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Hi guys, my name is Mikey Bustos, and I'm just a boy living in an epic world with a dream to change it!
My bio is pretty random: In short, I am a professional singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who moved to Manila, Philippines which sorta became my Hollywood because my first IDreporter channel MIKEYBUSTOSVIDEOS grew popular due to Filipino comedy videos. Meanwhile, I'm also a big biology geek who is obsessed with ants, so I built an internationally operating ant business supported by another popular channel called ANTSCANADA, and well basically, today I travel and tour around the world doing what I love so I wanted to start this vlogging channel, in hopes to encourage you guys to follow your dreams no matter how random, by showing you what happened when I followed mine! You just never know where life will take you when you listen to the yearnings of your heart!
Welcome to my daily vlogs! TRAVEL. FOOD. COMEDY. SINGING. ANTS. LIFE.
I upload a new video every day at 7AM EST!

  1. author

    nlhrb5 menit yang lalu

    Just got an airtaxi ad wtf

  2. author

    Lantern Apocalypse13 menit yang lalu

    Releasing food vlogs at 6am. Lovely. All I can do is eat cereal along with it.

  3. author

    Jayson BlackJam Yang lalu

    ok, Mikey, It's cool. I still wish you would sing my song. FB!

  4. author

    Heidi3 jam yang lalu

    👦🏻🦜 That's so cute, Ligaya still has mostly her baby voice here. 🧝🏻‍♀️ I love that little voice mucho. So fun watching these older ones, thanks Mikey.❣Love that girl.🧚🏼‍♀️

  5. author

    _. Cherry ._. Pie ._4 jam yang lalu

    Mikey: “I can already see her thinking” Ligya: (o >0)

  6. author

    Batang X4 jam yang lalu

    I want jollibee GCs

  7. author

    Yaya’s Living7 jam yang lalu

    No more “ hairy Asian.” May Gianna, Kobe Bryant and other lives that was lost😔 rest peacefully.

  8. author

    Belinda De Jesus7 jam yang lalu

    😁 Always great to spend time with family. One on one's are always rewarding.

  9. author

    CutieXi Plier8 jam yang lalu

    OML i need to know , where did your friend buy it? Srry for my english I need that cage for my parrot ;; pleaseeee

  10. author

    Don Alberto8 jam yang lalu

    Shave shave that head

  11. author

    GoL*ve Yourself9 jam yang lalu

    So so sad about Kobe and his daughter. I feel terrible for his family.

  12. author

    Kyle Blanco9 jam yang lalu

    Woowww. Can’t wait for our Toyota Coaster! Customized by Atoy too 😁💯

  13. author

    Mina C9 jam yang lalu

    Nooooooo! Not the hair!!! 😂

  14. author

    Rowena Martinez10 jam yang lalu

    Good evening 🇨🇦❄️☃️ Tita encarna a beautiful card and mssg to you.

  15. author

    Daniel Bunton11 jam yang lalu

    You do know he raped a poor little girl...

  16. author

    Army Animal Nerd MyDays12 jam yang lalu

    Ever think about getting pigeons? Roller pigeons or homing pigeons? There are so many different breeds.😄They kinda poop a lot so they need a pigeon pants if kept inside, they don't really need "chew" toys, they're so adorable I love my boys🕊 so affectionate 🙂 Roller pigeons when they're flying they roll back and homing pigeons are pigeons used for sending mail back then, as they will always come back home. So if you have one house that's their roost and another house where you're feeding them they'll go back and forth between the houses everyday.

  17. author

    Nik#fishnerd Snyder13 jam yang lalu

    Sad everyone is mentioning Kobi but no one has mentioned the pilot and others who were in the crash!!!

  18. author

    Miss Panda Manda14 jam yang lalu

    Stop apologising about the same day edits! It is nice to have these homey vlogs!

  19. author

    Dizzie Dack14 jam yang lalu

    Can't imagine watching your poor child losing their mind knowing it's the end and you can't save them , she had her daddy tho died knowing she's loved .... don't hate I know what I mean

  20. author

    Sherri Baker14 jam yang lalu

    RIP Kobe and Gigi. Please keep your hair. It makes you look youthful and handsome (gwapo)

  21. author

    Shirley H15 jam yang lalu

    Whew, no shaved head, I can relax now LOL

  22. author

    noelthemastermind15 jam yang lalu

    The thumbnail makes you look like an alien. 😂 I’ve had the impression you’d grow your hair out (close) to the hair length your brother has. That’s a proper challenge! 💇🏻‍♂️

  23. author

    Julie A15 jam yang lalu

    Ligaya you are the positivity in our world of not so positive news at the moment.

