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Professor Live
Professor Live

The Professor is a world renowned basketball entertainer.
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  1. author

    Joshua VengleyHari Yang lalu

    Man.....Every time I watch your videos I just smile. Bless up brother!

  2. author

    Dryden JonesHari Yang lalu

    I have never played fort nite but I think you should SUE THEM

  3. author

    Kelz FolauHari Yang lalu

    looks like professor had to push the last player off him twice to get the ball at the end there lol

  4. author

    Tyrone MosleyHari Yang lalu

    Pride always comes before a fall..and your butt crack is showing when you fall...😉

  5. author

    Step GamerHari Yang lalu

    2:00 props on the blur

  6. author

    ehren burlatHari Yang lalu

    Professor you should do a 1v1 with the coach Tyler Reph I just wanna see who is better😃😁

  7. author

    Ying12DHari Yang lalu

    O MY GOSHH.... new sub 👌

  8. author

    Hans MeierHari Yang lalu

    McDonalds kfc all most all of the company are shit. dont give them your money. they destroy our planet and bodies

  9. author

    SwitchVHari Yang lalu

    How did these guys get in prison when they seem so nice

  10. author

    kflip 06Hari Yang lalu

    Sue em

  11. author

    Pat GHari Yang lalu

    Aren't most of your videos against people talking trash? Go 1v1 the guy

  12. author

    G37s_ _Hari Yang lalu

    Yo Professor I know you might not see this but you’re an inspiration ! And not that I hoop like that but I love how you used your GIFT FROM GOD to spread positivity worldwide 🌍 ♥️ I look up to you and been watching you since the ball up days. I wish we all had something that would make us be able to go around and people admired . You’re blessed

  13. author

    D sam.KHari Yang lalu

    I liked u when I heard you speaking about God...God bless you

  14. author

    DJ Ned RoyHari Yang lalu

    Mom behind counter so Deaf

  15. author

    elijah douettHari Yang lalu

    hey bro my name is elijah i live in brooklyn i want to see you bro teah me how to play ball you are good bro no cap

  16. author

    stunner1 stunner1Hari Yang lalu

    Epic fail for both players. They both suck.

  17. author

    MEHL DANCE YTHari Yang lalu

    Youre the man ! #professor “LOVE” 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 🇵🇭 i always watching ur insane moves😱😱 ahhhff .. as in! WOW!

  18. author

    DiOgOtHeBaD252Hari Yang lalu

    This spider man remember me the scene of the movie spider man 1

  19. author

    Intra Meta ArchiHari Yang lalu

    in order to understand what the professor is doing one has to focus on the concept of prediction.

  20. author

    KezlerHari Yang lalu

    Mad respect to that court for playing NF at 4:00 🔥

  21. author

    William ApphHari Yang lalu

    Glory to God for your life and talent. You are an inspiration bro. Love you

  22. author

    black gokuHari Yang lalu

    Oh no his Shoulder 😂😂

  23. author

    ChocolateDoughnutsHari Yang lalu

    It seems staged..

  24. author

    Jacob KrattHari Yang lalu

    kobe we love you

  25. author

    Hector MartinezHari Yang lalu

    If that wasn’t the fakest shit I’ve seen lmao this videos ass stop faking content

  26. author

    SpixlsHari Yang lalu

    1:45 the face revael

  27. author

    erick smithHari Yang lalu

    All he does is play against people who can't hoop...

  28. author

    arnel magpantayHari Yang lalu

    0:34 Jake Zyrus?!

  29. author

    Hoyt CarrollHari Yang lalu

    Imagine being 1/1000 as cool as him 😱

  30. author

    Dein Kommentar ist so sch3isseHari Yang lalu

    Bruh seems not that hard

  31. author

    Rob ParkerHari Yang lalu

    Court must of been wet fat boy slipped a few times lol

  32. author

    Garv TomarHari Yang lalu

    That boy just smoked professor

  33. author

    VOLTIC VIBEHari Yang lalu

    Yall gotta watch 4:25 !

  34. author

    VOLTIC VIBEHari Yang lalu

    When you sadly can't dunk so you set your homies up cause they can.

  35. author

    Abraham GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    El profesor es muy bueno pero acarrear en el bote y luego tanto pendejo que no sabe cubrir se luce mucho

  36. author

    Ben BoiHari Yang lalu

    Professor is like the Messi of basketball

  37. author

    Toddy KwestHari Yang lalu

    How the hell do they have headphones and a dog in prison for the inmates?

  38. author

    MR PopoHari Yang lalu


  39. author

    fran bearHari Yang lalu

    El mejor!!!! Un mago en el baloncesto..........

  40. author

    Muhammad SteinbergHari Yang lalu

    Carry festival?

  41. author

    Paul Perez InkHari Yang lalu

    Trash editing lol blurr is off

  42. author

    Godly HoodHari Yang lalu

    How did I miss Professor in my Country Uganda 🇺🇬. I’m so disappointed 😰. Please Come back sir!

  43. author

    Jack TripperHari Yang lalu

    "Thanks for running it back" Professor He lose the 1st game?

  44. author

    Levi HodgesHari Yang lalu

    Hey Professor! I'm Levi I am a huge fan! And I'm 13 years old and I live in Sitka, Alaska It has always been my dream to meet you I hope that I can meet you someday and I just want to let you know that you are my Hero and I look up to you.

  45. author

    mehdi karpovHari Yang lalu

    he should not disrespect the others like that

  46. author

    mehdi karpovHari Yang lalu

    04:47 nice cross

  47. author

    Goonie JoHari Yang lalu

    Easy shots from the pro. Get your hands up fellas!

