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Wedgie Hangman (GAME)Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

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2 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Marc_A 12322 detik yang lalu


  2. author

    Chris White29 detik yang lalu

    Before I watch I already know microwave is superior

  3. author

    Reagan Lincoln41 detik yang lalu

    David's "microwave" LOL! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. author

    Savannah RogersonMenit Yang lalu

    DUUUUDE! My dad and I were just talking about how they should try Minecraft potions. Like the invisibility potion, or the potion of underwater breathing.

  5. author

    steveblack1984Menit Yang lalu

    Way to easy

  6. author

    freekuhhleekMenit Yang lalu

    Will it bacon.

  7. author

    klgonzMenit Yang lalu

    Cooking on a pan on the stove and grilling are the best way to cook

  8. author

    Griffith2 menit yang lalu

    Would have been more interesting if they microwave and oven heated things that didn't have breading so it would be harder to identify

  9. author

    The Warden2 menit yang lalu

    Idea! Stove vs Campfire Like in old western times.

  10. author

    Mason Richards2 menit yang lalu

    Air fried vs fryer

  11. author

    michael smith2 menit yang lalu

    Link, my grandmother called and she wants her sweater back.

  12. author

    Monik G4 menit yang lalu

    You guys should do a will it boba drink? 😆

  13. author

    Somanyjeans4 menit yang lalu

    i think air fryer vs oven will be a more difficult challenge

  14. author

    Emily French4 menit yang lalu

    You guys are the best entertainers ever. I hope you know that.

  15. author

    Tia Goff4 menit yang lalu


  16. author

    Davonte4 menit yang lalu

    The best salt and vinegar chip !?

  17. author

    Toni Moore5 menit yang lalu

    I always put bagel bites in the oven

  18. author

    vie en rose5 menit yang lalu

    This is why they don't take view comments lol

  19. author

    Rob Arcarola6 menit yang lalu

    Dominos is superior

  20. author

    steveblack19847 menit yang lalu

    What's up fellas, my new favorite channel. You guys rock

  21. author

    Sir Tophat7 menit yang lalu

    I wish they would have done chimichanga with this. I'm curious what their thoughts are.

  22. author

    Joe8 menit yang lalu

    Micro waves 😂😂😂👋🏼

  23. author

    SMM8 menit yang lalu

    If you two read the comments, then WHERE IS WILL IT WAFFLE???

  24. author

    Andrew Gardner8 menit yang lalu

    I’m partial to marco’s pizza

  25. author

    Damon Ganote8 menit yang lalu

    Josh: “before we get started we have something really important” *shotguns a redbull* I’ve never related to this man more than now

  26. author

    UButthurtBrah8 menit yang lalu

    No pizza rolls?

  27. author

    Andrew K9 menit yang lalu

    Now I wanna see this with Deep Fry vs Oven

  28. author

    Stephen Baker9 menit yang lalu

    Deep fry your pizza rolls and think me later.

  29. author

    HookBeFishing9 menit yang lalu

    That’s why you always microwave first then get that crunch by tossing your snack in the toaster oven!

  30. author

    HotDommy9 menit yang lalu

    What and the heck did I just watch! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  31. author

    Guy Sparta10 menit yang lalu

    5:09 I actually like them soggy

  32. author

    Peter Weinberger11 menit yang lalu

    You guys should do Air Fryer Vs deep fryer next

  33. author

    Brad Topp11 menit yang lalu

    Deep fried food vs Air fried food!

  34. author

    Will Rivera11 menit yang lalu

    As a competition between the two hosts. This is a failed episode. But if you made it part of food fueds episode itd be much more consisent

  35. author

    Ivanka Davies12 menit yang lalu

    This is great!

  36. author

    Micol Marchi12 menit yang lalu

    Minute 14:32: alternative title for this video? Rhett and Link casually doing yoga

  37. author

    Maruf Mohsin12 menit yang lalu

    On the next episode... "Will it reheat... And taste good? Let's talk bout that..."