  24. author

    itarfer15 jam yang lalu

    It's tragic that a lot of innocent people died, but it's not tragic that a rapist died.

  25. author

    Tucker Laws16 jam yang lalu

    That is not right what is wrong with them

  26. author

    yzhel manalo16 jam yang lalu

    i really enjoy watching them eating

  27. author

    Richard Kalaluhi16 jam yang lalu

    Another random vlog from the mind of our not so random Mabuhay creator whom randomly decides to make great content at the drop of a dime. Mind blown! Lol. Wait, was that a random thought? Hmm....

  28. author

    Just a Weirdguy16 jam yang lalu

    eh whatever

  29. author

    Leandro Galdeano16 jam yang lalu

    Dude! Don't cut your hair, you look so much better like that!

  30. author

    Senna Goodheart16 jam yang lalu

    As someone with a rare genetic condition, me saying that i was also gay to my family and friends wasn't shocking anymore. I mean... yay? I guess?

  31. author

    Tí Bo17 jam yang lalu

    I forgot why he shaved his head in the first place. I mean it's hair and its seems to not bald itself. 😄 bald people literally could never. Sadly

  32. author

    Charles Darwin Arante17 jam yang lalu

    Unbelievable indeed yet realistic. Nevertheless, everything happens for a reason and there's always Hope, Faith and Love😍❤💙💚💛💜.

  33. author

    Gaming Toast17 jam yang lalu

    I like bird vlogs

  34. author

    Richard Alford17 jam yang lalu

    Can I just say that spending a few minutes with you, RJ, Ligaya and others each day is like the daily check-in with a best friend. It doesn’t matter the topic, the point is the connection. RJ, you’re really making progress with your work outs!! Happy Monday!!!!

  35. author

    flo games17 jam yang lalu

    Love this vlog

  36. author

    ACarlo717 jam yang lalu

    Hope your carnivorous plants r really asleep.

  37. author

    Aeroc00l games17 jam yang lalu

    holy hell he is good at singing

  38. author

    thelandofopie17 jam yang lalu

    Oh Mikey and RJ!! 🥰🥰

  39. author

    Willow Winkle18 jam yang lalu

    Mikey Congratulations on TikTok 100K 🤗 that's amazing! I love these random no-point daily vlogs because it's like we're sharing real life with you. Speaking of life - I was also SO upset today about the news of Kobe Bryant 💔 - I think Tita Encarna's New Year/Holiday wish is a good one and I love these daily affirmation calendar. 🤗 PS. KEEP your gorgeous hair - it makes you look so young! (more tik tok followers hehe)

  40. author

    Blackdragon9518 jam yang lalu

    Of course my birthday has to be a fanous persons dearh day

  41. author

    OldSalty OSO18 jam yang lalu

    wait whaaa??? Mikey not going bald again???? No hair means less maintenance LOL. I cut my hair at least once a month and yea I can't complain about it. R I P Kobe Bryant.

  42. author

    Brenda Mitchell18 jam yang lalu

    Glad you are not shaving your head. You look SO SO SO much better with hair than bald!!!

  43. author

    Jah Cris18 jam yang lalu

    HAHAHA,may ganyan ako madaling turuan,lalo na kung puro bad words hahaha,WITWIW!, sagot nun NYETA!,hahaha.Good Vibes,and Be Blessed.

  44. author

    Bryan Jimenez18 jam yang lalu

    I'm using that too nitro tech. Love that. 💪😊

  45. author

    ladybassguitarplayer18 jam yang lalu

    WE DON'T FIND IT BORING!!!! I really do like the same day, random vlogs. And I love the other ones also! So .. basically ... I love all you do. :)

  46. author

    kin 0 mine18 jam yang lalu

    Have a great evening, Every thing tita Encarna says has a life message behind it. So sit and contemplate then pick up the phone and call her!😇

  47. author

    Lulu Baker19 jam yang lalu

    U almost shave your Head glad u did not.