  48. author

    christopher sloanHari Yang lalu


  49. author

    Mr_pickle 77Hari Yang lalu

    Spider man shoes?

  50. author

    SlayZ _Hari Yang lalu

    Can someone tell me what black shoes professer was wearing in this vid

  51. author

    Tuyên PhúcHari Yang lalu

    Hi proffessor Can you dunk on some one

  52. author

    Lil SleepHari Yang lalu

    The cop can play can’t even hold you

  53. author

    John AdamsHari Yang lalu

    Challenger sucks

  54. author

    D0P3 F13NDHari Yang lalu

    Professor "the ankle twister"

  55. author

    RL1 JoelHari Yang lalu

    Call the move : The Professorlive

  56. author

    Gerald MontoyaHari Yang lalu

    The guy that challenged him was amazing excellent game I always like it when they're humble and great ocean bit was off the chain great post

  57. author

    Tommy GunzHari Yang lalu

    Fuck that lame dude Serves him right. He should've just played and let his game speak for him. I hate when fighters talk trash then get slaughtered. Just leave it on the floor

  58. author

    Keshawn taylorHari Yang lalu

    Can you teach me how to break ankles in basketball

  59. author

    Joshua WoodenHari Yang lalu

  60. author

    cah supremeHari Yang lalu

    Ok nice lets get a video on defense now

  61. author

    Jason WorleyHari Yang lalu

    Why he not in the NBA already

  62. author

    cah supremeHari Yang lalu

    I want a video strictly on defense from the professor

  63. author

    cah supremeHari Yang lalu

    Do a video on defense only

  64. author

    Scap a rap a doo be doooo2 hari yang lalu


  65. author

    Cherry Smoke2 hari yang lalu

    Wasn't the dunk attempt a travel?

  66. author

    will hc2 hari yang lalu

    Why u dont go to the nba?

  67. author

    Addison Liang2 hari yang lalu

    Could have been much more of a challenge if he knew how to use his advantage against The Professor. Not saying that his handling is bad though. Just not his forte.

  68. author

    The King2 hari yang lalu

    7:06 was disrespectful

  69. author

    LA'SAVAGE2 hari yang lalu

    Look how segregated they are Lmaoooo

  70. author

    Kamote Topz2 hari yang lalu

    He is indeed White Iverson

  71. author

    буум барабум2 hari yang lalu

    I want to speak with professor . He can thought in other way. I want to keep a chance, to make it happen.

  72. author

    Isaiah Hubert2 hari yang lalu

    8:02 I’ve got to go report a murder.

  73. author

    Pavel Rakowski2 hari yang lalu

    now we see what cops doing during the day in USA....cops in EU do this they fired up. and respect to cop ? for what ? for playing game? he was in WORK so if this is his job then USA not safe!

  74. author

    MR CGSDG2 hari yang lalu

    Thats li'll flash he is good at dribbles too

  75. author

    Stanislav Kotzev2 hari yang lalu

    Compare the professor to Julian Newman 😂

  76. author

    Knowledge Daily2 hari yang lalu

    Crazy to think that at least one of those guys murdered somebody and they’re just chillin playing basketball

  77. author

    Fortnite Cwc2 hari yang lalu

    They so cute together

  78. author

    JEREMIAH CHIMA2 hari yang lalu

    He looks like one of the actors in bad boys movie

  79. author

    Jun Jun2 hari yang lalu

    Jabberwock vs Vorpal Swords

  80. author

    Fake Trixi2 hari yang lalu

    5:07 how it feels to chew 5 Gum

  81. author

    ilovebramhs2 hari yang lalu

    Professor equals. Mr. layups

  82. author

    D man2 hari yang lalu

    So in prison is a one on one called a ice-o or isolation?

  83. author

    D man2 hari yang lalu

    This is the safest I've ever seen him play lol

  84. author

    kzn2 hari yang lalu

    I want to guardian you professor.

  85. author

    Mailman Maxim2 hari yang lalu

    These ain't pros, I myself is not a pro either but, ik these aint pros

  86. author

    LA Coste2 hari yang lalu

    Let's be honest.... No one searched for this video

  87. author

    CYBER EDDIE2 hari yang lalu

    This is gold for star wars fans!

  88. author

    Elijah Cornwell2 hari yang lalu

    Hey proffesor you wana come down to flordia this summer at journey church we have an amazing court and i want you to come

  89. author

    Χαρα Τσεκουρα2 hari yang lalu

    2:20 the guy who dances goes with music😂🤣

  90. author

    RCF Song2 hari yang lalu

    Sloppy game from both players lol

  91. author

    Snow Rider2 hari yang lalu

    Those disrespectful fuks are there for a reason quit making them famous

  92. author

    pan flip2 hari yang lalu


  93. author

    Yan Ze Tan2 hari yang lalu

    Why profesor loves solo?

  94. author

    sharpflickz_CS2 hari yang lalu


  95. author

    Hank Breeding2 hari yang lalu

    Yeahthats b.s. professor. Someone did that to you ,youd be pissed too. Reall y, hit em bounce off his head

  96. author

    Mike Gester2 hari yang lalu

    notice me professor try to go in MRB Complex we the RJT team are a good fans of yours... hope you read this

  97. author

    MarvMello2 hari yang lalu

    Does it have to end with you shooting it or can you continue dribbling?

  98. author

    Sarunas J2 hari yang lalu

    t jass needs a haircut...

  99. author

    joao jose matter2 hari yang lalu

    traveling dude

  100. author

    Zuxhi2 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Not even the mosquito flying around my room: This guy: 1:19