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Adam Ragusea
Adam Ragusea

My name is Adam Ragusea. I cook in my house, and I show you how you can too (in your house, not mine). I like to use my head when I cook, but I have no time for being fussy or fancy. I post a recipe video every Thursday, and some other kind of video about food every Monday (usually with science).
I also...
am married to Lauren Morrill:
write music:
make silly podcasts about music with my friend Meg:
am a dad: [They're not old enough to have links yet.]

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Cookies and cream cake

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Adam's diet food

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  1. author

    Dave E3 jam yang lalu

    Like global warming, the science is not settled!

  2. author

    Oscar Trigueros3 jam yang lalu

    this is honestly genius. good job!

  3. author

    yandrsupreme3 jam yang lalu

    the REAL secret to great vegetable soup? cook everything in a base of home canned tomato juice from home grown tomatoes.

  4. author

    Tanner Utzig3 jam yang lalu

    Tilapia has the largest amount of mercury

  5. author

    jesusthroughmary3 jam yang lalu

    Segue god

  6. author

    Alyssa Stevens3 jam yang lalu

    I'm not doing carbs ugh you're killin me!

  7. author

    Alyssa Stevens3 jam yang lalu

    But THIS is relatable to the average person?! Lol.

  8. author

    jesusthroughmary3 jam yang lalu

    Why I season my sheet pan and not my potatoes

  9. author

    Jackie Tearie3 jam yang lalu

    And... You, and the fool who told you this are both completely stupid. The steak, and chicken have to reach an internal temperature of at least 165, whether or not it is browned. Same for steak. Regardless you'll have a medium rare piece of meat, however the main difference is taste and consistency. Which is why it's widely seen as taboo. Anywho... Don't be a bellend, use a thermostat, and your bloody brain.

  10. author

    n a t a l i e3 jam yang lalu

    please make some snickerdoodle cookies, or just some dessert.

  11. author

    Matthew Fanning3 jam yang lalu

    This is genius

  12. author

    How Ward3 jam yang lalu

    Very surprised. All I hear is tilapia is death fish. I wouldn't feed it to the strays in the neighborhood.

  13. author

    James Pangilinan3 jam yang lalu

    but squarespace...

  14. author

    markiangooley3 jam yang lalu

    “Go, you chicken fat, go!” Right onto those thick potato slices!

  15. author

    Vrownie Diamond3 jam yang lalu

    3:17 that's what they called me back in high school

  16. author

    Daniel Adach3 jam yang lalu

    Does everything comes in plastic out there? I mean.. that’s really disturbing

  17. author

    ENRAG3ED OOF3 jam yang lalu

    Nah that shit is way to burnt

  18. author

    Doppio but high3 jam yang lalu

    these hanging jokes dont make sense because you wouldn't fit in a oven with potatoes underneath

  19. author

    markiangooley3 jam yang lalu

    It’s hard to buy a chicken under 4 pounds at most grocery stores. I think that Target grocery sections sometimes have them. I don’t think you can readily buy a poussin in the USA. I guess I could overpay for a Cornish game hen...

  20. author

    coffeestained3 jam yang lalu

    Adrianna's technique gives me o-chem flashbacks. Thanks to Adrianna for sharing how she makes her cake, and thanks to Adam for sharing your favorite dessert with us!

  21. author

    Alex B.3 jam yang lalu

    WHAT? Heating up the shitty stone for 4 hours? Can I shit money or what? XD No THX.

  22. author

    akshin3 jam yang lalu

    I got SAW vibes from this video.. The title could have been:- I tried to imitate john kramer but on chicken!

  23. author

    blonkers3 jam yang lalu

    my issue with cups vs grams is that US and UK cups are different (I do have UK cups at home) and while converting it's not so much that the numbers are odd, since most of us will round it off anyway. I can make an estimated judgement about whether that extra or less of the ingredient will matter. It's the conversion between volume and weight. 500g is 500 of anything. Since weight is just adding produce on a scale until it hits that number. But when converting cups to grams it's annoying to do per ingredient, one cup of flour (packed flour? heaped? do you scrape the top or just scoop and hope for the best?) is not the same weight as one cup of sugar. It's so tedious. I do agree that I hate leftover ingredients. It's annoying. But I can't imagine that cooking with cups will remove that either; do they package products by multiplying cups? like one bottle of milk in the US = 10 cups. And then you get to half cups, quarter cups, etc. It seems to be the result can be the same however part of growing as a cook is learning when to give and when to take from ingredients to be effective.

  24. author

    Brian Mayfield3 jam yang lalu

    I’ll have 4 fries chickens and a coke.

  25. author

    hardlyb4 jam yang lalu

    No wonder box cakes are the way they are, and no wonder I can't eat them - I have lots of food sensitivities, and with all those ingredients it's not a surprise one or more of those ingredients are bad for me.