  48. author

    auntienem19 jam yang lalu

    I'm a huge fan Mikey! I watch religiously every morning. I bought a water resistant speaker that usually listen to your blogs in the am when I'm getting ready in the morning. I enjoy days like this that it's just you at home and I enjoy it the planned outings. Keep it up thank you Mikey

  49. author

    Matt Mackechnie19 jam yang lalu

    AWESOME!! 👀 Thumbnail looks like a alien off Star Trek!! 🖖 #MabuhaySquad 💙 #269SquadMember 🇵🇭 #AussiePinoySquad 🇦🇺

  50. author

    Dizzy Miss Lizzie19 jam yang lalu

    It felt like someone punched me in the stomach when the news popped up on our screens that Kobe died and then again that his daughter Gianna died. Alicia Keys and Boyz II Men had a beautiful tribute to him at the Grammy’s last night though. I didn’t think I would be up to watching the show, but I guess music is exactly what I needed.

  51. author

    sharon piecharka19 jam yang lalu

    Love ur random videos. Ligaya is adorable, Java the Hut is very cute, can't wait for ur carnivorous plants out of hibernation and so much more u put in there. Most important.... 'Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant and Daughter', U will be missed.

  52. author

    Tina Reutin19 jam yang lalu

    My vote is for you keeping your hair, however much that might be worth. Same day vlogs are great.

  53. author

    Charzrhaine Archer20 jam yang lalu

    Enjoy your hair while you still have it. As a person with alopecia, everyday is a struggle and I don’t work because I’m self concious also I’ve had traumatic experience from being bullied which losing hair makes it even worse. If I got bullied for being in my normal state what more when I’m losing hair? Sorry I kinda rant for being useless.. Oh yeah same day edit is the best, it makes us closer to you like in the romantic movies “We are looking at the same sky” kind of thing cliche. No homo tho.

  54. author

    Joy Brabante20 jam yang lalu

    Sad news about kobe. Same day edit is good.

  55. author

    thelandofopie20 jam yang lalu

    Thank you, for hearing us - on how your same day edit vlogs are enjoyable to us. Leap of faith my friend, accepting that people can genuinely like the person inside the entertainer! Relatable.

  56. author

    bshedn220 jam yang lalu

    I am glad you didn't shave your head. You look great with hair. Great workout.

  57. author

    Marilou Shelledy20 jam yang lalu

    With all that has happened, that positive affirmation makes sense today. 😢 Take a deep breath. Relax and let go.

  58. author

    Rose Forbes20 jam yang lalu

    I do love these vlogs!

  59. author

    Francis Fuentes20 jam yang lalu

    Can you speak Tagalog 24 hrs

  60. author

    EyeLockGaming20 jam yang lalu

    PLEASE Don't Shave your Hair We Love your Hair Were Used to you with Your Hair ❤❤ Lets make a #DontShaveYourHairMikey

  61. author

    J.Corby Gaming20 jam yang lalu

    4 Things: 1) We love the hair as much as you do man, just Keep It (unless you legit want to shave it off, it’s your world, you’re the protagonist of the story) 2) Rip Kobe, he’s a Icon and he’s on my favorite (and honestly only liked) Basketball Team: Golden State Warriors! I hope his family is doing well. 3) You really think that Same day edits are “bad”, they aren’t! We love the casual and energetic side of you man! Just do both! Keep up the Godly work man! We love ya! 4) Uh... favorite style of egg? (I just say egg when idk what to say).

  62. author

    darius john20 jam yang lalu

    dont shave mikey!

  63. author

    Eva Strickman20 jam yang lalu

    The dad jokes are my favorite thing ever I think he should be a comedian

  64. author

    Phil ThePain20 jam yang lalu

    Rip kobe bryant

  65. author

    Thomas Eagles21 jam yang lalu

    Yeah working out helps to keep the blood flowing so now I’ll I got to do is join again.👍🇨🇦

  66. author

    Magn Fred21 jam yang lalu

    For some reason when you say mabuhay squad i hear mobile high squad

  67. author

    Magn Fred21 jam yang lalu

    For some reason when you say mabuhay squad i hear mobile high squad

  68. author

    earl saquilayan21 jam yang lalu

    I am a pilipino

  69. author

    soloherps21 jam yang lalu

    You can feed the pac man more then two to three times a week also I hope you switch up it’s diet with other enriching food choices much love

  70. author

    SimsterGal TV21 jam yang lalu

    Visco girl laughs: SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK

  71. author

    ComStudio21 jam yang lalu

    Katayin ko yang manok mo ehh.. hehe. joke lang..

