Taylor Swift - LoverTaylor Swift - Lover

Taylor Swift - Lover

6 bulan yang lalu

Taylor Swift - StyleTaylor Swift - Style

Taylor Swift - Style

5 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - RedTaylor Swift - Red

Taylor Swift - Red

6 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - 22Taylor Swift - 22

Taylor Swift - 22

7 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - OursTaylor Swift - Ours

Taylor Swift - Ours

8 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - Sparks FlyTaylor Swift - Sparks Fly

Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly

8 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - MeanTaylor Swift - Mean

Taylor Swift - Mean

8 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    RayZentriaJam Yang lalu

    Time to send this at 2:22 (its 2/22/2020)

  2. author

    Atchup NgarehJam Yang lalu

    2020 anyone?

  3. author

    たちばなたきJam Yang lalu


  4. author

    Atchup NgarehJam Yang lalu

    Feb 2020, anyone?

  5. author

    板東里美Jam Yang lalu

    This song is used in English class. This is used easy word. So, we could understand. We like this song!

  6. author

    Jona LynJam Yang lalu

    When taylor said "who is she?" I realised that's like me Everytime.

  7. author

    Kohlman YangJam Yang lalu

    I like how Taylor’s choice of instrument was the clarinet

  8. author

    Maverick_is _right_Jam Yang lalu

    Taylor has caught a lot of heat for her actions and this video addressed her haters but then rounds them into homophobes. Uhhhh she’s not gay but I see what she’s doing here. Still a fan though

  9. author

    Hoà xinh gáiJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    JosephJam Yang lalu

    Where's the music video?

  11. author

    GretastylJam Yang lalu

    "Adore You" - For You :)Sing Harry :)

  12. author

    El king DelinaJam Yang lalu


  13. author

    Hip Hae2 jam yang lalu

    Look. No one is allowed to speak for other people if they havent experienced it. You will never know. So please dont argue in the comment, jesus.

  14. author

    Pieter Steenkamp2 jam yang lalu

    i love youououou😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  15. author

    Anna Alling2 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    stella ramola2 jam yang lalu

    Cam anyone tell me where did I hear this song's last tune. Take me out???

  17. author

    Rohit Gupta2 jam yang lalu

    Hiii aayushi...

  18. author

    f7i6f67fkh2 jam yang lalu

    When can we move on past 1920's technology and increase the framerate beyond 24?

  19. author

    Sana di nako umasa, di naniwa2 jam yang lalu

    The only game that questions your answer! DEVILS ROLL THE DICE, ANGELS ROLL THEIR EYES

  20. author

    Daddy Pig2 jam yang lalu

    i lost peppa in court :(

  21. author

    Skyline Mako2 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait to be 22 and that just 15 years old me talking

  22. author

    LaTosha Martin2 jam yang lalu

    Anyone here in 2020?no? just me? okay.

  23. author

    Tate Mcilwain2 jam yang lalu

    Being awarded artist of the decade doesn't take away from how many people I know who hate her. Which is why I think she's very underrated and deserves more recognition. Sure she makes some bad music but all her songs have clear inspiration behind them. Even her worse ones I think still have a right to exist, there's always a message, a point. Even people who don't like her still can't deny Lover is a great song.

  24. author

    roro r00r002 jam yang lalu


  25. author

    Ferbs2 jam yang lalu

    All she needs is her voice and her guitar. That only proves what a true artist she is.

  26. author

    Testigo De Goku2 jam yang lalu


  27. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu

    600m wuuuuu xd

  28. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu

    186k :0: idk

  29. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu

    3.5 ywu

  30. author

    Francess Salvador2 jam yang lalu


  31. author

    chamallowhs_ 342 jam yang lalu

    Sam and Colby went many times in that abandoned mall

  32. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu

    686,912,947 viuws

  33. author

    Clara Fernandes2 jam yang lalu

    Ainda assisto a musica

  34. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu


  35. author

    Damn s2 jam yang lalu


  36. author

    RuBI2 jam yang lalu


  37. author

    Raph Yap2 jam yang lalu


  38. author

    Stark Futsal Club2 jam yang lalu

    hi i love all your songs because of a girl named Farah Robineau she is my bff and she told me about u

  39. author

    Ishita Asnani2 jam yang lalu

    That female ballet dancer's legs are so toned! Like WOW!!

  40. author

    Зачем тебе это надо знать? * очень тревожно *2 jam yang lalu

    I guess I'm not the only one here, after that tiktok video, on which the guy rolled down the stairs

  41. author

    Pit para gacha Gacha2 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful music the playlisty

  42. author

    Светлана Мальцева2 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    Vedansh Chauhan2 jam yang lalu

    Those who haven't watched 'Miss Americana', please do!

  44. author

    Lagailro Lundy2 jam yang lalu

    Go taylor

  45. author

    lone girl2 jam yang lalu

    Male singers write and sing songs for their woman and then there's Taylor writing and singing songs for her man. How romantic!

  46. author

    Rupal Tyagi2 jam yang lalu

    Every girl thinks once in a lifetime that they would've been lucky if they were "MAN"...... but Taylor changed our perception

  47. author

    HPlan2 jam yang lalu

    Goose bumps!

  48. author

    Rupal Tyagi2 jam yang lalu

    Every girl thinks once in a lifetime that they would've been lucky if they were "MAN"...... but Taylor changed our perception

  49. author

    ANDREI ARTS2 jam yang lalu

    Feb 2020?

