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  1. author

    Simple Living11 jam yang lalu

    Tough tournament. Congrats NZL

  2. author

    warrior slayer11 jam yang lalu

    So sad to see the refs targeting Fiji. Like the USA game where the other ref had them reduced to 5 players and they were just good good solid hard tackles. It's a non contest when it's 7 players vs 5

  3. author

    Troy Williams11 jam yang lalu

    Match fixing at its finest!

  4. author

    Tiana Leyone11 jam yang lalu

    YTB 🇳🇿🖤

  5. author

    RugbyPass Official11 jam yang lalu

    A nice double for New Zealand in Cape Town (btw, is this the next best Sevens to Hong Kong??)

  6. author

    Greengeist0511 jam yang lalu

    4:50 obvious obstruction...

  7. author

    fadez12 jam yang lalu

    loving that commentator

  8. author

    Micheal De Thierry12 jam yang lalu

    Greatest woman's 7s team in the world proud to be a kiwi.

  9. author

    Gerry Hagen12 jam yang lalu

    What an idiot to post the scores..why ??????????????????????

  10. author

    Niuean Laho12 jam yang lalu

    Go Black Ferns........well done girls.........

  11. author

    Jamozz *12 jam yang lalu

    Well done girls, awesome...done our country proud again... 👌👈

  12. author

    PollieBear12 jam yang lalu

    Wait a minute I thought Fiji won.

  13. author

    Sports2Hedz12 jam yang lalu

    Thank you!!! These highlights are much better quality than last week. Thanks so much for listening!!!

  14. author

    B V Maya12 jam yang lalu

    Well done NZ...

  15. author

    Eric Smith12 jam yang lalu

    There wasbunch of bad refereeing throughout the whole tournament. A lot of teams got shafted this need to be adressed

  16. author

    Davis Lion13 jam yang lalu


  17. author

    Hakatime Rugby13 jam yang lalu

    What a series this shaping up to be!

  18. author

    hohepateika113 jam yang lalu

    Well done NZ Mens & Womens Teams.

  19. author

    Apimeleki Qiliho13 jam yang lalu

    Fact: She is also from Fiji.

  20. author

    petnzme0113 jam yang lalu

    Well done boys

  21. author

    TopNotch3713 jam yang lalu

    Lest goo black ferns

  22. author

    Ian rossouw14 jam yang lalu

    Boks should ve won but ja poes ref

  23. author

    leucip Lucasonte14 jam yang lalu

    Când vreodată mai batem Fiji ????

  24. author

    iman rahman14 jam yang lalu

    thank you for this highlights btw

  25. author

    MarquiMarqIsSoRandom.14 jam yang lalu

    Sick of losing to Fiji 🇫🇯! We look so unconditioned, disappointing. Time to start recruiting better conditioned athletes, better athletes all around.

  26. author

    Ainsley Spongebob14 jam yang lalu

    Baker should have been sent off and the Blitz Bokke should have won like the springboks but of course both new zealand teams influence the matches in order to win a sad day for the world.

  27. author

    John Scallobs14 jam yang lalu

    would greatly appreciate it if the results weren’t posted in the title. some rugby fans miss out on the live game and dont know the results till these highlights come out. have seen this same comment in every other country series but @worldrugby continues to do this 😔

  28. author

    Elon Musk14 jam yang lalu

    0:47 "Hold on boys. We'll be fucked in a minute"

  29. author

    gpelow14 jam yang lalu

    Have Anyone else cried with this???... Too much emotional

  30. author

    Greg Murray15 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Muhammad Azmin15 jam yang lalu

    why don't have live streaming ?

  32. author

    Erhardt Gerber15 jam yang lalu

    He learnt that step from Kolbe

  33. author

    Physique Fuel15 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    Alfred Bourne15 jam yang lalu

    What a try

  35. author

    Benji Orr-Ewing15 jam yang lalu


  36. author

    Flixz haloma5ter15 jam yang lalu

    Good game New Zealand. We're really proud of you. I know we South Africa and you sometimes have our fights and that. But we always respect eachother and that's what rugby is all about. New Zealand and South Africa are brothers on and off the field. Much love to New Zealand. Blitzboks there's always next time. 🙌 From a South African supporter here.

  37. author

    Mia Botha15 jam yang lalu

    While I am watching this I am getting goose bumps

  38. author

    Luyanda Luyanda15 jam yang lalu

    SA Steven's are shockers at homr they only win away

  39. author

    Gabriel Vieira Ramos16 jam yang lalu

    We for Thee, South Africa. Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika.

  40. author

    Digalo G16 jam yang lalu

    Congratulations to the first,second and third place contestants. Lmao😂😂😂

  41. author

    Jamie Walsh16 jam yang lalu


  42. author

    XanthoS16 jam yang lalu

    Bien ouej Chloé

  43. author

    Isaac Rahman16 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    Uale Su’a16 jam yang lalu


  45. author

    Ango16 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    VUTHISA16 jam yang lalu

    Please uploaf day 3

  47. author

    a l16 jam yang lalu

    Wanna skip trash anthem? You can start here 1:39

  48. author

    kevin ruiters16 jam yang lalu

    To put this into perspective, the 400m world record was set at an average speed of 33.35 kmph or about 20.65 mph. That is basically a flat out sprint for even the best casual runners.

