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Dear Smokers

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  1. author

    Kierstin gacha kitteen54 detik yang lalu

    I hear both •_•

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    Turtle 133 menit yang lalu

    this is why he has 8M subscribers!

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    Count Olaf4 menit yang lalu

    So do we run around screaming?AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Travel and Geography5 menit yang lalu

    Yes, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Let's change the way that we live! I'm going to go for more walks 👍 👍

  5. author

    Mehul Jain13 menit yang lalu

    Should've gone for 72 hours

  6. author

    eldarmario presario16 menit yang lalu

    Almost none of the techniques in the video r true at all. I have to make my eyes tired by watching IDreporter using my phone in order to fall asleep.

  7. author

    Franki Winmill-Spall17 menit yang lalu

    i hear bothhhhh

  8. author

    jose15134825 menit yang lalu

    I ate an eadible with a coworker once we thought it didn't hit us one hour later I'm walking to my neighbors house without any shoes and hes slapping himself on the mirror

  9. author

    Jesse Correll28 menit yang lalu

    if you were to teleport yourself somewhere, your copying yourself and pasting somewhere else, BUT that isn’t YOU, that’s another you, if whatever time machine your using deletes the originals... you jus died and cloned yourself and everyone thinks it’s “teleportation” kinda the same thing wit consciousness transfer, that’s jus another you... this body and mind is only here once... live it up i think i might be wrong ab this idk, if so it’s jus a theory i thought of so don’t go crazy on this comment

  10. author

    Southern Romanian29 menit yang lalu

    Everyone becomes vegetarian We lost protein We can't compete with other creatures Darwined

  11. author

    rafi.rifath33 menit yang lalu

    I once didn't sleep well the other day, and then stayed awake for around 72 hours, and i feel like im dying because i felt like heart attack can happen very easily, and i started to feel like I'm always dreaming because of loss of sense

  12. author

    EmEnEm 1335 menit yang lalu

    Teenagers: noobs.

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    I Like Dogs Puckishly35 menit yang lalu

    You remember 3 years ago when you guys went to the Arctic then you should make a song about it

  14. author

    Trinh Vo46 menit yang lalu

    I dare you to be a girl!

  15. author

    サディ東京48 menit yang lalu

    I'm ftm transgender (female to Male/girl to boy) and im only 9

  16. author

    Swoonspoon49 menit yang lalu

    This video is a bit too glorifying, at least show the bad sides too like bad trips or memory loss

  17. author

    Reima Kokko50 menit yang lalu

    I don't smoke regularly but when i do i don't use filters i use thin cardboard tips.

  18. author

    Basicslomotion53 menit yang lalu

    My theory is that cold weather makes some people sick because your body uses more energy to stay warm therefore viruses or bacteria could have that opportunity to attack the body because your body is focusing on staying wrong. Again my theory is this? I am not saying I’m correct but it makes more logical sense than the “ stay home with people “ theory. I just came back from football and I just arrived home and I feel sick because it was cold outside. Now don’t tell me I got ill by coming home because I haven’t even been here more than 5 min

  19. author

    Gray TV53 menit yang lalu


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    Mohammed Abu Serrieh56 menit yang lalu

    You are awesome buddy.. thanks for this amazing video

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    sheena jose57 menit yang lalu

    black and gold?

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    Mr TwisterJam Yang lalu

    Oh God... Dude look like a lady... False advertisement. But I gotta ask, did he CHOP it?

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    Arook DudeJam Yang lalu

    Phone bad book good

  24. author

    clasher37Jam Yang lalu

    you bad at numbers.

  25. author

    clasher37Jam Yang lalu

    yang gang, it's not right, it's not left, it's forward.

  26. author

    All About Everything : gain knowledgeJam Yang lalu

    Mitch look better after 20 hours

  27. author

    FlameOn24Jam Yang lalu

    Why the hell would they make something that you can OD by touching it ....they should ban this

  28. author

    moonlight prophecyJam Yang lalu

    this doesn't make much sense. I feel dumb as shit when i'm around other people (it is what it is) ::shrug:: but i fit into pretty much every category here. Weird... sounds like a load of horse shit lmao! Get back to the drawing board fellas.

  29. author

    Lilia HussainJam Yang lalu

    I hear Yanny

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    johnny depressionJam Yang lalu


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    MARY SIBURTJam Yang lalu

    I hear yanny like if you do too! 👇

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    Daniel McGibbonJam Yang lalu

    Nobody treats alcohol like a drug

  33. author

    Inconnu anonymousJam Yang lalu

    Are they a couple ?

  34. author

    Grumpy, the honest catJam Yang lalu

    The cover image couldn't be less appropriate

  35. author

    TheSnowWolf Gaming And VlogsJam Yang lalu

    But when i sleep and put my blanket It gets hot even tho the AC is on And when i remove it, it gets hot So please help me Or make a vid of it

  36. author

    Lillian Crystal2 jam yang lalu

    y-you started dating guys?!

