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Your Husband Is A Thief!Your Husband Is A Thief!

Your Husband Is A Thief!

27 hari yang lalu

  1. author

    Bobby Harper5 jam yang lalu

    Makes 250 a year. Live off 50k and put the rest to the debt. Pay it off in like 5 or 6 years

  2. author

    Blair Robert5 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like the family is not Canadian. We don't coddle our kids like other cultures

  3. author

    Paul Nightwolf5 jam yang lalu

    The daughters long term plan is to keep borrowing money from old mom.😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  4. author

    Jim Ziemer5 jam yang lalu

    I understand why the finances are separate and it makes sense in this situation. Her kids are hers and his kids are his. I think this is another case where Dave is wrong.

  5. author

    Ricky Ray5 jam yang lalu

    I'm up 7% in my portfolio. First year investing, and I'm hoping there is a recession so I can "bye bye bye" lol If you dont get the reference you're too young

  6. author

    SuperNova5 jam yang lalu

    Dave’s eyes.... I can read his mind. “Beans and Rice..... rice and beans”.... lol

  7. author

    Paul Nightwolf5 jam yang lalu

    I wouldn't give her a dime .🐺

  8. author

    joefunk765 jam yang lalu

    $100,000 on $42m is about 1/4 of a percent. So, on $420k, that’s about $1,000, not $100.

  9. author

    Jeffrey Chapman5 jam yang lalu

    How high can real estate really go? People aren't making more money. Maybe some are? But somebody has to pay these mortgages. I've heard this before the 2008 crash that real estate was going to keep going up. Maybe real estate has historically had a steady climb throughout the decades in this country. But so has people's wages. But I heard the average joe isn't making more money nowadays days. But what probably caused the crash was too many foreclosures. If people stop buying houses the market might not crash. But if there's foreclosures that's a different story.

  10. author

    Alejandro Campos5 jam yang lalu

    Thumbs down cuz Dave didnt give the other person a chance to talk. Dave people would have been right anyway but what the caller asked or said may have taught us something not to do or look out for.

  11. author

    Navdeep Dhaliwal5 jam yang lalu

    50k a month and he is 16😂😂

  12. author

    Rebecca Weinstein5 jam yang lalu

    The comment about charging interest being a sin scared me off. Also being angry about the landlord raising rent. She seems a little out of touch. Hopefully Dave can help her.

  13. author

    Vish5 jam yang lalu

    I'm a student right now with $1500 in credit card debt. Help.

  14. author

    Eddie Wow5 jam yang lalu

    Spoiled brat making $65k a year and no money? Should’ve muted that old hag a minute in the call

  15. author

    serge quick5 jam yang lalu

    Call me back after your divorce because this is where its headed 100%

  16. author

    Alexis Jankowski5 jam yang lalu

    Make federal loans available only at north of $6,000 a year. Students are taking too much because they are choosing to. They are not victims, they are either intentional ignorant or overly optimistic. Be realistic and get to work. My sister could have gone to community college debt free and graduated with an associates degree. Instead, she’s in debt for $5,000 or $13,000, in poverty and only has a certificate.

  17. author

    Tawana Calamari5 jam yang lalu

    i know this is too late but could you have studied somewhere else instead of racking up such a huge debt!

  18. author

    Tawana Calamari5 jam yang lalu

    when he said "my fiance and i were looking at how to attack this" i just thought you mean, YOU are going to figure out how to attack it

  19. author

    Larry Fine5 jam yang lalu

    I listed my debts from smallest to LARGEST minus my mortgage after this video and here they are...smallest is $0 and the largest is $0.00 😚 Been like that for two years now!!!

  20. author

    Chris Iovino5 jam yang lalu

    Parents make a combined $250k/year and only have ~$200k in their nestegg. Given they retire, they'll be broke in 2-3 years.

  21. author

    heynowhey5 jam yang lalu

    How much should your house/rent payments be ?

  22. author

    Jim Ziemer5 jam yang lalu

    I think Dave is wrong about credit cards. But you have to remember that his callers don’t know how to manage money. So for his callers, credit cards are bad. Dave is wrong. There are up sides to credit cards. I have credit cards but I pay them off every month.

  23. author

    SeanFromPVD5 jam yang lalu

    I keep it simple with family. No loans at all.

