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  1. author

    Danno GNR88Hari Yang lalu

    I'm not a gay man but damn Allison looks good in that black kit

  2. author

    Ahmed zizoHari Yang lalu

    Mo Salah the Egyptian king ❤

  3. author

    stormshadow2kHari Yang lalu

    Assists from Firmino leading to goals from Salah makes me need heart medications. LIVERPOOL!

  4. author

    Dylan CooperHari Yang lalu

    Something BIG is happening to this club. I'm very excited for our future.

  5. author

    BlaLikaFleedHari Yang lalu

    الحمد لله الذي خلق الموت و الحياه ليبولكم ايهم احسن عملا . الحمد لله

  6. author

    CJHari Yang lalu

    Everyone needs a Jurgen 3:00

  7. author

    Pape karaHari Yang lalu

    Mané mané

  8. author

    TLB M9Hari Yang lalu

    Who else finds it weird seeing so many dislikes on a football clubs videos, like imagine going onto other clubs IDreporter just to dislike....

  9. author

    Elias Gamer 500Hari Yang lalu

    Salah is best in Liverpool and Van dijk

  10. author

    Armaan AkhtarHari Yang lalu


  11. author

    Armaan AkhtarHari Yang lalu

    Mo u dancer

  12. author

    Asam MoslmiHari Yang lalu

    waw waw waw Mohamed slah❤

  13. author

    Seine EhrenHari Yang lalu

    Klopp and coaches ever! ♥

  14. author

    Hanisa SidikHari Yang lalu


  15. author

    عاشقه تركياHari Yang lalu

    روعه الهدف محمد صلاح

  16. author

    phesoj92Hari Yang lalu

    Surely there aren't any favorism in Mr. Klopp series of hugs but couldn't stop notice how he embraced Sadio 3:05 and let go seconds after Mo showed up 3:07. Don't get me wrong, I love them both equally <3

  17. author

    Aji PrasetyoHari Yang lalu

    Lagi nyari komentar bhs indo..👍

  18. author

    stormshadow2kHari Yang lalu

    10:30 Again and again. And again. Mo Salah!

  19. author

    Jannick MüllerHari Yang lalu

    Why is VVD jumping so high at 00:28?

  20. author

    alan 888Hari Yang lalu

    So happy to see that defeated saulty face of Ole!We gonna win the league,we gonna win the league!

  21. author

    박상윤Hari Yang lalu

    Real Reds

  22. author

    Ahmed MahmoudHari Yang lalu

    Salah scores in the anfield is about to be a classic story

  23. author

    DessyddHari Yang lalu

    That little lads face! I usually des-spise daaa ginger. But he has a pass (am also a ging as well)

  24. author

    Edvin BäckstadiHari Yang lalu

    11:01 the man with a Bayern Munich hat celebrating🤦🏽

  25. author

    kevin tinegateHari Yang lalu

    Quality as always Redman. 👍

  26. author

    Trent AnfieldHari Yang lalu

    We love lfc

  27. author

    M BHari Yang lalu

    The scenes on the Kop when Salah buried it, pure elation! And John Henry’s missus is FIT

  28. author

    Trent AnfieldHari Yang lalu

    Gogogo liverpool

  29. author

    Eyad AHari Yang lalu

    15:22 seeing these two disappointed at Anfield gave me a satisfaction

  30. author

    sadaf serajHari Yang lalu

    Bolt after watching Alli's celebration " I got a competitor"

  31. author

    Mr DevildayHari Yang lalu

    Always puts a smile to my face when John shows up

  32. author

    stormshadow2kHari Yang lalu

    That "We're gonna win the league" at the end made my hairs stand up from my toes up to my neck! Liverpool, Liverpool!

  33. author

    Kami NeroHari Yang lalu

    running while undressing. that's epic bro..

