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SuperM Premiere EventSuperM Premiere Event

SuperM Premiere Event

19 hari yang lalu

SuperM Group TrailerSuperM Group Trailer

SuperM Group Trailer

29 hari yang lalu

SuperM Trailer : KAISuperM Trailer : KAI

SuperM Trailer : KAI

Bulan Yang lalu

SuperM Trailer : MARKSuperM Trailer : MARK

SuperM Trailer : MARK

Bulan Yang lalu

SuperM Trailer : LUCASSuperM Trailer : LUCAS

SuperM Trailer : LUCAS

Bulan Yang lalu

SuperM Trailer : TENSuperM Trailer : TEN

SuperM Trailer : TEN

Bulan Yang lalu

SuperM: lNTROSuperM: lNTRO

SuperM: lNTRO

Bulan Yang lalu

HYO 'Badster' MVHYO 'Badster' MV

HYO 'Badster' MV

3 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Maridete Correia5 menit yang lalu

    SJ, Ventimbora pro Brasil!

  2. author

    Emil Syarif5 menit yang lalu

    Album of The Year

  3. author

    Ghost_ Boy5 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    hjyfun6 menit yang lalu

    ah id love to see her perform this live? though i feel like that doesn't happen often with these collab things

  5. author

    Bella Oktaviani6 menit yang lalu

    2:37 my fav

  6. author

    bae irene7 menit yang lalu

    go to 125 million thats song soo amizinge

  7. author

    bae irene7 menit yang lalu

    go to 125 million thats song soo amizinge

  8. author

    One&Only7 menit yang lalu


  9. author

    Chay Te Adriano8 menit yang lalu

    Streaming everyday! Because they deserve an award!! It's about time! Let's do it ELFS!!!!!!

  10. author

    Ana Gamez8 menit yang lalu


  11. author

    ellena chasie8 menit yang lalu

    Can someone tell me what does "goblin" mean?

  12. author

    Snarks8 menit yang lalu

    This song is a damn bop omg.

  13. author

    itsme sss8 menit yang lalu


  14. author

    Marwa Mostafa8 menit yang lalu

    Super m I love you from Egypt please come to Egypt we love to much

  15. author

    Kimberly8 menit yang lalu

    They really debuted 2 weeks ago and have received so much hate from a certain fandom :( I want the boys to know us fans will continue to support and protect them no matter what

  16. author

    Christy Tampoli9 menit yang lalu

    Mark in 1:25,2:27 had me killing with his visual and body, his so beautiful OMG😲

  17. author

    Cherie S.9 menit yang lalu

    Even the genre is retro, I like this song. And it's really a good morning listening to EXO songs.

  18. author

    peachyuta9 menit yang lalu

    SM cómo quieres q me aprenda la coreografía si los efectos q le pusieron me dejan ver un chot0¿

  19. author

    Freya9 menit yang lalu

    The acapella make me fall again, I love it

  20. author

    bae irene9 menit yang lalu

    ذكرى السنوية لتيمبو قربت ونحنا ما وصلناها 150مليون حتى.... اكسوالز كسالى راحو عملو ستريم ل لوف شوت ونسو امر تيمبو ما العيب ان رفعنا مشاهداتهم كلتى الاتنين مع بعض؟؟

  21. author

    Nola Venne9 menit yang lalu

    Baekyun is such a baby, It's like watching a toddler trying to be cool.

  22. author

    William Han9 menit yang lalu

    they couldnt take anyone from BTS

  23. author

    Amanda Gabrielly Dos Santos10 menit yang lalu

    Super m

  24. author

    Irul Fauzi10 menit yang lalu

    I Miss Sulli

  25. author

    Janine Catipol10 menit yang lalu

    One of my faves!

  26. author

    Dayan Zapata11 menit yang lalu

    Muy buena elección para la canción, increíble voz

  27. author

    widi11 menit yang lalu


  28. author

    bae irene12 menit yang lalu

    that song need a many stream

  29. author

    Dulce Trujillo12 menit yang lalu

    I need another comeback of taemin ㅠㅠ

  30. author

    It WaS sO eAsY12 menit yang lalu

    Goodnight 💚💚💚 Good morning 💚💚💚

  31. author

    puccaface12 menit yang lalu

    Who’s superM? I see Kai?

  32. author

    Luis Condori12 menit yang lalu

    Love exo&😍

  33. author

    Aina Syazwani Ahmad13 menit yang lalu


  34. author

    natalia exol13 menit yang lalu

    Aqui haciendo stream para los 300k

  35. author

    astry pratiwi Haling13 menit yang lalu

    OTW 300M VIEW ... Fighting EXO-L !!!

  36. author

    bae irene13 menit yang lalu

    150 million

  37. author

    Risa Desriana13 menit yang lalu


  38. author

    Awesome Girl13 menit yang lalu

    Teasing you slowly (hot,hot) making you fall for me without no limit

  39. author

    widi14 menit yang lalu


  40. author

    forever.ot714 menit yang lalu


  41. author

    Lily Peters15 menit yang lalu

    Sulli was so beautiful girl! The world was wrong for her! She is a angel! 🌸💞🌸💞😢😢😓😓 I cry I cry I cry

  42. author

    Isa15 menit yang lalu

    This is the chaos I live for!! So glad they are back!

  43. author

    Chaimae Bensaid15 menit yang lalu

    Yeeees kings❤❤❤

  44. author

    Dani Luz16 menit yang lalu

    Pelo amor de Deus lança outro clipe , to vendo esse todo dia , é muita perfeição. Quero mais isso vicia kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  45. author

    Olivia Voss16 menit yang lalu

    Totally buying this album

  46. author

    bae irene16 menit yang lalu

    210 million go go

  47. author

    Ainnur Faris16 menit yang lalu

    Please keep streaming. Please please i know it's tiring but suju not makes comeback always

  48. author

    Samantha Marquez16 menit yang lalu

    Love this

  49. author

    Agtin Oh17 menit yang lalu


  50. author

    bae irene17 menit yang lalu

    100 million for that chereography the eve the best exols the best too

  51. author

    denny tan17 menit yang lalu

    the genre is city pop turn around pose similar to mariya takeuchi - plastic love thumbnail on youtube.

