Singapore Ants
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    Ants Sg4 hari yang lalu

    Lol trapjaws are cool

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    joshua gBulan Yang lalu

    Do u have carebara diversa queen

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    Teenage mutant ninja turtles

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    Very informative

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    In the animal kingdom big doesn’t mean better

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    Liberty for the grass hopper then again the weaver ants deserve it

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    When was this how did I miss this I feel so jealous now

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    Zareena Paker Mohd2 bulan yang lalu

    Never seen one before

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    BohicaTV3 bulan yang lalu

    Why is 007 catching queen ants?

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    Kitty TheGamer3 bulan yang lalu

    Damn I would not like too have that in my house! If it was I would be in Alaska

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    AntsJava3 bulan yang lalu

    2019 viewer! Subbed

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    Julio Feliz5 bulan yang lalu

    i can't catch a queen for the life of me

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    Tate Shoquist5 bulan yang lalu

    What is "regular" room temperature to you?

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    B for Beautiful6 bulan yang lalu

    Can I make a version 2.0 of this song but with a completely different tune cos I'm not really rocking with this one. Sorry!

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    Andrea Salimbeni6 bulan yang lalu

    Tell me, did you just got a fistful of soil with with just some (defeinitely not an "army") M. carbonarius foragers in it and dropped it on a C. diversa trail, and then added to the video some fotage of them actually being out foraging to simulate an actual full scale diversa attack on a carbonarius foraging spot? I said that (mainly but not only, for they are other clues) because you see the termites mass fighting only on a tiny portion of white smooth concrete, while the fotage of them actually foraging is on a completely different background. Talking about giving all and any advantage to the ants. Anyway, the video still show how formidable these soldiers are, slashing and killing many ants (as proved by the several body parts scattered around) with their sharp mandibles despite suddenly finding themselves dropped on concrete and assaulted from every angle by an enormous number of foes. As note, personally i have nothing again staged encounters, but they should be clearly labelled as such, with the clear magnitude of the participants numbers and the battle overall setting well explained. Also the commentary is very one-sided, you could have said at least pair of words on the efficency of these termites in face of unsormontable odds, their attack strategies and the many (chopped) ant losses, because as now it pass for an easy and painless "walk in the park" for the ants, heavily belittling the termite soldiers performance. Anyway, i enjoyed this video, for i always enjoy good fotage on termites in actions, and Macrotermes are among my favourites, but i would like a less unfair fight to show those that don't know termites how these M. carbonarius (and not only) soldiers are a powerful and efficent fighting force. And last just a friendly reminder: in the binomial nomenclature only the genus name is capitalized, not the species name; so is Macrotermes carbonarius and Carebara diversa, not Macrotermes Carbonarius and Carebara Diversa :)

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    Jamez7 bulan yang lalu

    When are the nuptial flights for carabera diversa

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    YudiBams Series7 bulan yang lalu

    Boss. I’ve always wanted to catch queen ants, maybe cn guide me boss?

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    Random Memes Weekly8 bulan yang lalu

    pretty cool container! where can i get one?

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    Ivan Paolo Valencia9 bulan yang lalu

    How's your colony doing so far? I'm keen for an update!

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    B for Beautiful10 bulan yang lalu

    Nice video. I like how u added humour into this educational/??? video.

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    Fernando Jr Billedo10 bulan yang lalu

    Any tips on catching queen ants even when there aren’t any nuptial flights?

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    Dan Janzen De leon10 bulan yang lalu

    Can u document or have a video of each? I would like to make a formicarium inspired by your works. :)

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    Egzotik karıncalar TR10 bulan yang lalu

    Did she lay eggs?

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    MysticFortrex11 bulan yang lalu

    Why didn't I think of this? Ah! I know! Because I'm dumb!

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    Raphael Koh11 bulan yang lalu

    I new sub but i didnt find any ants after a rainstorm

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    tee kiatTahun Yang lalu

    The turtles so cute!

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    exam시험Tahun Yang lalu

    462번 구독자

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    soft lumarTahun Yang lalu

    can i buy one ?

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    Yuli LondonoTahun Yang lalu

    The biggest ant species is dinoponera gigantica which the workers are 5 cenimeters

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    Stephanie SykesTahun Yang lalu

    Silq some queen ants are cholesterol which means they don’t need food they live of their fat reserves and so do their young:)

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    Stephanie SykesTahun Yang lalu


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    games with jamesTahun Yang lalu

    I would be cool if you can talk

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Wow this is intriguing! would love to try some day!

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    The laugh at the end cracks me up !

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Hahaha! Moral of the story.. never underestimate your opponent by their size ! LOL!

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    GSDeeTahun Yang lalu

    Those super majors are just amazing! The termites are amazing too.

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    ll Ender Ants llTahun Yang lalu

    Great tutorial! New subscriber :D

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    Tyler RobbinsTahun Yang lalu

    All black with gloves this guy is about to go murder some queens

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    CORNY HOUSETahun Yang lalu

    4;30 its look like a male ant not a queen

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    Abu xin nengTahun Yang lalu

    I love sg accents

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    boyukiiTahun Yang lalu

    new sub! hey uhm don't you have to feed the Queens once in a while?

