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5 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Bey11ktb4 jam yang lalu

    Bass player is bad!

  2. author

    Dr. Beau Lab4 jam yang lalu


  3. author

    Dr. Beau Lab4 jam yang lalu

    Come for the Artists Stay for the Engineer

  4. author

    A Gentleman's Operation4 jam yang lalu

    Thanks, DRAM. I needed this today.

  5. author

    Dr. Beau Lab4 jam yang lalu

    Tiny Desk Big Orchestra

  6. author

    Rusty Sherbs4 jam yang lalu


  7. author

    Erica Little4 jam yang lalu

    Her and Anthony Hamilton would make great music together 💪🏾

  8. author

    SUPERSCUM4 jam yang lalu

    15:55 Outstanding player!

  9. author

    ThePerfect Complex4 jam yang lalu

    Enle Osé. These are the proper vibes this Rising!!

  10. author

    Rofio Rofio4 jam yang lalu

    Tcat, Please stop singing and keep playing basssss ! 😘

  11. author

    Chelsea Clay4 jam yang lalu

    Long live Mac 🥺

  12. author

    Alison Hope4 jam yang lalu

    death by a thousand cuts getting the attention she deserves

  13. author

    Adinda Farah Fadila4 jam yang lalu


  14. author

    Chester Pollocks4 jam yang lalu

    that was beautiful

  15. author

    9 804 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    Dom P4 jam yang lalu

    I was fortunate enough to see these guys live when I was a child and its been over 2 decades and I still remember the concert. These guys are a must see in person.

  17. author

    Ken k4 jam yang lalu

    You could make a movie from one of this mans songs amazing

  18. author

    Ken k4 jam yang lalu

    UK Southside stand up sampha in the building

  19. author

    Scowl Face4 jam yang lalu

    Yep, that's exactly what I figured employees at NPR look like...

  20. author

    Jean-Pierre Tremblay4 jam yang lalu

    Si la musique nous transcende cet artiste est plus que transcendant il touche l’essence même de l’ âme universelle. Merci merci merci 🙏

  21. author

    K Shaw4 jam yang lalu

    You need Paolo Nutini to perform he’s born to play live. One of Scotland’s best

  22. author

    Erikjoelalexander4 jam yang lalu

    The whole band is smiling with their eyes. I hate woke looking/sounding bands. This is just normal people with talent. All is good.

  23. author

    Andrei Cherascu4 jam yang lalu

    "I don't always fall into debt, but when I do, it's to make my pianos go bleep bloop."

  24. author

    Sounds Radiation4 jam yang lalu

    Ang!! (hahhaha) Ang!! (ooh!) Ang!! (ooh!)

  25. author

    Cornell Patrick4 jam yang lalu

    Listen to this at 4am hit different.

  26. author

    Reesha Saleem5 jam yang lalu

    Timestamps: 0:03 Taylor Arrives 0:19 Taylor introduces herself 0:46 Taylor talking about her love for Tiny Desk 1:05 Taylor talking about why she chose to do the tiny desk concert 1:43 The Man Speech 2:31 The Man Performance 6:06 Taylor handing out picks #1 6:16 Taylor playing piano briefly 6:24 Lover Speech 8:58 Lover Performance 12:48 Outfit ("Costume") change 13:13 Talking about inspirations and break up songs 15:10 DBATC Speech 16:00 Death By A Thousand Cuts Performance 19:44 Taylor handing out picks #2 20:02 All Too Well Speech 22:59 All Too Well performance 28:38 "Thanks for having me!"

  27. author

    Progressive Resistance Media PRM5 jam yang lalu

    I'm not even a Wilco fan and I love this.

  28. author

    Ken k5 jam yang lalu

    Weirdos in the comments ain't ready for thundercat

  29. author

    Lottie Robinson5 jam yang lalu

    I really think Lianne La Havas is so much better acoustic!

  30. author

    Leonala Yin5 jam yang lalu

    how old is the drum lady? cutest durmmer i've ever seen >_<

  31. author

    JD Negron5 jam yang lalu

    She is a force to be reckoned with.. I saw her twice last year and will see her 2+ times this year..

