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  1. author

    Lego Angry Birds34 detik yang lalu

    I like Jeremy as a good guy now

  2. author

    William HickeyMenit Yang lalu

    Awesome 😎

  3. author

    Debangan MukherjeeMenit Yang lalu

    Yay I'm so early today and this is the another great episode from my beloved show and I think that jeremy got another germ which is a bad and harm tom and his friends and jeremy fight with it to save them I can't wait to see this episode and also waiting for the becca come back in the christmas episode so very excited!!! 😘😀😀

  4. author

    spidey stop motion action3 menit yang lalu


  5. author

    kai jie4 menit yang lalu


  6. author

    Arts and crafts With Ishani5 menit yang lalu

    Today’s my birthday can I at least get a few subs and likes 😢😢

  7. author

    Talking Tom and Friends5 menit yang lalu

    Do you think Jeremy deserves to stay with Talking Tom and Friends?

  8. author

    Disney channel US5 menit yang lalu

    NEW! The Bad Germ - Talking Tom and Friends | Season 4 Episode 18

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    Qasam Hade11 menit yang lalu


  10. author

    Qasam Hade12 menit yang lalu


  11. author

    RYAN ZEESHAN CHANNEL13 menit yang lalu

    ginger is so cute , angela is beautiful, tom is a good guy , hank loves eating and ben is interested in technolgy.

  12. author

    Komang Anand13 menit yang lalu

    What's vour idea of the perfect birthdav? Tom

  13. author

    Ade Suratin14 menit yang lalu


  14. author

    lego carlofilm22 menit yang lalu

    Star lightblue It looks familiar sailor moon? Idk 🤦‍♂️

  15. author

    Qasam Hade23 menit yang lalu


  16. author

    Qasam Hade35 menit yang lalu


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    Kassaye Assefa36 menit yang lalu


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    Qasam Hade46 menit yang lalu


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    Chastherlene Baez49 menit yang lalu

    X.s.slos Spe

  20. author

    eko muharudin49 menit yang lalu

    Tom like Tom and jerry Comentar

  21. author

    Tiara Sarai50 menit yang lalu

    Talking tom and friends is amazing I hope that you make another video

  22. author

    Fawful the Mario Colllector 400053 menit yang lalu

    Where is the next episode

  23. author

    Qasam Hade57 menit yang lalu


  24. author

    Jameskai Vlogged57 menit yang lalu


  25. author

    zydreGom TvJam Yang lalu

    Hi Talking Tom I know what Angela at AKA girlfriend ofTOM😎

  26. author

    Rose GarnierisJam Yang lalu

    Rose goodcot

  27. author

    LeftdownJam Yang lalu

    Why does hank look cute on the thumbnail

  28. author

    Melisa AlajJam Yang lalu

    I s not Scooby Doo

  29. author

    Altaf MohammedJam Yang lalu

    wow TSB 🍔🌮🍲😍😘😋🤗

  30. author

    Gor Gaming PLAYZJam Yang lalu

    all seasons 1,2,3,4 all together make 193 episodes

  31. author

    Hdkdjdj DueidjJam Yang lalu


  32. author

    Maciek LipniJam Yang lalu

    Where ep 18

  33. author

    Shillah AkhunguJam Yang lalu

    This video makes me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it is so sad

  34. author

    annah ganyekaJam Yang lalu

    O no

  35. author

    Samaria Garcia2 jam yang lalu

    Me en canta talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking Ángela y talking tom

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    Jade Borigas Santos2 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    falando aleatoriamenta2 jam yang lalu

    Brasil like kk

  38. author

    سهى الطائي2 jam yang lalu


  39. author

    Sakura Hua2 jam yang lalu

    so tom

  40. author

    Alima Akhter2 jam yang lalu

    On the chek it was written date as today

  41. author

    ST JOHNS HIGH school OLD ckk ckk mandrulkar3 jam yang lalu

    1:30 is funny

  42. author

    Miria Herbert3 jam yang lalu

    Ginger and hank brak Ben stuff fu** you ben

  43. author

    Gamer's Club Pvt. Ltd.3 jam yang lalu

    Best Song Ever!

