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  1. author

    Tommy DeNato6 jam yang lalu

    This fukkin gonzo is gonna get yakuzagooched

  2. author

    JABS AND KNOCK-OUTS6 jam yang lalu

    I like what the promoter said here ,It shows that he acknowledged the fact that Williams gave his fighter an opportunity so he deserves the rematch anytime he wants it.Let this sink in the brain of fighters like Andy Ruiz and Tony Harrison

  3. author

    Haters Have Opinion6 jam yang lalu

    Bring On Jermell Charlo!!! *Al Haymon Make Some Unifications Already!*

  4. author

    God's Sun_16 jam yang lalu

    This dude was born a warrior. You can see it in his eyes. The 154 division should be on high alert with the new champion in the scene.

  5. author

    Lenin Mercedes6 jam yang lalu

    Guess his banana his bigger then urs. To quote my boy Smokey from Friday’s. “You got knocked the fucked out”t!!!!!!🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  6. author

    Twon Jones6 jam yang lalu

    I seen dude face n new he won

  7. author

    Twon Jones6 jam yang lalu

    Come on jroc

  8. author

    Real boxing News6 jam yang lalu

    Dude will stop canelo

  9. author

    BoxingJournals7 jam yang lalu

    He deserved that shit.

  10. author

    ddgyoushouldsmashmaywheatersdaugther whoisdatingnba7 jam yang lalu

    Clearly a generation of slaves that were taken to the carribean

  11. author

    Soccer Training Club7 jam yang lalu

    🔥🔥Props 2 Rosario, he looked cool, calm and collective 🔥🔥 And the NEW CHAMPION🥊in the city of brotherly love 🥰

  12. author

    JamaalDay/NiteLong !!!7 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations dude!!

  13. author

    SecondsOut7 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Christopher David Suryanarayan7 jam yang lalu

    1st, 2nd, 3rd : )

  15. author

    King murph7 jam yang lalu

    You still the king!

  16. author

    King murph7 jam yang lalu

    2:37 “who LOVEDED chu”. ? Lol

  17. author

    jesucristo7 jam yang lalu

    Pinchi pelon

  18. author

    jesucristo7 jam yang lalu

    Ay wey me asuste cuando lo empujo

  19. author

    mrstaple707 jam yang lalu

    No Way any punch with power hit fury at the knockout stage. Buying time, Judges got it wrong, Then he got up faster than flash Gordon. Cmon. Fury will be better smarter and Fitter than Ever.

  20. author

    d agu7 jam yang lalu

    who peeled who's banana 🍌😂😂😂😂

  21. author

    C T8 jam yang lalu

    Yes Andy got Devin out fast but it seems Vargas is fighting better since this loss I always wondered if he really dedicated himself to boxing or maybe should have been a cruiser anyway I hope Andy has a good 2020 comes back strong.

  22. author

    The Project Diamond8 jam yang lalu

    *Tyson the Gentleman*

  23. author

    Kahliq Muhammad El8 jam yang lalu

    A knock out leaves no doubt!!

  24. author

    The Project Diamond8 jam yang lalu

    *Chewbacca's Brother is having a whinge*

  25. author

    Tank Killer8 jam yang lalu

    That was one of the the worse fight I ever witness. Colbert won’t make it that far he dint show me anything to impress me. On the other hand Corrales is left hand but he don’t know how to used it.

  26. author

    Tank Killer9 jam yang lalu

    Colbert is not as good people think. On the other hand Corrales should not be Boxing at all.

  27. author

    John Reid9 jam yang lalu

    Maybe another KO

  28. author

    Ninja Squirrel9 jam yang lalu

    I'd like to open her cheeks and sniff her butthole

  29. author

    AzDevil9 jam yang lalu

    This man is boxing. this is a legend in the making glad to be able to watch this man destroy everyone that gets in his way .....!!!BOMB Squad!!!! ... Wilder is a true class act ... Cant wait to watch him conquer all the phoney champs claiming they the real deal ....

  30. author

    TechBoy4d9 jam yang lalu

    Why they wanna pretend like wrestling is real???!!😂😂

  31. author

    BILL CATRONE9 jam yang lalu

    Meditation opens the mind to emptiness, there are unseen Force's that enter under the guise of peace and strength or whatever. Now PRAYING TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WILL ALWAYS push away evil and darkness. JESUS CHRIST IS OR ONLY TRUE KING OF KINGS AND GAVE HIS LIFE FOR ALL OF US WHO HAVE FAITH IN HIM TO ENTER THE BOOK OF LIFE, TO BE SAVED BY DEATH AND THIS WICKED WORLD. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS NAME.

  32. author

    BILL CATRONE9 jam yang lalu

    When the ego is down and true humbleness shows itself, it shows a good person. But when the ego takes over, it's only a setup for disaster.

