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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.
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Top 5 Favorite MomentsTop 5 Favorite Moments

Top 5 Favorite Moments

Bulan Yang lalu

Top 5 WTF MomentsTop 5 WTF Moments

Top 5 WTF Moments

Bulan Yang lalu

The End Of LTAT.The End Of LTAT.

The End Of LTAT.

Bulan Yang lalu

Wedgie Hangman (GAME)Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

Bulan Yang lalu

Orbeez Food Taste TestOrbeez Food Taste Test

Orbeez Food Taste Test

2 bulan yang lalu

Will It Ramen? Taste TestWill It Ramen? Taste Test

Will It Ramen? Taste Test

2 bulan yang lalu

We Respond To Hate MailWe Respond To Hate Mail

We Respond To Hate Mail

2 bulan yang lalu

We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)

We Were Bad Kids (Part 2)

2 bulan yang lalu

Link Gets A Hand TattooLink Gets A Hand Tattoo

Link Gets A Hand Tattoo

3 bulan yang lalu

Kombucha Taste TestKombucha Taste Test

Kombucha Taste Test

3 bulan yang lalu

Vegan Cheese Taste TestVegan Cheese Taste Test

Vegan Cheese Taste Test

3 bulan yang lalu

Will It Bagel? Taste TestWill It Bagel? Taste Test

Will It Bagel? Taste Test

4 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Tamifa R11 jam yang lalu

    the hula burger now is kind of back

  2. author

    matthewkristenglenn11 jam yang lalu

    What is the pirate's favorite letter?

  3. author

    chaotic mothman11 jam yang lalu

    bro i actually know those kids in the end video

  4. author

    skatexgurl11 jam yang lalu

    Ken’s lite creamy ceaser dressing tastes really good also, but in my opinion, any of Ken’s salad dressings taste good, so...

  5. author

    Yeet UwU11 jam yang lalu

    Rhett looks weird

  6. author

    710britt11 jam yang lalu

    why is link 100% the best?

  7. author

    The Beast Boy11 jam yang lalu

    Link looks like Arthur in Joker, with that hair Anyone else think this? ....... no just me ok.

  8. author

    Zoe VanDyke11 jam yang lalu

    7:12 rhett-oo thats kinda pretty lol

  9. author

    Bryce Moody11 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    Susan Shields12 jam yang lalu

    Rhett smoothed down his beard.

  11. author

    ClintBeastwood12 jam yang lalu

    The Slugget

  12. author

    Kalh6.3312 jam yang lalu

    Can someone please gif that 2:55

  13. author

    Sad Max12 jam yang lalu

    'Two Slats and a Cigarette' is my favorite Willie Nelson album

  14. author

    Olivia Allemanda12 jam yang lalu

    4:56 one could say that it’s gone ranchid 😏

  15. author

    mxxnlight12 jam yang lalu

    00:28 I-

  16. author

    Sine Nomine12 jam yang lalu

    This will be over soon

  17. author

    PurpleKangaroo412 jam yang lalu

    welcome to taste test in the morning, i'm taste and this is test and we just taste test

  18. author

    Lucien Amoa12 jam yang lalu

    He also played as a joker in the show Gotham

  19. author

    Karla12 jam yang lalu

    Link fails at everything so he can succeed at eating wings

  20. author

    Mark Shull12 jam yang lalu

    12:30 is the cleanest Ive ever seen anyone eat a chicken wing ever. That was amazing. 10/10

  21. author

    Baroness Bloodrayne12 jam yang lalu


  22. author

    Alex Hall12 jam yang lalu

    Rhett stealing Link's whole forkfull of salad and yelling, "HAAA!" In Link's face is the whole point of this show.

  23. author

    Johnny Gray12 jam yang lalu

    You are wing eating pro Link lol!

  24. author

    NekoChanSenpai12 jam yang lalu

    Having recently had two back to back depressive episodes, yeah, go ahead and bawl. It's a catharsis.

