I Play video Games that i enjoy not what gets the most views! Apex, fortnite, Call of Duty whatever is the most fun FPS out you will see me playing it!

41 Kills in 2 Games..41 Kills in 2 Games..

41 Kills in 2 Games..

3 bulan yang lalu

Killing Toxic TTV BTW'S..Killing Toxic TTV BTW'S..

Killing Toxic TTV BTW'S..

5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    D3ityCthulhu55 detik yang lalu

    All reactions were priceless

  2. author

    care3s who6 menit yang lalu

    Your team has good communication

  3. author

    Ahmned Benmaamar9 menit yang lalu

    whaaaaaaaaaa hahahaha

  4. author

    Kermit The Frog19 menit yang lalu

    So much salt in one video 😂😂

  5. author

    Revealing _29 menit yang lalu

    I am from South africa 200 ping is the best here

  6. author

    IconicGenius42030 menit yang lalu

    Sucks that people sleeping on you man this was a slapper!!

  7. author

    Lucio Dude Animations32 menit yang lalu

    Damn, 200 ping? Even my 120 ping isn't that smooth 👌

  8. author

    LillisMcPhillis46 menit yang lalu

    I somehow managed to get a 450 meter snipe, and I don't even remember it

  9. author

    Zay Zay47 menit yang lalu

    Do more pleeeease I love thissss

  10. author

    TrippY Mvtt53 menit yang lalu

    Can u gemme⁉️ Can u gemme⁉️ Can u gemme⁉️ Can u gemme⁉️

  11. author

    Jin Jung53 menit yang lalu

    Why you peeps hype up the content

  12. author

    KING NoFATIGUE56 menit yang lalu

    You can still get 20 bomb is shadow fall just have to kill legends lol just got it for all my legends wait till you see the legends gets hit by a shadow and shoot them and that’s it lol been getting them like crazy

  13. author

    Connor Delaney56 menit yang lalu

    Were charge rifles banned in these scrims?

  14. author

    NightlySZNJam Yang lalu

    those lobbies are stacked I play against them all the time in ranked

  15. author

    kevJam Yang lalu

    Whos that div saying about eu . Salty becouse 200 ping kills him .

  16. author

    LegalSkateboardinggJam Yang lalu

    Console players: "They're a few blocks away from us. We've got a few hours before they get to us." PC players: "I see a dot out in the distance. They'll be here any second."

  17. author

    Dennis SJam Yang lalu


  18. author

    Yung LxrdJam Yang lalu


  19. author

    Josh HartmanJam Yang lalu

    zues gives no fucks

  20. author

    xavier floresJam Yang lalu

    200+ makes people jump everywhere it’s fucked

  21. author

    Jam Yang lalu

    Fkn butt hurt yanks that think they're superior.

  22. author

    Col HoskingJam Yang lalu

    Get on Xbox PlayStation sucks lol

  23. author

    Angelo StonerJam Yang lalu

    Dude u did not engage in not 1 actual gunfight 1v1 and I finally saw that u did engage and u got bodied by a G7 ,,,,, nice clout video

  24. author

    Dino KJam Yang lalu

    They are so toxic towards you guys Who are these ?

  25. author

    TommyBJam Yang lalu

    Who else tried to swipe the post at the beginning away?

  26. author

    Pryde UniverseJam Yang lalu

    I’m in these games Zeus. TriedYourBest-tv. We’re in 8th place with only 2 days.

  27. author

    Your MumJam Yang lalu

    Maybe vissTSM

  28. author

    Jennifer BurgosJam Yang lalu

    Your voice man is ill

  29. author

    flick cross2 jam yang lalu

    Ok here in philippines even 400 ping can still kill 3 squads Btw PLDshit

  30. author

    Kenneth Reid2 jam yang lalu

    God dude, I miss Kings Row...

  31. author

    Dexhzy2 jam yang lalu

    WiTh 200 PiNg I play with 200 ping

  32. author

    Hama Reda2 jam yang lalu

    Americans: who are they?? Me: ohhh shit ZeusResurrected🤣

  33. author

    Sergei De Coene2 jam yang lalu

    Boggles my mind how little knowledge americans have ... saying there from australia yeah man the fok these eu. Doing here get out now body wants you here ... like bruh australia aint no where near the eu ... teh fok you guys teach in american scools

  34. author

    Fabiano Brinkmann2 jam yang lalu

    Daltoosh is such a chill dude, nearly the only one who didn't get toxic. Great Vid.

  35. author

    Jefferson Steelflex2 jam yang lalu

    So I've been following you since the cod days from the US and I've never heard of any of these other players.

  36. author

    R-Evan W2 jam yang lalu

    I'm the number one Canadian player of apex, lmao I'm just playing, my buddy is and we wreck all teams! America, Australian, Europeans, Chinese, Etc, etc. But for real much respect towards you Zeus, truly have skills that are hard to beat ;) lol

  37. author

    Jake Z2 jam yang lalu

    Lmao that dumbass calling his high ping an advantage. It’s a major disadvantage to be playing on that kind of ping.

