Taylor Swift - LoverTaylor Swift - Lover

Taylor Swift - Lover

28 hari yang lalu

Taylor Swift - StyleTaylor Swift - Style

Taylor Swift - Style

4 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - RedTaylor Swift - Red

Taylor Swift - Red

6 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - 22Taylor Swift - 22

Taylor Swift - 22

6 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - OursTaylor Swift - Ours

Taylor Swift - Ours

7 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - Sparks FlyTaylor Swift - Sparks Fly

Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly

8 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - MeanTaylor Swift - Mean

Taylor Swift - Mean

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Taylor Swift - MineTaylor Swift - Mine

Taylor Swift - Mine

9 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - FearlessTaylor Swift - Fearless

Taylor Swift - Fearless

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Taylor Swift - FifteenTaylor Swift - Fifteen

Taylor Swift - Fifteen

9 tahun yang lalu

Taylor Swift - Our SongTaylor Swift - Our Song

Taylor Swift - Our Song

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Taylor Swift - Tim McGrawTaylor Swift - Tim McGraw

Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

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Taylor Swift - The Best DayTaylor Swift - The Best Day

Taylor Swift - The Best Day

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Taylor Swift - ChangeTaylor Swift - Change

Taylor Swift - Change

10 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    The Second Best Hufflepuff33 menit yang lalu

    see this is kinda more hunger games than the other vid in my opinion

  2. author

    Rheden Jamen35 menit yang lalu


  3. author

    Himan5h36 menit yang lalu

    Lv from india 😍😍

  4. author

    DIᗩᑎᑎᗩ MEEKᔕ37 menit yang lalu

    This song as an awesome beat!🎶🎵🎶🎵 Hey I need to calm down!! I want a be loud!!😎😎

  5. author

    Daniel Gonzalez38 menit yang lalu

    Asumi otros juicios sobre esta artista pero ahora al darme tiempo de escucharla es todo lo contrarío, excelente Taylor

  6. author

    SagittariuZ47 menit yang lalu

    Nearly 1T100m views. Niceeeee!!!

  7. author

    Addie GOT751 menit yang lalu

    I love this song so much 😭😔💜

  8. author

    Yan Castro51 menit yang lalu

    988 😍

  9. author

    Jack Carney52 menit yang lalu

    Never disappoints with the music vids! 🔥

  10. author

    Tatiana Pardo Pinzón53 menit yang lalu

    If someone from republic records is seeing this (LMAO) PLEASE MAKE THE MAN THE NEXT SINGLE

  11. author

    Gatcha crystal54 menit yang lalu

    the best video ever

  12. author

    prettythug273154 menit yang lalu

    Why A.m. I NoT Seeing Ciara * BecZ Everything Was ...... 😭💐😭

  13. author

    preeti chopra58 menit yang lalu

    old taylor is back because of her new album LOVER <3

  14. author

    Izzie Iremonger58 menit yang lalu

    You look very pretty Taylor

  15. author

    Danni Azee59 menit yang lalu

    Simply the BEST!!

  16. author

    Marcelino antonio Diaz centenoJam Yang lalu

    Who listening in2019? *"Delicate" Taylor Swift* ❤❤🎵

  17. author

    Silvia JollyJam Yang lalu

    Hi Taylor, my 3 year old Granddaughter sings Every word in Blank space close to a year now. She won’t let me video her singing. I would love her and her big sister that learned the song by her playing it. Now my 1 1/2 year old Grandson is asking for Blank Space. So glad they don’t understand it yet. Thanks again, Silvia Jolly.

  18. author

    Graciela MedinaJam Yang lalu

    best song ever!

  19. author

    Shehryar KhanJam Yang lalu

    Love from Pakistan😘

  20. author

    Josephine AmirthaJam Yang lalu

    I believe this song is about a relationship which faced all the hurdles just like the previous ones but managed to survive. I guess.

