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  1. author

    Alt. DreαΜ진성Hari Yang lalu

    Mmmh Alastor??

  2. author

    ARCEXHari Yang lalu

    5:04 *The first thing the US Space Force sees after landing on Mars.*

  3. author

    Tori NicoleHari Yang lalu

    Y'know Shane himself could be a demon wearing a human costume which is why they don't mess with him. XD

  4. author

    Asif IfasHari Yang lalu

    If I was a big strapping woman I wouldn't waste my food resources either.

  5. author

    Aranka FülöpHari Yang lalu


  6. author

    Linux Jedi AKA Big EvilHari Yang lalu

    I was waiting for the Singapore happy ending ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. author

    Candy BeansHari Yang lalu

    Dear God if we got Chidi Anagonye playing this

  8. author

    Omar EL BekkaliHari Yang lalu

    Im i the only one who saw someone running behind them at 15:15

  9. author

    PandaPlayzHari Yang lalu

    1:30 You dare question the fighting ethics of the great Obi-Wan Kenobi

  10. author

    TNG emp 2Hari Yang lalu

    Im sorry but i sit down all day the most i do is go run to the shop to get sweets and i have a 6 pack

  11. author

    coconut headHari Yang lalu

    3:24 ryan on wikihow looking up how to do a seance jkgjhkf

  12. author

    big papaHari Yang lalu

    janus janus janus janus junus hugh janus

  13. author

    Joshua Prado-SaccomanHari Yang lalu

    Studios back then gave the police handsome gifts in turn they would give the studios info on their starlets

  14. author

    Linux Jedi AKA Big EvilHari Yang lalu

    God forbid he face reality for a few hours....brainwashed beyond belief

  15. author

    Zeke WilderHari Yang lalu

    I was expecting patty mayo

  16. author

    Ava GraceHari Yang lalu

    Poor sweet heart, I have a brother his age, heartbreaking

  17. author

    Cate LeVequeHari Yang lalu

    Shane -"good" his shirt- "am I a joke to you"?

  18. author

    AndromedaHari Yang lalu

    is ryan sick or was his voice always like that?? i just noticed that while he's narrating he sounds kinda nasal?

  19. author

    Domino and MeHari Yang lalu

    I have an infected ingrowing toenail

  20. author

    KaitlinHari Yang lalu

    Feels weird seeing Shane on the right😂😂 it makes me uncomfortable 😂

  21. author

    CRACKER PACKERHari Yang lalu

    This guy is awesome

  22. author

    Ashton LovellHari Yang lalu

    1:30 Welcome to Yanny Heights!

  23. author

    give me my pen backHari Yang lalu

    What is with buzzfeed and sumo?

  24. author

    nyakiHari Yang lalu

    none of them are coming out alive. yall know that level 30 onix you can encounter in the wild area? yeah, i have a feeling something bads going to happen.

  25. author

    Rishabh KhareHari Yang lalu

    Like we need and We capture Aliens at Area 51... Those Aliens Often Mutual with Illuminatis Exchange with Common People... Keep A Alien.. Give A Human.. Simple as that... Illuminatis Runs the World..

  26. author

    Arun KhoshHari Yang lalu

    Gamers are just triggered lol.

  27. author

    Musiq LeighHari Yang lalu

    My only question is, if Edison or anyone in competition with Le Prince bumped him off, how did they hear about him & his inventions?? Were there moles in the patent offices in Europe? Was one of his family members leaking info?? Also, I dont think the theory that someone kidnapped him to pick his brain and rob him of his inventions is that far fetched.

  28. author

    Gabriel Ramirez-FelixHari Yang lalu

    Definitely prefer Shane narrating rather than ryan

  29. author

    Sam WardHari Yang lalu

    Hey, lemme get a box of 6 nuggets, a black belt and a false sense of confidence to go.

  30. author

    DimaExEHari Yang lalu

    Next: real life Stalker and murderer review Netflix show “You”

  31. author

    Blue Bird QuinnHari Yang lalu

    That's the ting In Norway so have the patches on the clothes a nr a selected number so then they can track down which shop it belongs to and when it was bought and If it was bought with a card then you gets to know who this person was 😇😉

  32. author

    Emmy shanahanHari Yang lalu

    I wonder how many fanfics people have made about Shane and Ryan. The thought keeps me up at night.

