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  1. author

    Oli490Menit Yang lalu

    Last game as our manager 😭 I know we sometimes we gave you stick but you brought us up all the way to the UCL final. All I can say is thank you for everything you have done for this club

  2. author

    Oli4907 menit yang lalu

    Where did all this team spirit go 😭

  3. author

    Suraj's opinion dosen't matter9 menit yang lalu

    Welp we got Mourinho now. Let's see how he does witb Levy

  4. author

    Junhwan Hong34 menit yang lalu

    Good bye~~poch!! god bless u

  5. author

    Ryan Mason38 menit yang lalu

    Thank you so much Poch You are Magic and everyone knows that He's magic you know

  6. author

    Joaquin Pheonix46 menit yang lalu

    Who is there after Pochettino sacked? 😞

  7. author

    y ohJam Yang lalu

    November 19, 2019. Poch sacked. Son to leave Spurs soon enough as well...

  8. author

    Name NoJam Yang lalu

    Pochettino I will always remember you

  9. author

    Darkwear GT3 jam yang lalu

    When the chairmen thought pocchetio is manager of spurs women team

  10. author

    Delta United4 jam yang lalu

    Take me back.😭😢

  11. author

    YungDaniels4 jam yang lalu

    Despite not winning any trophies with us, he’s achieved so many things, we thought he couldn’t. 1. Challenging for top 4 and taking us to the league cup final with a mediocre team(2014/15) 2. Back to back title race(2015/16 & 2016/17) 3. Finishing top 4, while playing all our games away(2017/18) 4. Taking us to the champions league final without spending a single penny(2018/19) Thank you for all the wonderful memories, Poch. We owe you big time.

  12. author

    Ben C4 jam yang lalu

    We love you Poch

  13. author

    Kevin Crews5 jam yang lalu

    Love you forever x

  14. author

    Replying is futile5 jam yang lalu

    Take heart from that girls , you played better football than the champions , learn to take those chances .

  15. author

    Heisted5 jam yang lalu

    “I set fire to the rain” had me dying

  16. author

    hemchand kolla5 jam yang lalu

    He did not deserve the sack, 5 years of hard work and improvement cannot be compared to 3-4 months of up and down results. I can't trust anyone to stay in the squad in the next season. Absolutely devastated #LevyOut

  17. author

    hemchand kolla5 jam yang lalu

    He did not deserve the sack, 5 years of hard work and improvement cannot be compared to 3-4 months of up and down results. I can't trust anyone to stay in the squad in the next season. Absolutely devastated #LevyOut

  18. author

    p u5 jam yang lalu

    0:30 모두가 포기한 볼.. 끝까지 쫓아가서 골!!! 그만큼 스피드에 자신이 있으니까 저런 집념도 나오는거겠지.. 멋지다

  19. author

    CalicoCat serendipity6 jam yang lalu

    Spurs gonna lose best player if he leave🤣

  20. author

    CalicoCat serendipity6 jam yang lalu

    Im Gonna unsubcribe this channel if Pochetino axed...hmmm😔

  21. author

    Joakin6 jam yang lalu

    F by foyth and lamela

  22. author

    Liam MacDonald6 jam yang lalu

    whos watching after pochettino got sacked.

  23. author

    Curly_Penguin6396 jam yang lalu

    This was Pochettino's last PL game.

  24. author

    under Rated6 jam yang lalu

    #Levy Look Like Movie 🤔? We Sucked Man Think he "Dump""Poch!" to Get 'Dumper" who? "Jose" 😂😂👏 with Full #Respect! try get someone Else!

  25. author

    under Rated6 jam yang lalu

    *he he he Clown be media"Fake News"? they "Hate TOT"! say that mueri..why Arsenal not get him?😜 trick your self! with murinho find your seld bottom! 4! very good to sucked **#Levy**.Jun.2020!*

  26. author

    BABS6 jam yang lalu

    I can't imagine our team without Poch...

  27. author

    Paddy Nevs7 jam yang lalu

    Who’s here after he’s been sacked #pochin

  28. author

    under Rated7 jam yang lalu

    p Allegri 💙💚💜 #Coys!

  29. author

    Junhwan Hong7 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god... poch.... 😭

  30. author

    under Rated8 jam yang lalu

    🌻🌼🌷😘 *Massimiliano Allegri* 😍🌺⚘☝ Won EPL,FA CUP , UCL2020

  31. author

    the black20198 jam yang lalu

    I admire you heung min are 7

  32. author

    Yasin Chowdhury8 jam yang lalu

    Who’s watching this after poch just got sacked?

  33. author

    1 Minute Cuber8 jam yang lalu

    If only we knew. We love you poch.

  34. author

    1 Minute Cuber8 jam yang lalu

    Oh if only we knew. We love you poch.

  35. author

    Desdemona Wtg8 jam yang lalu

    Here after Tottenham sacked Poch

  36. author

    EZZ _8 jam yang lalu

    Tuesday 19th November 2019 Poch has just been sacked... ☹️

  37. author

    M1993G9 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Mauricio for the memories, you will be always be a Spurs legend

  38. author

    Star Wars Theory 189 jam yang lalu


  39. author

    Neville. D10 jam yang lalu

    Pochettino has just been sacked 😨

  40. author

    Anon10 jam yang lalu

    I fucking hate this club so much. He was everything.

  41. author

    CarbonitePlays10 jam yang lalu

    ENIC out. Levy out. Destroyed our club once again by getting rid of Poch. Best and most loved manager we've had since Bill. Going to be a few years before we are anywhere near where Poch took us to and I hope you #PochOut clowns are happy now.

  42. author

    Sebastian Tveito10 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    Chris10 jam yang lalu

    No one can replace the manager

  44. author

    Kimi32110 jam yang lalu

    Sacked in the morning..