  44. author

    Linu Serah Stanley3 jam yang lalu

    I love Angela❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  45. author

    Tiffany Calungsod3 jam yang lalu

    and 👎👎👎👎👎

  46. author

    Tiffany Calungsod3 jam yang lalu

    it didnt work i hite your channel unsubribe

  47. author

    Ahamed Tamanna3 jam yang lalu


  48. author

    Pixel3 jam yang lalu

    Xenon could easily list every answer cause she's on the computer

  49. author

    Ketura Farwas3 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Kazi Rokeya4 jam yang lalu

    The Dungeon Episode

  51. author

    Afshan Waqar4 jam yang lalu

    Who watching this video on 2019. Hit : like.

  52. author

    rubymaster YT4 jam yang lalu

    1:25 that face tho

  53. author

    Day Walker4 jam yang lalu

    Me too. 😩

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    Kat Angulo5 jam yang lalu

    Do you guys with love😍😍😍😍🥰😘😍🥰

  55. author

    Marsya Cordelia5 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    S K5 jam yang lalu

    i don't think Talking Becca is nice but i do know she is not included in talking friends

  57. author

    Christelle Mbuyi5 jam yang lalu

    i like your video

  58. author

    Sachi Maretta6 jam yang lalu

    aww ginger is so cute when he has power💗💗💗💗💖💖💖

  59. author

    Sachi Maretta6 jam yang lalu

    my friend boy said:man,that gurl looks sexy! i said:lol do u wanna marry her?! my friend boy said:uhh....... "yes" i said:lol🤣🤣🤣

  60. author

    Sachi Maretta6 jam yang lalu

    tom:ANGELAAAAAAAAAAAAA "missing angela"

  61. author

    W and L Aburizeq6 jam yang lalu

    I love talking Tom and friends

  62. author

    W and L Aburizeq6 jam yang lalu

    Were is the new episode?

  63. author

    Sachi Maretta6 jam yang lalu

    is angela kiss ben for real????

  64. author

    Marabathina Nandaki Chakradhar PS Sabareesh6 jam yang lalu

    9:18 mother cob screamed like godzilla 1954

  65. author

    LAURA VICENZO6 jam yang lalu

    This episode like the movie taxi driver

  66. author

    Raul Carrillo7 jam yang lalu


  67. author

    Holland Bulky7 jam yang lalu

    At the beginning i thought because they electrocuted themselves they would start seeing things

  68. author

    Random Videos7 jam yang lalu

    Tom 27 Angela 26 Ben 26 Hank 21 Ginger 11 2019

  69. author

    Katniss Selena Everdeen7 jam yang lalu

    I like it 😚

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    Veer Pro 3D7 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    ธานี ลครศรี7 jam yang lalu

    Angela angry ginger

  72. author

    ismael acosta7 jam yang lalu

    Tom looks really cool. Butt💩💩💩💩💩

  73. author

    SPYPRIME Tf28 jam yang lalu

    Some of those detentions makes no fricking sense like Ben was just in the bathroom or Angela just trying to get food from the fridge

  74. author

    Vicky the Bomb 28 jam yang lalu

    Space conflicts is just Star Wars ...

  75. author

    Jaswinder Sidhu8 jam yang lalu

    When. your. done. Season. 4. Can. You. Make a season.5. And. 6.

  76. author

    ismael acosta8 jam yang lalu

    The bunny sucks like butt

  77. author

    Purple Eel8 jam yang lalu

    7:55 I also did that! But instead of popcorn it's potatoc chips.instead of putting them all in soda I chewed the chip and sipped some soda at the same time And most of all I did it with my cousin

  78. author

    Tabby Dowling8 jam yang lalu

    Ginger:You'll be on the toilet for hours!!! Me:eeww!!!! Give me that! I'm gonna put it in the dump! Thanks. See ya!!!