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World's Worst Wedgie?World's Worst Wedgie?

World's Worst Wedgie?

8 bulan yang lalu

Eric just quit Vat19.Eric just quit Vat19.

Eric just quit Vat19.

11 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Lilyanna Stockdale33 menit yang lalu

    The baby now's about the younglings

  2. author

    GwemyLoveAnime34 menit yang lalu

    *its farts* I do thoo

  3. author

    Nora Orehuela35 menit yang lalu

    Is it water proof

  4. author

    Sutton Newman36 menit yang lalu

    1707 burnam road Chillicothe mo come see me

  5. author

    Tiff The New Year Myth36 menit yang lalu

    I mean learning how to use chopsticks at 5 is girting

  6. author

    itsyoboiduck 438 menit yang lalu

    3:01 he looks like the villian from Shrek 3

  7. author

    The Equalizer40 menit yang lalu

    vat 19 is literally a channel that begs you to buy their stuff, their stuff is cool tho

  8. author

    Brooklyn Burnette45 menit yang lalu

    sir its sAnd not sOnd

  9. author

    Amore art customs47 menit yang lalu

    This would be the time to use a 1000 degree knife

  10. author

    Franklin Fuentes49 menit yang lalu

    U frank

  11. author

    Gialeoc2151 menit yang lalu

    My favorite animal is a shark and you’re eating it🦈

  12. author

    Alpha Dog Gaming54 menit yang lalu

    Remember when Danny has long hair

  13. author

    :_CORRUPTION_: Steven Universe56 menit yang lalu

    Yo wtf why ur pen metal colored

  14. author

    MasterMech57 menit yang lalu

    Sorry i speak graphite not metal

  15. author

    Lardball mcstixJam Yang lalu

    People are eating hot food while I have trouble eating pineapple.

  16. author

    DiamondDFJam Yang lalu

    You failed the challenge, it was supposed to be without stopping idots.

  17. author

    provokedRobin 60Jam Yang lalu

    When you guys are going to make a gummy turducken?

  18. author

    Derek WarrenJam Yang lalu

    did it😘

  19. author

    Giant WebJam Yang lalu

    Hey... isn’t this that real VS gummy challenge from hidden in plain sight?

  20. author

    PengUJam Yang lalu

    0:16 Is that a toilet ?

  21. author

    Chloe Aundrea AntonioJam Yang lalu

    c r i s t i n e

  22. author

    Lena CarlsonJam Yang lalu

    packaged in plastic in plastic oh and they're environmentally friendly too

  23. author

    Justin YinJam Yang lalu

    I bought it it stucks a lot

  24. author

    Superkai64Jam Yang lalu

    My names Devon

  25. author

    PizzaPower CoolJam Yang lalu

    Jamie: Best tasting hair I’ve ever had Me: you’ve eaten hair before?

  26. author

    Danielle AJam Yang lalu

    I ate a🐶🍫

  27. author

    megan wuJam Yang lalu


  28. author

    Dogs DreamworldJam Yang lalu

    7:20 Jon:ooooouuuuuhhh

  29. author

    TrAc3rJam Yang lalu

    Not a cat cat is evolving

  30. author

    Rome0r3o animationsJam Yang lalu

    Why does every hidden in plain sight have the weird rewind thing?

  31. author

    Joseph CarlJam Yang lalu

    My ELA teacher has a Dwain Johnson shrine... no joke! If I get 10 likes, I will tell you more about how it came to be.

  32. author

    Sans DiamondJam Yang lalu

    Where Is Fastbreak?

  33. author

    Jonathon BallJam Yang lalu

    Checking in 9 years later. Does this stuff give you cancer?

  34. author

    SuperSquid 004Jam Yang lalu

    What's You PB? Mines 20.... Years.

  35. author

    Aashi JHANJIJam Yang lalu

    Am late

  36. author

    Monroe the catJam Yang lalu

    “You may enter.” “No!” “Yes.” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  37. author

    SkylartoberJam Yang lalu

    6:18 Literally my history teacher coach crews has a basketball goal hanging on his door

  38. author

    Maggyemae AndersonJam Yang lalu

    Me just remembering Jamie’s fine cameraFrom find me number

  39. author

    Marta BronshvaygJam Yang lalu

    It is called no friction

  40. author

    *-YBUO-*Jam Yang lalu

    Vat19:Will it Keg? Gmm: *Lets talk about that* *Intro starts playing*

  41. author

    Elizabeth OnionzzzJam Yang lalu

    Y did u discontinue this product?

  42. author

    Queen Of MemesJam Yang lalu

    I mean its cute and all but You can buy little metal mesh balls that are made for loose leaf tea,and a lot cheaper probably

  43. author

    Turfy The TurtleJam Yang lalu

    Stop talking about the spoon I had enough I hate it when people just comment the same thing over and over again

  44. author

    ღ chilli ღJam Yang lalu

    Everyone: Too much food increases risk of diabetes!! Vat19: Observe

  45. author

    Jade PennerJam Yang lalu

    Danny’s voice Cracked 😂

  46. author

    SayWhat ChickenButtJam Yang lalu

    They’ve replaced Joey

  47. author

    Nitro VitroJam Yang lalu

    why am i here

  48. author

    Youssif MansourJam Yang lalu

    It’s pack-man

  49. author



  50. author

    Gavin and JamesJam Yang lalu

    I got the fart pen for Christmas

  51. author

    butti fdftJam Yang lalu

    Filipinos: Asa ang seasonings? Americans: Those feets are good enough without seasonings!

