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Best Goals of 2017 • HDBest Goals of 2017 • HD

Best Goals of 2017 • HD

2 tahun yang lalu

  1. author

    Jose Eduardo Salgado4 jam yang lalu

    Raul Jiménez!!!

  2. author

    Matthew Francis5 jam yang lalu

    The real Ronaldo.

  3. author

    عاشقة كرستيانو و ريال CR75 jam yang lalu

    DYBALA 💎💪🔥

  4. author

    BarnOwl6 jam yang lalu


  5. author

    ali hyder6 jam yang lalu

    Best ❤️❤️❤️

  6. author

    n6 jam yang lalu

    His stats are awesome 26 games; 11 goals 10 A

  7. author

    Günther Hagel6 jam yang lalu

    Higuain next pls

  8. author

    Caspar Arthur7 jam yang lalu

    As a spurs fan this hurts😂

  9. author

    Mark Tricarico7 jam yang lalu

    Was desperately waiting for this video! So happy he stayed and you could continue making videos of him!

  10. author

    Nico7 jam yang lalu

    Was waiting for a new Dybala video ❤️

  11. author

    Perchii7 jam yang lalu


  12. author

    Anthony Legion7 jam yang lalu

    Quest'anno Dybala è clamoroso, se continua così potrebbe rientrare senza problemi nella top 5 del pallone d'oro

  13. author

    Augustine Antony Joy7 jam yang lalu

    Can you do a video on Kevin Debruyne?

  14. author

    Taz Ali7 jam yang lalu

    Not better than Henry

  15. author

    Giancarlo Nannetti8 jam yang lalu

    Dybala - Ronaldo è qualcosa di bello 😍

  16. author

    Ahmad Salah8 jam yang lalu

    La Joya ♥♡♥♡♥

  17. author

    Ravager81 Edu8 jam yang lalu

    No hay igual al fenomeno, el mejor 9 de la historia, lastima que por sus lesiones se haya mermado tanto

  18. author

    Elad D9 jam yang lalu

    I love dybala 👏👏 Stunning player

  19. author

    Achraf mizmizi9 jam yang lalu

    sta facendo una stagione devastante

  20. author

    ATLETICO REAL X9 jam yang lalu


  21. author

    TheJudge9 jam yang lalu

    CR7 è forte, ma Dybala quest'anno è il nostro fenomeno. Che Joya vederlo.

  22. author

    Der Allerechte9 jam yang lalu

    Tbh most of the goals were 1 on 1 and he does a skillmove against a keeper 😂 nothing special

  23. author

    benedo rio9 jam yang lalu

    Maes feat Jul Dybala J'aurai aimé l'entendre avec cette vidéo Super vidéo comme d'hab

  24. author

    Raajas Joglekar10 jam yang lalu

    Where is Messi in this!

  25. author

    Daniel Gruber10 jam yang lalu

    Can you make a video about geatano castrovilli pls 😍🔥

  26. author

    ryanda hilmawan10 jam yang lalu

    La Joya 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Hopefully continue on Juve 🇮🇩

  27. author

    giamoclimb10 jam yang lalu lo vendi al kilo...

  28. author

    Souvei Pairson10 jam yang lalu

    It was years ago and till now I can say I feel like I am in heaven for these 4 minutes of life whenever I play this over and over again🎶🎶😭😭💕💕❤️

  29. author

    Souvei Pairson11 jam yang lalu

    U made the end look even great.. Klopp's the best ever.. From a LFC fan❤️❤️❤️.. Keep bringing it on colo99💙💙💜🎶🎶

  30. author

    Dybala11 jam yang lalu

    Just god

  31. author

    Willian Duarte11 jam yang lalu

    Super amazing!!!!!!!

  32. author

    Benjamin Ertel12 jam yang lalu

    One of the best edits I’ve ever seen. So smooth with transitions and clips. As an aspiring football video editor this was very inspirational

  33. author

    Aria Bima12 jam yang lalu

    Great video as always colo That control + nutmeg is underappreciated 2:48

  34. author

    blou h2o13 jam yang lalu

    Way bether than Messi

  35. author

    szymken198813 jam yang lalu

    Great job. Thanks Dan

  36. author

    Andy S13 jam yang lalu

    best at what he does. debruyne silva whoever they cant compare

  37. author

    Suryadeep Singh13 jam yang lalu

    Dybala > Mbappe

  38. author

    Mirko Di Ciano13 jam yang lalu

    Sta trovando continuità...speriamo nn si ri-perda x la strada....ha dei colpi da maestro... Grande joya💎

  39. author

    Francesco Ussardi13 jam yang lalu


  40. author

    Ousmane Diallo13 jam yang lalu

    Colo you are the goat 🐏

  41. author

    A Stanco13 jam yang lalu

    Won no serie A titles though lol Nike commercials don't cut it-refs at world cups 98 & 02 are now known to have helped him for that propaganda though & sabotaged "boring" Italy the real powerhouse

  42. author

    Enricobal14 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    Enricobal14 jam yang lalu


  44. author

    Enricobal14 jam yang lalu

    Tranne poi essere costantemente sostituito da Higuain, Douglas Costa o chicchessia...