  34. author

    Hi HllooHari Yang lalu

    ليفربول اليوم أفضل نادي في العالم بفضل الله وفضل الداهية يورغن كلوب. 😍😍😍👋👋👋👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

  35. author

    Plastic EHari Yang lalu

    i know that liverpool won but manchester united were all over liverpool in that second half

  36. author

    هموم وغيوم لاشي يدومHari Yang lalu


  37. author

    MarioValladares8Hari Yang lalu

    I'm from Venezuela, and it would be a dream come true, going to Anfield to watch playing the team of my life, i fell this club in my heart, red as my blood, and hopefully, one day it'll be possible :'(

  38. author

    davett64Hari Yang lalu

    Love The Reds so much. Unbelievable crowd, yet again.

  39. author

    Shakeel AkbarHari Yang lalu

    Liverpool dominated the match

  40. author

    UppernorwoodHari Yang lalu

    Anyone know how to hook IDreporter up to your veins? Asking for a friend.

  41. author

    budiman jrHari Yang lalu

    Tranding 1 in my country how could it be

  42. author

    The true RedsHari Yang lalu

    Fingers crossed the manure scums don't go for poch. Let ole be at the wheel for like forever!

  43. author

    mhHari Yang lalu

    John W Henry He made lfc world champion!

  44. author

    Smsmsm SmsmsmHari Yang lalu

    Klopp didn’t know Henry was going to be there. He was surprised to see him. This is great ...the owners are not making it about themselves and trying to bask in the clubs reflected glory. Also, he doesn’t want to put undue pressure on the manager or the players but will instead wait until the job is done to offer a quiet word of congratulations. Absolute class.

  45. author

    one indicatorsHari Yang lalu

    You know that liverpool will dominate the EPL for the next 10 years. we start from now. and the Manchester United club will become a sick club where all their fans will be stressed, frustated during this period, believe that. and You might be watching the best liverpool team of all time. Ynwa from INDONESIA

  46. author

    James brumbyHari Yang lalu


  47. author

    محمد على السيدHari Yang lalu

    Mo s

  48. author

    BenHari Yang lalu

    Thanks to the first Lady and JWH. Putting us back on our perch! YNWA

  49. author

    Neguib LootfunHari Yang lalu

    Now or never for Liverpool to win the title.

  50. author

    Olle med skillsHari Yang lalu

    1:16 James is lightening fast

  51. author

    SOPYANHari Yang lalu

    I love salah♥️

  52. author

    Marcelo83Hari Yang lalu

    Ole saying hey to the staff and they all just ignoring him.... hilarious

  53. author

    عبدالله عزالدين الكنانيHari Yang lalu

    Mo salah is the best

  54. author

    kieron OseiHari Yang lalu

    If you don't stop this hooliganism I will your heads of

  55. author

    mama TiganHari Yang lalu

    Bruno GG

  56. author

    Freddi StoHari Yang lalu


  57. author

    รุ่งทิวา ดุจนาคีHari Yang lalu


  58. author

    MO worldHari Yang lalu

    - How are you - Not too bad

  59. author

    Shantanu SinghHari Yang lalu

    19th league loading!!YNWA!!

  60. author

    azy103Hari Yang lalu

    13:51 Klopp interacting with Linda and John is like family catching up

  61. author

    Jeff ThomasHari Yang lalu

    Painfull to watch. But now i know how liverpool fans have been feeling since 1990

  62. author

    Jgchkhbgg JhhfvhvfHari Yang lalu

    15:21 I'm dying

  63. author

    Sarah RedsHari Yang lalu

    Can see Jordan Henderson as a manager one day. What a Captain 🔴

  64. author

    Wer BungHari Yang lalu

    Liverpool is the best place in the world where even blind fans can enjoy the purest football. Best stadium, fans and atmosphere and this is like a sound masterpiece!

  65. author

    Scott MichaelHari Yang lalu

    This team maaan.. They are playing at a different level right now. I'm thinking the big double this year..

