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  1. author

    030227 754662 jam yang lalu

    I hope he gives us an outstanding fight. He has the chance to reinvent himself at 185

  2. author

    EL CHAPELOW3 jam yang lalu

    When he said he went to see someone, was it Vinny Shoreman?

  3. author

    Luna Sol3 jam yang lalu

    Esto si que eran carreras de verdad, LIMPIAS

  4. author

    Dwayne Donaldson3 jam yang lalu

    This was a good fight but I think it was a draw.....

  5. author

    Reggie Eldridge3 jam yang lalu

    His opinions are terrible tho

  6. author

    ZombieVikingGaming3 jam yang lalu

    Let's be honest, there's no way this was the case. They could've gotten rid of him years earlier when he was a walking sick note who would get injured by January. Yet we are to believe the first fully fit season he had where he performed the way he should, is when they said they had enough?

  7. author

    John Moore3 jam yang lalu

    Both Callum’s goals are contenders for goal of the season.

  8. author

    Mate Shushtakashvili3 jam yang lalu

    2:36 why did messi laugh??

  9. author

    AutoMotive FineSSe3 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    Harya Aditia3 jam yang lalu

    Good interviewer, subscribed.👍👍👍

  11. author

    Fatalshock-JoT3 jam yang lalu

    Andy Carroll’s against Crystal Palace was better... broke the the damn sound barrier.

  12. author

    -TruthSeekerUK-3 jam yang lalu


  13. author

    jay 19913 jam yang lalu

    A man who has nothing to lose is a dangerous man hope till accomplishes his dream at middleweight never give up

  14. author

    De Dill3 jam yang lalu

    Btw David Blaine was in the stands, I’ve just been told 😆

  15. author

    Mobile Freelancer3 jam yang lalu

    come on guys anyone who watches this fight just know fury won this one. i will add though if wilder didnt get that knockdown in the last round it was tysons fight he won every round apart from 2

  16. author

    Mobile Freelancer3 jam yang lalu

    7 days a week and twice on sunday hahahahahah

  17. author

    Mobile Freelancer3 jam yang lalu

    fury got robbed big time and by a british judge too. He won this fight even wilder knew that.

  18. author

    De Dill3 jam yang lalu

    I thought these Juju things were only happening in Africa 😂 😂 😂

  19. author

    Hubert Cumberdale4 jam yang lalu

    4:58 they weren’t too sure about that comment...

  20. author

    Blue Crayon4 jam yang lalu

    England future is bright.

  21. author

    Ari4 jam yang lalu


  22. author

    elimastermind4 jam yang lalu

    Hudson-Adoi, foder and Mcniel are England’s most promising players. The truth is the whole squad is 🔥

  23. author

    LetsGoChamp4 jam yang lalu

    KG is gonna piece this mfer up!

  24. author

    Jessa Brandy4 jam yang lalu

    Me genuinely wanting to find out what happened. 1000 EA jokes to trawl through.....

  25. author

    Cozumel19994 jam yang lalu

    Nketiah is amazing

  26. author

    Nnamdi Alinnor4 jam yang lalu

    'Nothing broken about the native tonight'...what a line. This guy is good

  27. author

    Petar Vladimirov4 jam yang lalu

    come on mate :D

  28. author

    Prophet Ascending4 jam yang lalu

    The guy on the end is a mute.

  29. author

    Tazwest695 jam yang lalu

    Vale 46 The Doctor for Life Grande mi hai fatto sognare per 20 anni (e ancora nn molli grande fammi sognare ancora) nessuno come lui ;) unico Grazie Vale 46

  30. author

    20sentryboy5 jam yang lalu

    Sheer pace has gotta impresh ya.

  31. author

    Nukri Zhvania5 jam yang lalu

    He was right. Him vs Pettis was the real main match-up for that event.