  32. author

    D Ley5 jam yang lalu

    Wow “lover” song just as it, so simple just piano and Taylor , is like.. you know, it gets you

  33. author

    007 Bond5 jam yang lalu

    Every guy wishes for a wife who would look at them the way Morgane looks at Chris

  34. author

    Cary Wright5 jam yang lalu

    Wow. That was soul stuff

  35. author

    Ken k5 jam yang lalu

    Ron Gilmore is a master on them keys

  36. author

    Dudeth Broeth5 jam yang lalu

    i've never listened to Hobo Johnson before, but I feel like I'm a fan from now one. One of the most impressive things I noticed is how he manages to keep time so well. I'm a guitarist and I can barely keep time that well.

  37. author

    Wizard of Oz5 jam yang lalu

    Imogen has to be one of the very best people on the planet.

  38. author

    Phelekwa Nyovane5 jam yang lalu

    His voice makes everything alright

  39. author

    Ernest Pappoe5 jam yang lalu

    The instrumentalists 🐐♥️

  40. author

    About Me6 jam yang lalu

    This is possibly the best spent 20 minutes of your life!!!

  41. author

    From Where I’m Sitting6 jam yang lalu

    Joe “Snoh is my BAAABY” Budden.

  42. author

    wak atak6 jam yang lalu

    1k times yes

  43. author

    mrkelvink6 jam yang lalu

    Ron on background vocals is awesome

  44. author

    Tania De Jesus6 jam yang lalu


  45. author

    Nicoline N. Dahl6 jam yang lalu

    I adore her! Honestly. She's a true entertainer and artist. SO amazing!

  46. author

    Monty Mills6 jam yang lalu

    She has a nice voice but she can't sing...

  47. author

    Courtney Taylor6 jam yang lalu

    That's Ron Poindexter as the Male background vocalist 🤯🤯🙌🏽

  48. author

    Ali Zeze6 jam yang lalu

    Makes me feel alive Goodjob Thank you mr bird❤🐥

  49. author

    Jai Monday6 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Sol Gomes6 jam yang lalu

    I love you baby!! 💜🤺

  51. author

    The Angry Card Wolf6 jam yang lalu

    I’ve always thought “The Decemberists” and “Death Cab For a Cutie” sounded super similar. They’re two wonderful bands that I’ve loved through the ages.

  52. author

    Eric Spencer6 jam yang lalu

    woi sahh

  53. author

    brandon hall6 jam yang lalu

    They are definitely in a cult

  54. author

    grégory gigant6 jam yang lalu

    RIP KING :(

  55. author

    brandon hall6 jam yang lalu

    Stroonnng tracey chapman vibez

  56. author

    Dieuby Bernard6 jam yang lalu

    Came here for thad🎸

  57. author

    Wiz M Cee7 jam yang lalu


  58. author

    Marvelous P7 jam yang lalu

    Love this channel!!!! Throwing out some suggestions Arin Ray, Post Malone, ELHAE, Leon Bridges, Don Toliver, & The Weeknd... just to name a few would Love to see them on Tiny Desk!

  59. author

    Cherilynn Thompson7 jam yang lalu

    Go Go Rocks my soul :)

  60. author

    Andrew Baldwridge7 jam yang lalu

    I love it 😢😢

  61. author

    tah dudley7 jam yang lalu

    so beautiful 🤩

  62. author

    Wiz M Cee7 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    바니7 jam yang lalu

    very much noisy.

  64. author

    prometeo Divino7 jam yang lalu


  65. author

    Jennifer Then7 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone know who the female backup singer is???? I thought it could be her younger sister but I don’t see any credits where it shows everyone’s name... help!

  66. author

    Ada Börtz7 jam yang lalu

    Can you have Stef Chura on please!!!!

  67. author

    vladimir ikic7 jam yang lalu


  68. author

    Estrela Almeida7 jam yang lalu

    it’s really satisfying seeing the band having fun with their own work.