  33. author

    Lucy Lu9 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    rxp569 jam yang lalu

    Doing nothing to dispel the old cliche about British teeth

  35. author

    linda sapiecha10 jam yang lalu

    I just dont believe a word wilder says he should really be chasing these belts 1 fight and he could have them all 👍

  36. author

    Jamiel Snow10 jam yang lalu

    AB funny af lmfao

  37. author

    Brownieboy 1772010 jam yang lalu

    I feel like if ryan did not know logan he would have picked ksi

  38. author

    Red Vanderbilt10 jam yang lalu

    46:30 camera falls from the asian woman

  39. author

    Madara Uchiha10 jam yang lalu

    If i ever see jack reese in real life i will straight up light him on fire with a flamethrower for taking 2 points away without warning

  40. author

    robert orourke10 jam yang lalu

    John won judges decision was bought, & was severely flawed. As for the arranger s hearn statement rubbish.

  41. author

    Hohepa Wiremu10 jam yang lalu

    Gibs full of shit

  42. author

    Roundearther10 jam yang lalu

    Such a humble guy. Unlike some of the other heavyweight fighters. I have alot of respect for him and his corner.

  43. author

    Oriel Sanchez10 jam yang lalu

    Corrales winn

  44. author

    Rufus Collins10 jam yang lalu

    Wilder is scared to fight AJ running away from a 50/50 split. Give me a break.

  45. author

    Nick Barillas11 jam yang lalu

    Paulie won that fight..

  46. author

    Ivan Rivera11 jam yang lalu

    He look just Like ODB from Wu-tangclan, hahaha he gotta get them teeth fixed lol.

  47. author

    Jay Jay11 jam yang lalu

    WILDER is a shame. He never has his own mind abt who he wants to fight, hes a shame to HW division. U ducked ur mandatory for over 2 yrs, changing narrative n confusing the neutrals

  48. author

    Kirk Callender11 jam yang lalu

    Bottom line you knew when you had to go in for work. You should have been ready to work. Your performance was just like doing a no call no show. P.s. only way you gonna get a second chance aginst him is if you deserve it!..

  49. author

    Mr Fabulous11 jam yang lalu

    Theres going to be a proper Schooling on this night DW i respect you as a fighter but your measure has been taken by the gypsy king. he will beat you like a dog. David Haye has been sparing with you.... jesus my nan can kick his ass. I'm not even going to the Rusiian... Hahahahha.!!!

  50. author

    Ballard Frogman12 jam yang lalu

    Baddest man on the planet. Baddest boxer ever known. Baddest man ever. Baddest boxer I've ever seen, literally the worst fighter you will pay money to see. Deontay wilder is a shit fighter who boxes like a tree rolling down a hill

  51. author

    Dark Vader12 jam yang lalu

    He went on to fight another fighter your afraid of. Fury bring your pillow this time

  52. author

    Ted Dexter12 jam yang lalu

    👏👏👏👏🙏 thank you AJ!!! For lovely words!!! Respect Champion🙏!!!

  53. author

    Melanie Clarke12 jam yang lalu

    Wilder spoke all that time and said absolutely nothing

  54. author

    Memo Lie12 jam yang lalu

    Was that a contest to see who can chew faster .......?

  55. author

    hardhitter puncher12 jam yang lalu

    Trey Sanders over Jonh Emery 2020

  56. author

    hardhitter puncher12 jam yang lalu

    Roll Tide 2020 Trey Sanders year

  57. author

    hardhitter puncher12 jam yang lalu

    Joshua will destroy you in the 2nd round

  58. author

    Harry Charles12 jam yang lalu

    Rinsing money from all

  59. author

    Javier Nunez12 jam yang lalu

    Wilder gonna go get this Dub

  60. author

    Adeniyi Amos12 jam yang lalu

    Have came a long way! Bad grammar from Deontay.

  61. author

    Steven Wilson12 jam yang lalu

    Kash ali full shite

  62. author

    Savage Peter1212 jam yang lalu

    *Logan Paul sleeps* *Shannon Briggs:let’s nonce champ*

  63. author

    Mr X12 jam yang lalu

    I’m going for his whole body‼️‼️🥴🤪😂🤣😭💀

  64. author

    Stanislav Schaefer13 jam yang lalu

    Deontay may be one of the best boxers of the 21st century but Jesus that man has atrocious speaking abilities. After I hear his conversation, I feel like I have to hard reset the device that I am watching him on.

  65. author

    jeff w13 jam yang lalu

    What's with the stupid music cant hear the trash talk

  66. author

    TwoFknScoops13 jam yang lalu

    She looks good when she’s not next to Alexa bliss

  67. author

    Kaloyan Stoyanov13 jam yang lalu

    How the fuck does Wilder deserve 50/50?? He has only 1 belt and he is way more unpopular than AJ. 35% at most is fair.

  68. author

    D0sxx Gaming14 jam yang lalu

    Conor can fight ur training partners and sell more ppvs than u even after his finished.

  69. author

    F814 jam yang lalu

    He plays it off ok, but u can see fury still shook from that right hand. Wilder looks confidant.