  38. author

    Disgruntled Welshman12 menit yang lalu

    Vote labour!

  39. author

    Tony Borda13 menit yang lalu

    This shouldn't have been in the format of a game. It's too easy. I hope the person who suggested it doesn't feel bad.

  40. author

    Nope Nope13 menit yang lalu

    Was that actually Rhett playing the guitar? That’s impressive 😂

  41. author

    omgezjonesy14 menit yang lalu

    That "woo" at 12:19 is literally me.

  42. author

    The Moon Man.14 menit yang lalu

    I figure if both of them do a queen sweep, that means the game was too easy. Whoever chose this as a game for the show should feel bad.

  43. author

    kroven00915 menit yang lalu

    I don't see how this would be difficult

  44. author

    Brainhorn15 menit yang lalu

    "Is cooking in the oven really better than the microwave?" Yes.

  45. author

    mich.francesca15 menit yang lalu

    i dont care what yall say, david's microwaves were hilarious

  46. author

    vie en rose15 menit yang lalu

    Weird, link ate wings incredibly well last time

  47. author

    Aterhallsam15 menit yang lalu

    ”Its german but close” Thats like answering Argentina and then say ”It’s from the USA, but close”

  48. author

    Delany Brewer16 menit yang lalu

    I need my tater tots crunchy

  49. author

    Net B16 menit yang lalu

    Yess! This is a question needing answers! 🤔

  50. author

    Derek Butler17 menit yang lalu

    Yes. Cooking in the oven is better you can all stop watching now.

  51. author

    Chloe Weir17 menit yang lalu

    Do a new segment

  52. author

    Assassindeity17 menit yang lalu

    Now that the microwave vs oven debate has been solved, we need to see an air fryer vs microwave

  53. author

    SP17 menit yang lalu

    does anyone know why Tyson can put no hormones or steroids added on their bags? cause those are naturally the thickest wings i've ever seen.....

  54. author

    AaronChakra17 menit yang lalu

    Do "Air fryer vs Deep Fry"

  55. author

    JUDY ALAASY17 menit yang lalu

    Yas fashion do your thang Link!

  56. author

    Bobby The Blizzard17 menit yang lalu

    Link is dressing like he owns a Facebook anti-vaxxer group

  57. author

    J lee18 menit yang lalu

    Oven vs air fryer next?

  58. author

    Hallie McGill18 menit yang lalu

    I feel like yall have a camera set up in my kitchen cause i literally had this discussion last night.

  59. author

    millerk2018 menit yang lalu

    Actually, the optimal way is to start in the microwave for a couple of minutes, which facilitates thawing and internal cooking. Then finish in the oven for the crispiness. Cuts oven time by about half.

  60. author

    solutionxero18 menit yang lalu

    the answer is: get an air fryer. u can do taquitos and basically everything in 6-7 minutes, half the time of an oven. and use a ramekin for loose stuff

  61. author

    Ylime22318 menit yang lalu

    Air fry vs deep fry !

  62. author

    Hariom Talreja18 menit yang lalu

    I like something crispy, why not compare deep fry vs air fried food.

  63. author

    Kevin Sanchez19 menit yang lalu

    Rhett caught him self with the f bomb 5:10

  64. author

    Kaleb Heidt19 menit yang lalu

    Where does the toaster oven fit in this lol

  65. author

    AtrumNoxProductions19 menit yang lalu

    What about the airfryer?

  66. author

    Dr Redstone20 menit yang lalu

    Will it gingerbread house ?

  67. author

    Nihonbo20 menit yang lalu

    Does no one remember when Link ate a wing like that and did it even faster just last week?

  68. author

    Ricardo Ruiz20 menit yang lalu

    I dknt know why, but the way link imitated the Micro-waves was pretty funny to me😂

  69. author

    Nadine D20 menit yang lalu

    Oh, jeez , I almost barfed when Rhett said the microwaved wings were "spongy"! Oven cooking is almost always the way to go, like Rhett ALSO said, you can read a book or whatever, it's just passive cook time not active cooking.