  45. author

    Ram Zi10 jam yang lalu

    Is it true that Pochettino is sacked?

  46. author

    Ram Zi10 jam yang lalu

    Is it true that Pochettino is sacked?

  47. author

    big man10 jam yang lalu

    Who is here after poch got sacked???

  48. author

    ayanle ali10 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Krazy Pizza10 jam yang lalu

    Tottenham are so bad

  50. author

    Martin Allen10 jam yang lalu

    How could spurs sack our manager disgusted

  51. author

    Maddy Hopkinson11 jam yang lalu

    You think you are going to have a video after this

  52. author

    더듬희11 jam yang lalu

    4:57 🇰🇷우리흥🇰🇷

  53. author

    Le Monke11 jam yang lalu

    Who's here after poch got sacked

  54. author

    1k sub with no memes Help me!11 jam yang lalu

    Whose her after pochettino sacked

  55. author

    Rahul Rebello11 jam yang lalu

    Should be an easy win for West Ham

  56. author

    TheOfficialJay11 jam yang lalu

    Pochettino got sacked

  57. author

    MrDaRk75 YT11 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    OdhranHughes TV // A Smash Expert11 jam yang lalu

    Who's here after Pocchetino got sacked Edit: I have loads of respect for Pocchetino and I'm thankful for what he has done for this beautiful club but now it's time to get Mourinho or Ten Hag

  59. author

    R. E. Hill11 jam yang lalu

    At this moment in time... why the fuck isn't this channel going live?

  60. author

    Glass Joe11 jam yang lalu

    Bye pochettino

  61. author

    Kempo11 jam yang lalu

    whos here after you know what

  62. author

    BABATUNDE EH11 jam yang lalu

    This is more scarier than ur defence...

  63. author

    หล่อเหลา ภูเขาฟูจิ13 jam yang lalu

    I love you liverpool❣️

  64. author

    Daleriada FC14 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    Phat Nguyen15 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    Jess W15 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Sonny (not even on the screen): 6:24 And then Sonny: 7:47

  67. author

    J.d J.16 jam yang lalu

    Coysssssss nice one sonny!!I'm korean

  68. author

    김한량16 jam yang lalu

    3:37 꼬긁

  69. author

    A Random Countryball On the Internet17 jam yang lalu

    Why is everyone making comments about Sonny?

  70. author

    Nitesh Bhatia18 jam yang lalu

    I wish Son moves to Real/Barca/Bayern. He is capable of that.

  71. author

    Dany Hermawan18 jam yang lalu

    I bet bale's d#ck is long and big

  72. author

    정영준19 jam yang lalu


  73. author

    태민김19 jam yang lalu


  74. author

    Darren Sim20 jam yang lalu

    We can win the ucl! Have hope!

  75. author

    Darren Sim20 jam yang lalu

    Disappointed but hope spurs will make me happy again (I a bit sad) but not totally sad COYS

  76. author

    mozammel hoque22 jam yang lalu

    Kane and son was the best

  77. author

    Aqdas Ahmed23 jam yang lalu

    3.50 saving money or what??? Spurs😂😂😂

  78. author

    Hedges FreestonHari Yang lalu

    Spurs4life #COYS

  79. author

    Mark GableHari Yang lalu

    Spurs women need better coaches. The team were given the runaround. Why not hire the American WNT coach Jill Ellis. She's available having retired after winning the World cup.

  80. author

    인지몬Hari Yang lalu


  81. author

    Hydra HunterHari Yang lalu

    3:14 Harry what is that scream?

  82. author

    HazelNkb136Hari Yang lalu


  83. author

    DuckfaceHari Yang lalu

    My man left us like a piece of sh*t and plays for Man City now

  84. author

    MohdHari Yang lalu

    If Bale never went to Madrid, he could have been the best player in the league and compete for the Ballon d'or.

  85. author

    Rahul RebelloHari Yang lalu

    Whether it's the men, women, boys, girls, transgender, disabled, gay, lesbian, special needs, or elderly teams. North London will always be red.

  86. author

    True MickieFanHari Yang lalu

    I would laugh at women football but I enjoyed it and the arsenal women are amazing COYG North London is red

  87. author

    Juan Manuel Orduña HernándezHari Yang lalu

    Arriba el cruz azúl

  88. author

    ZeZePechHari Yang lalu


  89. author

    Geoff PikeHari Yang lalu

    4:57 mega limbs

  90. author

    mar 5678Hari Yang lalu

    I m fan of tottenham i look for this channel than 2014

  91. author

    Farhan Kun Sucks At MappingHari Yang lalu


  92. author

    dude and zackHari Yang lalu

    Spurs suck i suport chelsea

  93. author

    Mr_EmanHari Yang lalu

    Sad to loose obviously but it was good to be there and watch some good football.

  94. author

    ffs reffHari Yang lalu

    Hope rose toby jan and even eriksen all run out thier contracts giving levy&lewis nothing. Levy&lewis out out OUT

  95. author

    현진Hari Yang lalu

    사랑해요 sonny❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. author

    Olwol102 !Hari Yang lalu

    Why does Alderwield speak better English than Kane

  97. author

    JiyaHari Yang lalu

    Rose 💟🌹

  98. author

    under RatedHari Yang lalu

    #COYS 🐓We will Stand up! *Tottenham you Know!!👉 ***#M**.P* 👏😗✌High Score* (4-2-1-3)😉.#22/#33,#15,#6,#21/#8,#17/#18/#7,#10,#11👊😎 won 5,6,7?

  99. author

    beyond72Hari Yang lalu

    Always remembering my stream freezing just as his shot was heading towards the

  100. author

    starboy TanHari Yang lalu

    I love tottenham son in vietnam 🇻🇳