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8 bulan yang lalu

What’s Free🤔What’s Free🤔

What’s Free🤔

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11 bulan yang lalu

Fill In The Blank🧐Fill In The Blank🧐

Fill In The Blank🧐

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Boo’d Up❤️Boo’d Up❤️

Boo’d Up❤️

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Factz (Official Audio)Factz (Official Audio)

Factz (Official Audio)

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    Kanye Duncan4 menit yang lalu

    $kewayne2duncan I did all of this when you first start about 2 years ago but I happy for you since you made strap up and I look at you I new I was ready for more videos

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    speakin dat arabic....lol nigga killin me

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    Bruh what and amazing and humble way for you to salute your subscribers! But the truth is you and your cast put out some straight entertaining content!!! Salute to you and your crew!

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    *Damn bro almost a month since the last video. Time to put the pedal to metal on that production.*

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    Yooooooo I was dying laughing when lil man went up to sing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    My goodness this brother is going places. Story telling skillz on flick like Slick Rick (1988). Standing ovation!!!

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