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Bears 101 | Nat Geo WildBears 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Bears 101 | Nat Geo Wild

2 bulan yang lalu

Koalas 101 | Nat Geo WildKoalas 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Koalas 101 | Nat Geo Wild

5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    mark ryan bana-ag5 jam yang lalu

    thats why tigers are being endangered.because of killing

  2. author

    Christopher Lucas5 jam yang lalu

    I always wondered why Caesar never use protection. Like a fake hand....arm guards etc.

  3. author

    ່ ່6 jam yang lalu

    Тоже ищешь русский коммент,что-бы понять что с собаками случилось?)

  4. author

    Nalini pagare6 jam yang lalu

    The video recorder cannot stop the birds 😠😠😤😤😡😡

  5. author

    setup6 jam yang lalu

    Catching snakes, his gf wears shorts

  6. author

    Sanne van Schie6 jam yang lalu

    My shire mare was fed dried beet pulp by some kids who wanted to give her a snack. 3 hours of unsedated flushing, and it was finally fixed. She was such an amazing mare, nothing scared her. I miss her :(

  7. author

    นวย คนดี สี่ดะ6 jam yang lalu

    Big cro thailand

  8. author

    PAIRIN DIY7 jam yang lalu

    oh ! Good Snake Big

  9. author

    It's Dhany7 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    asad Belgique7 jam yang lalu

    Dog:hi porcupine Porcupine: hello Dog give me a hot French kiss💋. Dog:wtf with your mouth Porcupine :ooooppsss

  11. author

    * B R E A D *7 jam yang lalu

    isn't it weird to think that one day we will all be dead as well? like it's over, like no more living on earth as a human, you're dead, of course you're not going to be dead forever, like i know that when Jesus comes we will all be alive again.

  12. author

    Allen Ballesteros7 jam yang lalu

    I didnt search for it. I swear.

  13. author

    Anjatan Indramayu7 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Cynicalisrealist8 jam yang lalu

    Lol when it made that little squeak upside down. I lost it.

  15. author

    hecc8 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    BassProHunter149 jam yang lalu

    Is nobody gonna talk about the ant he yeeted off his foot at 0:54? That ant went into space 😂😂😂

  17. author

    Dante Jose9 jam yang lalu

    Without even watching the video, just listening, Every single sentence explains my dating life

  18. author

    JuLiA King9 jam yang lalu

    Always wanted to be that tall. 💛

  19. author

    Falisya Nazaein10 jam yang lalu

    I was watching this while eating i stop eating after. Seeing that poo idk wat i was eating

  20. author

    FourthPaladin10 jam yang lalu

    i think its amazing how snakes can yawn like other animals

  21. author

    kotur2811 jam yang lalu

    Legend has it, he's still laying right there.

  22. author

    Charly Doumat11 jam yang lalu

    Gee he is a handful hahahahaha so sweet!!!

  23. author

    peagents love11 jam yang lalu

    So nice video

  24. author

    Peachesxo12 jam yang lalu

    Lol the hyena was just trying to walk to his friends house, wtf now he’s gotta take the long way. And wash his underwear, poor guy 😔😂

  25. author

    Space Piggy12 jam yang lalu

    It looks like a ufo

  26. author

    Dana Melton12 jam yang lalu

    Loved the setting sun art. Well done, and just beautiful. Thanks.

  27. author

    Edwin Marzon Gante12 jam yang lalu

    Their place is so dark, cluttered and crowded to live in the first place.

  28. author

    Maz Nor13 jam yang lalu

    It’s a beautiful creature indeed!

  29. author


    Lol in Korea we put an entire hive of them in alcohol and they are considered very healthy and good for your body when allowed to ferment for about a year or two. The trick is to put them in alcohol live, so their poison is not diluted and can help make the alcohol more potent. Dont believe me? Just come to my channel and see the videos I have liked. Its actually a thriving business to make alcohol out of these critters.

  30. author

    Diary of a Goat-Lass13 jam yang lalu

    Love this show! Can you guys post the clip of when Dr Pol found an abscess in the nasal passages of a palomino horse and drained it by actually drilling a hole in the skull of the horse? I always remember that being the single coolest procedure ever!

  31. author

    Julian Ordaz13 jam yang lalu

    He hit the dog like if you saw him hit the dog

  32. author

    night day13 jam yang lalu

    2:08 you look crying?