  26. author

    Vittoria Gnecchi4 jam yang lalu

    I have no problem with converting quantities the first time I cook a recipe to get a feel for it - what really drives me up the wall is when the amount of an ingredient is given in a stupid measurement. How is it practical or even feasible for a homecook to measure a cup of butter? Even the people that the recipe is written for have to consult a volume of specific ingredient to weight conversion chart. The only thing that is clear to any reader is that either the author or editor of the recipe is a bellend.

  27. author

    Christopher Peery4 jam yang lalu

    That transition tho to the sponsor 👌🏽

  28. author

    dane kelly4 jam yang lalu

    Always use real butter...salted or not!

  29. author

    clayvision4 jam yang lalu

    So, ive made these a few times and they are very good, but if you make them, id advise salting the water youre boiling them in, makes the interior of the fries just a little bit more flavorful i also love the burnt bits so i cook them extra long and olive oil is much better than a neutral oil for this recipe in my experience. Ive also found them to be crispy for hours, not just minutes after cooking.

  30. author

    elevatorphish4 jam yang lalu

    Don’t throw the small potato cuts away eat them! Raw potato is delicious.

  31. author

    Orion Foresee4 jam yang lalu

    Adam's transitions are so smooth, and I'm not talking about the editing. (Although they are smooth as well). Smooth operator.

  32. author

    B R4 jam yang lalu

    Why I season my roasting tray, not my potatoes

  33. author

    Nick Evans4 jam yang lalu

    First stage of breading joke made me laugh so hard I missed the rest of the video!

  34. author

    Scorched Earth4 jam yang lalu

    I've always seen cars as an appliance, like a fridge or washing machine. As long as it's safe, economical and gets me from A to B I don't give a good goddamn about what type it is. I couldn't care less if it has classic lines or some pretentious doodad added to the back or wheels. It just needs to go.

  35. author

    Wolf Bones4 jam yang lalu

    Paper mache bird.

  36. author

    Candice Candice4 jam yang lalu

    Thumbnail was looking like some cult bullshit

  37. author

    Książe Janusz4 jam yang lalu

    Allicin Chains is my favorite band

  38. author

    Phill4 jam yang lalu

    From just reading the title i already know what i gotta do *goes to get a rope*

  39. author

    R M4 jam yang lalu

    Dude thats a great looking pizza, the instructions a good too.

  40. author

    dane kelly4 jam yang lalu

    only use butter...

  41. author

    kcer4 jam yang lalu

    2 minute ad on a 10 min vid, come on

  42. author

    William4 jam yang lalu

    Isn’t it kind of a paradox to spend money to save money!?

  43. author

    Scorched Earth4 jam yang lalu

    THANK-YOU. If I wanted to taste nothing but chilli and regret I'd simply chew on a raw chilli and be done with it. But I don't, I want the flavours of the food with a background of heat, or as a counterpoint to something rich. There's little conversation with ice cubes in your mouth in a futile attempt at easing the agony.

  44. author

    William4 jam yang lalu

    Adam says he has an imaginary job on the internet but never mentioned that he works at a university just for the sake of having a sponsor lol.

  45. author

    William4 jam yang lalu

    Jesus Christ Adam, you have over 250,000 emails!

  46. author

    FrogsareMVP4 jam yang lalu

    i like seasoning the cow before i cook my steak

  47. author

    Michael Fisher4 jam yang lalu

    You need a big oven too

  48. author

    Yuri Matheus4 jam yang lalu

    Salad? Eat pasta with chicken and potatoes instead.

  49. author

    Mohammad Ramadan4 jam yang lalu

    you remind me so much of adam driver for some reason, i think because youre similar to his character, Charlie, in Marriage Story which i recently watched

  50. author

    Scorched Earth4 jam yang lalu

    I use xanthan gum in making toiletries, where it's perfect because it doesn't tamper with scent. I expect it's the same for cooking.

  51. author

    bill jenkins4 jam yang lalu

    Great to make pie dough with, much better than butter.

  52. author

    JoJo Mama4 jam yang lalu

    The chicken,the method and the potatoes are probably good but the guy is an asshole!

  53. author

    John Locatelli4 jam yang lalu

    “Natural Depression”

  54. author

    Aden Arrington4 jam yang lalu

    So Adam likes to flavor anything but his steak, where is your seasoning rosemary video

  55. author

    Neowti Spam4 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    PrinzVonLangdelberg4 jam yang lalu

    Next Video: *Why I Fill Myself With Water, NOT My Pool.*

  57. author

    NotoriousPyro4 jam yang lalu

    >Cuts the fat off the meat >Puts oil in the pan Why not just use the fat as your oil?????

  58. author

    Scorched Earth4 jam yang lalu

    I have now tried both versions of this dish. They were both delicious, but the pasta based meal was tremendous, so good we had it the next night also. I had never really given celery leaves much thought, but what a mistake! I was missing out.

  59. author

    Shar Roon4 jam yang lalu

    Where can I buy a pan like that with the rack?

  60. author

    aaronhpa4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is a cup? Any cup? Does anyone have real measurements?

  61. author

    George Greener4 jam yang lalu

    I swear... This comments section is a meme within itself.

  62. author

    Dominic Wake4 jam yang lalu

    yes man!