  24. author

    Larry Fine5 jam yang lalu

    I've had a couple "emergencies" in life. The latest was earlier this year and a loss of employment. I had almost $4,000 In the bank (not very much!) prior to the job loss. Everyone will tell you "You can find a job tomorrow" which is true of $10-12/hr jobs. I was looking hard and heavy for a job in my area of expertise with an awesome resume. Still took me 2 months to find the new job!!! Needless to say I now have a 6 month e-fund saved up and not stopping til I hit 9-12 months worth. The longer you live the more life will punch you in the face and it goes in yearly cycles. So when life is good, ENJOY IT and when you are sliding downhill it won't be as bad with a generous e-fund In place. Thanks Dave Ramsey!!!

  25. author

    BigORat5 jam yang lalu

    Successful people copy what other successful people do...Poor people copy what other poor people do. Sad but true.

  26. author

    Xia 8xxx5 jam yang lalu

    If your man is imature and irresponsible and lazy,RUN the other way!!! I am fed up of that kind of teenageboy careless mindset.NEVER again!!!

  27. author

    Barry Boppins5 jam yang lalu

    Just don't pay. Ignore it.

  28. author

    Kimberly W5 jam yang lalu

    Student loans are the most evil thing out there. They can never be forgiven, under any circumstances. And, if they are federal loans, you are only allowed to pay them via a checking account/routing number (based on my experience) You couldn't put them on a credit card if you wanted to... They've got you any way you look at it. People are able to rack up tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards going on vacations and buying elaborate items with the option to wipe their balances clean in 7 years if need be.. hello Congress, something is horribly wrong with this situation. Dave is right, Sally Mae will move into your guest room until she is paid off.

  29. author

    Peggy Helton5 jam yang lalu

    I agree with the merging if finances and households. But... his Children from his previous Marriage comes BEFORE the new Wifes Children! PERIOD!! And that is the major problem with many new Marriages... they forget (dont Care) about the Children from the Previous Marriage. Dave didnt say he should help if hes taken care of his Previous Responsibilities... which in my opinion he should have said first, then as a Husband he should help.

  30. author

    Aunty Uber5 jam yang lalu

    Sounds like momma does dabs with that gravel voice.

  31. author

    GoodmorningDan5 jam yang lalu

    Dave, I need your advice about something and I’m going to have an attitude if you ask me any questions to get a better idea of what’s going on... What a repulsive female and mother.

  32. author

    Joey_Bones Jr5 jam yang lalu

    Wow im exactly in the same situation as Dave's son. Im not rich but my dad is filthy rich and im going to inherit everything. I too am concered who i will end up with . This was solid advice.

  33. author

    Rikki Granger5 jam yang lalu

    This lady annoyed me on so many levels. And also, how in the heck does someone have a 250k yearly household income and only have 200k to their name in a 401k?!?

  34. author

    504 Official5 jam yang lalu

    That's her problem.... NOT HIS..!!!

  35. author

    Arlene Augusta5 jam yang lalu

    NO! If you were dead, what would she have done? She would have figured it out on her own!

  36. author

    ZImpresive5 jam yang lalu

    Pack it up Rachel. Let him deal with the debt.

  37. author

    Joe Sillaman RS5 jam yang lalu

    Uncle Sam will pay for your college if you give him 4 years of military service!

  38. author

    Jenny Moon5 jam yang lalu

    He needs to listen this not her.. Now she need to tell her.. goodness. I don't want to marry guy who I need to be mom . I am done fixing other people's life .

  39. author

    exophthalmos16 jam yang lalu

    Daughter like mother. No wonder!!

  40. author

    SuccessBasis6 jam yang lalu

    The daughter is trying to take advantage of the mom.

  41. author

    Anthony Starkey6 jam yang lalu

    101expunge hasa dozen ads in the comments.. Lol

  42. author

    Thomas Mutunga6 jam yang lalu


  43. author

    d m6 jam yang lalu

    Pay dad back

  44. author

    toni g6 jam yang lalu

    Best way to tackle this is move to another country

  45. author

    Asian Mansplainer6 jam yang lalu

    Women have the bad boy's kids then they go find a good boy to raise them.

  46. author

    Jose Ramirez6 jam yang lalu


  47. author

    Anthony6 jam yang lalu

    He should just get high and it will all go away.

  48. author

    Tammy Ingebretson6 jam yang lalu

    when is congress going to bail out middle class. they did it for wall st years ago.

  49. author

    Tuco The Rat6 jam yang lalu

    The husband is a SUCKAH. At least he is opening his eyes now.