  45. author

    Michael Faraday14 jam yang lalu


  46. author

    film master14 jam yang lalu

    Another magic of colo👌💐♥️♥️

  47. author

    Cateno Francesco Spano'14 jam yang lalu


  48. author

    La Joya14 jam yang lalu

  49. author

    Daniele Emma15 jam yang lalu

    Great video but i can't stand the supporter commentary, it's just irritating

  50. author

    Alessio f15 jam yang lalu

    Ma ieri sera verso il '70 è andato via in mezzo a 3 che sembravano averlo intrappolato vicino alla nostra bandierina di corner. Non ho manco capito come ha fatto. Incredibile.

  51. author

    Escanor15 jam yang lalu

    Un applauso al fenomeno di Livorno e agli allegriani che lo facevano giocare mediano recupera palloni...PAGLIACCI!

  52. author

    Mario Maglione15 jam yang lalu

    Amazing video as always, but still miss the video on the Juventus' title number 8

  53. author

    Brian Jeon16 jam yang lalu

    Lionel messi ♡♡♡

  54. author

    Il sandro16 jam yang lalu

    Le musiche che mettevi qualche anno fa mi piacevano di più. Per esempio il video higuain goal machine, video migliore di sempre secondo me.

  55. author

    Mironov Football16 jam yang lalu

    Brilliant season🔥 La Joye🙀

  56. author

    Mustafa Hamidd16 jam yang lalu

    Wher are you?? We miss you

  57. author

    EzekiahFR16 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    Nandorary Saptenly16 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    -물통16 jam yang lalu

    insane video

  60. author

    J189716 jam yang lalu

    Colo un video sul pipita

  61. author

    J189716 jam yang lalu


  62. author

    Alessandro Giaconi17 jam yang lalu

    Cr7 video? Ti seguo dal video di llorente nel 2014 e sei sempre stato il migliore 💪🏻

  63. author

    kader bou17 jam yang lalu

    mehrez blz

  64. author

    Richi18 jam yang lalu

    Fenomenale Joya, e Dan il migliore!

  65. author

    AJ Football18 jam yang lalu

    Great one

  66. author

    Abubaker Alkubati18 jam yang lalu

    That intro🤩🔥

  67. author

    kim jong un18 jam yang lalu

    Amazing player

  68. author

    Lionel Messi1019 jam yang lalu

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!! Keep going

  69. author

    Abu Saeed19 jam yang lalu

    Do a messi and ronaldo decade video

  70. author

    LorenzoMelzi19 jam yang lalu

    like if juve will win champions league❤️

  71. author

    Franky Ma20 jam yang lalu

    Paratici left the chat 😂😂

  72. author

    MiDO20 jam yang lalu

    I Am so Lucky That I know A beautiful Channel The Most Of The People Don’t I Love Dypala , But Colo Made me love him more

  73. author

    Hazem Ayta20 jam yang lalu

    I love your channel man! Keep up the good stuff!

  74. author

    Ahmad Salah21 jam yang lalu


  75. author

    KioTi21 jam yang lalu

    instant like

  76. author

    Nikson Rilly Kenimpole21 jam yang lalu

    La Joya per sempre sara #FinaAllaFine #LaJoya #ForzaJuventus

  77. author

    Shadane ruddock23 jam yang lalu

    Even with the likes of Ronaldo there , he's the main man at juve la joya

  78. author

    Júnior Costa23 jam yang lalu

    Make a video of Sadio Mané, please.

  79. author

    Júnior Costa23 jam yang lalu

    Make a video of Sadio Mané, please.

  80. author

    Guycookie Games23 jam yang lalu

    3:51 Messi is patting himself in the back

  81. author

    Yoan Shin23 jam yang lalu

    Great job well done!!

  82. author

    Golazos De HoyHari Yang lalu


  83. author

    Youcef Benaiche BianconeriHari Yang lalu

    La Joya 💎 الجوهرة ❤ Forza Juve

  84. author

    Emanuele PalermoHari Yang lalu

    Dybala and Colo 💎 🔥

  85. author

    PTSF9123Hari Yang lalu

    Grande Paulo💎

  86. author

    ian santa brigidaHari Yang lalu

    Love this season ngl

  87. author

    k gHari Yang lalu

    my idol Dybala

  88. author

    monica rexHari Yang lalu

    Colo will you make Cristiano Ronaldo or Kevin De bruyne video?

  89. author

    ADH FootballHari Yang lalu

    Awesome video 👍

  90. author

    Paolo AlloisioHari Yang lalu

    Il più forte. 💎

  91. author

    Emanuele GullíHari Yang lalu


  92. author

    shivam kumarHari Yang lalu

    La Joya is proving his worth to the King . Most assists.

  93. author

    WilliamParadiseHari Yang lalu


  94. author

    vicente neiraHari Yang lalu

    Memphis depay skills please

  95. author

    Sandro KarkusashviliHari Yang lalu

    Notification Gang 🤟

  96. author

    BASTI HECTORHari Yang lalu


  97. author

    Igor RossettiHari Yang lalu

    Love him, love our Jewel ❤️💎

  98. author

    OPHari Yang lalu

    Dy-best is colo.

  99. author

    Golga _Hari Yang lalu


  100. author

    Hussein HarakeHari Yang lalu

    Dybala is a beast