  52. author

    YahBoiIsHereJam Yang lalu

    Everybody gangsta till 3:56

  53. author

    Brian Jimenez2 jam yang lalu

    The cring

  54. author

    JeromiaTownHouse2 jam yang lalu

    Oh god Danny said bastard

  55. author

    Redstonia Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    All of them CAN meat stick. None of them SHOULD

  56. author

    Andrew Bowman2 jam yang lalu

    When you friend asks them to get them not in school that’s when you show them this

  57. author

    Theluckyones2 jam yang lalu

    My teacher literally teaches history and is a coach, the goal would be perfect

  58. author

    555hippolover2 jam yang lalu

    “I’m not a big fan of polio.” ~ Danny, 2k20

  59. author

    Larry E Ondrejko2 jam yang lalu

    Search up lush straws

  60. author

    Scuppios Shade2 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    phantom2 _2 jam yang lalu

    the table feels smooth

  62. author

    OrangeCap productions!2 jam yang lalu

    Boys where going to NASA

  63. author

    Luis joaquin 132 jam yang lalu

    What happends when someone gets both golden tickets?

  64. author

    Nithin2 jam yang lalu

    Just take the plastic seal on many food items

  65. author

    Peel the Avocado2 jam yang lalu

    *laughs* "I wanted to spit it out so *bAaAdLy"* "What is it?" "Juicy pear!" "But I don't like pears."

  66. author

    Speed Striker2 jam yang lalu

    mark rober making an entire pool of jello:hold my intelligence

  67. author

    Luis joaquin 132 jam yang lalu

    12:55 home alone reference

  68. author

    Luigi2 jam yang lalu

    Danny: (hides) Jamie: _ANGERY_ Vat19: *STONKS*

  69. author

    Myrta Felix2 jam yang lalu

    Crude kid dosent have a tong

  70. author

    krazy collision2 jam yang lalu

    I can eat like 20 of those

  71. author

    phantom2 _2 jam yang lalu


  72. author

    Alvarosius2 jam yang lalu

    We in iceland eat shark meat in kindergarden

  73. author

    Ava Love2 jam yang lalu

    Why are they called “toys” then

  74. author

    One SmallTribe2 jam yang lalu

    Circle eating poc-man. Lol

  75. author

    aldo simoens2 jam yang lalu

    Do they really get to keep the gifts?

  76. author

    oliya the potato2 jam yang lalu

    “ what’s 3x6 “ nInTeY

  77. author

    Gaming King2 jam yang lalu

    Can you bacon a bacon that bacons bacon with a bacon?

  78. author

    DarkNight xX2 jam yang lalu

    y’all should try sausage cinnamon rolls tbh. one of the best combos ever 😋

  79. author

    Pranee Saiyasith2 jam yang lalu

    Look so wrong when he eating it 🤮🤮🤮

  80. author

    Skyler Marten2 jam yang lalu

    I should flood my school with this

  81. author

    Animation Plantation2 jam yang lalu

    Could you just use a syringe?

  82. author

    Alex Alestareon2 jam yang lalu

    Did they even cook the chicken feet?!?

  83. author

    Zelda Bacon2 jam yang lalu

    me: only having gummy bears VAT19: we make the worlds biggest gummy pizza

  84. author

    Aldo L2 jam yang lalu

    Try me

  85. author

    Lil Beano2 jam yang lalu

    Don’t mind me just watching some classic vat19 videos that I haven’t watched since I was like 6

  86. author

    CRD M2 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    Oof Bart2 jam yang lalu

    when u need to cough but your in a library 1:40

  88. author

    Matthew Taylor2 jam yang lalu

    We just watched a 14 min ad

  89. author

    Haruku Takasu2 jam yang lalu

    For the girls supposed to be in the other way

  90. author

    GodzillaFan1954 Dude2 jam yang lalu

    God damn it Vat19, you actually did it.

  91. author

    Playing Music2 jam yang lalu

    *cries* I miss Eric

  92. author

    Roger Briant2 jam yang lalu

    Honey is more American thing than Canadian thing

  93. author

    Luca Zavaglia2 jam yang lalu

    Dude perfect: that was pretty perfect!

  94. author

    Jacob’s Memes and Ext.3 jam yang lalu

    0:35 Hey! That’s my name!

  95. author

    grey colas3 jam yang lalu

    Does this run on the phone's battery

  96. author

    Anthony Gonzalez3 jam yang lalu

    Hey vat19 have you try adding the a in the blt=blta(bacon, lettuce, tomatoe, and avocado)

  97. author

    luis soto3 jam yang lalu

    This guy is a dick

  98. author

    R7 Rapid3 jam yang lalu

    Imagine some nerd brings this to school and using it for everything

  99. author

    OuanouaChannel11TH Gamer3 jam yang lalu

    New And Improved Version From Hypnocube