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    dudedro dude6 jam yang lalu

    The picture was from Im a solitary chicken

  2. author

    Talha Tariq6 jam yang lalu

    They all cost wayy too much

  3. author

    Talha Tariq6 jam yang lalu

    Y do u keep saying 2 weeks later, youve obv done this on 1 day and then 2 weeks later and thats it

  4. author

    Alexis Domingo6 jam yang lalu

    More fiverr vids!

  5. author

    Liam Guarnieri6 jam yang lalu

    Tanner is delicious man 😐😐😑😋😑😐😐

  6. author

    Kitito9900 H7 jam yang lalu

    I want Matt to wear it lol

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    Nelson Klein7 jam yang lalu

    98% people won’t see this but I want to say... for the 2% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined and have a nice day! And remember to stay positive, and don’t forget to smile! Stay Awesome😁 Wish me luck and help me grow to 30k subs with no vids thank you ❤👍

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    keishla picart7 jam yang lalu

    Oh wow its true! They did use an image like that for a thumbnail.

  9. author

    Leo Fritzell7 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    archer Robinson7 jam yang lalu

    pecocho i chose you

  11. author

    THEpotatoFAN !7 jam yang lalu

    18:07 100+ now

  12. author

    Kyle Hochreiter7 jam yang lalu

    These shows are so addicting to watch! Really helps me kick back and relax after a long horrible day at work, thank you for the great content.

  13. author

    Just in Rain7 jam yang lalu

    The logo for crown darts looks like groin darts

  14. author

    Tiana Payne7 jam yang lalu

    yo use that stardew valley sound effect more!

  15. author

    Jason X8 jam yang lalu

    As a south African I cant understand how Americans dont know what a crunchie is

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    Kaylee Hesselton8 jam yang lalu

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHIAS, (September 20) It's my brothers birthday today also and it was my birthday yesterday. Love your vid's, keep up the good work!!! <3 :)))))

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    Nikita Golban8 jam yang lalu

    Why is almost no one talking about toys r us closing

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    Malakai Schuhart8 jam yang lalu


  19. author

    Sabastian Monte8 jam yang lalu

    Dope or dice

  20. author

    The lucky Horseshoes8 jam yang lalu

    Hi mate Happy birthday Hope u enjoy 31

  21. author

    Christelle Pasia8 jam yang lalu

    What a coincidence that I'm actually 15 and watching this vid. ._.

  22. author

    Rylan McCormick8 jam yang lalu


  23. author

    Stephen Richardson8 jam yang lalu

    Hahaha so good!😂

  24. author

    Dima Visozki8 jam yang lalu

    Came here for the products then....Hello you doing ?

  25. author

    Caroline Riddle8 jam yang lalu


  26. author

    Shadowz9 jam yang lalu

    does video games really cause violence or does real life cause violence?

  27. author

    KT Let’s get started9 jam yang lalu

    Can you do a video called 10 Products that Luna picked

  28. author

    Angel Blue9 jam yang lalu

    I’ve actually got the creeper thing on the thumbnail

  29. author

    KT Let’s get started9 jam yang lalu

    Me in a fancy restaurant 22:51

  30. author

    Kayne St. Pierre9 jam yang lalu

    I have a fuggler and I am 11

  31. author

    Myer Does Gaming9 jam yang lalu

    HAPPY B DAY MATTHIAS!!!🎊🎂🎊🎂 my b day is tommarow♥️

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    Nitro X9 jam yang lalu

    After watching this im gonna punch a tree until my hands break and bleed

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    Grady Petrik9 jam yang lalu


  34. author

    Carter Lavender9 jam yang lalu


  35. author

    Emilio Rivas9 jam yang lalu


  36. author

    Michelle Schultz9 jam yang lalu

    Hey tanner the 80s called they want their shirt back. Nah just kidding though love it. I think fashion should go back to the 80s

  37. author

    rfeader Skits and vlogs9 jam yang lalu

    Matt is not invited to my Mexican party. Michael hit me up.

  38. author

    El autismo retardio9 jam yang lalu

    With beard is better

  39. author

    TheSevenElevenMan9 jam yang lalu


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    HOMERO AGUILAR10 jam yang lalu

    Luna is cool

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    that guy10 jam yang lalu

    Weird tan man

  42. author

    Maxim Damaso10 jam yang lalu

    I saw Nintendo

  43. author

    Timi Chr10 jam yang lalu

    hot beverage bag

  44. author

    Star Sou10 jam yang lalu

    My daughter actually has that toy piano. :D I bought it from walmart. Not used. Hehe. :D

  45. author

    Zack null10 jam yang lalu

    am i the zack zombie?

  46. author

    Fathullah Mansor10 jam yang lalu

    At first i see this video...i mind gone far dude

  47. author

    tyson mah10 jam yang lalu

    When me and my friend see booty cheeks we laughed out loud

  48. author

    Wolf_Anime_ Boy10 jam yang lalu

    Who’s watching this at Matthias birthday 20th September

  49. author

    Southfield Internet Cafe and Bargain Shop10 jam yang lalu

    Liz is hot and CUTE AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. author

    Trinity Conn10 jam yang lalu

    Big baby

  51. author

    Zack null10 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    gaming world10 jam yang lalu

    Rocket league my fave

  53. author

    Zoe Frie10 jam yang lalu

    Imagine naming your kid tanner and not "more tan" tragic

  54. author

    Tyller Harris10 jam yang lalu

    I don't have Instagram

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    lego lit boy11 jam yang lalu

    Power space reality soul time and mind dog 🐶

  56. author

    Carole Fitzgerald11 jam yang lalu


  57. author

    Yushin Channel11 jam yang lalu

    When im watching the baby sensor thins in the first part and im eat ting a soup and When is bulaga i drop my Phone in the soup hehehehehehe

  58. author

    Stambay House security11 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else thinking they're missing a video? Because I don't reminder them unboxing those Pokemon products behind Tanner.

