How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous

We're 3 Aussie mates who love doing ridiculous stuff.



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    Robby Campbell3 jam yang lalu

    7:33 our world has advanced its technology so much

  2. author

    Matthew Lee3 jam yang lalu

    150 gallons of starch

  3. author

    ImpendingJoker3 jam yang lalu

    That has to be the most Aussie thing ever. "Hey, look! A couple of kangaroos."

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    Carter Rayburn3 jam yang lalu


  5. author

    Kyle Chormanski3 jam yang lalu

    Next time turn the board 90° so you're hitting the shortest face. That'll be stronger and might actually work

  6. author

    Isaac Stuart3 jam yang lalu

    124 go's

  7. author

    Tom Simmons3 jam yang lalu


  8. author

    Kenneth Porst3 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Görkem Emir3 jam yang lalu

    Ditch the Bp hat pls.

  10. author

    Axel Santos3 jam yang lalu


  11. author

    Dachande Wuffsteiger3 jam yang lalu

    Clearly we need a tubular steel seesaw flinger.

  12. author

    Recruit3 jam yang lalu

    3 mins

  13. author

    mattystewart83 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Nails Wood3 jam yang lalu

    LVL is Laminated Veneered Lumber. Please polyurea coat the LVL with Line-X.

  15. author

    Its The Shivelys3 jam yang lalu

    64. Attempts on fan shot

  16. author

    Alan D3 jam yang lalu

    See if you used a trebuchet, you could've sent that melon over 300m, I'm sure it weighs less than 90kg.

  17. author

    thebearclaw03 jam yang lalu

    Wood looks super old.

  18. author

    parkour Beast3 jam yang lalu

    Ok so a solution with the wood would be to have a lot less of the plank on the side that the atlas stone is hitting and more on the side of the item being thrown, because then when the stone hits the wood has less room to bend and crack it just gets pushed down and it will throw the item harder because it will get pushed down with more force

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    Carter Whipple3 jam yang lalu

    7 mins and 45 seconds

  20. author

    Riley Frahm3 jam yang lalu


  21. author

    Tyler The Boss3 jam yang lalu

    2.1 mins

  22. author

    ColeusRattus3 jam yang lalu

    4 minutes 18 seconds

  23. author

    BlackWolf18C3 jam yang lalu

    The amount of force ole' Nigel generates on impact is enough to pulverize concrete, a compression-strong matrix, in a single hit. Wood in any thickness capable of withstanding that impact force will certainly be too massive to use as a beam. You guys are going to need steel and engineering, probably a heat-treated box tube with internal webbing, to withstand that kind of force and still be light enough. After that, all the load will be transferred to the fulcrum and will break the wood there if the projectile object is heavy enough. It'll need to be reinforced or rebuilt in steel to stand a chance. A trebuchet can launch things and be made of wood because it ramps up the force over time, whereas an impactor transfers its maximum force from the start. Good attempt, but that is a LOT of force!

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    Chicken nugget3 jam yang lalu


  25. author

    Sleepy Head3 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who's getting major danganronpa v3 vibes. ...I am? Oh okay...

  26. author

    Matt Payne3 jam yang lalu

    Once you make an all metal seesaw.... you have really made a catapult and you might as well just call it a catapult.

  27. author

    Joshua Service3 jam yang lalu

    You guys should do a video with rhino liner

  28. author

    Jamonte Combs3 jam yang lalu

    Drop an egg 🥚 in obleck

  29. author

    mattlamb83 jam yang lalu

    2 mins 24seconds for the winch to the top 👍🏼

  30. author

    Ryan Poulsen3 jam yang lalu

    45 mins

  31. author

    Dominique van den Burg3 jam yang lalu

    I wanna see a collab between you guys and the slomo guys haha

  32. author

    Tom Howe3 jam yang lalu

    How Ridiculous Arsenal

  33. author

    Robbie Withrow3 jam yang lalu

    Doesn't dude perfect use the same song

  34. author

    nemesis3973 jam yang lalu

    1 minutes 6 seconds

  35. author

    Miller Barmes3 jam yang lalu

    11 minutes

  36. author

    1 video and 29 subscribers3 jam yang lalu

    3 minutes

  37. author

    Tom Howe3 jam yang lalu

    South Africa

  38. author

    x_bethan _710_x3 jam yang lalu

    36 times he tried flipping the broccoli

  39. author

    Was passiert, wenn?3 jam yang lalu

    Rexie with a new foot???

  40. author

    Mr gamer io3 jam yang lalu

    I think it takes 2:50 sec Hopefully

  41. author

    Leroy Noah3 jam yang lalu

    The winch takes about 3 minutes

  42. author

    EliteAuto3 jam yang lalu

    Stretches and then cracks back = 11:41

  43. author

    Isaac Stuart3 jam yang lalu

    I and gona say 186

  44. author

    Mr Bazick4 jam yang lalu

    1 minute 40 seconds to winch up. We’ll pin yaaaaaaa

  45. author

    Caleb Radka4 jam yang lalu

    3 minutes and 18 seconds

  46. author

    Pat Curran4 jam yang lalu

    So what do you do with a kiddie pool full of oobleck when you’re done with it?