  37. author

    31893991922 jam yang lalu

    I still don't understand The problem with autism. I'd rather have a child with autism than a child that's dead.

  38. author

    warrior 20202 jam yang lalu

    I wish they die bcz they sting me right in the head and feet

  39. author

    Shrut Jain2 jam yang lalu

    The speeded the video on 2x so now I can sleep in one minute

  40. author

    Meg Elmont2 jam yang lalu

    anyone knowing the backing music name?

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    The MJJ Squad2 jam yang lalu

    Yay #TeamLaurel

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    Jennifer i2 jam yang lalu

    The Jeffree Star one was my favorite 😂 he sounds like Jeffree

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    Wolfgang Michaelis2 jam yang lalu

    A filter stops the ash from getting in your lungs in big chunks to stop you coughing btw

  44. author

    Safah Shahid2 jam yang lalu

    This counts as studying right? So I’m technically NOT procrastinating... right?

  45. author

    Ryan Ouidir2 jam yang lalu

    Mandatory vaccinations worldwide = the perfect world

  46. author

    ALL HAIL2 jam yang lalu

    9:31 looks like trump from an alternate timeline

  47. author

    Alina Ashkhot2 jam yang lalu

    The Jeffree Star one looked legit like an alien, lmao

  48. author

    Zachary Wong2 jam yang lalu

    Husband: I love you Yanny! Wife: Excuse me, who’s Laurel?

  49. author

    HaMdA stReAkS3 jam yang lalu

    girls in my school in this in school

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    Heloziu3 jam yang lalu

    Me before: puts on 0.5 speed cuz it's too fast Me now: 1.5 and let's go!

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    Turtle On a boat3 jam yang lalu

    I can only hear yanny

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    Dalton Fries3 jam yang lalu

    The best shit is a hangover shit

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    myra zantinga3 jam yang lalu

    Wow just wow

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    Chrispy P.3 jam yang lalu

    At 2:32 did anyone see the two squirrels running in the background?

  55. author

    myra zantinga3 jam yang lalu

    Great song

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    دنيا صابر3 jam yang lalu

    Me : OK let's sleep plz My brain: SLEEP!? SLEEP!? WAKE UP YOU HAVE EXAM, YOU WILL FALL, YOUR MOM WILL HIT YOU SO WAKE UPPPPPP Me: OK I will but I will watch a movie My brain: OK at least you won't fall asleep

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    Kenan Rustemzade3 jam yang lalu


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    Charlotte Innoecent3 jam yang lalu

    Annnnnnnndddd...... The dark side has pie. Okay then.

  59. author

    Sunny Cheng3 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone realise that hydrogen is an alkali metal

  60. author

    Seyooon.3 jam yang lalu

    exposed he lives in toronto

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    blea10293 jam yang lalu

    Hellen Keller only felt in Braille "bar" each time

  62. author

    kidney stone3 jam yang lalu

    *M’Lady intensifies*

  63. author

    Stephen Calderon3 jam yang lalu

    When I relax my body it's like I'm got to pee

  64. author

    EUROPE BASED VLOGS3 jam yang lalu

    Chloroplasts are bacterial robots

  65. author

    Karl Ashdown4 jam yang lalu

    Recently gave up smoking but used to get funny looks for holding onto butts until I could dispose of properly glad I don't need to worry about this anymore.

  66. author

    Nico4 jam yang lalu

    2:25 theres a squirrel behind you! :P

  67. author

    dee London4 jam yang lalu

    The climate change HOAX ,,,,, follow the money al gore and his money making rubbish , oh yeah the 97% of scientists that’s be debunked to ,,,,

  68. author

    Albert Lyu4 jam yang lalu

    has anyone here had the experience that after stop watching porn, his/her life quality got better? if so, please do share, my longest period of not watching it was 7 days, did not feel much difference.

  69. author

    Hei Long Chan4 jam yang lalu

    That’s weird. I see blue and gold

  70. author

    PtolemyauletesXII4 jam yang lalu

    The only thing worse than climate deniers getting their facts totally wrong is climate change supporters getting their facts totally wrong. Exxon didn't discover global warming due to co2. This was first postulated in the late 1800s.

  71. author

    Angel Cruz4 jam yang lalu

    i was watching this in the morning

  72. author

    I love BTS 30004 jam yang lalu

    I speeded the video so I can learn even faster hah

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    Glennie Luckow4 jam yang lalu

    To the people who can't find their blind spot, maybe this will help. It took me way longer to find it than I want to admit. If you are like me then It won't work on full screen, and it won't work having the laptop in your lap looking upwards or downwards at the screen, you have to be at the same level looking directly at it. If you wear glasses it does help taking them off, but it isn't necessary when you get it. Now close the left eye and stare at the cross, try not to blink while you slowly move the screen further and further away or closer depending on how you sit. Remember don't blink, if you blink at the wrong moment you might miss it and go past the spot. Repeat until you find it and good luck :)

  74. author

    alien rat4 jam yang lalu

    i feel guilty because i woke up at 2: 30 am and now im here on youtube after getting 4 hours of sleep

  75. author

    Amy 20054 jam yang lalu


  76. author

    Abigail King4 jam yang lalu

    Explain this. *Autism causes vaccines*

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    Rhys Greenwood4 jam yang lalu

    After every one that sees this vid us needy can’t smoke the bumpers anymore

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    대체이건 왜뜨는건데...