  33. author

    TheSuluGuyHari Yang lalu

    And part of the all time 100 team babyyyyy DA JUICE!

  34. author

    JapaneseVixenofArtHari Yang lalu

    What is all this crap? No, seriously what is this?

  35. author

    FrozenQueen CuccoHari Yang lalu

    This is like if some marcial arts expert plays street fighter and throws a Haducken and says "bro, this is not real that doesn't happen in the field"

  36. author

    George DemingHari Yang lalu

    shane ha the better mothman call

  37. author

    xAAQUAAHari Yang lalu

    Chidi would be in quite the dilemma

  38. author

    yannniQue 17Hari Yang lalu

    Adrenaline level over 9000 when you talk to a girl

  39. author

    Jacob ZhangHari Yang lalu

    I never knew chewy was a sniper

  40. author

    D SHari Yang lalu

    I would have done the surgery after loosing a bit more of weight. He is still 30 pounds away from ideal weight.

  41. author

    Russian slavHari Yang lalu

    It could be axe men

  42. author

    Tavia & Tiana’s lifeHari Yang lalu

    You can clearly see that it wasn’t a nine year olds hand writing and you can also see that whoever wrote it wasn’t using their regular hand writing because the letters are different.

  43. author

    TheEiuHari Yang lalu

    You guys should do a unsolved on the Delphi murders, still unsolved with many suspects

  44. author

    Rhiannon HillierHari Yang lalu

    Me name is keley

  45. author

    Dustin KyleHari Yang lalu

    Take it. I’ll take that. Just take it!

  46. author

    Dr.B MirzaHari Yang lalu

    Penis and a pagina right ?😎

  47. author

    Sebastian BenitesHari Yang lalu

    Anyone know the name of this quiz

  48. author

    TheStarchildDiariesHari Yang lalu

    You know, this is their first Q+A I've watched and....I have to say, I keep thinking I'll only like specific things they do but I think I just like them lol they could talk about anything and I'm 100% entertained - Love them 😊 Also, I just recently got glasses and 100% I have developed new mannerisms with them and it's more amusing to me than I want to admit lol

  49. author

    weird BoiHari Yang lalu

    She died on christmas?

  50. author

    PAPA JAHHari Yang lalu

    The moral is of gluttony. Think Wendigo.

  51. author

    Dylan DoingHari Yang lalu


  52. author

    Godplayer101 ProHari Yang lalu

    The evan guy in the vid looks like he just got more tan

  53. author

    Leonora SHari Yang lalu

    Aye that’s brockhampton

  54. author

    almer cruzHari Yang lalu

    I hope you post the workout plan

  55. author

    Nora van ZwolHari Yang lalu

    *casually looks up a summoning ritual on wikkihow*

  56. author

    The Water Slide DestroyerHari Yang lalu

    I prefer also to watch DragonballZ before a fight

  57. author

    Chloe _Hari Yang lalu

    This is so fricken wholesome

  58. author

    Starleen MathildaHari Yang lalu


  59. author

    LampcapHari Yang lalu

    Hes pretty cool and I respect his work...but I didn't notice until the end that he had a "GO VEGAN" shirt on...

  60. author

    Lisa MesaHari Yang lalu

    Why can’t people just except that.. We cant be the onLy ones in this entire galAxy or be living 👽👽👽

  61. author

    Rayan B.Hari Yang lalu

    He wakes up at 4 am

  62. author

    LampcapHari Yang lalu

    Yo! Architects should use the sims to make models of what they want the building to look like! That should be the the model and then I mean when you open it up it'll also have a blueprint. Damn...step up your game architects! Jk jk don't @ me

  63. author

    MrZimeirHari Yang lalu

    People aren't ready to know that there is other life. Believe me I know. Your mind will never be the same

  64. author

    Whitney HoustonHari Yang lalu

    yo i think they just got tired of waiting for john white so they all left and assimilated...simple

  65. author

    Lissette DiazHari Yang lalu

    the guy is talented, but 1 bathroom!?!? no

  66. author

    daniela zavarellaHari Yang lalu

    Brent’s an eeediot.