  25. author

    thatguy 0012 jam yang lalu

    2 slats and a cigarette

  26. author

    Kristina Clark12 jam yang lalu

    Patiently waiting for another episode that involves their dogs😂

  27. author

    The Totally Random Guy12 jam yang lalu

    *Jacksepticeye's face when he realizes what he's doing tonight* LOL that unassured smile

  28. author

    Gage Morgan12 jam yang lalu

    Pft, lit a gameboy on fire. That's nothing. A medic stationed in the middle east during the Gulf war in 1991 was attacked by a bomb squall. When he had returned, he found the Gameboy and sent it to Nintendo to have it fixed and they put a Tetris cart in it and it worked. I reckon Gameboys will continue to work 100 years from now.

  29. author

    Edsel Presley12 jam yang lalu

    Does Rhett not get fed at home or something?

  30. author

    FatBoy Paul12 jam yang lalu

    I only build yugioh decks

  31. author

    Amaze12 jam yang lalu

    "Thanks for subscribining" lol good choice of words. Still love you guys lol

  32. author

    Nix C12 jam yang lalu

    Link be cheating 😂

  33. author

    Torie Bryan12 jam yang lalu

    Italian grandmas get so ornery while cooking. Mine has so have silence when she cooks and no one else is allowed in her kitchen. Just her humming to herself

  34. author

    L aksjdqpwo12 jam yang lalu

    for some reason when link said "deck building" i thought he meant trading cards lol

  35. author

    Carmen Drust12 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Rhett and Link for keeping the show living, exceiting,enitertaining and just doing the show. Iv been watching sense I was 5 I'm 11, you where the first big channel I ever watched. Ill keep being my mythical best

  36. author

    Drew Liedtke12 jam yang lalu

    I never started an episode with such hard-held opinions than this one...

  37. author

    floridabelle12 jam yang lalu

    💖 Jan. 2020, and I found comedy genius! 🤣😂🤣

  38. author

    lerx12 jam yang lalu

    They look more and more like Arty 'n' Pumms by the minute

  39. author

    nik sherman12 jam yang lalu

    Rhett just got done binging Letterkenny good buddy.

  40. author

    Big di*k Tyrone12 jam yang lalu

    Do a video on how to eat chicken wings please, ive never seen someone clean a wing so nicely 😂

  41. author

    loishwang4512 jam yang lalu

    For the IKEA they shouldve made it a bench for when they wanna bench

  42. author

    CC Z12 jam yang lalu

    Please looking into doing an episode on mewing! 😄

  43. author

    SixRaven Eight12 jam yang lalu

    Links eyes as a woman, wow. He's just a beautiful guy anyway.

  44. author

    tree fgt12 jam yang lalu

    Any1 else's tacobell not have dollar items my fritos burrito is not 1 dollar where I live

  45. author

    Zach Martinez12 jam yang lalu

    You never know on this show...

  46. author

    Darren Pellichino12 jam yang lalu

    Anyone remember sigmund and the sea monsters? It was on in the early 70's. It came on the same time as H.R. Pufnstuf I think.

  47. author

    wishyouwherehere12 jam yang lalu

    Of cousre blood can be a taco in México is called taco de moronga

  48. author

    A R12 jam yang lalu

    Rhet bot 2.0 went into rest mode at the end

  49. author

    that one russian12 jam yang lalu

    link’s chicken wing stood NO chance

  50. author

    Nick Hyde12 jam yang lalu

    brotein... milky... couple other buzzwords there too huh

  51. author

    Bella The Awesome12 jam yang lalu

    the wine looked like blood???

  52. author

    Jamie McEwan12 jam yang lalu

    You're telling me the number of islands has NO impact on calories?

  53. author

    Vicki Miller12 jam yang lalu

    What kind of weird ass Caesar dressing is that? Every one I've had has a creamy texture to it, not clear and runny like Italian

  54. author

    Gamerboy56112 jam yang lalu

    you forgot gasoline (jk, no but seriously though, someone drinks gasoline)

  55. author

    Afa12 jam yang lalu

    link definitely flinched on the first

  56. author

    Aaron Thomas12 jam yang lalu

    My woman loves ranch and she is telling me that in the future you guys should taste test some premium ranch’s.

  57. author

    Blackout_Cat12 jam yang lalu

    I don't really want to be in this flat earth stuff but I'm just gonna say Earth is potato shaped

  58. author

    Robby Kunkel12 jam yang lalu

    men who wax each other are closer then brothers.

