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  1. author

    Jay DeeJam Yang lalu

    You have to show the entire play. This all started when Myles took Mason to the ground (with 14 seconds left, in a game that was over) and Myles clearly seeing the ball was well out of Masons hand. Any QB, any player is going to take exception with that. It all started with that

  2. author

    hihaterzitzmeJam Yang lalu

    Fuk what y'all talking bout. I need a rode dawg like POUNCEY

  3. author

    Yonatan Kulessa2 jam yang lalu

    I don't get what happened at 2:30. Why were the commentators laughing?

  4. author

    Impeach Pelosi2 jam yang lalu

    Garrett is a cheap shot artist.

  5. author

    One among billions2 jam yang lalu

    And then this dude cried RACIAL SLUR for his justification! Give me a break you black turd. Honestly when will blacks stop acting like absolute whiney babies!? I'm sick of them f**king up and blaming it on other people. In this culture black people are treated how the baby in a family is treated. The baby always gets spoiled and his bad actions get excused because he's the baby of the family. I'm sorry but if the blacks can't see how they hurt themselves more than anybody else does they have no hope.

  6. author

    Travis Long2 jam yang lalu

    Love us making examples of these people who dont know how to behave in the NFL. Myles shouldnt have a career.

  7. author

    Roy Farley3 jam yang lalu

    Sherman helmet to helmet on Tyler? C'mon man!

  8. author

    Sir Nicholas D3 jam yang lalu

    Slur or not, doesn't mean you have to act like the slur and become overly violent

  9. author

    William Bailey3 jam yang lalu

    Swatting a bee off dudes head ?

  10. author

    Cormorant_on_aRock3 jam yang lalu

    thanks obama

  11. author

    CaliBear 4154 jam yang lalu

    Another mad seahawk fan..fuck outta here

  12. author

    Edward Lopez4 jam yang lalu

    Fuck you.

  13. author

    Conner Maas4 jam yang lalu

    Anyone defending rudolph because “it was a late hit,” shut the fuck up. Garret hit him under a second after he threw it and probably didnt even realize he didnt have the ball anymore. Anyone who says that has never played football before.

  14. author

    Bear Williams4 jam yang lalu

    Fuck mason he look like a kkk member should've bust his head open

  15. author

    Malik4 jam yang lalu

    I'ma Steelers fan but this team is very good this year. I'm actually happy they beat the Patriots

  16. author

    Conner Maas5 jam yang lalu

    Good. Rudolph is retarded already anyways.

  17. author

    TahitianTreat BabyBatter5 jam yang lalu

    My Bears need to take notes from the Ravens. The plays drawn up to take advantage of their players gifts are amazing. BTW... Lamars improvements with his passing accuracy is rarely discussed. Kinda strange. It's like they want him to stay a "hybrid RB"

  18. author

    Celebrity Kraze5 jam yang lalu

    Okay. Clearly it shows Mason as the aggressor on the ground. He wouldn't let Garrett go. And I hope 53 got in trouble for pouncing on Garrett. I'm not so sure an indefinite suspension is warranted here.

  19. author

    SebasBoosts5 jam yang lalu

    Lockett put Sherman down on the hit... DK Metcalf let the ball slip through his hands...

  20. author

    Chris Ervin5 jam yang lalu

    Classic thuggery. Not surprising at all.. Its the browns.... From Cleveland... A deplorable ghetto to say the least. Laughable actually.

  21. author

    ARP5 jam yang lalu

    Claims racially villified are bs and he he knows it ,the turd !

  22. author

    Black Royalty5 jam yang lalu

    Should've cracked his skull wide open!

  23. author

    9130mosin5 jam yang lalu

    NFL: National Felons Lea...

  24. author

    Black Future5 jam yang lalu

    Lamar is a problem

  25. author

    Ryan J5 jam yang lalu

    1:48 min mark Mason called him the n-word under his breath. Myles reported it from the beginning. Myles is getting RAILROADED.

  26. author

    Mike Casale6 jam yang lalu

    Respires are saying, The reason this happened is because the QB used racial slurs while being tackled. If that’s the case then I say his actions were justified .

  27. author

    G 56 jam yang lalu

    Knuckleheads. All of them.

  28. author

    Jay mere6 jam yang lalu

    love chad😂😂😂😂😂😂 and r.i.p to cedric

  29. author

    mjt118606 jam yang lalu

    coward chickenshit gangbanger mentality. he should b suspended. a fight is a fight, but when u feel the need to use a weapon on an unarmed person cuz ur pissed at him, you've become a coward.

  30. author

    thr3eS6Xmurphia Ryan Murphy6 jam yang lalu

    Throw the thug out and keep the foot down.. gotta teach these thugs it’s either be professional and make millions or be a thug and not be in the NFL.. simple..

  31. author

    casa JB6 jam yang lalu

    We're all equal.