  33. author

    AVa CaD013 jam yang lalu

    Can't believe something as small as a porcupine, can have such a abundance of lethal weapons! 🤯🔪🗡⚔

  34. author

    Thomas Vetor13 jam yang lalu

    Working with all kinds of animals is the best job in the world ...

  35. author

    Lani qonita Selaeman14 jam yang lalu

    Apakah kalian bcanda pk perahu sekecil itu?

  36. author

    pink toast15 jam yang lalu

    This just melts my heart ❤️

  37. author

    Farshad mn15 jam yang lalu

    I know it might be filmed on different occasions but his eyes & face at 2 then u c at 2:38, how fierce when there is chase and then how calm & relax like a house cat

  38. author

    Spirit Potato15 jam yang lalu

    She’s so beautiful 😍

  39. author

    Maggie Gonzalez15 jam yang lalu

    Like any mama her instict is to protect.

  40. author

    mark layam16 jam yang lalu

    Barefoot in the amazon ? Great way to attract insects my friend . Thats Bear Grylls level 😂

  41. author

    Michael / BTM/GYM Twohig16 jam yang lalu

    I’m sorry what happened to your dogs I hope everything works out for your dogs that made me cry

  42. author

    Ranjodh Brar16 jam yang lalu

    Hold a treat far from the ground then she'll jumping dog pool and stream all the way to you

  43. author

    lord freeza16 jam yang lalu

    Epomis beetles

  44. author

    Monica Vasile17 jam yang lalu

    Um.... so, tell me, HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET THIS FOOTAGE????

  45. author

    Danny Sanchez17 jam yang lalu

    Qué hermoso

  46. author

    Rabbit Face17 jam yang lalu

    This is why I’m scared to give birth.

  47. author

    ryansaunders6518 jam yang lalu

    Never show up to a party uninvited without beer...

  48. author

    damaris sandoval18 jam yang lalu

    Bruh the cycles just gonna keep going

  49. author

    SleepyKink_KG18 jam yang lalu

    *Posts This Video on 2012 Before Snail Extinction* *2019 Snail Extinction Has Already Begins.*

  50. author

    Dula Johnstone18 jam yang lalu

    And the ivory? should the local community benifit from that?

  51. author

    kodak salemba18 jam yang lalu

    Tai lung, where is po??

  52. author

    John Mooring18 jam yang lalu

    Low-key I think they saved him

  53. author

    just call me Jess z18 jam yang lalu

    I love this vet. Its always so sad when an animal goes agnal on the exam table.

  54. author

    zeem estino19 jam yang lalu

    ive seen one

  55. author

    just call me Jess z19 jam yang lalu

    Hahah. Stupid dog.

  56. author

    x x19 jam yang lalu


  57. author

    Dean Thasail19 jam yang lalu

    And then the homewrecker No.382 been defeated by another homewrecker penguin (No.383).

  58. author

    Tejah19 jam yang lalu

    The original stealth mode. That vole knew what hit him soon enough.

  59. author

    H1Tz _19 jam yang lalu

    Bet when its fully grown that thing sounds like a helicopter when it fly's

  60. author

    10 1019 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    lavina brijlall19 jam yang lalu

    Snakes in the city is soo amazing to watch. I enjoy it all the time. It's so good to see people who value the life of snakes, they also deserve to be on earth just like everyone else n not be killed

  62. author

    BA F119 jam yang lalu

    0:16. “Bye Buddy! Hope You Find Your Dad!” - Elf (2003)

  63. author

    Titus! Gaming20 jam yang lalu

    Whewre do I watch this?

  64. author

    Peachesxo20 jam yang lalu

    Nice to see some owners who bring their pets in immediately 👏👏 better to be safe then sorry

  65. author

    Eduard G.21 jam yang lalu

    Where can i find the full documentary?

  66. author

    Tong Yoon21 jam yang lalu

    *Olympus Battle-Mode Beetle*

  67. author

    LEE 민호21 jam yang lalu

    who's shaky breathing is that

  68. author

    Cyril Aleria22 jam yang lalu

    Sana Death Penalty ang parusa/lifetime inprisonment ang pataw sa sinumang papatay/huhuli sa napakagandang ibon nato.Ito ang dapat unahin ng mga senador para maprotektahan dahil nanganganib na ito maubos kaysa sa sogie bill.