  79. author

    Ed86Wood4 jam yang lalu

    The video would’ve been much better if the narrator would actually let us hear the clips before speaking over them

  80. author

    Flossie4 jam yang lalu

    Anti vaxxers are acting like aluminum is bad as lead smh

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    RedStone5764 jam yang lalu

    I have indonesian accent

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    Dani Florea5 jam yang lalu


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    Omega Egg5 jam yang lalu

    Damn I thought your channel name was asparagus

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    Omg one of them looks like Garrett Watts

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    Rosa's blog5 jam yang lalu

    I hear yerry

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    MyCool5 jam yang lalu

    This is all bullshit lol only a liberal would believe this

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    xXMidnight PlayzXx5 jam yang lalu

    And now... AsapSCIENCE presents 100 digits of π/pi 3.14159, this is π/pi Followed by 2-6-5-3-5-8-9 Circumference over diameter 7-9, then 3-2-3 OMG! Can't you see? 8-4-6-2-6-4-3 And now we're on a spree 38 and 32, now we're blue Oh, who knew? 7, 950 and then a two 88 and 41, so much fun Now a run 9-7-1-6-9-3-9-9 Then 3-7, 51 Half way done! 0-5-8, now don't be late 2-0-9, where's the wine? 7-4, it's on the floor Then 9-4-4-5-9 2-3-0, we gotta go 7-8, we can't wait 1-6-4-0-6-2-8 We're almost near the end, keep going 62, we're getting through 0-8-9-9, on time 8-6-2-8-0-3-4 There's only a few more! 8-2, then 5-3 42, 11, 7-0 and 67 We're done! Was that fun? Learning random digits So that you can brag to your friends This actually took so long

  88. author

    Jules5 jam yang lalu

    Holy 5:30 I’m literally last minute studying for an exam tomorrow and I see that as a sign to go to bed gnight ppl 😴

  89. author

    Damian Wessels5 jam yang lalu

    I think after you watch this you fall asleep in 10 minutes at night it always happens when I watch this things then I fall asleep in 10-15 minutes . and I struggle to sleep at night and I have to go to sleep at 20:15 because I stand up at 5:00 and I wish I could sleep till a bit later and it sucks when you have to go to sleep so early. And when they said you have to go to sleep at the same time in the weekends I don't I go to sleep 20:15 in the week and go to sleep 22:58 in the weekends I have to go to school and it begins at 7:30 am and it sucks so much.

  90. author

    Mabel Pines5 jam yang lalu

    I’m I the only one who’s here to write original characters who are starving

  91. author

    Bonnie and Such6 jam yang lalu

    "Yaurel" in a French accent

  92. author

    yoonhannie6 jam yang lalu

    i binge eat a lot but i dont even gain weight not even a single pound

  93. author

    Meme CatTM6 jam yang lalu

    I searched Alabama Memes explained and this popped up on my search results .......

  94. author

    Sin Sentido TV6 jam yang lalu

    Por q IDreporter me recomienda esto??

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    McFuhkk6 jam yang lalu

    2:26 HEHE I saw a squiril in the background

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    Mitchowls6 jam yang lalu

    How to sleep in 2 minutes 7 minute video

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    Mustafa Khedapa7 jam yang lalu


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    ferkemall7 jam yang lalu

    The EU is going to save the planet by banning all domestic gas boilers /open fire places /oil fired heating wood burners /bottled gas/ but lucky for us they have a plan and thats to make all properties go all electric and sqeeze even money out of us they are going to UNIFY the price of energy in 2021 = massive price hikes once they have done this they can raise the price if and when they need to like when there is a recession and for Germany that cant come soon enough as they are in a recession right now along with France /Italy and that is getting worse because of the global slow down . The government are loosing revenues so tuned to the green cash grab there are billions in gov taxes & charges under the save the planet scam ,you have to wonder where the trillions in taxes & charges goes globaly . The EU are going to ban any vehicle that uses a piston to make it work ,sonds good to the greens until you think of all of the millions of jobs & homes & families that are set to crash into poverty . Next time you see the save the planet politicians driving to the Airport in their big German V8/V10 luxury cars then getting onto a private charter jet and fly off to some 5+ star luxury resort to talk about the climate ,just think scam & taxes because thats they are talking about & what to do with all of those green billions =joke !

  99. author

    Isaac Malthouse7 jam yang lalu

    Why do you say LSD and acid when they are different names for the same thing?

  100. author

    Mustafa Raza7 jam yang lalu

    Vapes dont cause any 'NeW lUnG' disease you idiot,hearing you say that was so cringeworthy.