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  1. author

    Sean DelaneyJam Yang lalu

    Pishing myself at that Big Roy story fae Ally.🇨🇮

  2. author

    Nader MoustafaJam Yang lalu

    Mane is the best player and best team . Liverpool now is Mane .

  3. author

    Brooklyn MontgomeryJam Yang lalu

    “Deception”, he’s basically admitted he’s just pretending. Fair play to him.

  4. author

    marx117 xJam Yang lalu

    This guy is a such an annoying bellend.

  5. author

    The Method FitnessJam Yang lalu

    Hurts watching Lukaku striking, he's painfully bad...

  6. author

    LPFJGoldieJam Yang lalu

    HAHAHAHAHA he really never loses it! He is always playing a character even when he says that he's actually playing one! LOL at "Rafael dos Nachos" hahahaha, any other guy who talks spontaneously would have said the name correctly! Let's make welterweight great again! Let's go Colby!

  7. author

    Airidas ViktorovJam Yang lalu

    Well, is there anyone who likes colby's fighting style? That's the main reason i watch him anyways

  8. author

    MMA ZoneJam Yang lalu

    Lmao what a beast

  9. author

    xman vJam Yang lalu

    Who’s that never heard of him his face makes me laugh so hard

  10. author

    Big NarstieJam Yang lalu

    He’s class Colby

  11. author

    JDN TVJam Yang lalu

    Golden boy selfish salah gets a lucky goal that has no skill involved

  12. author

    paul hallowkatJam Yang lalu

    I’m putting the championship belt on the Presidents Desk

  13. author

    Big pantsJam Yang lalu

    Lille fans made the night with their singing and chanting.

  14. author

    Godzilla Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti DoJam Yang lalu

    The front three of Liverpool always gets the praise . But what I notice in this game was the work of the liverpool midfield . Yes Keita is like having an extra Mane in attack , but the difference between the two teams was mainly in the middle of the park where Gini and Hendo constantly closes down the attack of the opponent .

  15. author

    Pedro MateusJam Yang lalu

    Max the type of guy to tell Dana "we'll see what happens"

  16. author

    kwstas kwstaJam Yang lalu

    I dnt like azpi atm as a player but I want him to play just for his character 😂👍

  17. author

    TkcJam Yang lalu

    I lowkey think Colby and Jorge Masvidal are playing us all if he can beat usman and masvidal beats his next fight I can see that fight being huge lol.

  18. author

    Lyric TranslatorJam Yang lalu

    Colby "bobblehead" Covington

  19. author

    Darren SharpeJam Yang lalu

    Colby’s commitment to the fighters nicknames is commendable

  20. author

    Simon BJam Yang lalu

    I love Colby man. I used to be a hater but honestly this guy can fight. He is Nick Diaz evolved.

  21. author

    Xavier ReigneauJam Yang lalu

    Damn, I want Colby to win now.

  22. author

    Esmeraldito PrishkaJam Yang lalu

    Kapoios Na enhmerwsh th diva skoupidiwn mou celin dion oti den kolhse to roloï mou ______🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  23. author

    Sam AJam Yang lalu

    Do BT want to drag the highlights out anymore, Christ, take a leaf out of sky’s book and keep it short and sweet!

  24. author

    Kieran PughJam Yang lalu

    Really liked the look of minamino and kwang

  25. author

    Kok Yee Huei DavidJam Yang lalu

    They couldn’t click together in England but they all excelled at their clubs One common thing about these 3 men is that they were the captains who led Liverpool, Man UTD and Chelsea to UEFA Champions League glory. Gerrard led Liverpool to UCL glory in 2005 against the Star-studded AC Milan where his team miraculously came back from being 3-0 down to win the competition via penalties. Rio led Man Utd to UCL glory against Chelsea in 2008. Both sides were even matched but it’s United who prevailed in the penalty shootout. Lampard, a loser in the 2008 Final deputise for suspended captain John Terry. Led Chelsea in 2012. They walked into the Lion’s den at Munich against Bayern and prevails over the Germans on penalties.

  26. author

    Never surrender.Jam Yang lalu

    2020. Colby for President.

  27. author

    ndabuko luvunoJam Yang lalu

    street Judas lol

  28. author

    JohnDaWhale3Jam Yang lalu

    Joe "oooooooooooh" Rogan

  29. author

    rossvegas7Jam Yang lalu

    Like him or hate him, he GETS the business of this sport. I love him for this.and he can wrestle his arse off.