  50. author

    lunarcheri2 jam yang lalu

    this was the first taylor song i listened to and i was listening to this 20 times in a row

  51. author

    Cocoa In a Mug2 jam yang lalu

    When the song doesnt get a music vide- GETS A DOC FOR HERSELF

  52. author

    Victoria Perez2 jam yang lalu

    Cockroaches will be steped on ....

  53. author

    Bhagyashree Tendolkar2 jam yang lalu

    This song has a special place in my heart

  54. author

    Cocoa In a Mug2 jam yang lalu

    Im glad this song doesnt have THAT many dislikes, its a new sound and that makes the most original song of TS on the album. Plus listening to it helps charity

  55. author

    Nur Syuhada Afiqah2 jam yang lalu

    Me suddenly seeing a formula I forgot how to use in Chemistry : "I forgot that u existedddd"

  56. author

    Manomohanadas - 302 jam yang lalu

    I just wanna cry I am a girl but this is my brothers iPad I really ❤️you

  57. author

    Allyana Manabat2 jam yang lalu

    Taylor never disappoints ❤️

  58. author

    AJVP forever2 jam yang lalu

    0:51 that moment when you got a passing score on math and thought it wasn't yours

  59. author

    Ruan Henrique2 jam yang lalu

    ................My heart...................

  60. author

    teytey2 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    suneil agrawal2 jam yang lalu

    Probably you won't care but... Taylor could have worn a better dress.🤔 She is so simple yet elegant. Really... Don't you think so?

  62. author

    Janoo Queen b2 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    Jora Jora32 jam yang lalu


  64. author

    Nubia Huerta2 jam yang lalu

    I like the song but not the video my bunnies think the same

  65. author

    Kim Ji Won2 jam yang lalu

    I can’t explain the nostalgia that always come to me when I’m listening to this and other old songs. Because back then my big sis playing this always and i was like 7 yrs olld back then. I wish i can go back to that time now I’m 18 and it’s so horrible

  66. author

    Anjali Singh2 jam yang lalu


  67. author

    Jomidel Labra2 jam yang lalu

    I heard this when I was in premed. Now, I'm still not moving on.

  68. author

    PlayerMaynor3 jam yang lalu

    0:33 very hard to follow. (Searching the lyrics)

  69. author

    tough bubbles3 jam yang lalu

    i miss the 2000s era too much :(

  70. author

    farhaah_3 jam yang lalu

    Love my taytay😘

  71. author

    shruti jaiswal3 jam yang lalu

    *Those who fly solo have the strongest wings*

  72. author

    Hafsanur Gunaydin3 jam yang lalu

    Hey this song needs to get 3 billion views before 2020 ends!

  73. author

    Medine Aykan3 jam yang lalu

    Taylor very cute

  74. author

    Jomidel Labra3 jam yang lalu

    I really love the lyrics of this song. I can relate to it.

  75. author

    Cheffy01303 jam yang lalu

    Girl you are so beautiful !!!

  76. author

    Hafsanur Gunaydin3 jam yang lalu

    This MV has 1 billion views..... OMG!

  77. author

    Parker’s Animations3 jam yang lalu

    I remember Gigi listening to this with bianca

  78. author

    Айнагуль Куренкеева3 jam yang lalu

    прикоооольный клипец)_

  79. author

    Mye Nè3 jam yang lalu

    A frantic diss song

  80. author

    Ana Ra3 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    Kasendwa Isma3 jam yang lalu

    It has been my ringtone since 2017 but I haven't watched it's video yet omg..... But she is too cute

  82. author

    Kasendwa Isma3 jam yang lalu

    It has been my ringtone since 2017 buy I haven't watched it's video yet omg..... But she is too cute

  83. author

    JAMIE X3 jam yang lalu

    The Intro is beautiful

  84. author

    nothing it's just me3 jam yang lalu

    As a girl doing STEM, I'm so related to this 😭

  85. author

    Lunar Skypes3 jam yang lalu

    Me not playing this song on March 29, 2025 will the biggest disappointment I will ever make.

  86. author

    luca francis3 jam yang lalu

    This is the video that made Taylor relevant again

  87. author

    田源3 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    Mr. Scrunchie3 jam yang lalu

    I watched miss Americana and I ran to my phone to listen to only the young. I love you Taylor you helped me get through so much. Thank you

  89. author

    Shona Mclennan3 jam yang lalu

    I was in love with you !!!!

  90. author

    gary newell3 jam yang lalu

    love this song

  91. author

    Shaye Meaney3 jam yang lalu

    Lizzo is a mood in this

  92. author

    KINA BOUAJA3 jam yang lalu


  93. author

    Kira thebaka3 jam yang lalu

    Single mv please 🥺🥺

  94. author

    eka rahmawaty3 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift now is my most favorite

  95. author

    Rahul Walker3 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one loving this song in 2020?? 👇🏼 👍🏼.

  96. author

    Honeymoon Avenue3 jam yang lalu

    Taylor: i- Crowd: AAAAAAH! Me: they don’t waste a minute huh lol 😂

  97. author

    Kristine Anne3 jam yang lalu

    Yang 2.2 na nagdislike di ats kayo mahal ng mga nanay niyo ampapanget niyo

  98. author

    `Your Bish4 jam yang lalu

    why does it have 2 videos

  99. author

    rosaleacer xx4 jam yang lalu

    All these weapons yet they decided to catfight in the end

  100. author

    Fernanda Duarte4 jam yang lalu

    0 defeitos 😍😍😍