  66. author

    Andres HlHari Yang lalu

    Vamos Liverpool a ganar esa tan ansiada Premier ! 🔴🔴

  67. author

    survival of the fittestHari Yang lalu

    All I want in my life is to watch a game in anfield with this crowd god please help me to make it happen

  68. author

    Ala CescoHari Yang lalu

    13:45 What is Robert Pires doing in Anfield? 🕵️

  69. author

    ashraf rayanHari Yang lalu

    Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah Mo Salah . He is the best in the world. I love him so much.

  70. author

    Yehezkiel Sutomo Andreas GintingHari Yang lalu


  71. author

    Mr BlackHari Yang lalu

    Fans M.Salah Like :)

  72. author

    catrachocoloHari Yang lalu

    That is the power of football. Uniting so many people from all other the world, of so many different cultures and religions. One love! No other sport (or other thing, for that matter) comes even close to achieving that.

  73. author

    CTT LurzZHari Yang lalu

    13:52 klopp pulling beaurs

  74. author

    Prajjwal khatiHari Yang lalu


  75. author

    Edy PHari Yang lalu


  76. author

    I just asked A.Einstein to hold my Monster EnergyHari Yang lalu

    sAllah what a Goal. 12:27 Jose Klopp.

  77. author

    الصياد المصري The Egy HunterHari Yang lalu

    Have you seen Linda and Henry ? They have been very happy since day one in PL

  78. author

    Sandy HotowetzHari Yang lalu


  79. author

    Deplorable in BerlinHari Yang lalu

    The 'Inside Anfield' clips are always most artfully made... But... Wow! This video is on another level. Thank you so much, LFCTV.

  80. author

    Clinton HitlaHari Yang lalu

    Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah king of Egypt, we are going to Win League.

  81. author

    AlexV ChannelHari Yang lalu

    one of the best video to this channel !!! do more like this

  82. author

    Ibble ObbleHari Yang lalu

    Mata and De Gea at the end remind me of something out of The Office

  83. author

    Sean HannonHari Yang lalu

    “We could relax for 20 seconds”😂😂😂love robbo

  84. author

    Myrddin GwyneddHari Yang lalu

    I get the feeling there`s no love lost between Salah and Mane.

  85. author

    James NolanHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    bn ObadyHari Yang lalu

    اعشق افضل لاعب بالعالم محمد صلاح

  87. author

    lenny 29Hari Yang lalu

    £75mil van dijk scores a goal, £80mil Maguire let's him 🤣🤣🤣

  88. author

    robert kellyHari Yang lalu

    He is really fast

  89. author

    yacine bertalHari Yang lalu

    ان كنت عربي اضغط زر لايك ههههه اعرف اننا كثيرون لا تبخلوني فقط اضغطوا لايك .

  90. author

    elizajohn5Hari Yang lalu

    How did Ole get in the crowd? = 5.30.

  91. author

    Abdoulaye NdiayeHari Yang lalu

    Merci sallah meme si je suis sénégalais mais je suis africaines

  92. author

    vacantplanetHari Yang lalu

    Another daylight robbery. We always have bias referees when we play the mancs.

  93. author

    Anouar NeurHari Yang lalu

    Mohamed salah😜

  94. author

    Ell PotterHari Yang lalu

    13:53 klopp's quiet lil high-pitched 'thank you very much' is the best thing you'll ever hear on headphones, thank me later

  95. author

    Jorge FelicioHari Yang lalu

    O melhor time do mu do

  96. author

    RaId 92Art - رايد يرسمHari Yang lalu

    3:43 don't worry klopp I feel the same too

  97. author

    PipsMonkeys FxHari Yang lalu

    This is soo random. Highlight something cool! Like Allison celebrations

  98. author

    julius fendiHari Yang lalu

    sekarang kalian menemukan komentar indonesia🇲🇨

  99. author

    kiki raniHari Yang lalu

    From doubters to believers ❤️