  30. author

    Wolf_HarryJam Yang lalu

    2:38 errrrmmm

  31. author

    V2-OG-MusiCJam Yang lalu

    Nice to see Jeremy Kyle is back in a job but shame mo just done him dirty no lie detector needed

  32. author

    Waan McateerJam Yang lalu

    I still watching...make me so happy...😁😁😁

  33. author

    goldwincsJam Yang lalu

    So he doesn't mind to show his actual personality in a long form interview? maybe it's time to get Colby on Joe Rogan's podcast

  34. author

    YusafJam Yang lalu

    Whys a man fighting a woman

  35. author

    Omer FarukJam Yang lalu

    remy shoul of pass to yazici on last mins

  36. author

    thurman murmanJam Yang lalu

    female on roids

  37. author

    Sujan ThapaJam Yang lalu


  38. author

    matthew mcdermottJam Yang lalu

    Street judist lol quality jab lad!

  39. author

    valsero txJam Yang lalu

    Interviewer looks a bit like T. J Dillashaw

  40. author

    Danny ArnoldJam Yang lalu


  41. author

    Smoggy SmokesJam Yang lalu

    Max looks a lot healthier than he usually does so close to the fight, I'm glad.

  42. author

    Aaron CookJam Yang lalu

    Don't censor the swear words

  43. author

    Ò ö ÓJam Yang lalu

    Street Judas hahahaha

  44. author

    M DJam Yang lalu

    Colby head movement game is strong

  45. author

    lil joeyJam Yang lalu

    Haaland is a proper egotistical bellend, hope he flops if he moves to a big club

  46. author

    Charles Nicholas AdamsJam Yang lalu

    Nunes is savage

  47. author

    ETC CLANJam Yang lalu

    Did anybody see wass dive? At the start

  48. author

    Marvin NashJam Yang lalu

    I want Liverpool - Real Madrid in the next round :) .

  49. author

    SocksInAHatJam Yang lalu

    Mohammad "dont give it to me on a silver platter" Salah

  50. author

    HolyhallieJam Yang lalu

    still on the cupcake thing? ffs get a new line

  51. author

    Tone MichaelJam Yang lalu

    Spanish teams have won the champions league more than any other country but their wins are divided between just 2 teams because the Spanish government and banks pump money into them and they negotiate their own TV deal marginalizing the other Spanish sides. The Premier league might not be perfect but 5 separate teams have won the top European competition...just saying.

  52. author

    Smith SmithJam Yang lalu

    Wilder wears a fifty shades of grey mask when he walks in fifty shades of bronze

  53. author

    The Beast 69Jam Yang lalu

    Love or hate him he’s bang on about what the UFC is. It is literally just a circus and the fighters are the performing monkeys. Dana just loves cashing the cheques

  54. author

    TheDarkRaptorJam Yang lalu

    one season wonder FC.

  55. author

    pac dmxJam Yang lalu

    I hope liverpool win epl and 7th champion league ... liverpool players work so hard,play with pride and dignity.. Im not liverpool fan..

  56. author

    Rallo KalloJam Yang lalu

    I will enjoy it so hard to see this Dude gets KNOCKED THE F OUT!

  57. author

    Natures DegenerateJam Yang lalu

    What a left tho

  58. author

    Stephen LittleJam Yang lalu

    That salah goal wtf

  59. author

    peshpesh awaJam Yang lalu


  60. author

    Issac CJam Yang lalu

    The eye contact is awkward

  61. author

    Boy WhoJam Yang lalu

    Conor: this is the foight beesnis Colby: this is the circus business

  62. author

    Ayejunikanwa SundayJam Yang lalu

    I didn't watch the match between Salzburg and Liverpool, but from the highlight, Allison was fantastic. The boys, they know what they want, and they know how to go about it always. I still don't know or have the word to describe them.

  63. author

    76HabeasCorpusJam Yang lalu

    Super Frank.

