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I Wish I Wasn't AsianI Wish I Wasn't Asian

I Wish I Wasn't Asian

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I Got My First Pap SmearI Got My First Pap Smear

I Got My First Pap Smear

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Live Q&ALive Q&A

Live Q&A

4 bulan yang lalu

Live Q&A AnnouncementLive Q&A Announcement

Live Q&A Announcement

4 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Vertrixity Sparx36 menit yang lalu

    So dumb just put on VPN Duhhhh

  2. author

    Zeina Charkatli37 menit yang lalu

    I’m Muslim too but my parents aren’t like that they never forced me to do things I don’t want to do and I have non-Muslim friends and I have a few guy friends and I chose to wear the hijab myself so just to let people know that Islam isn’t like that sure there might be a few strict parents but doesn’t mean that you should get a bad impression on all Muslims

  3. author

    melek okumus38 menit yang lalu

    Omg I loooovvveeddd her mother💝💝💞💞💞💟💟💖💖she is sooo soft and cute!!! Love u mom from Turkey and Belgium 👋

  4. author

    SkyFly And Autter's GodSon √40 menit yang lalu

    *her dad has joined the chat* Her dad: *>:00* (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. author

    Wasifa Ehsan40 menit yang lalu

    First of all in Islam women are really respected so your father has made up his own religion

  6. author

    BUSHZII BEAR40 menit yang lalu

    Tf .. is this supposed to make Muslims look bad .

  7. author

    JuJuxx uwu41 menit yang lalu

    Thank you so much!! this really helped me realize that i am me, and religion can’t tell be otherwise. i come from a relatively liberal muslim family, but i have very homophobic parents and siblings. they haven’t held me back from getting a girlfriend!!

  8. author

    Midnight Sun41 menit yang lalu

    I’m just going to say that Izzy could be popular If this hadn’t happened

  9. author

    woah42 menit yang lalu

    Girl: "Cancer is like for people who are 50!" Babies Who Got Born With Cancer: Am I joke to you?

  10. author

    Rawasi Abeid47 menit yang lalu

    I am a Muslim, and i cam can not relate at all... my family are the best and the muslim community are super friendly .. it is clear that you want to make islam look bad... but to all non muslim fellow who wants to know islam please contact and i will show u the truth about islam

  11. author

    AlishaAnimations *47 menit yang lalu

    Nooo the mom was fine

  12. author

    Ryuuka49 menit yang lalu

    This made me tear up. Thank you so much for talking about BPD, you did it so beautifully.

  13. author

    IAm Zahrahd*49 menit yang lalu

    No 9ne should be deprived of love, and being who they are meant to be. Thank you.

  14. author

    PikBOM Plays49 menit yang lalu

    Go to hell

  15. author

    Mobile Gaming50 menit yang lalu

    They changed the title it was homesexuals go to hell sats my dad

  16. author

    melek okumus51 menit yang lalu

    Actually I respect all the girls, women who starts wearing hijab (and my mom and my sis also wearing hijab) at early age but for me 14 is soo early 😦😧 But no one should/can say you MUST to wear that, those blah blah! I born in Turkey and I am 100% mudlim and i am not arguing with people who thinks different from me but this is my opinion and I'll allways respect to those ppl😊😁

  17. author

    serie luna52 menit yang lalu

    I'm very sorry but it's not true . I'm a muslim girl, and my family always told that it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy or how you're dressed the only thing is to be muslim and to acte like a muslim personne. Being GAY it's not a option for us if you really believe in ALAH(GOD) but it's not a reason to hate the others, cause in our community we have to live in harmony with people from all ( RACES, GENDERS, RELIGIONS, SEXUALway...) This's what is to be MUSLIM

  18. author

    Name Less53 menit yang lalu

    Be free to be who u r that’s good message for anyone who has the same or similar problems in there lives and ever time some one like u can come out all say who they r openly the world can get better

  19. author

    M Perez54 menit yang lalu

    This was a really nice story too bad it was fake (Not saying this cant happen in real life just saying that this channel doesnt get their story from actual people they just make it up)

  20. author

    Lillymoonia54 menit yang lalu

    Whats this?..the smell of misinformation?

