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  1. author

    Lukasz Kowalski35 menit yang lalu

    Bests save Wojciecha Szczęsnego

  2. author

    Simo Lubra58 menit yang lalu

    L oblio

  3. author

    和平世界Jam Yang lalu

    Respect Ranieri but still have a lot of coach like Lippi, Conte and Manchini present outstanding performance

  4. author

    free eagleJam Yang lalu

    Pazzo Pazzini e s'abbracciamo

  5. author

    Ma'arif sukhrowardiJam Yang lalu

    Oppa Ranieri ♥️

  6. author

    Sanfilippo AngeloJam Yang lalu

    Per risolvere i problemi ci vogliono i soldi della juve

  7. author

    bele92Jam Yang lalu

    molto simpatico Ranieri, specie dopo la leggendaria impresa del 2015-16

  8. author

    Mango 13Jam Yang lalu

    L’uomo che finge di risolvere i problemi in realtà creandone altri : Salvini

  9. author

    Flavio 09Jam Yang lalu

    Claudio Ranieri uno di noi

  10. author

    PGG AesteoussJam Yang lalu


  11. author

    Kalaala Sports tvJam Yang lalu


  12. author

    Tonsh BenoshJam Yang lalu

    Grande Mario ❤️

  13. author

    SHOTGUNJam Yang lalu

    Non ci sono parole per descriverlo sia come persona sia come giocatore, non le hanno ancora inventate,

  14. author

    haythem attaya2 jam yang lalu

    there is no defence

  15. author

    NoveDiCoppe2 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    frenk frenky3 jam yang lalu

    The goal was de ligt ful

  17. author

    O Mret3 jam yang lalu

    Amala ❤️

  18. author

    Augusto Grassi3 jam yang lalu

    Só fazia gol pro lado esquerdo?

  19. author

    mohammed simaak3 jam yang lalu

    ronaldo player in the world

  20. author

    Salman Alfarisi3 jam yang lalu

    So you think theres nothing to add from zlatans time at juventus. You should change the title to Zlatans Best moment at Milan City.

  21. author

    The Way4 jam yang lalu


  22. author

    Giovanni Fadda4 jam yang lalu

    Sto telecronista tifa palesemente milan

  23. author

    Kradisasht5 jam yang lalu

    Less goals more replays and celebration..the video guy should improve

  24. author

    Michele Mirarchi5 jam yang lalu

    Bari Te li Bettega con i bianco neri

  25. author

    Prabowo Dyan5 jam yang lalu

    Radja 🔝🔝🔝

  26. author

    T Lee6 jam yang lalu

    Really hope he gets to go to euros one last time

  27. author

    yaliso gioouy6 jam yang lalu

    Sarri: Undercover Napoli Agent.

  28. author

    Андрей с6 jam yang lalu

    Shevchenko is a legendary player !!! Great guy ! Thanks for memoirs))) 👍🏻

  29. author

    Quincy Ileh6 jam yang lalu

    I wonder how much they now pay balo weekly ,🤔🤔 around 2000euro

  30. author

    まんクネクネ6 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    Stereoboroda Buddy7 jam yang lalu

    Как прекрасно, что мы живем в эпоху противостояния двух величайших форвардов в истории: Балотелли и Бендтнера!

  32. author

    Ewerton 10107 jam yang lalu

    Esse jogava muita bola !!!! Foi um dos maiores da minha época!!!

  33. author

    Douglas Felipe Vieira Machado7 jam yang lalu

    Apesar de tudo,foi um dos maiores jogadores do mundo.

  34. author

    Barbara Ośmiałowska8 jam yang lalu


  35. author

    Dpreacher & Govbluewhale8 jam yang lalu

    Balotelli Balotelli...

  36. author Dino Pera9 jam yang lalu

    Giocatore sopravvalutato che non ha mai vinto una coppa, fa qua fa la fa giu ma la sostanza non ce

  37. author

    Gaming R10 jam yang lalu

    Forza Juve!

  38. author

    Ralph Wille10 jam yang lalu

    Il Animale!!

  39. author

    sahak kadir11 jam yang lalu

    Ini kaki kiri... Yg terbaru kaki kanan. Tempat yang sama...

  40. author

    S M11 jam yang lalu

    Questionable officiating. Bad Juve defense. Not a fun game to watch.

  41. author

    Jundiscleyditon De Caubrio Tondisley.11 jam yang lalu

    AC Milan: Dida - Oddo - Nesta - Thiago Silva - Zambrotta - Ambrosini - Pirlo - Seedorf - Pato - Inzaghi - and Fabulous Ronaldinho.

  42. author

    Tanja 112212 jam yang lalu

    He'll still never be a starting line up player for Croatia lol. I don't even think he's played 1 full game for them?

  43. author

    Henrique Delmiro12 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    albertosamaniego12 jam yang lalu

    Grande Chino!

  45. author

    Jorge Alberto Solorzano Joaquin12 jam yang lalu

    Mama mía! Que zurda la que se cargaba el chino

  46. author

    Leroy Carter12 jam yang lalu

    Pub League. Celtic beat Lazio home and away. The SPL is actually better than Serie A. Who would have thought it?

  47. author

    Salam Kajengba13 jam yang lalu

    Look at Mario Mandzukic 09:27

  48. author

    Lil Nookker13 jam yang lalu

    AC Milan NEED Mr. Zlatan and Shaarawy back

  49. author

    Marco Ullmann13 jam yang lalu

    Não culpo o Edmundo...o Rio é foda mesmo, ainda mais no carnaval!

  50. author

    Priscus Grace14 jam yang lalu

    Its not my job to selebrate as straiker Mario ballotel.....

  51. author

    JÁ É MEU REI14 jam yang lalu

    O que um torcedor não faz para ver o SEU TIME no mundial de clubes rsrsrs... Entra no canal Já É, Meu Rei e veja. Muito boa Já é meu rei. História: No Mundial

  52. author

    il milanista14 jam yang lalu


  53. author

    Xx_Anto_xX14 jam yang lalu

    0:25 Pjanic perché si butta? 😂