  64. author

    Maxim DinovJam Yang lalu

    Ben Asscream, Rafael dos Nachos, Journey man fkkkkkkkk im deadddddddddd

  65. author

    Max MORRISJam Yang lalu

    He’s ok

  66. author

    Jedi MasterJam Yang lalu

    Colby Covington definitely won me over the past year. He's a great fighter and persona in MMA. I hope he beats Usman

  67. author

    Dylan LinghamJam Yang lalu

    What on earth is the goalie doing for both goals?

  68. author

    Anthony RodgersJam Yang lalu

    Imagine being her fella and having a argument 💥🤛🏻

  69. author

    Hyro D.Jam Yang lalu

    Sounds retarded. Poor guy.

  70. author

    Jack McLeanJam Yang lalu

    He's Dutch wtf

  71. author

    Desale MahariJam Yang lalu

    Frank Lampard congratulations big man

  72. author

    Rizwana AliJam Yang lalu

    I want Colby to win just to see Colby v Jorge 💪🏼

  73. author

    serialchilerJam Yang lalu

    Max will struggle against Volkanovski

  74. author

    Ryan McGuireJam Yang lalu

    The Stockton Soy Boy, hahahaha it's hilarious it's actually spot on

  75. author

    Gregory RamselJam Yang lalu

    Max looks like his nutrition is on point

  76. author

    SamJam Yang lalu

    I think he will run through Volkanovski

  77. author

    Cairo2 jam yang lalu

    That is rediculous from Salah. 😂

  78. author

    SSGSS YaZ2 jam yang lalu

    Dragon ball is better

  79. author

    Wolf_Harry2 jam yang lalu

    I think them misses were probably the reason mourinho sold salah

  80. author

    Living Shadows2 jam yang lalu

    I like Max but I always found his Cupcake analogy to be really weird lmao GOOD LUCK CHAMP!! gonna be a hard fight to win imho

  81. author

    Kuso2 jam yang lalu

    Bundesliga is literally a copy of the Prem lol Leicester 9-0 Southampton Leipzig 8-0 Mainz Now Tottenham 5-0 Burnley Dortmund 5-0 Düsseldorf

  82. author

    Trippple2 jam yang lalu

    That wasn't Sancho's first champions league goal... It was against Barcelona when they lost 3:1

  83. author

    KING Channel2 jam yang lalu

    Salah,mane,Firminho n Robertson ON FIREEEEEEEEE💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  84. author

    Ryan Fiveash2 jam yang lalu

    Wish my girl listened to me like this... 😒

  85. author

    QLegendary2 jam yang lalu

    Leon Scott

  86. author

    Vipul Konnur2 jam yang lalu

    can someone translate what robertson is saying to english?

  87. author

    jeanpierre pierrejean2 jam yang lalu

    Une démarche et un discours iconoclaste pour un sportif hors norme devant un public pétrifié. Vive Cantona !!!

  88. author

    J2 jam yang lalu

    Yeah, Liverpool as the European Champion should go though easily , not until last tricky match

  89. author

    Ibrahim Somali2 jam yang lalu

    I hope this pig gets knocked out by usman.

  90. author

    Adnan Khan2 jam yang lalu

    Do us a favor Dan and just ask him about his opinion on Zabit's fight a little bit

  91. author

    Y N2 jam yang lalu

    Ajax are now bottle jobs

  92. author

    ftwbk2 jam yang lalu

    Why did Marty make fun of Jesus? If Colby had said anything about Muhammad there would be an uproar.

  93. author

    William Palmantonio2 jam yang lalu

    Ole is copying Sir Alex Ferguson tactics, they played mainly on counter-attacking this game and that's what Ole is trying now.

  94. author

    K. B.2 jam yang lalu

    Liverpool has a really good squad. everyone seems so strong

  95. author

    -TruthSeekerUK-2 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    Bloom Burial2 jam yang lalu

    Dan Hardy is becoming a more evolved interviewer.

  97. author

    Ryan E2 jam yang lalu

    Just a number Colby just like the soldiers, good luck smashing Marty.

  98. author

    Regular Sherlock2 jam yang lalu

    It took me so long to notice the hat lmao, he’s a great heel, and he’s improving all the time

  99. author

    fathead adolf barry2 jam yang lalu

    If thought i was gonna see a lad from aspen get a ko ...only degenerates watch women fighting..

  100. author

    liverpoolJFT962 jam yang lalu

    He's alot funnier like this and more likeable. He's normally too over the top and it's just cringy at times.