  21. author

    Cham ChamJam Yang lalu

    I love this kind of Taylor swift❤

  22. author

    อมรา นาคเกตุJam Yang lalu

    อยากดูคอนเสิร์ตมากๆเลยค่ะ เสียดายมาที่ไม่ได้มา

  23. author

    Tay YeetJam Yang lalu


  24. author

    LiamJam Yang lalu

    As a man, I approve of this song. I APPROVE OF THIS WHOLE ALBUM

  25. author

    Antonio CarlosJam Yang lalu


  26. author

    Nick RedingJam Yang lalu

    Okay, so i think she should’ve released the song lover, then cruel summer, then you need to calm down, and THEN the album, i love ME! but debut single worthy? nahhh also this is the best song off the album, and i hope she releases this in like march or april so it can be a summertime hit

  27. author

    Salsabila AzzahraJam Yang lalu

    try playback speed 1.25

  28. author

    Leandro Eduardo ZerbinatoJam Yang lalu

    Tá linda

  29. author

    DanEdwinJam Yang lalu

    Who still obssed with this song?

  30. author

    Muhammad IbrohimJam Yang lalu


  31. author

    Katherine TolozaJam Yang lalu

    Brendon es todo lo bueno que hay en esta canción 😍

  32. author

    Sarah KatherineJam Yang lalu

    Can’t wait to have this song play for my first dance with my nonexistent fiancé 💕

  33. author

    ploppolpJam Yang lalu


  34. author

    Mohamed Khaidir Mohamed ZaraaiJam Yang lalu

    I hate this song at first. Now I love it.

  35. author

    Robert VillarrealJam Yang lalu

    spelling is so fun

  36. author

    ChipyXDJam Yang lalu

    Eww gays and lesbians plz stop

  37. author

    Krista LifeJam Yang lalu

    Love ur music

  38. author

    Team GuccIJam Yang lalu

    A random person toured me and my friend what do u think of this girl I said why Ana she said whispering well.. she is gay and that girl said it in a rude way and I said I don't care that she is gay

  39. author

    Awesome VeroJam Yang lalu

    Wth. How did I not know she sings this song and Lover.

  40. author

    Tony JackJam Yang lalu

    Girll you are breaking my shelby

  41. author

    Erika LopeJam Yang lalu

    This song makes me want to have a London boyfriend and marry him lol

  42. author

    mOshi successJam Yang lalu

    i was looking for my recently comment

  43. author

    swimgoodJam Yang lalu

    this was everything to me at 16.

  44. author

    swimgoodJam Yang lalu

    I was 16 when this came out... How time flies

  45. author

    YoonJu Park2 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    Yoon ShweHlwar2 jam yang lalu

    For me : Best music video ever Equality Act Taylor We support U and LGBT Love

  47. author

    Awesome Vero2 jam yang lalu

    I'm not really a Taylor Swift fan but I love this song. I was suprised when I looked the song up to see who sings it. Nothing against her, just usually not my kind of music but great song. Maybe I should check out her other less known or played songs.

  48. author

    Cherry Kushy2 jam yang lalu

    This song gives me troll movie vibes lol oooh ohh ohhhhhhh ! 💀

  49. author

    bigboss2 jam yang lalu

    2:03 CRUEL SUMMER!?

  50. author

    Yoselin Sunshine2 jam yang lalu

    I’m Freakin IN LOVE with this song!!😩💗 Thank You Taylor!!🥺💕

  51. author

    ninjaninagirl2 jam yang lalu

    Her having tea with the tab 5 surprised me

  52. author

    Frank Dux2 jam yang lalu

    she a rich MAN!

  53. author

    Rex Lee2 jam yang lalu

    Tool's new songs are vastly superior

  54. author

    tawnteens2 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! ❤️❤️

  55. author

    Dobrev 102 jam yang lalu

    September 2019?

  56. author

    Ana Frias2 jam yang lalu

    Can i tell you something taylor? Its just my teacher is a HUGE fan of you :3

  57. author

    Maria Petra2 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    PlacydMC2 jam yang lalu

    I'm here before 1 Billion Views 🖤🤘🏽 Still a nice song - Written September 18, 2019 -

  59. author

    Martin Mashups2 jam yang lalu

    Intro kinda remind me of Side to Side, anyone?

  60. author

    Sơn đây2 jam yang lalu

    is coming 🐍🐍😻😻❤❤

  61. author

    Kathlen Victória Almeida2 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Colicus Jones2 jam yang lalu

    Breaks my heart :-/

  63. author

    Stella Rae2 jam yang lalu

    This song makes me think about the life I want with my crush but will never have.

  64. author

    NES 83’2 jam yang lalu

    Lyrics are intelligent and well thought out. The message she’s trying to put out is excellent.