  50. author

    S Mode6 jam yang lalu

    The trucker needs to just keep his family in the hotel for right now, get to the local Quality Inn if possible. Sign up for the choice rewards program, that will make several of your nights throughout your stay free or discounted. Be good guests, keep your kids quiet. At $75/night staying in the hotel covers water, electric, heat/air, rent and one meal a day (breakfast). If you are good guests (don't be the type that goes to breakfast in your pajamas or let your kids run around and stick their hands in all of the food) and the hotel may be okay with you taking jelly, peanut butter, bread and a piece of fruit on the weekends for each of the kids for lunch. Plus bonus: room service, some of your shampoo and soap covered and use of a pool and a gym. From the sound of Dad's breathing on the phone and Mom's physical condition that sounds like something they could both use. Plus Mom and the kids are safe while Dad is on the road. Get a hot plate and eat cheap in the room. See what churches in your area offer free meals if any. 75 sounds like a lot, and it is by all means, but remember it covers almost everything and will be about 27k a year. Though QI is usually closer to 60/night. Find something the wife can do to add to your 40k income be it virtual assistant or something. Being homeless should help you qualify for some assistance. Look into medicaid. It's there for a reason. For the Dad, there is a driver shortage right now so look around and see where you can get paid better.

  51. author

    Drop Kick6 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    Drop Kick6 jam yang lalu

    Shd have figured this out before getting married

  53. author

    d m6 jam yang lalu

    We all knew dave would say give it back

  54. author

    Christian York6 jam yang lalu

    Ok boomer

  55. author

    Modern6 jam yang lalu

    You're telling me that you can't find a job in 5 months...ffs that's a joke. She is mooching on her "new" husband and hoping he will pay up for HER kids

  56. author

    Alex6 jam yang lalu

    If I get robbed or lose my wallet, I'd never get that cash back. Unless I use just my card... One call and it's taken care of. Of course the banks aren't stupid- they charge a fee to the seller for accepting card payment. That's why some places "require" a minimum on card payments, duh! So even if your discipline is on point and you never pay interest while earning points or cash back, the bank is making money on each transaction.

  57. author

    Woodsquatch6 jam yang lalu

    Tell the kids to enlist. It builds character, discipline, skills, and FREE college education. Boom! Get it done.

  58. author

    Finnian McCullough6 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Mikayla Woolley6 jam yang lalu

    I’m so confused how Dave is so easy on some people (like this lady, blaming the “stupid” collectors) but tears other people to shreds for no reason.

  60. author

    Miriam Bertram6 jam yang lalu

    Makes 65k and asked mom for 500 for credit catd

  61. author

    lordmagicpants6 jam yang lalu

    Ok, Boomer.

  62. author

    h6 jam yang lalu

    "Ok which part didnt you hear?" How are you supposed to answer that question hahaha??

  63. author

    Stephen Santiago6 jam yang lalu

    My mom took pictures of us with disposable cameras and still has the pictures to this day 😂😂. She'd have even more pictures if it wasn't for the pharmacy giving some of our pictures to another Santiago family 😂😂😂😂.

  64. author

    ZImpresive6 jam yang lalu

    Boomers Destroyed our Economy. It's our job to fix it to pass it on to the next Generation.

  65. author

    Tee Tee6 jam yang lalu

    Why wouldn't you lend someone money under no circumstances???

  66. author

    Nancy White6 jam yang lalu

    Anyone, What’s a “simp”? It’s been used too many times in the comments.

  67. author

    UK violent crime rate is 2x higher than USA's rate6 jam yang lalu

    some have claimed he is lying because he couldnt have a paypal account under 18. lets assume he is telling the truth though. if his mom would be mad at him and try to shut him down, she is a terrible person... "wow son im disappointed that you're rich, shut it down!" that makes no sense...

  68. author

    Chris Ev6 jam yang lalu

    At my age, mid 60s, having gold and silver coins are both a hedge against inflation and possible lifeline if SHTF. I keep $2,000 in gold coins and $200 in silver face value coins. Plus a hundred pounds of copper and nickle.

  69. author

    jmscoopy6 jam yang lalu

    Her son is 18 (or soon to be) and therefore is an ADULT. Not the new husband’s problem...

  70. author

    Finnian McCullough6 jam yang lalu

    they will not sell the cars.....

  71. author

    chibi1686 jam yang lalu

    She's studying to be a teacher? I hope it's not math.

  72. author

    Ed Kennedy6 jam yang lalu

    Dumb da dumb dumb dumb.

