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    evysimba M3 menit yang lalu

    Dream draw "Barca vs Liverpool" no question Then Real vs Juve Chelsea vs Tot

  2. author

    Maximilien Robespierre4 menit yang lalu

    I absolutely love the banter in this show ❤️

  3. author

    Aragoth 975 menit yang lalu

    Juventus vs Madrid would be a nice twist. Let Ronaldo have a go at his old club and manager.

  4. author

    getnot8 menit yang lalu

    didn't he lead a mediocre argentina to the world cup final and then win the player of the tournament?

  5. author

    RetroUnlim.com8 menit yang lalu

    Sancho will go to Liverpool

  6. author

    Yusuf Bham10 menit yang lalu

    Klopp > Pep

  7. author

    Aidan 200311 menit yang lalu

    Kovacic okay 😂😂he's been one of the best midfielders in the prem

  8. author

    SkyIs The Limit12 menit yang lalu

    Sack Dan or this show will lose views

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    Aaron T14 menit yang lalu


  10. author

    Jason K18 menit yang lalu

    comedy show?

  11. author

    Tahir ibn Mohammad21 menit yang lalu

    craig burley 'Can't be bothered' his life motto lol

  12. author

    Johnny DeHoyos Jr22 menit yang lalu

    I am getting fed up with Dan. Stop treating people like they have no value. If I was Gab, I would let you know. Character can’t be bought. Trust me the show can do better without you. Very sorry 😞

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    Killerbee McTitties26 menit yang lalu

    Gab should get his own show. Nobody cares about stupid viewer questions, not everything has to be a debate. Someone fire that producer.

  14. author

    Alex Rodriguez28 menit yang lalu

    This extra time episode was hilarious. Dan my fav host of all time and I love how Craig doesn’t think twice about leaving early 😂 Keep it up guys. Love your show

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    Lal Shrestha28 menit yang lalu

    Juventus vs Real Madrid Bayern Munich vs Atalanta Liverpool vs Lyon Manchester city vs Napoli Barcelona vs Tottenham RB Leipzig vs Chelsea PSG vs Atletico Madrid Valencia vs Borussia Dortmund This is good Draw, or UEFA champions league is fake,

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    Modric Rai28 menit yang lalu

    No Liverpool psg can win

  17. author

    D Jk35 menit yang lalu

    Dan hosting skills leaves a lot to desired. Dan is rude , arrogant and highly disrespectful.

  18. author

    Senate Shakya35 menit yang lalu

    Vela is good enough to play in America only.

  19. author

    Aaron T37 menit yang lalu

    dan so rude cutting gab off mid speech

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    Aaron T42 menit yang lalu

    gab only talks sense

  21. author

    K Matsu43 menit yang lalu

    Terrible pronunciation! And it is an easy one to get right! Just pretend that somebody asked whether you were an Everton fan. "Me??? NAAHHHH! Me? No. (emphasis on the prolonged "aaahhh" sound") me - NAH - me - no Easy peasy Japanesey

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    Akash Thomas44 menit yang lalu

    Its a football related show. So klopp signing a new deal is a big thing than your favourite movie. What Craig did is right.

  23. author

    AndrewGomes_9645 menit yang lalu

    It takes one bad month to let Man City and Leicester into the title race. Liverpool fans are so arrogant and insufferable, its no wonder why nobody can stand them.

  24. author

    Aaron T45 menit yang lalu

    pep couldn't tie jurgen's laces

  25. author

    sayujraj48 menit yang lalu

    Gab is one of those guys who talks sense on the show and you cut him off. That is utter disrespect.

  26. author

    Den L49 menit yang lalu

    Bang for buck, LFC trio wins hands down.

  27. author

    Asis52 menit yang lalu

    They are meant to be professional pundits

  28. author

    keegan77355 menit yang lalu

    Klopp takes good players with potential and makes them exceptional. Neymar has no chance of joining Liverpool.

  29. author

    Payu ClarkJam Yang lalu

    How is talking about franks and gabs fashion sense more interesting or important in football terms gab is there for his analysis not his fashion sense and that comment gab always choose the favorites is dumb of course you choose the favorites that’s why there called the favorites

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    MyFriendThomassJam Yang lalu


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    Rahul PatwadiJam Yang lalu

    And people were comparing him to Zlatan😂

  32. author

    Willy AtaJam Yang lalu

    First of all, giving an opinion as a pundit about certain manager doesn't indicate this pundit is a fan of this manager's club, I'm a liverpool supporter and I have no doubt Pep Guardiola is better manager than Klopp, by CV, by number of trophies he achieved, anyone who doesn't understand that is an idiot and bias, this doesn't take from Klopp as a manager, emotional fans need to chill out.

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    Samuel OsaeJam Yang lalu

    9 out of the 16 teams have played in the CL final last 10 years. Let the games begin !!!

