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    Scott Ferguson53 detik yang lalu

    LEAVE MANCHESTER UNITED YOU SPOIT BRAT! The fans loved you when you came back and you’ve just gone and thrown it back in our faces!!

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    another man41 menit yang lalu

    Can you make one for matheus pereira he plays for west brom also linked with Manchester United

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    BIG CUZ48 menit yang lalu

    Give him to me

  4. author

    Kawalya Patrick48 menit yang lalu

    average talent

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    SAM7iHD54 menit yang lalu

    Nice bro🔥

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    Dabber King57 menit yang lalu

    whats the song?

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    ManuScoutHDJam Yang lalu

    Source: SkySports! Enjoy the clip!

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    Dabber KingJam Yang lalu

    you are almost about to hit 20,000 subs! good luck!

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    Dabber KingJam Yang lalu

    but i've never heard of him before. no links to united

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    Hasuma officialJam Yang lalu

    Viva Manchester United

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    Dabber KingJam Yang lalu


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    Scooter Mcgavin252 jam yang lalu

    Why wank all that money on a kid that's unproven in real competition. If you're gonna spend that money might as well get Harry Kane instead.

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    The Console Genius2 jam yang lalu

    That’s why we bought him He’s worth 100 mil man

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    Panda channel2 jam yang lalu

    Hopefully going to Manchester United

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    Adnaan7 -2 jam yang lalu

    Suit Bayern more than United tbh

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    J T2 jam yang lalu

    So many stupid comments. he's on of the greatest talents in Europe at the moment, scoring buckets of goals, 19 years old, and you guys are sitting on your fat a**** eating junk food and saying he's not good enough?? LOL!!!!

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    Thulani Ronaldo2 jam yang lalu

    Hot boi yoh I can't wait to see him MUFC

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    Harrison Omondi3 jam yang lalu

    Marson Greenwood is better than him just need to be given more playing time. Use that money to bring in James Maddison instead, we are lucking creativity in the offensive area.

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    mohamed farhan4 jam yang lalu


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    toriola oladipo4 jam yang lalu

    If we want to sign him we need alot of creativity to give him service to score the goals

  21. author

    Yaphet S4 jam yang lalu

    Haaland also know as Brienne of Tarth

  22. author

    Tri Anggoro Mukti4 jam yang lalu


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    Aiden5 jam yang lalu

    1 minute in and he can take a penalty and a tap-in? this is why i hate these videos.

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    Phu Tran5 jam yang lalu


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    rad2cool6 jam yang lalu

    Lol. He scored only open goals and tap ins. He is okay for uniteds standard !

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    Acan Film Football Channel9 jam yang lalu

    Check out my IDreporter channel.. Just release a new video

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    StefAcho13 jam yang lalu

    When I was 19 we had Yorke & Cole up front with Sheringham & Solskjaer on the bench!! Now we got Rashford & Martial and I´m counting James as our best attacking trio. So If we go for Haaland. Who will be on the bench? In that Hypothetical I can see Rashford turning Winger. James to the Right. And Martial & Haaland as our Strikers. ..McT - CDM and Scholes CM. Bam!😋💓🖤🤍

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    R.nwldn 24s13 jam yang lalu

    Name a better defensive RB then AWB🤔I’ll wait

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    SEe You oN tHE othER SIde R15 jam yang lalu

    Your videos are too short plzz make them longer plzzzz

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    Jason Bourne15 jam yang lalu

    We always see the three faces for man u jersey of the ones with the most fucking showoff all three of them lingard,pogba,alex greenwood.

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    jac Mogsy 2116 jam yang lalu

    You not going to lie that’s shit nothing good about him only young and shot

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    yasser ammar16 jam yang lalu

    In the future Halland is the worst defender

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    Rod Buchan16 jam yang lalu

    Scoring a bunch of penalties and straightforward tap ins isn't impressive.