  70. author

    AtrumNoxProductions21 menit yang lalu

    But do you read the comments?

  71. author

    chuckkid321 menit yang lalu

    The microwave at the end...lmfao!!

  72. author

    Anna Johnson21 menit yang lalu

    They forgot the frozen veggies lol

  73. author

    Hannah Brosius21 menit yang lalu

    Oven Vs Air fryer!

  74. author

    Austin Freed21 menit yang lalu

    the toaster oven is the best option for everything

  75. author

    Henkka21 menit yang lalu

    That Icelandic dude is the actual spiderman because his mask is too real.

  76. author

    K C21 menit yang lalu

    Will it yogurt? Jalepeno yogurt, taco yogurt, pizza yogurt, snail yogurt

  77. author

    hayden coleman22 menit yang lalu

    The fact they didn’t do pizza rolls :(

  78. author

    Meryl Fabian22 menit yang lalu

    Best part 13:38 😂😂

  79. author

    Re Suki23 menit yang lalu

    some items, I'll hybrid microwave and toss in our toaster over to crisp up for 3-5 minutes on 425 f.

  80. author

    Kobe Angeles23 menit yang lalu

    Despite what people think of Lily, she wasn’t a problem in this video. Mostly because she’s just being herself

  81. author

    Thomas Newton23 menit yang lalu

    Ok but Link eating half a Tater tot makes my skin crawl.

  82. author

    Anders Grav24 menit yang lalu

    Big weenus energy right there

  83. author

    Cameron Jones24 menit yang lalu

    You guys really were scraping the bottom of the barrel for this one, huh?

  84. author

    Brandon Quach24 menit yang lalu

    Link is channeling his inner Liz Lemon

  85. author

    Dylan Horlacher24 menit yang lalu

    For future videos where they are guessing can you not put that answer up so we can guess with them life u did in this episode it’s for fun that way

  86. author

    Ellaaa_ Armeee24 menit yang lalu

    Is it just me in 2019 ?? Ok 👌🏾

  87. author

    Maximillian Gardner25 menit yang lalu

    I loved the applause.... especially the last minute "woo!"

  88. author

    Zach Stevenson25 menit yang lalu

    I thought the phrase was clean sweep not queen sweep

  89. author

    Mel Ro26 menit yang lalu

    GMM: I like this idea. Such a relatable at home debate.

  90. author

    nojokeitschris27 menit yang lalu

    *SHOW IDEA* Round up the most popular snacky junky foods (poptarts, pizza rolls, etc). Let Josh experiment with them to see how he can make them better...not a recreation...but let him work his magic in ways we could recreate at home. So R&L try the original item, and then Josh's enhanced version, and then Josh explains how to enhance the food. Us junk food lovers will thank you. Maybe there's a food that's already perfect?

  91. author

    Spartacus27 menit yang lalu

    2 seconds into this video: “yes”

  92. author

    Chuck ie28 menit yang lalu

    You should try deep fried vs oven.

  93. author

    VortexIgel28 menit yang lalu

    As someone who lives in a college dorm and can only microwave things this episode speaks to me

  94. author

    RyeBreadMels29 menit yang lalu

    I've never had domino's before, and I live in Ypsilanti where it was founded 😵 I should probably try it

  95. author

    Daniel Kinkin29 menit yang lalu

    Queen sweep or Clean sweep?

  96. author

    James Logan Purdom30 menit yang lalu

    Do a air fryer vs a real fryer. Might be a good episode ! Love yall

  97. author

    Ellie Vranesevic30 menit yang lalu

    You can take a boat to france but you cant make it drink.

  98. author

    Low Broz30 menit yang lalu

    Why does link look like a substitute teacher lol

  99. author

    Lola Kate30 menit yang lalu

    Too easy

  100. author

    derpy dave31 menit yang lalu

    I choose neither oven or microwave toaster oven all the way