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    Uncle JimboTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome video! I recently came across and got hooked on antscanada ... then.. i saw yours.. power la your colony, maybe one day if i come across a queen I might kee xiao and start one too

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    AntsLifeUkTahun Yang lalu

    Nice little channel, we subscribed all the way from the UK, Nice editing!

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    Ethan's ExoticsTahun Yang lalu

    I love these ants they are huge lol I wish I could own a colony

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    GSDeeTahun Yang lalu

    That is huge!! Wah, I should just stick with finding Camponotus albosparsus now...

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    Axl dLimaTahun Yang lalu

    wasnt it under campanotus

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    Robert BarnettTahun Yang lalu


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    GSDeeTahun Yang lalu

    The drunk ant got me laughing so bad...I better not be high

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    AntsAreaTahun Yang lalu

    Hello, do ou live in Singapore? If yes, would you sell ants to me? I would make good prices. Please contact me at: Best regards Jonah

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    Ants MultinationalTahun Yang lalu


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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Hey! What is the meaning of DDP?

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    LOL! Cool artwork! and the sound effects... LMAO!

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    this is much more cooler than watching the battle of troy!

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    Ants MultinationalTahun Yang lalu

    yo this is kinda weird, but the video though, awesome, lol

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    Ants MultinationalTahun Yang lalu

    cool video

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    jwjs ###Tahun Yang lalu

    Wow that's cool

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    jwjs ###Tahun Yang lalu

    Are the ants trying to rise the level of the sweet drink?

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    Ant's Mieren AvonturenTahun Yang lalu

    wauw what kind of camera are you using! Amazing footage!!!:)

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    Ethan's ExoticsTahun Yang lalu

    Wow this is impressive

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    Chane TeoTahun Yang lalu

    0:37 is that rabina?

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    Ethan's ExoticsTahun Yang lalu

    This is one hell of a clever design

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    Ethan's ExoticsTahun Yang lalu

    That is a queen ant @ 1:57

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    Ethan's ExoticsTahun Yang lalu

    What is the beat/tune @ 1:17

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    y esTahun Yang lalu

    Where did u get the bag from?

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    I love the BG music ! so cool! And I like how u keep your TTs so neatly... while I struggle with mine ! Thanks ! im gonna go get myself a nice sling bag !

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    Chane TeoTahun Yang lalu

    No offence but later people see u with black Long sleeves and black gloves with black bag they may think u r robber 😹

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    Chane TeoTahun Yang lalu


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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    im the first viewer ! yayyyyy!

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    rosmala dewiTahun Yang lalu

    thank you!now I can make my own formicarium for my ant colony.

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    Ant's Mieren AvonturenTahun Yang lalu

    Cool! never seen this before!:)

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Aah! Now that's called an environment and pocket friendly formicarium! Splendid!

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    Mr AldTahun Yang lalu


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    Raysen LimTahun Yang lalu

    Cool....gotta try it out someday

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    Ant's Mieren AvonturenTahun Yang lalu

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! Greetings Ant's Mieren Avonturen

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Your formicariums are so fancy ! Is there a way I can buy one from you if I manage to successfully raise a colony?

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Wah Seh! This is such professional info for ant keeping ! thanks lah! Great stuff!

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    Mr AldTahun Yang lalu

    Woohoo! Keep it up

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    Liu QingjunTahun Yang lalu

    ants on the track and field is insane how did u do that?!?

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    james13Tahun Yang lalu

    Rofl you make my sad day go away please do more vids like this

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    baby12Tahun Yang lalu

    Hahahahahaha....The robbing and prison cracks me up

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    baby12Tahun Yang lalu

    wOW. ItZ Amazing!

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    Kevin FigueroaTahun Yang lalu

    Nice job done

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    Ethel ZimmermanTahun Yang lalu

    booooooom!!! :D

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    Bobbie WagnerTahun Yang lalu

    hahaha look at the 0:20 so cool

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    Cathy BallardTahun Yang lalu

    <3 <3 <3 wow

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    hello hello hello ! LOL ! Thanks for the tips ! Really helpful for a rookie ant keeper like me ! And I had good laugh too!

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    Mr AldTahun Yang lalu

    One of my favourite videos of IDreporter

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    Lim Jun Le Ignatius SSTTahun Yang lalu

    Ant hunt.... good ole days haha.

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    GameJunkTahun Yang lalu

    World war 3

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    GameJunkTahun Yang lalu

    Why did I watch this. I mean, it’s funny. But WHY?!

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Hey! I heard that ants sleep for just 8 minutes in a span of 12 hours.... So im wondering if you are an ant too... coz you've been posting so many awesome videos back to back! Do you even sleep? lol

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Way to go Singapore Ants!!I This is awesome!

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    Reena TurnerTahun Yang lalu

    Hahahahhahaha! im drunk and high on laughter! LOL

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    Li LimTahun Yang lalu

    There big black termites are very easy to find in Singapore, isn`t it?

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    Nice lyrics, nice song <3