  69. author

    Young Mamba7 jam yang lalu

    Why did the video get taken down then re uploaded? Im grateful but just was wondering

  70. author

    leo m7 jam yang lalu


  71. author

    Sh¡¡FFer7 jam yang lalu

    here i am, missing them. rip dolores 😔💎❤

  72. author

    Daniel Chmarzyński8 jam yang lalu

    "Tomorrow could be to late. I wish i could change the date...". RIP

  73. author

    Phillip Cuchetti8 jam yang lalu

    who cares about their political views....just sing.......

  74. author

    Southern Events Company8 jam yang lalu

    lyfe Jennings + devante swing = ro James

  75. author

    nadia rachel8 jam yang lalu

    i love Koffee and her band is doing an amazing job. Gosh the number of times ive replayed this!!!?

  76. author

    Lili Hunt8 jam yang lalu

    Who else got goosebumps through out the whole video? 🥺

  77. author

    tshegi more8 jam yang lalu

    I can't stop watching this!

  78. author

    Shanita Porter8 jam yang lalu

    Mannnnn, I've watched this a thousand times and I feel the same way every time!! Regardless of what goes on with her you cant deny she got RAW talent!! Summer Walker is straight fire!!!

  79. author

    Avie Meow8 jam yang lalu

    If I saw her perform live I would probably cry lol

  80. author

    h.h holmes.8 jam yang lalu

    *_Color Purple_*

  81. author

    Rhenius Hudson8 jam yang lalu

    B E A U T I F U L

  82. author

    skyZZo8 jam yang lalu

    Ok...when you bring out Run The Jewels and Fanfare Ciocarlia, deserve to put the word Music in your channel title.

  83. author

    Ugh8 jam yang lalu

    Years ago, I saw these guys live in SLO, right up in the front row. My friends had gone to see Chicano Batman, and I hadn't heard of any of these bands playing. I don't know why, but for whatever reason, I tried not to like these guys. Yet, their hypnotic, trance-inducing music appealed to me. What's more, the stage was incredibly smoky - yellow, red and orange lights, dimly shone on them. The lady bassist and I (also a woman) made the most awkward, intense eye contact during almost their entire set. She had on green lipstick that night. At one point, she winked at me and I instinctively winked back. I'm fairly certain it's as 'smooth' as I've ever been. It was also the most surgically precise live performance of music I have ever witnessed.

  84. author

    Pamela Kristen8 jam yang lalu


  85. author

    ltjr19898 jam yang lalu

    Orange is the new black vibes

  86. author

    Makhanani Sithole8 jam yang lalu

    Snoh appreciation post ❤️❤️❤️

  87. author

    Gerald Salvador8 jam yang lalu

    I believe I have a secret crush on her. She’s got so much soul in her vocals. So smooth and sultry. She reminds me of Sade.

  88. author

    EyefourStyle9 jam yang lalu

    Life changing 💫

  89. author

    What Demsay9 jam yang lalu

    I love this guys music props to the band too

  90. author

    Eric Ramirez9 jam yang lalu

    can we get Mac Ayres on here bruh!

  91. author

    h.h holmes.9 jam yang lalu

    ❤️❤️ that energy tho

  92. author

    Sara HD9 jam yang lalu

    A W E S O M E

  93. author

    Ayano Strickland9 jam yang lalu

    Blessed love

  94. author

    Cedric Vaughn9 jam yang lalu


  95. author

    Matthew Nguyen9 jam yang lalu

    plesae bring on LiSA; one time for the one time for the culture

  96. author

    Evelyn Kimber9 jam yang lalu


  97. author

    Evelyn Kimber9 jam yang lalu


  98. author

    Wallace Brown9 jam yang lalu

    Some of us are decendants of Kings and Queens, but some are decendants of Angels... They looked upon the daughters of men and saw that they were fair. ( Beautiful)

  99. author

    Evelyn Kimber9 jam yang lalu


  100. author

    Zentruth9 jam yang lalu

    6:51 All in! Wow!