  67. author

    D I S T R I T O F E D E R A LHari Yang lalu

    For a normal city skylines player, this is cursed

  68. author

    달려라포뇨Hari Yang lalu

    Shane you.... son of Boss

  69. author

    Typical NewbHari Yang lalu

    imagine he got really kidnapped and was just like : ok guys can i go now you got me.

  70. author

    TheUncommonPersonHari Yang lalu

    2020s: *Guillotinies*

  71. author

    Chloe _Hari Yang lalu

    "I've seen bigger"

  72. author

    Orange Pearl E3Hari Yang lalu

    uhh one question... why just asians???how bout c o m p a r e

  73. author

    SolaireHari Yang lalu

    wow she got penalized twice

  74. author

    LunaMakesStuffHari Yang lalu

    9:55 to 9:59 . Guys it sounds like someone said "Ransom" or something. Or is it just me?

  75. author

    Flaming MonkeyHari Yang lalu

    What about a real racing plays Real Racing?

  76. author

    Piperds 03Hari Yang lalu

    Waiting for the day she says Im Kelsey and I’m no longer single 😂😂🥰🥰🥰

  77. author

    Skylar GarrettHari Yang lalu

    My nieces name is Ellie 🥰

  78. author

    Linux Jedi AKA Big EvilHari Yang lalu

    First girls reaction: he raped me...

  79. author

    AndromedaHari Yang lalu

    im usually with Ryan on the supernatural things but im 1000% with Shane on this one

  80. author

    Joshua LathamHari Yang lalu

    I love sweet people who know their stuff rather than feeling superior to everyone else. She seems like a real nice lady.

  81. author

    Asli GünerHari Yang lalu


  82. author

    Nora van ZwolHari Yang lalu

    I mean those things howling in the distance isnt mothman but perhaps it could eat you alive

  83. author

    Gordon SchnickHari Yang lalu

    LegalEagle fans: Wait, I've seen this one before Buzzfeed fans: what do you mean seen it? It's brand new.

  84. author

    Abraham PerezHari Yang lalu

    Her time is seriously impressive!

  85. author

    ryne davisHari Yang lalu

    Nobody mentioned the awesome Star Wars hoodie

  86. author

    KPpieHari Yang lalu

    they should have given her a kitkat. To have a break. XD.

  87. author

    OG PetroHari Yang lalu

    *_When she is trying to clean the makeup but it doesn't come off_*

  88. author

    Bart VBHari Yang lalu

    I would break the law just to see her tho

  89. author

    THUNDERBIRD!!Hari Yang lalu

    It all comes down to people treat God as a fairytale or at least until they are on their death bed begging God (that they don't believe in!)to save their souls because they do not want hell. She was at the hospital and medical treatment failed and the family has every GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO THEIR BELIEFS!God will not be mocked,he will not be killed by earthly fools and God will judge you whether you believe in him or not.So please go ahead and roll those dice for your souls.

  90. author

    MasterZhangHari Yang lalu

    /why are they getting blood spatters from getting hit in the body Likely East Asian influence. Get hit in the gut, spit out blood.

  91. author

    Anuj PatelHari Yang lalu

    That nba game they were watching was the game of Gordon Hayward’s huge injury

  92. author

    Amanda LuptonHari Yang lalu

    Olive needs her own room

  93. author

    Carly TylerHari Yang lalu

    I am watching these all over again lol

  94. author

    Severus SnapeHari Yang lalu

    Ify doesn’t deserve streamer mode

  95. author

    Go commit dont breathingHari Yang lalu

    In 2030 everyone will have hair in all there faces except where the beard should be.I call it a "Draeb" or "Reverse Beard"

  96. author

    Spooky StelaHari Yang lalu

    Bring back Ruining History 🥺

  97. author

    Nathaniel ConnollyHari Yang lalu

    I think she was experiencing some sort of psychotic break, didn’t she have bipolar disorder? She could’ve been experiencing mania at the time. I feel awful for her, as someone who’s experienced and grown up around mental illness I know how horrifying it can be to be in the midst of hallucinations and the lot.

  98. author

    FortydroidHari Yang lalu

    2:52 "grotesque, beady-looking eyes" i'm sorry

  99. author

    LightningHari Yang lalu

    Dominic claims he watched all dragon ball z episodes in 1 week (144) hours. I don't even think that's possible

  100. author

    Nora van ZwolHari Yang lalu

    You both sound like dying animals