  69. author

    Scorpius Oneness22 jam yang lalu

    I have a whooooooole new respect for giraffe. Talk about a whole new level of unbotheredness. Took the entire pride, pride.😂

  70. author

    Dan Jacobs22 jam yang lalu

    Oh well there goes dinner

  71. author

    Bill McCabe22 jam yang lalu

    What I think is that this is CNN fake filming. The Tiger and Bear were just playing as far as I could tell

  72. author

    Peachesxo22 jam yang lalu

    You gotta do what you gotta do to ensure a life, this cow will grow up and live if Pol was gentle with him he probably would of died. You people who comment probably have no pets of your own. If my dog was dying and someone said pick him up by his hind legs and swing him to get fluid out. I’m going to do WHATEVER to save him, stop being so overly sensitive.

  73. author

    Peachesxo22 jam yang lalu

    I love how Pol thanks them for calling early, he genuinely loves animals and doesn’t like to see them suffer 💕 I know a lot of vets who are lazy and don’t want to deal with things like this and will wait until it’s too late then blame the owners

  74. author

    SappyMe22 jam yang lalu

    I like how the music changed when the other guy tries to take the toy away from the dog

  75. author

    Peachesxo22 jam yang lalu

    My dream is to own a jersey mini, awesome little animals 💕

  76. author

    The Freak22 jam yang lalu

    Giraffe to the lion on his back "are you done buddy i am kinda getting bored"

  77. author

    Abhijay VermaHari Yang lalu

    Lion- I am gonna eat you Giraffe- hold my leg

  78. author

    TheDreamCraftHari Yang lalu

    Taxation is Theft brother!

  79. author

    Brian PetersHari Yang lalu

    Oh How sweet Maybe they'll meet other again next year And recognize each other and they'll lick each other And dance with each other And introduce the wildebeest to his family Just have a great time all round. Yep that's what could happen

  80. author

    Ravi SenHari Yang lalu

    Very huge

  81. author

    Kate DunnoHari Yang lalu

    We need an update on this horse.

  82. author

    A MHari Yang lalu

    It's like 4 grizzly bears biting you at once, Ouch.

  83. author

    SyringaRJKHari Yang lalu

    Cow Tipping 😄

  84. author

    dave clarkeHari Yang lalu

    Ahww .. I want a little bonsai style elephant. 🐘🐘🐘

  85. author

    ApmarinHari Yang lalu

    Wow. Beautiful. Sorry for the vole but nature is so perfectly balanced we mustn’t interfere - sadly we do. I thought all owls were nocturnal?

  86. author

    The Thin BastardHari Yang lalu

    Mom: Honey your boots for hiking! Someone: It's okay mom I left my boots. Mom: Okay

  87. author

    Rose OgbonnaHari Yang lalu

    Cheetahs are only the most successful big cat, with the small Black Footed having a 60 percent catch rate.

  88. author

    Black SheepHari Yang lalu

    _*Black Mamba contemplating if he would go hunt in that filthy kitchen which is also a rodent gold mine_ *Black Mamba: "Nah, too dirty."*

  89. author

    Vinod kumarHari Yang lalu

    Setting wolves on tiger most barbaric

  90. author

    EzeyKiHari Yang lalu

    “Get rekt” - hippos to croc, probably

  91. author

    mike greekHari Yang lalu

    I sed everyone@@!!!

  92. author

    runningfromtheherdHari Yang lalu

    This video is national geo"s bait to get you to buy the episode.

  93. author

    Frostburn SpiritHari Yang lalu

    Try playing the same music for it all the time

  94. author

    Colleen GradyHari Yang lalu

    After procedure: steer looks at guys and says “how could you?!?”

  95. author

    hunter hunterHari Yang lalu

    This how amazing God is he created he is own vacuum to clean the earth when something dies

  96. author

    Octagon TowersHari Yang lalu

    My mouth hurts seeing this! Ouch!

  97. author

    Twisted WayneHari Yang lalu

    But really blew my mind is how fast the flies flew in

  98. author

    Гульбахыт ДюсебаеваHari Yang lalu

    Алламоу сактаигоршы жануарларды колтрауын жяляптан Ауминь Ауминь Ауминь Ауминь Ауминь

  99. author

    Greg JHari Yang lalu

    Who is here because of Zefrank?

  100. author

    bridge4Hari Yang lalu

    Keeo fishing, playa :))