  32. author

    Thanos finger snap5 jam yang lalu

    Foden should leave for a smaller club and start playing week in week out

  33. author

    Daniel Alison Stobart5 jam yang lalu

    Leeds Leeds Leeds!!! 💙💛

  34. author

    Ismail Baba5 jam yang lalu

    Love the dance more than the fight

  35. author

    Mr Hassan5 jam yang lalu

    Luv to see how chicken jumping before zabha😁

  36. author

    Charlie Sharrock5 jam yang lalu

    Cmon lads

  37. author

    George Macheka5 jam yang lalu

    The Glazer's are terrible.

  38. author

    Setia Hendayana5 jam yang lalu

    Never give up

  39. author

    David5 jam yang lalu

    Shows the state of the country today. Whites are in the minority. Disgusting.

  40. author

    Samjt 5256 jam yang lalu

    As a welsh fan I would like nothing more than to see Austin’s face if Australia knocked England out.

  41. author

    TBCMazzi6 jam yang lalu

    October 2019.. IDreporter trying to drag me into the past! Come on IDreporter, I'm trying to love forward in life, not backwards!

  42. author

    Supr3me6 jam yang lalu

    Goode should be bluddy starting 15

  43. author

    Toms Bleeding Ear Drums 6666 jam yang lalu

    No mention of Swindon loan spell 😒

  44. author

    Mission Peace6 jam yang lalu

    Who is still watching 🙄??? Give a like here♀♀

  45. author

    WolfTickets6 jam yang lalu

    japan destroys england

  46. author

    Joe Platt6 jam yang lalu

    Tinpot sport

  47. author

    M J6 jam yang lalu

    Who is this pimp, with his golden watch? Really bad picture for young boys...we are not in a country club here

  48. author

    Matt N6 jam yang lalu

    The commentator sounds like alan partridge

  49. author

    Ozzie A6 jam yang lalu

    This has aged quite well

  50. author

    Ronin Midori6 jam yang lalu

    Im just waitin for a MMA fighter to come out to GoldDust Theme... Get it?...come out...

  51. author

    James Gough6 jam yang lalu

    That's some testosterone right there.

  52. author

    Tamer Zayed7 jam yang lalu

    هق هق هق😂

  53. author

    HMQ7 jam yang lalu

    Time to give these Antipodean twerps the old one - two. They don't like it up 'em.

  54. author

    CaptainEO7 jam yang lalu

    I'm tiggered by that shirt collar!

  55. author

    Herb Dee7 jam yang lalu

    Dropping Ford is just bizarre. Flashbacks of the Wales 2015 WC game.

  56. author

    MegaJambot7 jam yang lalu


  57. author

    p 287 jam yang lalu

    Ole at the wheel!! 😂😂😂 I'm a United fan. It was like giving the car keys to a three year old. It just gets more and more ridiculous as time goes on.

  58. author

    Shaun Mclaren7 jam yang lalu

    O Doi and Foden should be in the 1st team.

  59. author

    Infamousfpv7 jam yang lalu

    "Caroline Pearce your'e taking everything I worked for mutherfucker!" - Megan Olivi

  60. author

    EvO8 jam yang lalu

    3 months later... did he stay in France or has he just gone missing? I havent heard anything about him since his move🤭 If I speak I am in big trouble

  61. author

    yovel avni8 jam yang lalu

    Who is love to eat something good and watch this sh... hhhh

  62. author

    Ryan Powell8 jam yang lalu

    Glad we’ve got Eddie this season but doubt we’ll get the keep him, MOT!

  63. author

    KoreanBritish8 jam yang lalu

    This is a great promo vid

  64. author

    ahli listrik Dorna8 jam yang lalu

    lorenzo di jagrob

  65. author

    ToProud ToAdmitMistake8 jam yang lalu

    Are the team in red an actual team or just for BT?

  66. author

    mtmb738 jam yang lalu

    and this is with Bellion and Djema Djemba in the starting 11

  67. author

    Max Yates8 jam yang lalu

    The best youngster is Declan rice, change my mind

  68. author

    Ashutosh Joshi8 jam yang lalu


  69. author

    Buck Daly8 jam yang lalu

    Listen to the reflux and dry mouth .. Alcohol is a serious disease

  70. author

    Jaime Field8 jam yang lalu

    Nketiah is brilliant at the moment

  71. author

    Joe8 jam yang lalu

    Thanks to the Ghanaian parents for giving us both wonderful lads, Hudson-odoi and Nketia. I wish they opt to play for Ghana because England may not help them like their senior brother, Danny welbeck. No bad feeling, just an honest opinion.

