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Formerly known as TCC, Daily Clips Central is the new name of the channel! Your daily dose of everything Fornite from insane plays all the way to funny moments and rages! I have it all, welcome and enjoy your stay.
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  1. author

    Chase Matthews6 jam yang lalu

    Ninja is trash I 360 no scoped him in mw2

  2. author

    Shadylurk696 jam yang lalu

    lay off the addys lil ninja

  3. author

    Zack Taylor6 jam yang lalu

    How do I keep pc players out of my games?

  4. author

    GhOsTWolF7127 jam yang lalu

    What is happening to Ninja? Hes attacking people that are landing on him to play against him but those could easily be someone that supports his stream. Wow. What happen to not cursing too?

  5. author

    Bob Ross7 jam yang lalu

    dude all these videos are the exact same why do you even play the game if all you do is hate the way it is hate the new meta EVERY season personally i don’t like the game but there is no point in playing it if you hate the way it is😂

  6. author

    Chris Dat —Membaaa?—7 jam yang lalu

    Ninja crying has been a thing since Halo days

  7. author

    YoungSteeloOfficial7 jam yang lalu

    People still playing this fucking game ?

  8. author

    Miiruld7 jam yang lalu

    Does Ninja ever stop complaining

  9. author

    Yukoi7 jam yang lalu

    Spray meta needs to leave, We need a meta that takes skill.

  10. author

    TheCoolj12127 jam yang lalu

    Bro wtf tfue lookin a little swole 🤔

  11. author

    Mint8 jam yang lalu

    Tyler is so judgemental he complained about everything including other people who complain and when they first brought out the smg spam meta ages ago he bitched about players not liking it

  12. author

    PkbXp8 jam yang lalu

    Simple, Get good...

  13. author

    flatly8 jam yang lalu

    ninja is not funny.

  14. author

    Faded Caczx8 jam yang lalu

    Ninja always has a problem

  15. author

    Collin .Cooper8 jam yang lalu

    6:40 "Headflints and Chill" lmao

  16. author

    Endventure8 jam yang lalu

    Everything this guy hates WE love

  17. author

    5 Mile Macc8 jam yang lalu

    Twitch.tv/Dellor in description 😂 that’s cold bro

  18. author

    Ruffnek8 jam yang lalu

    Banana chase is epic

  19. author

    Logie Bear9 jam yang lalu

    Tfue always blaming CONTROLLER ol

  20. author

    Tyler Lane9 jam yang lalu

    ninja is so annoying

  21. author

    Rikato Min9 jam yang lalu

    It`s just a GAME...!!! My God...!!! You can play again and it can happen sometimes...I wouldn`t call my friend as a "MORON" then we are not friends, right? I totally don`t understand this behavior. Sorry...

  22. author

    AGB Dom9 jam yang lalu

    lmao ninja is the most average player

  23. author

    Joe Conti9 jam yang lalu

    Imagine if Tom Brady or LeBron James raged quit and hopped off stream......

  24. author

    Luke Greenberg9 jam yang lalu

    I agree sweats have ruined the game

  25. author

    SonicR3609 jam yang lalu

    It's just a game! He needs to chill! Right?

  26. author

    Michael Sollazzo9 jam yang lalu

    Someone slap him in the face please

  27. author

    Myles Mitchell10 jam yang lalu

    Here we go with ninja complaining again

  28. author

    Ac310 jam yang lalu

    I feel like people don't even hear ninja out anymore, its like if ninja says anything remotely controversial he gets shot down instantly

  29. author

    Sudsyintegral2410 jam yang lalu

    Hes 1 hp! After hitting him for only 80 hp 😆😆

  30. author

    NO U10 jam yang lalu

    Dr is a fucking badass

  31. author

    jojo10 jam yang lalu

    I hate the people in the comment section are saying "oh well he used the minigun and drum gun yesterday and said they are good now he is saying are bad" he is not saying the weapons are bad hes saying they are too good amd that sure they are fun to use but literally anyone can use the minigun and spray the game is broken and trash right now

  32. author

    MissionRabbit yeet10 jam yang lalu

    Why is he so mad on a game

  33. author

    MissionRabbit yeet10 jam yang lalu

    NinjasHyper is back

  34. author

    BARABA 7510 jam yang lalu

    Ninjas so annoying ong

  35. author

    The420Turtle11 jam yang lalu

    What if epic always nerfs tfue so it forces his content to change.