  21. author

    melek okumus55 menit yang lalu

    Is there any Turkish like me and this poor girl??? ✅

  22. author

    Cool Cat55 menit yang lalu

    I live in Saudi Arabia, my dad NEVER hits me and I am so thankful for that... To be honest I'm not religious. Not everyone in Saudi Arabia are. And marriage is for love. If men were abusing their wives they will go to jail. So your dad should never did that. And we women don't do whatever men told us unless if they were your parents. My mom is never strict about my hijab sooo 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. author

    Miss Reem57 menit yang lalu

    Saudi Arabia seriously!🤨 This is just trash and yes you will get the hill👋🏻

  24. author

    Fletcher smith57 menit yang lalu

    The Reynolds pamphlet all over again

  25. author

    Caraoke Boys58 menit yang lalu

    Shaggy’s back story

  26. author

    KpoPista xar59 menit yang lalu

    I'm Muslim too but my parents don't do like that, please don't make bad position to the Islam

  27. author

    Alya DrawsJam Yang lalu

    You’re all making islam look bad, islam is NOT like that 😑

  28. author

    • ღ A l i m a c ღ •Jam Yang lalu

    I feel like IDreporter is telling me something. My crush is from Sweden We met online *why*

  29. author

    Eman MohamedJam Yang lalu

    Wearing hijab is necessary if you are Muslim And also you don't have to treat like that from your dad that is too wrong please tell your dad to go inside the religion👑

  30. author

    Lazar GamerJam Yang lalu

    Your going to hell definitely

  31. author

    Ou†siderJam Yang lalu

    Him: * yells * I'M GAY! Me: * yells* ME TOO!

  32. author

    Mariem OuerghiJam Yang lalu

    I am Muslim and my family is open-minded

  33. author

    ina xwx maxJam Yang lalu

    first, I LIVE at saudia arabia but everything is normal, and he is sooo wrong by saying women should always hears the man my parents are so fair toeach other and living good, and also we are free if we want to wear a hijab or not, cuz in the end, im dealing with allah not with them, i should be afraid from allah not my parents, my dad always say that, and i know that i can walk outside without a hijab and my parents will never gonna do anything, but im wearing a hijab for my safety and for being more comfertible, im a thurteen Y.O muslim, and i love being a muslim cuz im free and i live at saudia arabia so everyone is like me, i feel way more comfertiblebe wearing a hijab, im free, and im living a happy life, i feel more honest tomyself praying and do other things. this story has a really big lie.

  34. author

    Emily UwUJam Yang lalu

    Srry your dad is right btw i am Muslim I am not hater but you can stop this feeling i don't want to see you burn in hell it is just for your safety pls go to your mom and dad say srry and stop thinking about being gay

  35. author

    Shahidah EdwardsJam Yang lalu

    South Park my brother Pete

  36. author

    Danny The DemonJam Yang lalu

    Boi I am a lesbian and people in my school are stuck up homophobic nerds! You keep being you! I am thankful for the friends and family I have, they except me for liking girls! Girl all those people that said and did all those things to you, they are just little nazis. You seem like such a nice person! You keep doing you okay!! Everyone loves you! And the people that hate you, well they are just jealous of how amazing you are!

  37. author

    ZDM_CBJam Yang lalu

    if he hit his waife .......to the ranch

  38. author

    BlushuiiJam Yang lalu

    wait this is my story but it's nothing like how i wrote it i-

  39. author

    Stardreamers WorldJam Yang lalu

    Sorry to say but this girl does NOT have bulimia. She has purging Disorder. The two are different.