  70. author

    Dj Shredda14 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations to J Rock on winning the title. Now let's defend that built. Tonight🥊

  71. author

    Shaun Bradley14 jam yang lalu

    Who is the woman interviewer? She's a bit of alright nice tidies

  72. author

    Richard Davis14 jam yang lalu

    Wilder should of been an astronaut lmao he only taking up space in the world talking crap as usual duck squad

  73. author

    Lion14 jam yang lalu

    No one hates you bro yr the best you did yr best

  74. author

    Gary Korey14 jam yang lalu

    The Lineal Championship is a joke and is definitely Mr. Rodger's best impression of the land of make belief. #Bombsquad#Victory

  75. author

    placide sumbula14 jam yang lalu

    I'm in love with you Claressa

  76. author

    Kevondra Hill14 jam yang lalu

    That's a sucker move they got to team up as s*** discuss strategy and s*** that's lame

  77. author

    placide sumbula14 jam yang lalu

    I love you

  78. author

    Michaela Olu-Awoniyi15 jam yang lalu

    Need to test the ‘banana’ within four rounds before you start eating it otherwise Julian might choke on the banana if he tries to eat too early or too fast.

  79. author

    Danny Dexter15 jam yang lalu

    Hes a owend champ lmfao

  80. author

    The White RickJames15 jam yang lalu

    Shes not bad looking but she looks like shit on tv

  81. author

    Let Truth Be Told15 jam yang lalu

    Wilder better bring that aggression every once in awhile 👊 That's what was given him opportunities in the first fight 👊 The waiting wilder was taken little more punishment 👊 Mix it up 👊

  82. author

    Tabu Nguki15 jam yang lalu

    Love u fury n his dad

  83. author

    Mutten Mong15 jam yang lalu

    there are only two boxers who know about the wilder baptism, not knowing how they got down and up again concussed. Charlie Z and Tyson Fury, and live to tell.

  84. author

    Ben B15 jam yang lalu

    Can we just stop w this bullshit. Ladies! You don’t have to be masculine! Being a woman and a mother is a great thing! Be feminine not feminist

  85. author

    не знам шта да радим љубав15 jam yang lalu

    Nikkii u are cuteed

  86. author

    Oscar Morales15 jam yang lalu

    Scumgangggggggg 😂

  87. author

    The Crusader16 jam yang lalu

    He does this in all raheems interviews. Hates the guy and makes him look a div

  88. author

    Fresh Meister16 jam yang lalu

    Chilled out music to keep both niggaz cool

  89. author

    Napi Coyote16 jam yang lalu

    Fury so scared knowing he might even die...!

  90. author

    Igor Begovic16 jam yang lalu

    Said this before. His plan is to fight aj before his retirement. His last fight he wants aj. If he wins great...he will run to retirement....if he loses...also good...he will say he is not in his peak...he doesn t plan to have a rematch with aj. Plus the money will go up. P.s. the look from that goldigger after raheem mentions 50-50...priceless Raheem....thumbs down for that ass kissing...talking about he has been quiet...wilder has been clout chasing joshua for 2 years....and that he put his profile up around the world...(??!) The fuck you talking about raheem? He cannot sell out any arena in america....he couldn t sell out staples fighting fury who is top3 fighter and biggest shit talker. How much has wilder been earning before aj won the belt?? How much has he been earning before he started talking shit about aj on instagram?? Gtfoh Stop that ass kissing gonna lose subscribers

  91. author

    Shantel Fullerton16 jam yang lalu

    So I’m not sure if I’ll get banned for this, but being in California and not wanting to spend $200 on Sunday ticket made me look into other options. ScreenVariety Tv is wonderful and just for few $.

  92. author

    Jack Scaro16 jam yang lalu

    After watching this way after the fight I just dont get why it all gets to shit once he jumps in the ring

  93. author

    EGGS.BULLETS.RECORDS16 jam yang lalu

    Amazing bout. Led me to fight golden gloves. Saw it live. It was absolutely unfathomable that hed be beaten. I dont think kids today realize how gigantic and invincible he seemed.

  94. author

    Apollo Spade16 jam yang lalu

    Terrible card, a joke

  95. author

    Scott Geoffrey16 jam yang lalu

    The cunt only generates 10 percent of what AJ does and that's all he's worth. Turns down over 100 million to fight AJ 😂

  96. author

    Hamze Osman16 jam yang lalu

    38 farmers, 80 yrs old grandma and 1 true fighter who gave him a boxing lesson and he thinks he's the best. Ruiz beats u all day, every day man.

  97. author

    TripDarlin17 jam yang lalu

    Why not fox-Charles?

  98. author

    Godspeed17 jam yang lalu

    All Wilder needs is to be taught some skill and he'll fuck anyone up.

  99. author

    Sam Godfrey17 jam yang lalu

    You know you easily got beat by fury mate stop fronting it don’t work

  100. author

    I'm wrong because,17 jam yang lalu

    This mf was so cold until Maidana wrecked his shit. Biggest could’ve been I’ve seen in my life.