  38. author

    Justin Brown2 jam yang lalu

    In Apex legends high ping is most definitely an advantage. Watch the battlenonsense video on it. You get to skip around on other people screens, but yet if they're on your screen because you're lagging you can still shoot AND kill then even if they're behind cover already on theirs. A player should not have to compensate for the fact that maybe he's playing against a lagger and he has to take cover even sooner . A classic example is ShivFPS. Streaming with Diego and another on their streams the enemy they were pursuing was behind a closed door but because shiv was lagging he was able to shoot through the door from a distance and get the kill. Low ping players get punished in this game vs high ping. It's THE WORST decision the devs have made.

  39. author

    Shvrs2 jam yang lalu

    Aim assist thats how jk lol

  40. author

    Dark Charizard2 jam yang lalu

    Why does his "200 ping" look more smooth than my 27ms ping lol

  41. author

    tr4nc32 jam yang lalu

    marinated and cured in TONS of salt muhahah -- but hey they actually voted Trump as Press, I mean do words even .. nvm I give up. Great game play Zeus

  42. author

    Jimmy Simon2 jam yang lalu

    fuckings legend boys, good shit!!!!!

  43. author

    Hunter Grimes2 jam yang lalu

    I can move really well as path but now that they did what ever they did to his grapple is season 3 (seems as if they lengthened it) it fucked up my muscle memory for catapulting and launching myself. i could get used to it but im honestly tired of playing movement characters anyways ive already played the fuck out of octane and path but I did like how he uses a corkscrew to get more velocity on the launch that was probably the best tip.

  44. author

    Bald & Bearded2 jam yang lalu

    all the dumb shit they say as sore losers... it's a showcase of their stupidity. They should just shut up and move on... like what even pros can be arses!

  45. author

    Trivedi Kirankumar2 jam yang lalu

    You are pagal pagal video

  46. author

    Mike Hawk2 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t know u prove your manhood with video games in Australia

  47. author

    Pablo Garcia2 jam yang lalu

    Bro the guy at 25:19 got me triggered when he said “bro look at these fucking EU’s bruh, get the fuck outta here” oh man i just wanted to go and smack and educate this man on who is the single best apex player in Australia and N.A. bc everyone here is garbage, it wasn’t this guys squad but some other guys squad was camping in a rock glitch like c’mon man at least try.

  48. author

    Muj3 jam yang lalu

    She said "come to my team"😂😂

  49. author

    Muj3 jam yang lalu

    More of these bro this shit lit🔥🔥🔥

  50. author

    Michael Mehaffy3 jam yang lalu

    This is fucking AMAZING!!! 😂

  51. author

    Simione Telefoni3 jam yang lalu

    You three have great chemistry

  52. author

    200 iq plays3 jam yang lalu

    23:08 I LOVE IT

  53. author

    sparrow 2003 jam yang lalu

    Did anyone notice how Zoe’s didn’t see that golden barrel stabilizer sitting on the ground

  54. author

    LootGang_3 jam yang lalu

    Because at 200+ ping, you’re literally skipping around on everyone else’s screen..

  55. author

    Bruh Salud3 jam yang lalu

    Zeus God of lightning and Zeus the god of apex

  56. author

    Apex Purge Gaming3 jam yang lalu

    This was so sick! I felt like i was watching The Tournament Of Power. And Zeus, Puffer and Fury were Goku, Android 17 and Frieza. Good shit. Aus rep. Universe 7 haha

  57. author

    Aaron Camren3 jam yang lalu

    High ping can also be an advantage. The game compensates for you and causes your hits to register even if they didn't for the other person,say with their ping they were already behind cover but for yours they weren't etc. Also landing shots on someone who's lagging is hard lol

  58. author

    iron midget3 jam yang lalu

    Ima take this with a grain of salt given the 200 Ping and not recognizing a single American streamer lmao

  59. author

    Kirai3 jam yang lalu

    Looking for teammates on ps4 to play ranked. My stats:3k kills 1.2k games played on pathfinder, I got the 3k dmg and I can also play wraith or wattson. I live in Europe so the timezones might be different

  60. author

    ALEX Rodriguez3 jam yang lalu

    Only skeeves don't know who yall are lol if u see toosh an fin they are not been mean to you guys

  61. author

    Nolimit Brown3 jam yang lalu

    Try hey trash talking don’t know shit and saying u eu and trash

  62. author

    Emunah School3 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    Xavier Rivera3 jam yang lalu

    They sound big mad😂

  64. author

    Everyone1lies D3 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait for the next Soar video of Daltoosh uploading a 20 bomb of PUB MATCHES. Seeing as he didn't do well in this scrim or ranked matches in general or tournaments. That clan Soar needs to get better players

  65. author

    Tha FloatingGoat3 jam yang lalu

    You're a beast bro. Good stuff.