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    Amit Mukherjee16 jam yang lalu

    He is building some reputation... But I have seen several of his goals are mostly just tap ins

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    Stephan Christine Fitness17 jam yang lalu

    Lingaard was once worth 80 million during his good season!! What a young talent he is! haha!

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    Fuck This17 jam yang lalu

    Aaron wan bissaka Still shit

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    oSIRmola r17 jam yang lalu

    2:06 I want to see more of this from him

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    Waiting17 jam yang lalu

    how many times you wanna show a penalty in a 3 min video lol

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    Eduardo Francisco Cândido18 jam yang lalu


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    Oliver Cader18 jam yang lalu

    All songs name please

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    Raghav Saraogi18 jam yang lalu

    Mason Greenwood: *makes a pass* This channel: HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING

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    Daniel Mumia19 jam yang lalu

    We should strengthen and give the midfield some depth b4 going for some strikers Who knows he might be another trampoline feet in a united shirt

  43. author

    Mojo K19 jam yang lalu

    Needs to improve his attacking product but then again he's could have a few assists had Lingard and Rashford scored from his chances.

  44. author

    Moo20 jam yang lalu

    not so great going forward. can't deliver a decent cross. a greater back passer than Valencia.

  45. author

    alexander alwis20 jam yang lalu

    this video is pointless

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    Jason Luxury21 jam yang lalu

    Actually by tackling and conceding more throw-ins and corners, Wan actually helps improve the opponent's build up and set pieces chances.

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    HIP HOP WORLD22 jam yang lalu

    Erling Haaland: champions league anthem is my alarm Man u: Europa league anthem is better.

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    TONY V23 jam yang lalu

    I think if he joins him and martial will be competing and rotating for the striker position as Rashford and James are better outwide and have the workrate to go up and down the wings and martial is better as a Striker. However against teams that sit back more we could use martial left haaland st James right, or we could play two uptop with martial and Haaland. Many options but i prefer 3 uptop

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    Pauline Thompson23 jam yang lalu

    I love his skills and speed he will be great very soon i believe in him

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    zhafici kayzeHari Yang lalu

    Next harry maguer👆

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    Max HalleyHari Yang lalu

    He doesn't offer a lot going forward but he's world-class defensively...could he potentially play as part of a three man defence?

  52. author

    Christoph NtjathiHari Yang lalu

    Tap-in king.

  53. author

    Subhan QureshiHari Yang lalu

    He is a great talent but he needs time..1 v 1 he does a great job.

  54. author

    Subhan QureshiHari Yang lalu

    we may be performing not as we expected but there are of lot positives..getting rid of most of the unwanted players and the players who did not wanted to play and signing 3 players who have made us better..2 or 3 transfer period and our squad will be strong..

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    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu

    At attacking midfielder

  56. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu

    Buy him

  57. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu

    All manutd players have to do it

  58. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu


  59. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu


  60. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu


  61. author

    Dybala PauloHari Yang lalu

    Lingard i love kieunse

  62. author

    Servant Of Jesus ChristHari Yang lalu

    Rash flash, destined for greatness..

  63. author

    MGT • AKAMJZSKHari Yang lalu

    Can you make a long video about united..

  64. author

    finesse merchantHari Yang lalu

    What a signing!

  65. author

    Cash BackHari Yang lalu

    Probably going to be the signing of the season.

  66. author

    aman powarHari Yang lalu


  67. author

    Chisomo KayuniHari Yang lalu

    His a great finisher tbh

  68. author

    JbempsHari Yang lalu

    Hate the music

  69. author

    Sam’sComps7Hari Yang lalu

    Can you make me a thumbnail

  70. author

    Ayive MpuluHari Yang lalu

    This channel always puts the best bits of Man utd

  71. author

    killbotoneHari Yang lalu

    To be fair he is out of position a lot in this video. A world class defender would not get caught out so often. He is lucky he is young and can tackle. But that can come with terrible injuries too.