  47. author

    Ben Hogan4 jam yang lalu

    That was a bit disappointing in the end

  48. author

    Evan Revet4 jam yang lalu

    1-2-3 hours

  49. author

    fart duster seven114 jam yang lalu

    3minutes and 17seconds

  50. author

    Isaac Stuart4 jam yang lalu

    Rexy still lives

  51. author

    T4 jam yang lalu

    Im guessing 5 minutes for nigel to get to the top

  52. author

    Belac844 jam yang lalu

    LineX a trampoline then drop Nigel on it.

  53. author

    S Callanan4 jam yang lalu

    2 59

  54. author

    The88Cheat4 jam yang lalu

    When will you do catapults and massive slingshots?

  55. author

    Tom Howe4 jam yang lalu


  56. author

    Quinn Kelly4 jam yang lalu


  57. author

    Quinn Kelly4 jam yang lalu

    3 minutes and 14 seconds

  58. author

    Sarah Gaines4 jam yang lalu


  59. author

    Seth Brower4 jam yang lalu

    Did any one see that you on the grill float in the air

  60. author

    Jonathon Sing4 jam yang lalu

    5 minutes

  61. author

    The Woodsy Type4 jam yang lalu

    Have you guys tried dropping big a$$ circular saw blades ?

  62. author

    fordmanfinis4 jam yang lalu

    My kids use a stump for a fulcrum.

  63. author

    The Woodsy Type4 jam yang lalu


  64. author

    Hufflepuff 84 jam yang lalu

    #comtest 56 sec

  65. author

    mike johnson4 jam yang lalu

    Skateboard stole the show in my eyes haha 3 minutes 4 seconds for the ball going up

  66. author

    Bryan Jackson4 jam yang lalu

    Its gonna break because the nieghel, is moving to fast

  67. author

    Sion4 jam yang lalu

    *Video starts at **8:13*

  68. author

    Ezra Wallach4 jam yang lalu

    #scottwastreatedunfairly he break any

  69. author

    Autumn Young4 jam yang lalu

    You should cover the wood in line x and your fulcrum

  70. author

    Travis Manzanares4 jam yang lalu

    My brother and I were at a family reunion and we were ruff housing and I jumped into the air and landed butt first on my brothers stomach and that forced out a huge fart in front of everyone.

  71. author

    Timothy Breen4 jam yang lalu

    The issue wasn't really the thing breaking it was you didn't give it enough space to go down on the bottom, it hit the ground too found and no more space to go for the top to keep going up.

  72. author

    Samuel Westbrooks4 jam yang lalu

    #FlingTheThing 10:32

  73. author

    [REDACTED] #45624 jam yang lalu


  74. author

    FalcoTheGreat4 jam yang lalu

    Im guessing the ball takes 4.5 minutes to pull up

  75. author

    Darragh Mcfadden4 jam yang lalu

    You should do linex seesaw against atlas stones

  76. author

    Bryan Jackson4 jam yang lalu

    4 mins 32 second

  77. author

    haleigh mclean4 jam yang lalu

    So much force with the drop that even the slow mo looks like a normal speed.

  78. author

    Tyler Baldwin4 jam yang lalu

    You should, drop nige onto 10 concrete slabs with 2000 McDonald’s sauce on top!!

  79. author

    Jeremy Mason4 jam yang lalu

    Winching up takes 3 minutes

  80. author

    The Best pro4 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    The Best pro4 jam yang lalu


  82. author

    0rbas5 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    R P5 jam yang lalu

    The British Petroleum hat is an advert. BP 2010 oil spill is regarded as one of the largest environmental disasters in American history. The oil flowed for 87 days. How dare he wear that hat. Does his Father work for BP, someone investigate.

  84. author

    Leon Bourner5 jam yang lalu

    1minute and 11 seconds

  85. author

    RTTV gaming5 jam yang lalu

    You should of called it mjolnir instead of clayton

  86. author

    Saarthak and Co.5 jam yang lalu

    It's 110 pounds I think? And 90kgs

  87. author

    Anthony Bina-rodriguez5 jam yang lalu

    U should drop the ball on a car

  88. author

    Jon Hauirae5 jam yang lalu

    14:44 you're welcome

  89. author

    extreme vloger5 jam yang lalu


  90. author

    Frank Schaefer5 jam yang lalu

    Plant trees with Mr Beast

  91. author

    [REDACTED] #45625 jam yang lalu

    4 HOURS

  92. author

    Kristie Martin5 jam yang lalu

    30 seconds

  93. author

    jeff fairchild5 jam yang lalu

    i am a kid

  94. author

    Joseph Ingall5 jam yang lalu

    150 times

  95. author

    ExoticGamer5 jam yang lalu

    I think the ball takes 2.73 seconds to drop

  96. author

    Bobby Orhh5 jam yang lalu

    Clean this dump you ungrateful fucks. Disgusting. All this video proved is how unprepared and lazy all of you are for the content you're producing.

  97. author

    Dusty Rusty5 jam yang lalu

    HINT: video the construction of the new all-steel fulcrum...and watermelon launch. GOOD LUCK GUYS.

  98. author

    Arc Angel V15 jam yang lalu

    Gentlemen's rules dictate that you stay within the confines of the track unless forced out by falling debris. #ScottCheated

  99. author

    Scott Paul5 jam yang lalu

    So now you just need a metal A frame 8-) Note: Theres still no drone footage ;)

  100. author

    Pickles j5 jam yang lalu

    Nigel 3 minutes bottom to top.