  59. author

    Capitate Cab11 jam yang lalu

    Pikachu i choose you

  60. author

    Tara Heinz11 jam yang lalu


  61. author

    Alex Somers11 jam yang lalu

    Pickachu I chose you!

  62. author

    Shubham Golle11 jam yang lalu

    it was manny singh not manny "sigh" lmao

  63. author

    Jill Lehoux11 jam yang lalu

    Soul time reality mind power and space

  64. author

    Johno Lee11 jam yang lalu

    I hope your going to trade mark them no joke

  65. author

    RandomUser12 jam yang lalu

    When your mom is drunk and punches u 14:47

  66. author

    alliemaru nara12 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao the ending 😂

  67. author

    Sunset HorizanGamer72312 jam yang lalu

    Sugar Gang

  68. author

    Charming nowhere to hide12 jam yang lalu

    For bringing games to really life you should review the binding of Isaac card game

  69. author

    Jaylen Velazquez12 jam yang lalu


  70. author

    1308princess12 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    PP Boy99912 jam yang lalu

    i want the backpack please make it mathias.. like pleasE?

  72. author

    JulzMusic12 jam yang lalu

    Can you please do a revised version of this on Dope Or Nope? There are SO many ones out there now, would love to see you cover these! Buzzfeed ran an article back in 2013 “21 Alarm Clocks You'd Definitely Want To Wake Up To” - no matter how old that is, seeing you test them would be phenomenal. Re Bryan making manic sounds to cover up the alarm clock, sounds like something I would do and would probably work as the most effective alarm clock out of all of these

  73. author

    kyle roderick12 jam yang lalu

    Even though it's a toy cap gun you don't point guns at people you're going to teach kids bad things

  74. author

    Jess the hungry Girl13 jam yang lalu

    Area fifty one raid products

  75. author

    Terehia Takiaria13 jam yang lalu

    Nice voice crack Tan Man 13:11

  76. author

    Ebony wolfdog13 jam yang lalu

    Oh my god she is so adorable! I just watched one of your old vids yesterday that had her in it and she was just a baby in that video lol...

  77. author

    Princesu Susu13 jam yang lalu

    But the last one was great Matthias!!!

  78. author

    ISSARA SATYANAM13 jam yang lalu

    Omg I have that product on 13:40 It is actually amazing I love the toy so much

  79. author

    Peaches lmao13 jam yang lalu

    I love DD's discounts, my mom and I go all of the time lmaooo

  80. author

    Anwsome evans13 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    cjmeeow Jane13 jam yang lalu

    Funniest content I've seen in so long. Keep up the good work.

  82. author

    Lidija Ljubas Kers14 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    Margo Rothchild14 jam yang lalu

    Hot beverage bag

  84. author

    Timms Media14 jam yang lalu

    You said $34 for the Disco ball that makes you feel old, however, you only paid $10

  85. author

    Amen Gemeda14 jam yang lalu

    Happy birthday Matthias

  86. author

    Skye de Thierry14 jam yang lalu

    Who else heard Tanner say a naughty word!

  87. author

    Caelan_2 Playz14 jam yang lalu

    Imma fire nah lazorrr

  88. author

    Golden black14 jam yang lalu


  89. author

    Matty C14 jam yang lalu

    *strange?* I’m Australian and it’s kind of offensive to me of you calling the didgeridoo strange.

  90. author

    candy14 jam yang lalu

    I got a ad with Matt in the photo...

  91. author

    TalkingwithMe Me14 jam yang lalu

    Happy birth day matthias

  92. author

    IntrovertGoneAWOL14 jam yang lalu

    I’ve only seen 1 & 2 and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

  93. author

    Elijah Alexander14 jam yang lalu


  94. author

    お菓子金平糖くん14 jam yang lalu

    awww they watched kiwami Japan (圧倒的不審者の極み)'s video!!!and they made it!!!

  95. author

    Trevor A14 jam yang lalu

    Everyone boo tanner for being a donky

  96. author

    Jamie Brown14 jam yang lalu

    'sugar gang' and yeah Tanner you have flow for sure

  97. author

    Jamie Brown14 jam yang lalu

    "UNICORN PEE" "SAD MARSHMALLOW" "NO U" I love you guys so much ❤️💙 💕

  98. author

    Keith S. Hembree15 jam yang lalu

    It’s good to know that bullet force on freegames66 enables player to switch the language to espanol, I’m okay with english but also want to play the game in my mother language as well.

  99. author

    My Deku15 jam yang lalu

    Non of them

  100. author

    Leafyr Oakfyst15 jam yang lalu

    These guys get me. Minecraft is my dream, my life, my all. Piñata dope.