  40. author

    Ihasn BelwaretJam Yang lalu

    This is so wrong Muslim people are not like this I grew up in a Muslim society and I have never been forced to anyting I have always have the freedom to choose what I wanted to do but I always wanted to be a Muslim and I'm proud of it I wear my hijab and I'm so proud of it my parents have never forced me to do anything they have always been kind to me and my dad have never even touched me in my mom was always kind to me and I'm so grateful to be Muslim it is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life and Muslim people are not like this maybe some of them but not all of them Muslim people are kind helpful thankful not evil

  41. author

    Gacha God 9Jam Yang lalu

    Me and my friend are 9 and I don’t but he sometimes wets his bed but I don’t mind and I don’t make fun of him 😃

  42. author

    horosorsaJam Yang lalu

    I like this girl, but the DAD?!.... I can't even.

  43. author

    Nicole LewisJam Yang lalu

    Your dad is a prick

  44. author

    halaalgangsterJam Yang lalu

    Mohammed (S.A.W) never hit a woman

  45. author

    It's Yasmin BishJam Yang lalu

    Me as a girl n muslim. I know many muslim girls in my school who are bisexual n i support them 🤷🏽‍♀️

  46. author

    xXlovely lixXxJam Yang lalu

    my dad forced me to wear a hijab at a young age “It happened so fast” me: at 10 years old wearing a hijab oh.. “very fast buster..”

  47. author

    Derstinkstiefel LOOΠΔJam Yang lalu

    If your in germany then you can just call the cops... you have a phone.... im in germany so i know how this works.. uhm...

  48. author

    Talsong KingslayerJam Yang lalu

    Parent teacher conference for college?

  49. author

    the abliteratorJam Yang lalu

    This video is 100 percent true................... gays go to hell

  50. author

    Loranda AbaziJam Yang lalu

    Im muslim and really my family isnt like this😕they let me choose what i think i want

  51. author

    Word. EditsJam Yang lalu

    I'm not scared of death I'm scared of what I'll miss in the world whilst I'm in blackness FOREVER

  52. author

    Fizzy WaasiJam Yang lalu

    This isnt true, about the submit to your husband and all kinda thing, that's not it. And met cant lay hands on their wives or any other woman that us haram.. I have soooo much non Muslim and Muslim friends

  53. author

    Fizzy WaasiJam Yang lalu

    I'm Muslim and my parents are NOT like this....

  54. author

    Dounia OuarJam Yang lalu

    In Islam ,A women is never obliges to obey men , they are supposed to act like partners , not a boss and a maid , but unfortunately our sick society makes it look like it's all cuz of Islam , but that's so wrong , Islam is protecting women & defending their right more than everything

  55. author

    Rizqullah YumnaJam Yang lalu

    are you making this video by insight of your subscriber or just watcher? u need segmented i think

  56. author

    Crazy GamingJam Yang lalu

    I do it on my fingers so I feel you

  57. author

    Muslimo AwilJam Yang lalu

    Stop lying Islam doesnt disrespect women in fact Allah raised their status ,your were losing ur faith And it's ur people who disrespect women so learn the religion well before u blame it instead of ur people .

  58. author

    ジュヂちゃんJam Yang lalu

    Thats not islam at allllll!!!

  59. author

    oh shit girl-Jam Yang lalu

    I'm Muslim and nobody does this and your dad is not Muslim because he is punching and betraying his wife that's not what Muslims do btw there is nothing called gay Muslim THAT IS NOTHING AT ALL

  60. author

    Amber ShaneJam Yang lalu

    Woah, hold up.........was he literally gonna let u have it? Damn gurl

  61. author

    Dounia OuarJam Yang lalu

    Okay , this is a wrong picture of Islam

  62. author

    PsycheSyikinJam Yang lalu

    This is just bad parenting. Instead of punishing and scold his daughter and his wife, he should guide them as a father, especially to his daughter. Give her some support atleast. Women are seen as a higher priority more than men in Islam for a reason. In fact, a man hurting a woman, physically or mentally is actually a sin but most people don't know this. If a woman cries because of a man, he'll also be sinned. Islam never taught their believers to harm woman or any human being at all. I just don't get why *some* Muslim man thinks it's okay to punish and hurt a woman🙄 it always pisses me off

  63. author

    Fake FakeJam Yang lalu

    Everything been told about islam and saudi Arabia in this video is.a lie

  64. author

    Sanesss • 49 years ago • EditedJam Yang lalu

    Just becouse homosexuals cant make babies and are opposite of what nature gave human ablity to do doesn't mean they can't get accepted!