  72. author

    ELFANTASMA248 jam yang lalu

    💣💥Till is wrestling midgets in training and he thinks he has skills lmfao wtf😂

  73. author

    Eric Stine9 jam yang lalu

    I have confidence in him for this one! One hell of a fight...but when ur on a small losing streak he doesn't have anything to lose!

  74. author

    Moonshine Buck9 jam yang lalu

    I thought I was watching the wrong game, looked like an African team at first! Diversity really is steaming a head in England!

  75. author

    Big Yaks9 jam yang lalu

    loooool spurs being spursy

  76. author

    King Kyan9 jam yang lalu

    This video made me respect Darren even more because of his attitude towards the fight. Hope he gets it done

  77. author

    Maricel Valerio9 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Sal Navarro10 jam yang lalu

    I'm reading all the comments in Till's voice

  79. author

    Abdullahi Farah10 jam yang lalu

    1:58 Cantona be like " What kind of epic speech should I drop on stage."

  80. author

    Eternally Profound10 jam yang lalu

    I think Paulo Costa is better opponent for Israel than Robert Whitaker. I think Paulo can beat Israel he's much more aggressive than Robert Whitaker.

  81. author

    Ignacio Velasco Lopez10 jam yang lalu

    Q maravilloso jugador el gran paul gascoigne. Tengo una replica d su jersey 96 desde la cd de mexico

  82. author

    Matt Alexka10 jam yang lalu

    Till by decision

  83. author

    StaticRome10 jam yang lalu

    Crazy how khan didn’t get seriously injured from head bounce KO, but Patrick Day dies from head bounce KO. Everyone is different, never know 😞

  84. author

    chaslyy11 jam yang lalu

    He just red pilled the whole audience. Good work Eric , good work.

  85. author

    Brimstone Helix11 jam yang lalu

    Kelvin is the only man! To give Adesanya his toughest fight to date! Till has gotten dropped rocked and tooken out! That being said i dont see anyone else beating Kelvin!

  86. author

    Joseph McDermott11 jam yang lalu

    This is only legendary because he then won and became the undisputed champ. If he lost, all this would've made him a laughing stock. I gotta hand it to him, it was very ballsy.

  87. author

    Ash Kiff11 jam yang lalu

    Took 5 years to doctor that footage then

  88. author

    HeadingEast3312 jam yang lalu

    One day he will wake up a Cyclops.

  89. author

    Hepdy12 jam yang lalu

    Super moment, because this song touching everybody. Thanks. Hope for this Year!

  90. author

    vijendran Kesavan12 jam yang lalu

    He's a fine wine

  91. author

    RAW GV12 jam yang lalu

    This is gonna be a war... Killing him J!!

  92. author

    Daniel Chuva12 jam yang lalu

    I hate MM93, who else ??

  93. author

    d3ad Twist12 jam yang lalu

    diaz bros nothing but martial artists and classy after a war.

  94. author

    Majesticjkr12 jam yang lalu

    I've watched this fight so many times, GGG wins this fight the poor guy went through all that training to get robbed by two dishonest judges, all three should have given the win to GGG

  95. author

    Chief Sosa12 jam yang lalu

    My club❤️❤️

  96. author

    Arsenal Kid13 jam yang lalu

    Those goosebumps though.....

  97. author

    Joshua Rice13 jam yang lalu

    The keeper Justin Trudeau should’ve saved that

  98. author

    kent SA13 jam yang lalu

    GGG is too slow.. so boring .. canelo won the fight

  99. author

    Brandon WRUPTZ9713 jam yang lalu

    That wasn't a goal it clearly wasn't a goal that's terrible refereeing

  100. author

    Majesticjkr13 jam yang lalu

    The two biggest duckers in heavyweight history finally meeting each other and it finished a draw,, sounds about right