  34. author

    marinerphil XaviJam Yang lalu

    If i owned a football club and want to identify with good football, i would go for Pep. However, Klopp is a great coach.

  35. author

    BGrJam Yang lalu

    No form, no class, ....just rant. 😡

  36. author

    Kevin GuzmanJam Yang lalu

    "Reports: Carlos Vela has offer to join BarCLEona in January" stop letting your interns type up the headlines.

  37. author

    NINJA MASTERJam Yang lalu

    Shaka is so stupid

  38. author

    MIND the GAPJam Yang lalu

    Welcome to Anfield

  39. author

    Legend Eskimo BoyJam Yang lalu

    City favourites every year for CL yet have never won it.

  40. author

    mohyim02Jam Yang lalu


  41. author

    Manish SatapathyJam Yang lalu

    Barcelona vs City Being a Barca fan i am afraid Barca will be eliminated at the 1st leg itself

  42. author

    Filip FilipovJam Yang lalu

    And I thought this was going to be a seriois debate. The host is super annoying, interrupting serious journalists who are here to do their job. Apparently the masked singer is huge and more interesting topic than actual football headlines. Joke

  43. author

    Adamu Shehuddeen BabaJam Yang lalu

    Were is stive

  44. author

    Gucci AlanJam Yang lalu

    How about none!

  45. author

    Thomas JonesJam Yang lalu

    Craig Burley Is A Typical Tim Steve Nicol Is A Rangers Fan So Thats Why Is Haveing, A Dig At Nicol I Hate Craig Burnley Anther Clueless Football Pundit,

  46. author

    Alexander HikmalaJam Yang lalu

    I ve been a Liverpool Fan for my whole life since Evans, Houllier, Rafa, Hodgson, Dalglish, Brendan, finally we r going to win Premier League🏆it s worth to wait and This Fantastic manager made me excited to watch Liverpool even more week in week out ! YNWA 🔥

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    Denzil FosterJam Yang lalu

    The African Cup of Nations and the loss of both Salah and Mane for those weeks in January ultimately cost Liverpool dear last season. They lost to Man City just before that tournament started and then dropped points to both Leicester and West Ham in successive games. Unless injuries intervene, the uninterrupted availability this time of Salah and Mane will mean it's absolute guarantee that Liverpool will win the Premiership this season.

  48. author

    J. BakerJam Yang lalu

    If he had to choose he would choose Chelsea because 1 hes a Chelsea fan 2 he's best friend CHO is the also friends with tammy and mount and 3 he idolize Frank Lampard

  49. author

    Ahmed ShoushaJam Yang lalu

    I mean one is a Liverpool legend who has a CL and won it for Liverpool the other is a Man U reject so it’s not that hard to debate. One is 24 the other is idk how old

  50. author

    mspn the_10Jam Yang lalu


  51. author

    samuel odwyerJam Yang lalu

    Barca v psg My dream final

  52. author

    CityDrive 4KJam Yang lalu

    PSG will win Champion league this season

  53. author

    Shashank SinghJam Yang lalu

    Oh, I would love to see that happen. Let's do it Zizu. I am with you.

  54. author

    Syed AmanatJam Yang lalu

    ESPN FC should apologise to it's viewers if they believe this is what we come to see - barbing insults, trying to cause unnecessary heated arguments, not talk about football. So Klopp, one of the best managers in world football signs a new contract at LFC, one of the biggest club in the world but it's not worth talking about coz it's not debatable!! And then Dan moans there's no material to talk about. Classless and utter rubbish.

  55. author

    Garik HakobyanJam Yang lalu

    Dan is an Imbecile 🖕

  56. author

    Muneer MohamedJam Yang lalu

    Where is Bayern ? I'm a Liverpool fan and I think Bayern needs to be there.

  57. author

    Emperor CeaserJam Yang lalu

    City isn’t doing bad to rid off pep. City are still firing all cylinder. I would say the pressure be on Ole and not Pep at all.

  58. author

    eddie7447442 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Kwame Nkrumah2 jam yang lalu

    Time for Florentino Perez to shine. Its gonna be Leipzig.

  60. author

    Antony Niresh2 jam yang lalu

    Juventus vs Real Madrid

  61. author

    Anbk Cc2 jam yang lalu

    Yeah RMA can upset you guys too 😉

  62. author

    83 Smith2 jam yang lalu

    Sancho massive waste of money

  63. author

    Ahsan Zahir2 jam yang lalu

    Why do these guys criticize griezmann so much? He has been very good this season seeing him coming into a new club!

  64. author

    FCB Neal2 jam yang lalu

    This is the most unprofessional show I have ever seen, I clicked on to hear "experts" taking about football but instead I saw a bunch of unprofessional clowns trying to be funny and disrespectful to the only person who was actually interested in talking about Football (Gab).