  36. author

    Micky Fin11 jam yang lalu

    God I love ninja

  37. author

    Phixn11 jam yang lalu

    This is simple I d c

  38. author

    John Anthony11 jam yang lalu

    CAN I GET A GIFT !!!!!!!

  39. author

    Daniel Williams11 jam yang lalu

    This looks like when I play Minecraft on like 95 fov

  40. author

    histoy inthe makeing11 jam yang lalu

    Just a game, dawg jaja

  41. author

    tamagotchi9211 jam yang lalu

    i want traps back an bots out

  42. author

    Joseph Crue11 jam yang lalu

    That multiple choice bit was hilarious!! Eliminating people for switching answers or wrong answers!!!😂😂

  43. author

    Temezzi 1411 jam yang lalu

    Finally he changed ninja to Mixer in the description

  44. author

    ADiehardSavage Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    dakotaz: “what is wrong with the world” Me: *we exist*

  45. author

    SSc_Hamma11 jam yang lalu

    I swear to god ninja is always complaining about the stupidest stuff if he actually gets good he’d know how to win those fights and if he’s so mad why won’t we try making his own game that makes millions and even in the start he has two of the mythic guns so I don’t know why he’s complaining.

  46. author

    ADiehardSavage Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    Blah blah blah pros complaining about everything. I really don’t care what they think anymore. They don’t rule the game. It’s ok to have fun once in a while with a chaotic meta. Geez J hate how people complain.

  47. author

    JR the boy12 jam yang lalu

    Dark got pressed big time and went silent lmaoooo

  48. author

    Pumpkin Seeds12 jam yang lalu

    Yep fortnite always sucks when you lose

  49. author

    Ben Marsico12 jam yang lalu

    what res was tfue using

  50. author

    1nvincible12 jam yang lalu

    How is this toxic i dont understand. There are so much other games then fortnite that a worse.

  51. author

    Amerul Al Rashid12 jam yang lalu

    I dont like ninja, the end...

  52. author

    Muffles The Gerbil13 jam yang lalu

    I question why did Epic Make Bots all of a Sudden go from not even shooting you from a really far Range to Aimboting everyone from across the entire map the moment Season 2 Chapter 2 Dropped.

  53. author

    doob Devlin13 jam yang lalu

    Why dont you post a video talking about all the good things being said about it

  54. author

    isaac kozicki13 jam yang lalu

    My girlfriend says I sound like an asshole when I play video games.... she hasn’t seen ninja man this guy bitches ahahah

  55. author

    Rob03tt13 jam yang lalu

    Your not going to get ban for stretch

  56. author

    Kalin Tyler14 jam yang lalu

    "Get rich quick schemes don't exist" *Bets house on opening clip of Daily Clips Central being Ninja getting outplayed and crying about it* *Gets rich quick*

  57. author

    Nathan Shane14 jam yang lalu

    When the pizza rolls are ready 3:29

  58. author

    IX Azazel14 jam yang lalu

    7:31 now that's what I call a BOOM box

  59. author

    shaina fields14 jam yang lalu

    He got on later and explained it sooo get your facts and he only used nba as an example relax

  60. author

    Zekken 202514 jam yang lalu

    It is not banable

  61. author

    NoFace NoCase14 jam yang lalu

    Truth Ninja needs a good beating up.

  62. author

    owz jarvo14 jam yang lalu

    Everytime ninja dies he has something to say its the same for every1 just play what is in front of you and stop crying all these do is complain about the spray but its ok when they do it 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  63. author

    Sreekanth r214 jam yang lalu

    Is this the same drake that used ninja for fame?

  64. author

    Rainy Feeling14 jam yang lalu

    That scar next to a Tac is his first mistake

  65. author

    F RNG14 jam yang lalu

    Ninja does suck ass he defo doesn’t ever practice just plays pubs lol

  66. author

    Joel Pedraza-Cruz15 jam yang lalu

    All this shit about controller and no one talks about Sypher and 72hrs.

