (what hat is more suitable for a gentleman than a british style bowler?)

  50. author

    apquickalldayHari Yang lalu

    This is the easiest way to tie a tie

  51. author

    Kurt FoxHari Yang lalu

    Who else paused the video to shortcut and read the description?

  52. author

    MeldinX2Hari Yang lalu

    straight edge razors could in theory be sharpnened at home by yourself. Saving you alot of cash in the long run.

  53. author

    Michael MillerHari Yang lalu

    When my grandfather past, I was gifted his wedding ring, he had it customized with gold flakes he panned out of a local river, I wear it proudly everyday

  54. author

    Alexander Maximilian DemgenskiHari Yang lalu

    I love this video continue like this👍🏻

  55. author

    BeardshireHari Yang lalu

    I got an old flask without a chain or hinge to keep the cap on, any tips on adding one?

  56. author

    Charlie finlayHari Yang lalu

    In addition,,,no sir ...a gentleman does NOT put on his overcoat first....he helps the lady FIRST ..with HER outwear. Surely you are aware of that fact Mr. Schneider. As regards the cell phone issue...any upper-crust, quality restaurant will require that cell phones are disactivated. Any person who doesn't know any better belongs at some no-class dump such as McDonald's.

  57. author

    Charlie finlayHari Yang lalu

    The prevailing theme in most of your videos regarding etiquette is that the USA has lost all of its once inviolable sense of aplomb and proper manners. That is sad and unnecessary. You are correct. Pehaps restaurants and other venues should prohibit entrance to the slobs in baseball caps and slovenly clothes...anf perhaps you should promote that concept on your website. .

  58. author

    Linda CartwrightHari Yang lalu

    Don't wash your jeans.

  59. author

    FlappableBeanHari Yang lalu

    'because I wasn't raised by wolves'! Nice! I like that, I'm going to use that one!

  60. author

    La BlatteHari Yang lalu

    Canvas/pvc/vinyl have a more "marketing friendly’ name......vegan leather 🤭

  61. author

    CEPrepperHari Yang lalu

    I bought my wife’s as an antique. I feel their 40’s products are still high quality. Getting one certified authentic and for 1/3 the cost that has been patina and is in amazing shape... I get status, quality and value. I purchase my hand made top grain leather bag in Prague. Find craftsmen, and buy their stuff.

  62. author

    Tom MortleyHari Yang lalu

    Agree except on backpacks, but then I know how much treating back pain costs...