  65. author

    Mustafa AdanırJam Yang lalu

    I'm Turkish too, I can understand what you feel. 🥺

  66. author

    2 EASY 4 MEJam Yang lalu

    Best video on YT❤🔥

  67. author

    Ryanne BeatonJam Yang lalu

    I'm a lesbian and it's really hard. I used to think I was pansexual and came out to my whole family. My dad wasn't too happy. I don't know how I could tell him I'm a lesbian if he didn't really like me being pansexual. Someone reply if u have and advice, please

  68. author

    Tazzthe AssasinatorJam Yang lalu

    Just to clarify things we don’t beat up women.

  69. author

    BlushuiiJam Yang lalu

    "i'm not only a muslim, i'm a gay muslim" let me know if the title changes

  70. author

    RC VLOGSJam Yang lalu

    Elon musk I knew that because you said about him going to Moscow to find rockets

  71. author

    N jJam Yang lalu

    “Do people think they will be left alone after saying ‘We believe’ without being put to the test?” - Qur’an (29:2) this girl test in this life is controlling her desires, everyone will be tested in life but those who succed will be successful

  72. author

    Elin VlasblomJam Yang lalu

    Im not scared of death, im scared of living.

  73. author

    takzan UwUJam Yang lalu

    Lmao is it weird that im a lesbian turkish muslim girl too X"D

  74. author

    Sumayya AmmourahJam Yang lalu

    I'm a Muslim girl and I live an Islamic country and there is no such thing as violence in Islam. Islam DOES NOT order women to be submissive to men and Muslim parents aren't like that (yes there are parents who use violence and force but that is not Islam and Islam doesn't accept this) my parents never forced me to wear the hijab the hijab was my choice.

  75. author

    Magical LyricsJam Yang lalu

    This is why I have trust issues

  76. author

    vamp mJam Yang lalu

    Being feminist means you believe that man and woman are equally and your teacher obviously thinks that woman are better then boys so she is not feminists

  77. author

    emoticon felizJam Yang lalu

    And that's how you ruin all the good reputation we were trying to build in one video, dude, beating a woman, being submisive towards men, is NOT islam, is culture, our prophet (saws), was the most carring and kind men with his wives (and childrens), he would never even talk loud to none of them, he always talked smooth and reasonably, and he never beated not even one of his wives no matter what she have done, and not only women, he was like that with everyone, he was respectful with everyone no matter the situation or the person, that what we are supposed to do, that what islam is, not what the culture impose us, beating your family, making their lifes like a living hell, killing gays, is not islam, is just mere HATE

  78. author

    pikoll pikolo2 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    Uchiha Celine2 jam yang lalu

    “I’m not only a Muslim,I am a gay Muslim “ Me choking my water after reading this title Me after reading the title: relating to everything except the sexuality bc I am asexual so i think I am safe until now but my problem is how to tell my parents that I don’t want to get married That’s the tea sis So wish me luck

  80. author

    Jaina Solo2 jam yang lalu

    This voice actor’s accent is fake, and he’s over dramatic. Really took away from the story for me.

  81. author

    Uchiha Celine2 jam yang lalu

    “I’m not only a Muslim,I am a gay Muslim “ Me choking my water after reading this title Me after reading the title: relating to everything except the sexuality bc I am asexual so i think I am safe until now but my problem is how to tell my parents that I don’t want to get married That’s the tea sis So wish me luck

  82. author

    Uchiha Celine2 jam yang lalu

    “I’m not only a Muslim,I am a gay Muslim “ Me choking my water after reading this title Me after reading the title: relating to everything except the sexuality bc I am asexual so i think I am safe until now but my problem is how to tell my parents that I don’t want to get married That’s the tea sis So wish me luck

  83. author

    LadyNichole ‘2 jam yang lalu

    This is such a lie hijab is if you want to or not

  84. author

    North Bells2 jam yang lalu

    Her: *had her first period* NOW I’m a woman Me: Ah ok so I’m a woman at the age of 11

  85. author

    MK_Wizard2 jam yang lalu

    No Lord hates his children for being the way they are as he made them the way they are. Being LGBT is not a sin. This is a concept that was made up by people who didn't know any better and its outdated.