  67. author

    Tihs Eht15 jam yang lalu

    He hat yeah finally ck it tocout u uall

  68. author

    ATRIX ATRIX15 jam yang lalu

    bravo, great video, keep enjoying us. Good luck with the endeavor

  69. author

    nathan pietzner15 jam yang lalu

    Why does the thumb nail have stream sniper on it and there is nothing about a stream sniper in it

  70. author

    Eazyy15 jam yang lalu

    He is literally the biggest bot ever lmao

  71. author

    Glazah16 jam yang lalu

    Knocks a Henchman, "I'M A LASER"

  72. author

    stephon thomas16 jam yang lalu

    Remember when ninja could take full squads solo?🤦‍♂️🤣😂🤣😂

  73. author

    Alfaro TV16 jam yang lalu

    Tfue got bad luck 4/6 of the games

  74. author

    goat xv16 jam yang lalu

    fortnite is slowly killing itself.

  75. author

    DeathStruck16 jam yang lalu

    I killed tfue idreporter.net/v/video-a8laK-OXDJY.html

  76. author

    MIXER NATHTY Xbox one gamer16 jam yang lalu

    Tfue looks like Mr head from art attack

  77. author

    Sudby17 jam yang lalu

    I honestly do not know why ninja has such a wide opinion on players and people’s skill levels when he is below an averagely skilled player

  78. author

    Johny Lazcano17 jam yang lalu

    6:47 that was scarier than most scary movies lol

  79. author

    PLLw17 jam yang lalu

    Can we get ninja back on twitch pls😭

  80. author

    Thomas Jobson17 jam yang lalu

    He is a such a sook. He mad because he is becoming irrelevant

  81. author

    JTrillZ BooFed17 jam yang lalu

    Pause at 1:06..........

  82. author

    Jarrid Franke18 jam yang lalu

    bro dakotaz with those kids had me rolling.

  83. author

    conor 459818 jam yang lalu

    He need to chill man

  84. author

    Akuma18 jam yang lalu

    All he does is complain

  85. author

    Cade WTS18 jam yang lalu

    What a cancer to the game

  86. author

    Buhgzi18 jam yang lalu

    I like the update but i cant plat pubs with 52 ping. Ever since the physics update its been horrible and they didnt even do anything with its. It just frustrates me on why they moved the servers?

  87. author

    dot dot18 jam yang lalu

    At this point all ninja does is complain

  88. author

    Kid Belonqs18 jam yang lalu

    Tfue: ohh my fucking god

  89. author

    Clb18 jam yang lalu

    Ninja acts so childish

  90. author

    -!- Executioner -!-18 jam yang lalu

    Ninja is dogshit anyways probally why hes complaining about it

  91. author

    Jeddi Wassdorp18 jam yang lalu

    "IM CALM. IM VERY CALM RIGHT NOW" -Ninja as he is obviously NOT CALM

  92. author

    The Guy in the Chair18 jam yang lalu

    Wins = doesn't complain Loses = 😱🥵🤬🤬😡

  93. author

    Bru Bru18 jam yang lalu

    To be honest no one cares about the item shop

  94. author

    Flaming sword_xxx18 jam yang lalu

    Ok let me try

  95. author

    Its Anonymous19 jam yang lalu

    these clips should be called who can bitch more about fortnite..

  96. author

    Rozrin19 jam yang lalu

    See like i said last video! its gunna be the streamers loving the new mythic guns of day and then wanting it gone the next minute and start complaining 🤦‍♂️

  97. author

    NoWayJos19 jam yang lalu

    Just quit the game. Ninja is literally ruining friendships because of this game and during public matches??? Just quit

  98. author

    Alex Green19 jam yang lalu

    Ninja is so gay

  99. author

    bear12198219 jam yang lalu

    console performance and crossplay against PC Nerds has ruined fortnite. Was a pleasure uninstalling this shit game.

  100. author

    Apophis19 jam yang lalu

    hes the guy that'll use and abuse op things but when hes on the receiving end he complains