  65. author

    mgraysonhay2 jam yang lalu

    Man, I miss this version of Taylor Swift with original lyrics that pandered to nobody and when her country roots shone through with music like this.

  66. author

    Jerald Loyed2 jam yang lalu

    I am miss you

  67. author

    Oscar Gons2 jam yang lalu

    L O V E R <3

  68. author

    Glenard Poblacion2 jam yang lalu


  69. author

    Vincent Medalla2 jam yang lalu

    September 18 2019 Up Up Up

  70. author

    Anthony Vota2 jam yang lalu

    I love it

  71. author

    Ananya Bakshi2 jam yang lalu

    eeeeekkkkk hhehehehehhe im in love

  72. author

    Lauren Berry2 jam yang lalu


  73. author

    Kathlen Victória Almeida2 jam yang lalu

    ISSO È MÚSICA PARA OS MEUS OVIDOS😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩😛🤫😻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  74. author

    juli Leguizamón2 jam yang lalu

    I'love Taylor Swift

  75. author

    crutksdub2 jam yang lalu

    That is right! Buford is her husband...but Tyrone is her....Lover!

  76. author

    Charity Asas2 jam yang lalu

    I dont know why i watch it again this moment sept 18 2019 hahahhaa..shocking the Billion view 😍😍😍😍

  77. author

    El mundo mágico Luciana2 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Lisoo is Real osiosi2 jam yang lalu

    Esta canción me resulta muy sad :"( Aquí esta el comentario en español que buscabas prro but nadie lo buscaba :"v

  79. author

    Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove2 jam yang lalu

    I remember this song.

  80. author

    Be Domination162 jam yang lalu

    Já faz quatro anos que essa música saiu ( estou ficando velho )

  81. author

    Tracy Ventimiglio2 jam yang lalu

    i *LOVE* the *"old"* taylor!!!

  82. author

    Nghiêm Nguyễn Channel2 jam yang lalu

    Việt Nam...

  83. author

    Be Domination162 jam yang lalu

    Sério que já faz 4 anos que saiu?

  84. author

    Cucci Chips3 jam yang lalu

    Taylor Swift is still dating high school Boys...... .....noice......

  85. author

    Mora Azul3 jam yang lalu

    Me encanta cuando los chicos bailan

  86. author

    ItzJustJessDuh3 jam yang lalu

    Brendon: You need to calm down! Taylor to her manager: *Write that down*

  87. author

    Hans Antolin3 jam yang lalu

    Spelling is STILL fun! Bring it back pls :(

  88. author

    tsugumi sheishirō3 jam yang lalu

    1b soon💞

  89. author

    Chelsea Granger3 jam yang lalu

    i can never get through this song without crying

  90. author

    deus primus3 jam yang lalu

    So i was skipping this song up until now and i don't regret listening to it a single bit

  91. author

    vanedeandme enriquez3 jam yang lalu

    To my future lover, i love you so much even if i haven't met you yet.

  92. author

    John David Hart3 jam yang lalu

    really awesome album. elegant new cool.

  93. author

    Adam V.3 jam yang lalu

    Still one of my favorite Taylor songs 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 so iconic, AND THE LYRICS 😍😫

  94. author

    S W3 jam yang lalu

    I love the story

  95. author

    vanedeandme enriquez3 jam yang lalu

    She's back.💙

  96. author

    Harper Grue3 jam yang lalu

    I'm commenting this when the Lover album got released and I have to say when this song came out I was 4 so 6 years later and I still haven't heard of this song at all which makes me feel disappointed in myself bc this song is so cute!

  97. author

    Chris Schenk3 jam yang lalu

    I'm an old punk rocker from the 80s........ back in the stone ages. What a great time for music though. I'm a singer and song writer and my band was lucky and blessed enough to have had four albums and several compilations put out along with touring and getting to be a rockstar for a little while. I like Taylor Swift, but I wonder if ever gets old singing other people's songs. I know she writes sometimes and that's how she made it originally. I know how credits work and it doesn't take much to have your name credited. Anyway, ide just like hear more of HER original music and lyrics...... by the way this song s a catchy tune..........

  98. author

    Makayla Harmon3 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for the song

  99. author

    Butt3 jam yang lalu

    The fab five and Ellen? My new fav vid

  100. author

    Fernanda Barbosa3 jam yang lalu

    Quem veio depois de anunciar show no Brasil ano que vem? 🇧🇷