Do You Girls Like 69??Do You Girls Like 69??

Do You Girls Like 69??

Tahun Yang lalu

Let me touch the buttLet me touch the butt

Let me touch the butt

Tahun Yang lalu

Can you massage my Booty?Can you massage my Booty?

Can you massage my Booty?

2 tahun yang lalu

Can I Touch Your Butt?Can I Touch Your Butt?

Can I Touch Your Butt?

2 tahun yang lalu

Can You Girls Turn Me On?Can You Girls Turn Me On?

Can You Girls Turn Me On?

2 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Landon Flores9 menit yang lalu

    First of all that’s the faze House and you can’t win against Jake Paul Jake Paul and Logan Paul are better

  2. author

    Murmermepickle22 menit yang lalu

    He has 3 million more subs then you

  3. author

    svart_trollmann31 menit yang lalu

    I've already hated them, and k-pop singers in general, and their stupid little girl fans. Their music sucks, they're overrated, and they look so fucking soft for guys and it drives me crazy. The only reason they're popular is because they make teenage and little girls' giney's tickle.

  4. author

    Nathan E40 menit yang lalu

    you didn't do pewdiepie... because you fucked him?

  5. author

    Jasi Jasi45 menit yang lalu

    What the fuck is this trash lmao

  6. author

    Grant Hill54 menit yang lalu

    2020 anyone???

  7. author

    Lucy Heartfilia57 menit yang lalu

    "you have 25 followers" *reads 24* better follow him to cover it up

  8. author

    Junko EnoshimaJam Yang lalu

    Oh god it’s you again

  9. author

    Fernando ZepedaJam Yang lalu

    2020 expect more rice vids (yeah ok)

  10. author

    C78sd% #Profist_penguinJam Yang lalu

    I feel like iv seen this video before....

  11. author

    Electro Playz RBXJam Yang lalu

    Holy frick how are they eating Jill had 12 Big Macs that’s more than I have in a year Morgz drank more coke I drank my whole life and I’m 21 btw if Morgz drank all of the coke he would have diabetes

  12. author

    Alexander LynchJam Yang lalu

    I was bored and came here.....um, Ricegum? Ur stupid my friend

  13. author

    stanthedefault :DJam Yang lalu


  14. author


    Could you uncensored 1time

  15. author

    Reyli RivasJam Yang lalu

    Alyssa stop being racist

  16. author

    LolLimesJam Yang lalu

    I like how there’s more dislikes than likes

  17. author

    Heath WildJam Yang lalu


  18. author

    Snake FlakeJam Yang lalu

    I regret checking your channel, your just like Morgz but worse. Edit: You actually put lyrics? You think this is a song? What is wrong with you.

  19. author

    Carlos AcevedoJam Yang lalu

    6:32 ik ima kinda late on this but who else realised its rhino from loveliveserve

  20. author

    Turkish Twist2 jam yang lalu

    Still has not uploaded and he said he was gonna start off the year with uploads🤦‍♂️

  21. author

    YBG2 jam yang lalu

    dead channel

  22. author

    ronald blake2 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: Juice WRLD: 2:52

  23. author

    vbat animal jam2 jam yang lalu

    Anyone used to watch his old videos? He was so different I liked his old videos more ;-;

  24. author

    Joel’s World2 jam yang lalu

    Ricegum dumb

  25. author

    Vitalis Obinna2 jam yang lalu

    Make a vid

  26. author

    Kaing Julie2 jam yang lalu

    Go rice

  27. author

    Alex Rodriguez2 jam yang lalu

    Dude I miss ricegum.Without him IDreporter is dead and ya'll know this.

  28. author

    Jacob Stevens Martinez2 jam yang lalu

    Now that I come back to this, there is so many references that went over people’s heads back then

  29. author

    Dennis Oakley2 jam yang lalu

    *Love me long time*

  30. author

    『sxpreme Ducky 』2 jam yang lalu

    Someone come and collect their children

  31. author

    Michael Huerta2 jam yang lalu

    Watching in 2020

  32. author

    gucci gang2 jam yang lalu

    U ghostwirtre is big gey

  33. author

    Slerty2 jam yang lalu

    no one: Juice WRLD: 2:52

  34. author

    『sxpreme Ducky 』2 jam yang lalu

    Instead of him getting a life maybe she should get better camera quality

  35. author

    Zameer Imamali2 jam yang lalu

    He does want the smoke

  36. author

    Corea Jorge2 jam yang lalu

    Bring the wild n out RiceGum

  37. author

    The Galaxy Of Gameplay2 jam yang lalu

    this dude tryin to be funny (ricegum) while james is out here making better videos

  38. author

    GSwizzy173 jam yang lalu

    Dear Rice, You can't fire back when you're already dead. Sincerely, Society.

  39. author

    Rodolfo Diaz3 jam yang lalu

    Who else just saw them at the end kissing in the back seat

  40. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    Her "diss track" is just werid

  41. author

    21k_vin YT3 jam yang lalu

    My neighbor called the police on me for playing this loud He was arrested.