  66. author

    Lamby3 jam yang lalu

    20:00 lmao 😂 legit lost a game because of that ledge. It was the second to last ring and the last squad was where that gibby shield was. Fell off the ledge and got melted. My two guys nearly beat the trio losing to the last player after downing two.

  67. author

    SooshieTrain3 jam yang lalu

    The salty people’s only valid point was the lag like I know the feeling of an opponent lagging and you can’t fucking hit them cause they just teleport around

  68. author

    ladyheroin .v43 jam yang lalu

    The only person i know is Daltoosh and he wasn't being an Asshole

  69. author

    ladyheroin .v43 jam yang lalu

    Why are they so salty bro?😂😂 Like come on now

  70. author

    zetar0b0t4 jam yang lalu

    Most of these kids are randoms and they asking who Zeus is 😂

  71. author

    Recker 244 jam yang lalu

    Broooo the salt I can't even 😂😂

  72. author

    g.powers 174 jam yang lalu

    how they finna disrespect y’all and say who are they?! wtf lmaoooo love to watch u shit on these kids great vid

  73. author

    Trent Amram4 jam yang lalu

    Americans: WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE? The Australians: Aussie Aussie Aussie?

  74. author

    Faze raiders revenge4 jam yang lalu

    Do he s still play fortnite

  75. author

    Guglielmo Elia4 jam yang lalu

    There Is the crossplay?

  76. author

    Jonas JaggerJ4 jam yang lalu

    You destroyed Daltoosh !?? U'r the best dude

  77. author

    Siope FELILA4 jam yang lalu

    Zeus- throws grenades Wraith - goodluck guys *phase 😂😂😂😂

  78. author

    Hitta 200m4 jam yang lalu

    sound dumb on all ur vidz caliing yur self da best ur gewd playr but how many torment s u have bro we got so many pro players that are known and didnt show up only contnt createrz wer in this video half of them

  79. author

    Josh Watkins4 jam yang lalu

    Please make another video of American scrims

  80. author

    Gaminboss 20004 jam yang lalu

    200 ping dude that's all I get every day I live in Western Australia and its slow because we connect to servers in sydney and it's a 2 hour difference making when I play when all the kids are asleep or not playing and all the streamer and pros are on

  81. author

    NorthernMoose4 jam yang lalu

    Stop killing me in top 3 😭

  82. author

    TheSPEEDYREIDY4 jam yang lalu

    Can I also add how racist Americans are towards the Australian that's so childish of them fucking Noobs 😂😂😂

  83. author

    Luke Ryan4 jam yang lalu

    That spitfire recoil control from Zeus was special

  84. author

    Royalty4 jam yang lalu

    lmao "iTS PUFFERFISH..l.. FUCKING PUSSY" like stfu lil bitch u died not him

  85. author

    Raul Madrigal4 jam yang lalu

    these long videos are not an issue lol

  86. author

    TheSPEEDYREIDY5 jam yang lalu

    Come to London severs Zeus 😂😂

  87. author

    Broken Ace5 jam yang lalu

    Aus rep

  88. author

    Sorin5 jam yang lalu

    I love how you put the other guys streams in your vids and i love their reactions, keep it up!

  89. author

    TheSPEEDYREIDY5 jam yang lalu

    They never heard of Zeus 😂😂😂😂 they must be noobs 😂😂

  90. author

    Ph3oNiX 21055 jam yang lalu

    200+ ping is my average and entry lvl ping. It only climbed from there. I have managed to clutch quite a few matches despite it but would like to see cross play implemented and a South African servers started in the near future

  91. author

    Glitch The Deer5 jam yang lalu

    Thinking you're gonna T-Bag Zeus was his first mistake

  92. author

    Simon Hodges5 jam yang lalu

    Awesome..I'm english..that comment.. there from eu.. made me laugh

  93. author

    Ninjacowboy 1005 jam yang lalu

    Everyone was so salty holy shit what is this mw2 search lobbies

  94. author

    Assassin5 jam yang lalu

    Salty Americans: who are they? Zues: Hold the hard truth!

  95. author

    Chetan Shah5 jam yang lalu

    Isn’t this pubs? Why is everyone playing like it’s ranked? And if it’s ranked where is the top right tracker which shows which rank you are in and how much positive or minus you are in?

  96. author

    Monkey D Ruffy5 jam yang lalu

    Pretty pathetic how toxic the americans got. Just because they thought they were legends but arent shit

  97. author

    Ryusei Sasaki5 jam yang lalu

    "Who the fuck is this kid?" Someone more known than you.

  98. author

    Ciann Hill5 jam yang lalu

    Ryan's a good player AND he's not toxic, rare combo.

  99. author

    JesseAndStuff5 jam yang lalu

    Noxious is a dirty XIM user

  100. author

    kurluk045 jam yang lalu

    Thats got to be a well practiced laugh XD hahaa this video is gold 👍👍