  49. author

    Dodgey Dave16 jam yang lalu

    Spot the American in the American team. Wtf. It's a joke really...

  50. author

    Edi. Goe16 jam yang lalu

    This hino emocion much every

  51. author

    Mr. Lloyd16 jam yang lalu

    Alvin Otieno (Buffa)...exemplary play. Promising talent.

  52. author

    nodari gameri17 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    Gert Steenkamp17 jam yang lalu

    Bokke speel altyd beste baie goed. Ek sien bokke is baie mooi hulle is "skin color" BRAVO"

  54. author

    Unknown People18 jam yang lalu

    Lovee from indonesia 🇮🇩❤🇷🇺🇺🇸

  55. author

    Craigh Jonas18 jam yang lalu

    Extended Highlights: New Zealand 23 - 13 Cheslin Kolbe - Rugby World Cup 2019.

  56. author

    smarty jones18 jam yang lalu

    garbage game compared to union

  57. author

    Bortchou18 jam yang lalu

    wtf was waiting for it for so long that I onmy discover it now

  58. author

    園田夏海19 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Aurélien Didier19 jam yang lalu

    Kolbe the world best player

  60. author

    Gabriel Vieira Ramos20 jam yang lalu

    We for Thee, South Africa. Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika.

  61. author

    Ainsley Spongebob20 jam yang lalu

    Looks like a video game .

  62. author

    John O’Brien20 jam yang lalu

    Rasta is a shocker of a ref!!!! he will get found out in 15s.

  63. author

    Moi Seul20 jam yang lalu


  64. author

    Ainsley Spongebob20 jam yang lalu

    Die Blitz Bokke sal wen!

  65. author

    LUKA G20 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    Glen Bowles20 jam yang lalu

    Cheslin Kolbe? Mampimpi? 50m maul from the boks. Those should be your top 3.

  67. author

    Ben Mahon20 jam yang lalu

    1st 😁

  68. author

    FranmanBSA21 jam yang lalu

    Time to get Schwifty!

  69. author

    Rockin Rollin n Trollin22 jam yang lalu

    Some of these passes remind me of American football...there so far forward ?

  70. author

    Yay22 jam yang lalu

    On est trop forts

  71. author

    Rem Remy23 jam yang lalu

    Grand, thanks.

  72. author

    KANGKAN KALITA23 jam yang lalu

    Once I showed it to a north Korean guy He is knowing Kim Jong now🤣🤣

  73. author

    levitate23 jam yang lalu

    0:47 was the best, he looked like a gazelle

  74. author

    Rourkie.23 jam yang lalu

    It’s sanic

  75. author

    Jey Mcbride23 jam yang lalu

    Juiced up Bokkes.....again!

  76. author

    yaicob.com23 jam yang lalu

    10 of the best not 10 best

  77. author

    Satish Narayan23 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Sato Yoshihisa 佐藤 由久23 jam yang lalu

    Look like Trump

  79. author

    Tini SatalaHari Yang lalu

    Malo fiji..malo of luck on next game's

  80. author

    Aaron AldridgeHari Yang lalu

    Most weren't that big... not a great video.

  81. author

    Николай ПанфилHari Yang lalu

    Россия вперёд!!!

  82. author

    WeAreZalmiHari Yang lalu

    I’ve felt sorry for English team 😅🤭

  83. author

    ただの学生Hari Yang lalu


  84. author

    Paul ThomsonHari Yang lalu

    the best thing about the world cup was Japan smashing Ireland and those cry baby Scots

  85. author

    Yusuf HaffejeeHari Yang lalu

    The only thing good about my country is the springboks

  86. author

    Daimhin ParkhillHari Yang lalu


  87. author

    由幸小林Hari Yang lalu

    タックルもできずに 手をつかむだけなら あんなもんやろ

  88. author

    G A Y fish G A YHari Yang lalu

    Imagine the same thing but with a strange metal egg instead of football

  89. author

    PapiHari Yang lalu

    It's gonna be tough. Kenya vs RSA, Ireland vs Fiji.

  90. author

    Tommy HowcroftHari Yang lalu

    Welsh are angry in this Sorry if u r welsh they dud well

  91. author

    Emmanuel BrownHari Yang lalu

    Look at the Rock started.......

  92. author

    Peter MakoriHari Yang lalu


  93. author

    Raymond O'ConnorHari Yang lalu

    Poor defending is all this is. Oh and a forward pass.

  94. author

    Scarlet Nobleson_son_of_da_soilHari Yang lalu


  95. author

    redrust3Hari Yang lalu

    Even with Sarah Goss, Michaela Blyde, and Portia Woodman either still injured or recovering, plus Kayla on maternity, Black Ferns can still beat the rest of the world! Ferns fo-evah!

  96. author

    Zane KappaHari Yang lalu


  97. author

    Christiaan VogesHari Yang lalu

    the usa player with the headband is insanely fast

  98. author

    Martin RouxHari Yang lalu

    That Kenyan handoff😅

  99. author

    Luke PorterHari Yang lalu

    Cool to see some really competitive rugby being played in this game by some many nations, not just a few tier 1 nations kicking the stuffing and gravy out of everyone.

  100. author

    neiltakeshiHari Yang lalu

    Loving the unbiased commentary...