  65. author

    Louis Hoek2 jam yang lalu

    He as many of you wishes not to face Bayern Munich but some will have too...

  66. author

    Adam Gustafson2 jam yang lalu

    Sancho definitely would prefer Chelsea IMO. Especially given his friends on their current squad, UCL football, and that he grew up a fan.

  67. author

    Fauwaaz2 jam yang lalu

    He will be a star just like mané and keita!!!

  68. author

    Daniel O'Grady2 jam yang lalu

    am i the only guy who likes Dan? extra time is a bit of banter not question time 😂 they're all having a laugh and no one is upset...comments here are just negative, what a surprise!

  69. author

    Joey Ocean2 jam yang lalu


  70. author

    Austin 3:162 jam yang lalu

    Sir Alex Ferguson

  71. author

    optimisticazure ._.2 jam yang lalu

    Neymar at his peak is better than all five of them.

  72. author

    Gabriel Mmushi2 jam yang lalu

    typical Americans ....Klopp signs new contract , "its not a big deal" ..shows they lack of enthusiasm to football. . should stick to baseball!

  73. author

    Tee Khoza2 jam yang lalu

    If Neymar is fit PSG has a chance and don't forget Madrid

  74. author

    CarlBank2502 jam yang lalu

    Never heared about the song 'Tinted Laugh'... 😎

  75. author

    Tumi2 jam yang lalu

    Can we just agree that it's highly unlikely for Liverpool to win this year's Cup

  76. author

    Iskinder Sam2 jam yang lalu

    What a poor vid to make. This is like school kid questions. Lucky the lads are characters cuz the quality of content on this show is in a major slide. Says a lot when they go off topic and that's the best parts.

  77. author

    Jose A. Lucas2 jam yang lalu

    Dan better get his act together or he could be gone soon. Disrespecting Gab and Frank, and even though he tried his best to hide it since this is live, you could see how upset Craig was at Dan.

  78. author

    Never Me2 jam yang lalu

    I think signing players like this are a great way for the club to grow.

  79. author

    cjewelz2 jam yang lalu

    “Pelé with his mouth shut is a poet." - Romario

  80. author

    Show me the Truth2 jam yang lalu

    This is the worst episode ever. Terrible content.

  81. author

    Abdirisaq Mohamed2 jam yang lalu

    Valverde can't win UCL............VAL OUT!!!!

  82. author

    Michael Richard Gibbon2 jam yang lalu

    The man is talking sense, for once. Going nuts in the transfer window is ridiculously dumb.

  83. author

    Antony Swift2 jam yang lalu

    Football talk show an they talk about a singing competition then say the best manager in the world signing a new contract not worth talking about joke this presenter needs a new job

  84. author

    Jack2 jam yang lalu

    First few sentences “Sociedad hasn’t been that good” ... um... what? They’ve been pretty amazing by their standards.

  85. author

    Robert yafele2 jam yang lalu

    Man city's odds are always high, even though they always bottle it in the quarter finals

  86. author

    Kenny Ho3 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    Mohammed Abdullatif3 jam yang lalu

    This guy is such an idiot.

  88. author

    Jack Nørdam Pedersen3 jam yang lalu

    I don't get it. The team is leading La Liga and still in CL. Why then fire the coach?

  89. author

    Tkay 473 jam yang lalu

    Sorry Liverpool quite frankly (excuse the pun*) Quite frankly no one cares

  90. author

    ankit rawat3 jam yang lalu

    United should be much concerned on the cmf department.

  91. author

    anthony doyle3 jam yang lalu

    When the clickbait title is actually longer than the discussion of the clickbait title 🥴

  92. author

    Tonny Oluoch3 jam yang lalu

    This would be an excellent draw.

  93. author

    Darryl Tobiko3 jam yang lalu

    Casemiro is one card away from suspension, i hope Zidane rests him ahead of the Clasico and doesn’t gamble on him because the Valencia match will be a high tackling game

  94. author

    realist realist3 jam yang lalu

    Terrible pundits. Where is fatboy marotti

  95. author

    roh rho3 jam yang lalu

    Why do I feel that someone is gonna get killed in this show??

  96. author

    Dinosaur Joe3 jam yang lalu

    Carlis vela should go to arsenal or Sevilla or Valencia or Tottenham

  97. author

    Pao Chongloi3 jam yang lalu

    It should be Liverpool vs Real Madrid.

  98. author

    Pako Monsi3 jam yang lalu

    As a Vela fan he shouldnt go. He may not have game time he thinks he may have. Having Ansu and C Perez i think we should let the youngsters grow cause even if Vela joins hes not goimg to last. If there was a time to join Barca it would have been after the Real Sociedad exit but not now

  99. author

    Just Tim3 jam yang lalu

    Dan Thomas is rude here

  100. author

    Henry Idahagbon3 jam yang lalu

    Craig is actually Scrooge 😂😂😂😂