  63. author

    100mexk4 jam yang lalu

    A total chemist 😂😂😂😂

  64. author

    G Lee5 jam yang lalu

    try vodka instead of wine, a friend of mine swears by the vodka for the crust.

  65. author

    owo5 jam yang lalu

    Why's nobody talking about Adam not wearing pants..?

  66. author

    wallacetf5 jam yang lalu

    ersatz elevator

  67. author

    dillon!5 jam yang lalu

    Does it matter if your S Hooks are rusty?

  68. author

    C. Cosereanu5 jam yang lalu

    secretly wants to get rid of lauren cough

  69. author

    Chance5 jam yang lalu

    if you take your eye glasses in the future and tilt them slightly downward on your head, you will reduce the glare on them in this interview style setting :)

  70. author

    Mike King5 jam yang lalu

    "Knees"? The knee is the joint between the thigh and leg, you're tying the ankles.

  71. author

    uncivilizedengr5 jam yang lalu

    since when are full hydrogenated fats ok? i didn't get that memo

  72. author

    mrcordero15 jam yang lalu

    oh my god he lynched the chicken he even ripped out their hearts and he even ate them the monster #justiceforchicken #banragusea

  73. author

    Đức Hoàng Gaming5 jam yang lalu

    New video of adam in the last day of the year ( I'm Vietnamese ) What can be better?

  74. author

    Kulmiye Mohamed5 jam yang lalu

    "Why I hang my chicken, NOT my enemies"

  75. author

    ABS - Jakes5 jam yang lalu

    Isn't it a bit unhygienic to leave raw meat uncovered in the fridge ?

  76. author

    seventh Winner5 jam yang lalu

    Digit more like midget

  77. author

    Karl Glenn5 jam yang lalu

    Tilapia is heavenly when fried/roasted.

  78. author

    xMicDizzy5 jam yang lalu

    this is actually genius

  79. author

    Mari Murdock5 jam yang lalu

    Just discovered this channel, and it's now my favorite food channel. I love how it uses experts, professionals, and science to explore such cool topics. :) I love it. Thanks for such cool content.

  80. author

    Quentin Upshaw5 jam yang lalu

    I don't even like my chicken rare. Not because of the diseases but the look and texture of chicken looks sad.

  81. author

    Diego Forest5 jam yang lalu

    Why the hell do I pay for cable and watch the cooking channel?????

  82. author

    Alex Xu5 jam yang lalu

    Costco’s is better

  83. author

    Harry Chan5 jam yang lalu

    253,865 unread emails, nice

  84. author

    David Hester5 jam yang lalu

    why I bdsm hogtie my wife and NOT the Bull

  85. author

    David Chen5 jam yang lalu

    This video is so depressing and negative. It is inconvenient and requires a considerable work to dry at home but that true for cooking just about anything. Following the logic of this video, people should eat out everyday for the rest of their lives. Or better yet just become a raw vegan that never needs to cook anything.

  86. author

    Joseph Ausberry II5 jam yang lalu

    Not gonna lie, that was a nice segue into that ad.

  87. author

    uncivilizedengr5 jam yang lalu

    all hydrogenated products are poison regardless of how they started. just don't do it.

  88. author

    uncivilizedengr5 jam yang lalu

    it's poison.

  89. author

    Brow Ming5 jam yang lalu

    Why I cook my chicken and not my steak

  90. author

    AussiCanAnimate5 jam yang lalu

    Logan Paul’s way of cooking chicken, *hanging*

  91. author

    welliamism5 jam yang lalu

    i know it's a common technique, but are there any health/sanitation concerns about leaving an uncooked chicken in your fridge for so long?

  92. author

    Justin King5 jam yang lalu

    I actually Hate box cake because, it tastes near fake, the chocolate flavor is barely noticeable and I actually dislike the REALLY fluffy texture, i prefer a fudgy or more dense cake. and regardless of what these people say, Properly made homemade cake is way better.

  93. author

    Carrot5 jam yang lalu

    How do you spell that term? Airsotz?

  94. author

    FrQu13375 jam yang lalu

    make longer videos plz.

  95. author

    Mr. Cookie Man5 jam yang lalu

    your ads are so awkward and terribly placed. great content but the way you do your ads makes me want to shut off your videos.

  96. author

    Mike Hel5 jam yang lalu

    you can put the top rack in when you put in the chickens, then you can't burn yourself. (ok maybe...)

  97. author

    Anteater235 jam yang lalu

    Why throw away the smaller potato bit? Start to cook them after the big ones. Yeah they may not be as nice as the other ones but that's not excuse to throw them out.

  98. author

    Max Holm5 jam yang lalu

    This is fantastic if you are having a party on a budget, you could probably feed 8 people for less than 15 dollars.

  99. author

    Lol K5 jam yang lalu

    Why I season my pan and chicken **not** my potatoes

  100. author

    Lost yet Found5 jam yang lalu

    Huh... Haven't watched the vid yet, but I'd imagine it'd make for juicier breasts. Makes sense, interesting concept.