  52. author

    Joemar Granzori17 menit yang lalu

    soooo proud of our kings (EXO) also the talent of sm net. best vocals best visual best talented😍

  53. author

    Emma18 menit yang lalu

    I want Taemin's part to be released as a song by itself.

  54. author

    Surf Wave19 menit yang lalu

    I am suspicious of IDreporter counting views. It hasn't budged from 33,760, 223 in a hour...that is definitely suspicious, especially with new comments rolling YT messing with their views? SuperM losing views cause of Stupid IDreporter..

  55. author

    bae irene19 menit yang lalu

    exol we can make 300 million fighting

  56. author

    바부소정쓰19 menit yang lalu

    마지막 개미쳤다......

  57. author

    mohadese pak19 menit yang lalu

    keep streaming please. 40 M, in three week . can we???

  58. author

    Cherie S.19 menit yang lalu

    We got that power everytime ♡

  59. author

    ciudadana20 menit yang lalu

    No hace mucho que escuche por primera vez esta canción, es una canción que realmente te llega

  60. author

    shah S20 menit yang lalu

    Suju forever

  61. author

    LIC MIGUEL ALEMAN20 menit yang lalu

    go elphus

  62. author

    BTS ARMY21 menit yang lalu

    NCTZEN it’s almost 2 months left. I mean I hope it’s a fixed unit! Otherwise I’m going to cry a river.

  63. author

    bae irene21 menit yang lalu

    300 million please i want see that before 2020

  64. author

    166 cm21 menit yang lalu

    really love u 💘

  65. author

    Akbar Hamaminatu21 menit yang lalu

    Miyu ❤❤❤

  66. author

    Gandung Justitia21 menit yang lalu


  67. author

    Italo Moura21 menit yang lalu

    Alguém sabe me dizer por qual motivo o heechu só aparece por alguns segundos e nem canta?

  68. author

    Mema Elf21 menit yang lalu

    Oh baby... I want you

  69. author

    se chanbaek21 menit yang lalu

    how does jisung feel being the maknae of the whole company

  70. author

    Mem Shad21 menit yang lalu

    قاعده اتابع مسلسل رعب عالتيفي و بنفس الوقت اعمل عالمشاهدات ما اضيع وقت

  71. author

    only taeyeon22 menit yang lalu

    25,024,159 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

  72. author

    T_T22 menit yang lalu

    PAUSE THE VIDEO, GO TO 1:27 AND _DON'T_ HIT PLAY YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT Hol up Wait No Wrong timestamp 0:37 maybe Nope Sorry it was funny

  73. author

    Mema Elf22 menit yang lalu

    Every one super clap ;)

  74. author

    rizensai♡22 menit yang lalu

    Is Lucas okay..

  75. author

    Nurun Jaafar23 menit yang lalu


  76. author

    H. G.23 menit yang lalu

    Years ago, Ten performed Ring Ding Dong Now, He performed with Mr. Ring Ding Dong

  77. author

    widi23 menit yang lalu

    Mark so sexy and hot 😍😍😍😍

  78. author

    Mema Elf23 menit yang lalu

    Legend of kipop

  79. author

    khadijah almasry24 menit yang lalu

    Suju is perfect

  80. author

    yess de24 menit yang lalu

    No entiendo porque está comeblak tiene tan pocas visitas debería estar en la delantera igual que las demas a seguir reproduciendo y brindarles el amor que se merecen los amo SJ

  81. author

    Jona Lucio24 menit yang lalu

    Estaremos esperando por tu debut Miyu! We love u ❤️

  82. author

    Agtin Oh25 menit yang lalu

    You can call me EXO-L

  83. author

    Della25 menit yang lalu

    Extraordinary You bts brought me here 😂😂😂 I think is the one Danoh is singing?

  84. author

    Moni Bane26 menit yang lalu

    Jonghyun forever ♥️

  85. author

    bae irene26 menit yang lalu

    we go stream for 250 million

  86. author

    Lisset Estrada26 menit yang lalu

    The first seconds sounds like an Inuyasha opening

  87. author

    네오26 menit yang lalu

    뮤비 뺴고 다 좋네...뮤비는 너무 저예산 아니냐?

  88. author

    Rinita Amalia26 menit yang lalu

    Oktober 2019

  89. author

    Mariah Reyes27 menit yang lalu

    I saw ellen and brian

  90. author

    Made Darma Wijaya27 menit yang lalu

    wait.. Miyu joined SM or it's just like a collab thing? (uwu)

  91. author

    Flying Bubbles27 menit yang lalu

    Taeyeon : do you love me ? Me: better Ask to baekhyun

  92. author

    Hanako27 menit yang lalu

    i need more taemins in the world

  93. author

    Zhu Li28 menit yang lalu

    Took me all this time to realize that Donghae’s shirt is see through at 2:37

  94. author

    singgih adjhi28 menit yang lalu


  95. author

    Akira Lawliet29 menit yang lalu

    October 2019 :') someone?

  96. author

    Moni Bane29 menit yang lalu


  97. author

    Thmay29 menit yang lalu

    Congratulations Miyu

  98. author

    Ken Lee30 menit yang lalu


  99. author

    bae irene30 menit yang lalu

    and now we go 300 million

  100. author

    Byeoli_ bi30 menit yang lalu

    These old men are making me feel some type of way 😍