  42. author

    Jayden tran3 jam yang lalu

    Rices name “Gum” refers to rice Vietnamese so Ricerice

  43. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    "Fuck mehhhhhh" -ricegum

  44. author

    Ybn_tigor 9993 jam yang lalu

    Did he real just call 911

  45. author

    Dynver feld3 jam yang lalu

    Like bro, like bro, like bro, like bro,like bro, bro, bro, bro, bro

  46. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    So mean

  47. author

    Dynver feld3 jam yang lalu

    At least you have a better Channel and more entertainment than you do

  48. author

    anony – mous3 jam yang lalu

    I would hate if someone did that to me. And it would shatter any confidence that I have

  49. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    That poor man

  50. author

    Jayden DLT3 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    Dynver feld3 jam yang lalu

    At least they are cuter and better than you

  52. author

    Big Jesse 10 Error3 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    Nataly Strickland3 jam yang lalu

    2015 13 , 2016 14 2017 15 2018 16 2019. 17 wow

  54. author

    RedandBlue3 jam yang lalu

    Did he seriously call English "American"...

  55. author

    Nova Howler3 jam yang lalu

    Bet u saltier than the Dead Sea homie

  56. author

    Chica Chica3 jam yang lalu

    So hes reacting

  57. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    Sneeze boi look like woah vicki

  58. author

    Leo The Lion3 jam yang lalu

    I mean chase h

  59. author

    Vivian Serrano3 jam yang lalu

    🔥🙌🏻! Yet still a banger 🙂

  60. author

    Leo The Lion4 jam yang lalu

    Dont make fun of chase

  61. author

    Enoch A4 jam yang lalu

    Literally post anything.

  62. author

    Clover 0_04 jam yang lalu

    Being on IDreporter rewind is nothing to brag about.

  63. author

    Gamer jr4 jam yang lalu

    What the hell why do do they do this that’s weird and putting this on IDreporter

  64. author

    Leo The Lion4 jam yang lalu

    That poor kid

  65. author

    I like Anime4 jam yang lalu

    Kid that was a watch mojo video

  66. author

    Lard L4 jam yang lalu

    Who here in 2020

  67. author

    Colton Bohlke4 jam yang lalu

    u suck at rapping u dumb fuck idubbbz is better plus pewdiepie is way richer, succsesful and famous so if u diss him u diss all of us bitch

  68. author

    Iwrxw4 jam yang lalu

    morgz would be a better youtuber if he could put his top lip down so his bottom lip can finally meet his top lip

  69. author

    gadson924 jam yang lalu

    Who was this diss against again???

  70. author

    Zamand4 jam yang lalu

    2020... still fire tho

  71. author

    Field of View with Priyanshu Rathee4 jam yang lalu

    Took me this long to realize this is a cover of Portland by drake 😳

  72. author

    teeth4 jam yang lalu

    ah, the good old days

  73. author

    Fortnite Clipz4 jam yang lalu

    Who’s here in 1969

  74. author

    McMultiplier YT4 jam yang lalu

    I wanted to drive a flaming spike through my skull watching this grown ass man dance for 28 seconds for being in the second worst rewind for 1 god forsaken second.

  75. author

    Bluesamaurai5 jam yang lalu

    I don’t particularly like rice but I rate his music 🎶

  76. author

    Veno_Xx5 jam yang lalu

    ricegum:roasting that theodd1sout wanted to say that he a a couple of millions of subs on his chaperoning also ricegum:tells a girl that he a millions of subs me: ... ... ... ...

  77. author

    DLN_ Omneverse5 jam yang lalu

    I have been a subscriber since you had 5 million subs

  78. author

    Azael Vargas5 jam yang lalu

    Am an eboy doe;(

  79. author

    Allyson Platero5 jam yang lalu

    I don’t like your videos it not that good but team ace for life

  80. author

    Faded Elevaded5 jam yang lalu

    Fuck it

  81. author

    Faded Elevaded5 jam yang lalu

    Shit went fire

  82. author

    Leo The Lion5 jam yang lalu

    That slideshow was hilarious

  83. author

    Havok Jones5 jam yang lalu

    You faker

  84. author

    permanent Press5 jam yang lalu

    Yo can we do a a song together bro

  85. author

    Jake Lane5 jam yang lalu

    Shut the fuck up just shut the fuck up

  86. author

    Stuart Roberts5 jam yang lalu

    this song makes me want to put mousetrap around my lung

  87. author

    宫山月崎5 jam yang lalu

    Fuck u ricegum,fuck u!!

  88. author

    Staphanie BISS5 jam yang lalu

    Looking back when I first saw this vid I was like who dis but they looked different! now that I’m a BTS FAN I’m like OMG THEY FINE!!💀

  89. author

    Rohan Jagpal5 jam yang lalu

    Who here 2020?

  90. author

    Matrix-Alis5 jam yang lalu

    Damn I wonder what she’s gonna do to the tattoo now they’ve broken up.

  91. author

    Eli the one wheeler Yt6 jam yang lalu

    So he’s just backing up idubz video.

  92. author

    Matrix-Alis6 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who’s gonna mention what he said ?? 4:40

  93. author

    Anthony Mireles6 jam yang lalu

    You’ve been lacking

  94. author

    Matrix-Alis6 jam yang lalu

    Who else is ready for the the new diss track he is apparently dropping this year ? - check his latest vid it says

  95. author

    prestonbonesteel6 jam yang lalu

    "they didn't have to put me in tho" *Also has been begging to be in it*

  96. author

    Yung Kai6 jam yang lalu

    Why is she Flexing with a Bluetooth I can find a Bluetooth By The Walmart Register 😂😂😂

  97. author

    BlueU6 jam yang lalu

    straight up cringe. its everday bro is better

  98. author

    The Ancestor6 jam yang lalu

    This should have more dislikes.

  99. author

    Rholeen in the deep6 jam yang lalu

    Start making animations. See for yourself how EASY it is. 🙄

  100. author

    Ajay Yung6 jam yang lalu

    Go listen to his new track on Afro Gum’s channel 🔥