  72. author

    GrantMC100Hari Yang lalu

    Who says he's going to Utd? There are many better clubs he could choose. Is he the real deal hmmm not sure but he's young with talent. Not sure if his career will be benefited by a coach like olly. Now imagine if Klopp or Pep wanted him.

  73. author

    Donald MolotoHari Yang lalu

    He's no longer 17?

  74. author

    Around The World With FootballHari Yang lalu

    who else think he was chinese when he hears his name 😂😂😂

  75. author

    Jaydon GrandisonHari Yang lalu

    He is getting back there

  76. author

    Abraham ChinyeHari Yang lalu

    He needs a loan. Elanga is better

  77. author

    Brenax QuinyHari Yang lalu

    It's never over with Mourinho, master of come backs

  78. author

    Eisa AkHari Yang lalu

    Scores tap ins and pens in a farmers league not sure about him 🤨

  79. author

    Moc Moc2 hari yang lalu

    Best in defense

  80. author

    Joshua Jibu2 hari yang lalu

    He has gotten a lot better than last year I knew he would be much better and I am sure he will better than this in coming matches

  81. author

    Leif Hasoon2 hari yang lalu

    Lingard is my favourite player

  82. author

    Rizki Amstrong2 hari yang lalu

    Plase this is music backsound video my bro plase 😭

  83. author

    Rizki Amstrong2 hari yang lalu

    Plase this is music backsound video my bro, plase 😭

  84. author

    Madman Moz2 hari yang lalu

    Wow just think we have a world class player in the right back position the the next 10 years. Please remember that AWB Is a right back first and not a attacking full back. Once people realise that and stop comparing him to TAA then his defending can really be appreciated. TAA is better going forward but AWB is a much better defender. But both players are young and will improve! How great is it that we have these to players fir the England national team.

  85. author

    Pritam Shejul2 hari yang lalu

    He hasn't become..he was already a word class right back

  86. author

    LATEMPCHANELL fts2 hari yang lalu

    what song title?

  87. author

    Miachel valentino2 hari yang lalu

    Not good enough ,squad player at best but still better than lingard

  88. author

    Paschal Agwunobi2 hari yang lalu

    He's good, all he needed was a run of games , and the manager's trust

  89. author

    Ean Albe2 hari yang lalu

    Just buy anyone from youtube video Manshiter United. 😂

  90. author

    Peaxe zone2 hari yang lalu

    give him no.7

  91. author

    Three lions on our shirt2 hari yang lalu

    Coming on strong this lad...

  92. author

    Kronos br2 hari yang lalu

    Intro music?

  93. author

    Jaja2 hari yang lalu

    His interception skill is very good, he is reading the opponent movement, although his body is small but he able to shield the ball with some strength.

  94. author

    Two Deep Boy2 hari yang lalu

    Mourinho has said that when manutd strengthen the defenders we will see the best of Fred and it’s clearly true. Look at him now. Can’t wait to see him grow as a player

  95. author

    Alexander Park2 hari yang lalu

    He is having his breakout season. His improvement this season is remarkable-he’s a genuine world class elite player all of a sudden it’s incredible. He always showed potential but it’s been nothing short of sensational this season. McTominay has arrived. (Should he avoid career threatening injuries as is always the case with any player) he is potentially a future Man Utd & Scotland captain.

  96. author

    Djangus Roundstone2 hari yang lalu

    A defender who can actually defend. A rare sight these days when what makes a "great defender" is his ability to get forward/be offensive and not actually you know.. defend.

  97. author

    Victor Clark2 hari yang lalu


  98. author

    Isotoptic- Waist2 hari yang lalu

    Overrated trash

  99. author

    Inderpreet Bains2 hari yang lalu

    Ur channel is great can u do a Maguire and lindelof video like a duo one

  100. author

    Rajvirr Purii2 hari yang lalu

    Daniel James pleaseeeee