  32. author

    Zachary Young6 jam yang lalu

    His passing reminds me of Vick

  33. author

    FutureMvp TTV6 jam yang lalu

    He was 16 and dancing around the field like sonic the hedgehog....WOW

  34. author

    F.L. Raines6 jam yang lalu

    This shit ain't go work in playoffs ceases

  35. author

    tsimmons1974ts6 jam yang lalu

    😆😆😆😆 Who has the last Laugh Now 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 you Go Boi !!!!!

  36. author

    F.L. Raines6 jam yang lalu

    Wants defenses adjust to his playing style the fun is over...

  37. author

    F.L. Raines6 jam yang lalu

    Michael Vick Bullshit...All hat, no cap...

  38. author

    Kyle Burton7 jam yang lalu

    Hopkins head look like it stink

  39. author

    Christian Levkulich7 jam yang lalu

    He pushed him that should have ben a flag

  40. author

    jerome dsnut7 jam yang lalu

    That' was the best 8second of the game loving it ....that is call football ......

  41. author

    J Flow7 jam yang lalu

    Boink on the head

  42. author

    Saun Drayton7 jam yang lalu

    Steaming Willie Beamin #8 🔥

  43. author

    Ezequiel Castillo7 jam yang lalu

    Stupid negga

  44. author

    Chris B7 jam yang lalu

  45. author

    givethem ahuge8 jam yang lalu

    Can you see him now. who here in 2019 of the 11 month looking at this team lol this team is yet to give it they all

  46. author

    Era Playz8 jam yang lalu

    So on the claim that Myles Garrett says that Mason Rudolph called him a niggah with the hard R... wanna know how that’s bullshit? *Have you SEEN who’s on the Steelers O-Line? You don’t think that Pouncey would of stomped out Rudolph instead of Garrett had he heard him?* Myles is just looking out for himself because he’s a brainless moron who let his talent go to waste. He called his act foolish ... nah assault and battery isn’t foolish it’s a plain felony. Hope that clown never plays again.

  47. author

    GiTxSHuM8 jam yang lalu

    Someone in another video said” Lamar Jackson’s grip on the ball is under his armpit” 😂😂😂

  48. author

    AiCDragon8 jam yang lalu

    The rules may be a bit different than when sherman was on the Legion but his timing was early on these PIs. But moving at thw speed they do sometimes it doesnt take much to seem so early in a slo mo replay. But regardless... he was early. And it wasnt even coming down to replay so Im not sure what the commentator was going on about there

  49. author

    Trevor Doyle8 jam yang lalu

    You ever did that to one of my QB's you would be leaving in a body bag.

  50. author

    Gary Songer8 jam yang lalu

    I don't know what's worse, letting him continue to play or turning him loose on the streets! Either way someone is going to be victimized by this maniac!

  51. author

    Psychodelic8 jam yang lalu

    Myles Garrett for Smash DLC

  52. author

    Jason Stiller8 jam yang lalu

    ...pulls race card

  53. author

    IMDARKFIRE0078 jam yang lalu

    THAT bastard should have been arrested for assault.

  54. author

    Phil Brett9 jam yang lalu

    Pouncy sucker punched Garret no less than three times while a teammate was pulling Garrett down. He then got up and kicked Garrett in the head. His suspension was REDUCED from three games to two games. That is what we call BULLSHIT.

  55. author

    Joseph Borrero9 jam yang lalu

    #53 for Steelers was the only one who had the QB's back. Dude was a animal too. 😐👌And #66 Decastro too.🥴

  56. author

    Lynna Hyman9 jam yang lalu

    Rudolph clearly trying to take garrets helmet off first. I believe Garret that Rudolph called him a racial slur. They're calling Garret's reaction disproportionate but it's not. The magnitude of his reaction reflects the magnitude of the provocation. Shit's infuriating.

  57. author

    Carlos Cabrera9 jam yang lalu

    6:40 Brady would have gotten a roughing the passer illegal hands to the face call

  58. author

    rose black9 jam yang lalu

    yeah i wouldn't call that picked on but ok

  59. author

    Semisi Kinikini9 jam yang lalu

    Thats was nice!

  60. author

    Andrew Doss9 jam yang lalu

    This aged well

  61. author

    redleg13b Jay9 jam yang lalu

    Ahh! typical black thuggery!

  62. author

    Mike Jones9 jam yang lalu

    Ingram did that.Our next Bouldin👍

  63. author

    Houston Mkenzi9 jam yang lalu

    I want pouncy on my team

  64. author

    Taylor9 jam yang lalu

    53 prolly felt dumb AF throwing shots at that helmet with a fist lmao😅

  65. author

    T9 jam yang lalu


  66. author

    nyctom0810 jam yang lalu

    I really don't understand how Rudolph wasn't suspended. He was the CLEAR aggressor of the incident. Garrett's tackle was textbook clean, Rudolph releases the ball a split second before Garret wraps his arms around him. Rudolph clearly at 1:48 tries to take off Garrett's helmet, Garrett then responds by ripping off Rudolph's helmet. Garrett is then separated by the Pitt lineman and a clearly enraged Rudolph charges Garrett. Yea what Garret did hitting Rudolph with the helmet was wrong but why isn't the aggressor and root cause of the incident being punished here?