  86. author

    TheRealSlimShady2 jam yang lalu

    “iM gAy” ~The first thing hear when you watch the video~

  87. author

    Zukeina Aden2 jam yang lalu

    I’m myself is Muslim and this makes my sad. Because this video make us Muslim look bad.

  88. author

    Fareedah Janneh2 jam yang lalu

    She is an obsessive slag

  89. author

    Sue Soso2 jam yang lalu

    This story says a lot of wrong things about Islam ... in Islam, the paradise is under mother's feet and if one had three daughters and raised them well he is in Jannah ... also it's a sunna to feed your wife with your hands ... it's also ok to lie in only one situation in Islam and it's to tell you wise that she is beautiful even if she's not.... maybe her father is only the bad person and that doesn't mean Islam pushes him to do that don't mix things up

  90. author

    MOCMationFilm2 jam yang lalu

    Muslims shouldn't hate rasist people as long as they hate gays. Homophobism is just as bad as rasism and they should understand it. I'm very dissapointent in my muslim friend who hetes gays too and next time he says anything like that i'll say back "If you think homosexualism is bad thing, you shouldn't hate rasists".

  91. author

    Reem Ahmed2 jam yang lalu

    Half Of the stuff that was told about islam in this video are big lies please stop posting stories witj false Information about religion

  92. author

    Elaine Domingo2 jam yang lalu

    Im watching this aftr reading ur post about ur vs condition. Thank you for not letting it hinder your passion. Your color grading and color style is actually quite different from others and how I wish someday you can see it the way we do.

  93. author

    lucifers angel2 jam yang lalu

    Lmao I relate so hard and the only difference is that there's nowhere I can go if I ever come out of the closet. I'll get killed as long as I'm in this country. But I'm proud of her for running away and being true to herself. Good job girl.

  94. author

    Katie Kat2 jam yang lalu

    Nah sis I'll never feel bad for you. Any pain you feel, you deserve.

  95. author

    sherinshinternistfettt somisbirthdayyy2 jam yang lalu

    This is so wrong how they show a Muslim family cause not every Muslim is like that !

  96. author

    Aminata Oliwer2 jam yang lalu

    Tbh its hard to forgive because even if you tell someone you forgive them for what they have done to you, what they did still hurts you whenever you think of it so is there even a point?

  97. author

    Mei chan2 jam yang lalu

    In my opinion thisvideo is trying to make Islam and muslims look bad... Well guess what I'm a muslim too and to be honest I feel really offended by THIS! In case you didn't know Islam means peace... please consider this

  98. author

    Dark Saphy2 jam yang lalu

    Girl you parents aren't Muslim Being muslim is not this way I am muslim my parents are Muslim too But seriously your parents are the type of people that kills the true religion Islam says the women is free and no she doesn't serve the men never wtf and wearing a hijab should be your choice and we are allowed to be friends with everyone seriously my best friends are atheists and nothing is wrong with it i hate it when everyone mistakes being muslim with being a monster, i am Muslim proud of it i believe in Allah and that's what help me get on with life i love God and i am myself i love my self Please don't judge Muslims by her parents These are wrong

  99. author

    S H2 jam yang lalu

    Iwish i had the guts to do something like that as a bisexual muslim..

  100. author

    Saff_ Monster2 jam yang lalu

    Just for clarification, not all Muslim parents/families are like this. Instead of being forced to wear the hijab, my parents taught me WHY it says in the Quran that women should wear it and the beauty behind it. If they didn't tell me that before asking me to wear it, I would most likely either be unhappy or retaliate and take it off in secret, which I don't. The abusive behaviour towards the wife is definitely a cultural thing, not religious, which can be hard to distinguish. It's just a shame this girl had to go through this. I wish her the best. ps - pls don't start arguments this is just based on my knowledge of the Quran and my upbringing as a Muslim woman <3