  72. author

    Hans DG's Channel21 jam yang lalu

    Hi kuya mikey it’s me again! I hope you’d still notice this...so my baby eclectus that I’m raising for a weeks can finally eat in its own he started eating pellets and birdseed...what I’m not sure is how am i gonna teach him to drink water? I’m leaving water on his cage but he doesn’t give attention to it

  73. author

    Marilyn Chan21 jam yang lalu

    RIP Kobe!!!

  74. author

    Fina Aldaba22 jam yang lalu

    Same day edit is good for me, too . 🤗🤗🤗

  75. author

    Tsong Vasquez22 jam yang lalu

    Don't shave mikey plssss

  76. author

    艾瑞歐Ar Leo22 jam yang lalu


  77. author

    Amanda Mandigo22 jam yang lalu

    I want some Jolibee coupons. I know they ain't any good to me but I would love to keep them just as a jeep.sake from Mikey Bustos!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I love the little Mikey and RJ LOL so adorable!!!

  78. author

    Little Susie22 jam yang lalu

    Life is precious and should never be taken for granted. Rest in peace to all those who died in the crash. 🙏🏻😔🙏🏻

  79. author

    pat22 jam yang lalu


  80. author

    Who Cares22 jam yang lalu

    Java the hut is the cutest frog i have ever seen... 😍 I want jollibee gcs..

  81. author

    lissaleigh mercado22 jam yang lalu

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant and all the passengers whobare in the Helicopter crash. We will give prayers for ghose people

  82. author

    Peter Pedrito22 jam yang lalu

    Shaved my head first time in 6 months 😁👍

  83. author

    DJ Narvaez22 jam yang lalu

    Dont shave!

  84. author

    Fe Aspril22 jam yang lalu

    Daily vlogs from you is like saying Hello to a relative ,please don't apologize

  85. author

    Brandon Neil Sta. Teresa22 jam yang lalu

    Japanese society perceive religious people as suspicious and are constantly looked down upon by locals.

  86. author

    Who Cares22 jam yang lalu

    You look good with hair mikey.. I want jollibee gcs! ☺️

  87. author

    DaikiChuei22 jam yang lalu

    RIP Kobe

  88. author

    Fe Aspril22 jam yang lalu

    Love daily vlogs

  89. author

    Tyler Cai22 jam yang lalu

    Mikey wear a mask be careful

  90. author

    DaikiChuei22 jam yang lalu

    Weew. Yes no to shaving hair 2020 :D

  91. author

    judy hsieh22 jam yang lalu

    i really love the same day edit, it's calm and simple!

  92. author

    April Anne Doroteo22 jam yang lalu

    i like the videos now... same day edit.. same day upload....

  93. author

    oscar keeper22 jam yang lalu

    No dont shave your head and rip kobe briant 😢😢😢😢

  94. author

    AntsCanada22 jam yang lalu


  95. author

    Lori Akers22 jam yang lalu

    she's trying to scratch her head. My birds do this with either their bells, or the quill of their molted feathers.

  96. author

    Rence22 jam yang lalu

    loving the everyday positive affirmation, keep them coming our way..

  97. author

    Lantern Apocalypse22 jam yang lalu

    Yo that scene of him and RJ gyrating in unison was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a minute. I have a nightmare visit with the dentist today and that made me feel a little better about it. Also the title is really funny.

  98. author

    Joebini Roblete22 jam yang lalu

    Mikey you should the daily positive affirmation on to your description of your videos,

  99. author

    vögelnacht22 jam yang lalu

    For a moment there I really thought kalbo Mikey was back, whew! (not that it's a bad thing, just sudden)

  100. author

    Alden Rae Mamaril22 jam yang lalu

    Once Again I Love These Same Day Edit Vlog's 🙂 🙂🙂 🙂🙂 🙂 #MabuhaySquad