  73. author

    Sir We Are About to Die6 jam yang lalu

    Buy her stocks that pay dividends and show her how to invest in a high yield savings account. If she can show you any interest built up, after you give her $; then you know she knows how to use it correctly. If she cannot generate that, she is just looking for a handout.

  74. author

    Krista Collins6 jam yang lalu

    Umm where is the child? He can get a job and help pay for his own education.

  75. author

    jakemf16 jam yang lalu

    First there are lots of people with money- there are not a lot of us- not true. I bet his tax bracket is %35 it was close to %50 in the greatest time of American prosperity strange don’t you think. You also vote to control how your government spends. Let’s have some perspective.

  76. author

    Colonel Crypto6 jam yang lalu

    I bet the daughter is ''strong & independent''......but asking parents to cough up. How many times have I heard that!

  77. author

    Dorothy Adams6 jam yang lalu

    Many times emotionally ill family members want to loan you money so they can control you. Just say NO

  78. author

    joshua deatherage6 jam yang lalu

    Never marry a single mom,, she's obviously not trustworthy because she didn't keep her vows to her first husband, and she's obviously selfish because she didn't care enough about her children to love their dad,

  79. author

    Daniel Selk6 jam yang lalu

    SO MANY PEOPLE need this so much and won't even hear this. =(

  80. author

    Ickstopher Q6 jam yang lalu

    I know that’s been 8 years but that fear still causes me to manage my finances with extreme care.

  81. author

    laura Henry6 jam yang lalu

    Does anybody know where to refinance student loans.

  82. author

    Finnian McCullough6 jam yang lalu

    she is NOT budgeting and she is overspending .....

  83. author

    Sealteam76 jam yang lalu

    0:45 Probably about? He doesn't know...smh.

  84. author

    jon davis6 jam yang lalu

    One great get rich scheme is to have your dad get you a job with an Ukrainian oil company. No experience necessary.

  85. author

    717 famous6 jam yang lalu

    I love the excuses people make but yet they still call 😂

  86. author

    j borrego6 jam yang lalu

    I’m worry the price of home keep going up can’t afford house or buy land

  87. author

    S Collins7 jam yang lalu

    Wish my parents would've paid for my tuition. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  88. author

    teeduck7 jam yang lalu

    Agee with Dave here.

  89. author

    vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten7 jam yang lalu

    If the tables were turned and it was a guy, then people would insult him over being desperate and stupid, but since it's a girl, people operate with kid gloves and sympathy. This stupid chick said that there's a "language barrier" with the man who she's engaged to. How stupid can you be?

  90. author

    Raivila Freedom7 jam yang lalu

    My 19yo moved out of state and I am so sad

  91. author

    teeduck7 jam yang lalu

    Her Husband makes 55k. With alimony and child support. They’re lucky they have food. Dave is crazy here.

  92. author

    Majestic Critters7 jam yang lalu

    I'm happy I found Dave in my early 20's. One solid thing (besides God) that I can say changed the outcome of my life. I could never thank Dave enough.

  93. author

    Assiram ASOS7 jam yang lalu

    I'm so lucky to have found me a man accepting my 2 kids as his own and also help them pay their college tuition if needed be.

  94. author

    Brew Analysis7 jam yang lalu

    She is going to give her daughter the money. You can hear it in her voice. She doesn't know how to say no.

  95. author

    E B7 jam yang lalu

    I’m 26 and have payed $80,000 in rent in 8 years 🤧🤪☠️

  96. author

    La ZBend7 jam yang lalu

    The "need" to spend is a psychological issue. This has something to do with a sense of not being fulfilled. She needs to find a hobby or a cause that is about 'giving' to others in order to fulfill that "need". Shopping or spending, which is about 'self' ain't going to fix it... If we receive more than we give, we will be out of balance. If we are only thinking about ourselves, we will be out of balance. When we become balanced, we become better people. All things in life must be balanced in order to function.

  97. author

    Outdoor Motor sports7 jam yang lalu

    I’m 13, I found Dave when I was 11

  98. author

    UK violent crime rate is 2x higher than USA's rate7 jam yang lalu

    the choice seems fairly obvious... take the higher paying job. she sounds like a spoiled city girl, but she very likely could come to love the quiet solitude of the north. as dave said though, she could literally fly out of there every weekend. chartering a plane is cheap on that salary.

  99. author

    Dandre Lewis7 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    methos10227 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Dave.