  67. author

    Ryan Breisch10 jam yang lalu

    Wow I just saw this mikes garret is a bitch

  68. author

    Jarell Lavender10 jam yang lalu

    Dude the ball is gone and you can see the camera man following the ball and Myles Garrett was still in the process of slamming him to the ground..smh that's what instigated it smh..the ball was long gone..Myles dont sack and slam the QB down with 8 sec to go..nothing happens

  69. author

    No commercails Garcia10 jam yang lalu

    Should've been 4

  70. author

    Broden Wowker10 jam yang lalu

    Title correction Lamar Jackson outduled the refs from bribing him

  71. author

    trick top10 jam yang lalu

    Only one hand and he is still more of a freak athlete then 99% of people on earth

  72. author

    Alana10 jam yang lalu

    Remember the Titans

  73. author

    Steve Haines10 jam yang lalu

    You know garret is dumb AF since it took him a week to think up pulling the race card as his defense

  74. author

    pilottbrad10 jam yang lalu

    Garrett takes a knee "against police brutality" in 2017, then beats a guy with his helmet. The definition of hypocrisy

  75. author

    jackson reed10 jam yang lalu

    He’s the new Michael Vick

  76. author

    intelligence wisdom10 jam yang lalu

    He should be arrested and jailed, not suspended. How pathetic that the attacker tried to use the race card. No one buys this bullsh*t anymore. When will these people grow up and stop acting like emotional women because of a word (which in this case was not even used).

  77. author

    I agree11 jam yang lalu

    Yea he called him the n word. A grown man hit you with a helmet and all you do is put your hands up after you was just fighting him lol. He called him the n word and got the reaction he wanted.

  78. author

    MJ 4711 jam yang lalu

    Sherman's talent is in his BIG MOUTH not on the football field! Very OVERRATED CB

  79. author

    Derpy Reaper11 jam yang lalu

    Honestly I understand Garrett being suspended but why don’t the other two players who basically physically attacked Garrett get suspended as well I mean it was just supposed to be a tackle and then the two Steelers started to attack Garrett. I’m kinda confused

  80. author

    David Dockery11 jam yang lalu

    Rudolph started it and Myles finished it

  81. author

    KSI Neddy11 jam yang lalu

    224 total yards... wow sooo madden like. Give this running clown a max 3 year career (like all other running qbs got)

  82. author

    Vitamin B11 jam yang lalu

    I bet there is more to it than we can see. Something was going on between these 2 prior the snap. At dying seconds of the game and Browns winning it for sure, that's why Garrett didn't care about getting a penalty for roughing the passer.

  83. author

    black man11 jam yang lalu

    As I've said before , this guy is young , he's tough , he can run and can throw the ball , and if he's not injured , he's going to be the Best quarter back of all time , because he's going to break records of all quarter backs before him , you give credit where credit is due .............. Smile

  84. author

    Darell Davie11 jam yang lalu

    I’ve seen worse but he’s a coward use your hands.

  85. author

    Connor McLindon11 jam yang lalu

    Hey I go to allen

  86. author

    Kendrick Barrett12 jam yang lalu

    Title misleading and the 3 pi calls were bull

  87. author

    XTC Stephen12 jam yang lalu

    Like you did something in football

  88. author

    J P12 jam yang lalu

    FACT: When a White person and a Black are involved in an altercation, 85% of the time the assailant is the Black and the victim is the White person.

  89. author

    Anonymous User12 jam yang lalu

    Stay classy Baltimore

  90. author

    Jody Mars12 jam yang lalu

    I agree what everything garrett did... but he shouldve just threw the helmet

  91. author

    Dominic Michael12 jam yang lalu


  92. author

    Logan Belveal12 jam yang lalu

    Beast man. He's something special

  93. author

    Cody Simpson12 jam yang lalu

    Thats a big guy, he barely swung that helmet.

  94. author

    Ke Thom13 jam yang lalu

    Y'all say 3 catches for 38yds is lockdown ok but that's damn near 11yds a catch that's a first down everytime he catches the ball smh

  95. author

    Peter Harrington13 jam yang lalu

    He must have had said something inflammatory judging by his reaction...

  96. author

    Ke Thom13 jam yang lalu

    But he couldn't lock up a healthy Gallup tho something ain't adding up oh that's why kuz coop wasn't 100%

  97. author

    Ke Thom13 jam yang lalu

    Cooper was just use as bait that game and the lions bit on it and them other 2 wr's made em pay for it lol

  98. author

    Ke Thom13 jam yang lalu

    Cooper was playing hurt matter of fact being playing hurt this whole season slay be bs he a some timing ass corner

  99. author

    The Fate of Slate13 jam yang lalu

    I can tell you exactly how I know Mason Rudolph didn't call him a racial slur. Myles Garrett walked by a TEAM FULL OF BLACK GUYS and didn't jaw what he said to anyone. If he was actually called the n-word, he would have been going on about it on the sidelines and to the coaches

  100. author

    Trash Expire13 jam yang lalu

    Why is everyone so shock about this. I see worst from National Hockey League.