  59. author

    UCIMYY4U12 jam yang lalu

    WOW! Rhett eats chicken wings like a normal person, Link eats them like a "lady of the night" lol. Give me a call sometime Link 😘

  60. author

    Katie Dorn12 jam yang lalu

    No Rhett, people do use a spoon to eat ramen lol

  61. author

    Kenslei Spry12 jam yang lalu

    everything link was guessing is what i was thinking

  62. author

    Lucian Lazuli12 jam yang lalu

    “There playing forger in real life” -rett

  63. author

    Browning Aquatics12 jam yang lalu

    You do not want top bunk bro

  64. author

    SKATICUS200012 jam yang lalu

    I can relate. I was doing the same thing eating a mild curry in Fiji.

  65. author

    Autumn White12 jam yang lalu

    Ok link ate that chicken wing 🍗 👏🏾

  66. author

    Matchington 112 jam yang lalu

    I’m from Texas and I legitimately did not realize kolaches weren’t a thing everywhere

  67. author

    TFD iinsanitii12 jam yang lalu

    Will it Lasagna???

  68. author

    Alexander McLucas12 jam yang lalu

    Rhett tell you the truth I thought you were in your 30s

  69. author

    katherine wiese12 jam yang lalu

    I love you guys. Ive been watching for 3 years and I'm sure I've seen every episode at least 3 times (some more than others). You guys are definitely part of my daily routine! You guys have gotten me though college whenever it gets tough. You are definitely my escape for life for a bit. Thank you for what you do!

  70. author

    punklejunk13 jam yang lalu

    After the second ride, the Furby looked like it was getting dry heaves. *Almost* thought it would shut up. Rhett was right to play Furby-handball with it immediately after

  71. author

    Chocolate Chunks13 jam yang lalu

    Wait, is it possible to do a “Will It Salad” challenge?

  72. author

    dsbobo3413 jam yang lalu

    Doritos (Taco flavor)

  73. author

    IWasAPepper13 jam yang lalu

    Now I want buffalo wings.

  74. author

    Crazy Dave Gaming13 jam yang lalu

    12:32 has anyone noticed how link eats the chicken wing or am I just impressed!

  75. author

    loveablekittycat 1213 jam yang lalu

    Hidden Valley ranch is disgusting.

  76. author

    Katie -13 jam yang lalu

    I haven't laughed so hard at GMM in a while

  77. author

    Robby Kunkel13 jam yang lalu

    Who else watches these to see Link retch

  78. author

    Kendall Lyles13 jam yang lalu

    I like how Rhett will go from tasting the food to just eating

  79. author

    Jaime Bas13 jam yang lalu

    "That's not a person, that's a MISTAKE" is now one of my favorite Rhett quotes of all time.

  80. author

    lol wat13 jam yang lalu

    12:33 This man CLEANED his chicken wing

  81. author

    Clayton Myers13 jam yang lalu

    What? No French Dressing? I used to love mixing Ranch and French at the Salad Bar.

  82. author

    Dan Lawrence13 jam yang lalu

    Link:What you eating rhet? Rhet:salad Link:will it salad? Rhet:nooooo, judge the dressings

  83. author

    RockyMtnHighChick13 jam yang lalu

    The 'Tang insinuation.... made me giggle.

  84. author

    D. C.13 jam yang lalu

    I get all my food from The Sharper Image !!

  85. author

    Andrea J. Crespo13 jam yang lalu

    C'mon it couldn't be anything other than a Sprite!

  86. author

    Ana Cosme13 jam yang lalu

    What kind of lettuce is that? It looks good. Is it just romaine?

  87. author

    miki darling13 jam yang lalu

    Cookie Crisp was my favorite cereal growing up

  88. author

    Adrianna Murphy13 jam yang lalu

    My aunts coworker made 1000 cranes and wished for my cousins Xander to be cured and he is can see free and shredded the cranes and made Christmas ordainments for everybody’s go helped

  89. author

    Traven Michaels13 jam yang lalu

    Finally the people who dare to claim that Qdoba is better than Chipotle can be laid to rest... Chipotle crushed it.

  90. author

    Aidan Conant13 jam yang lalu

    I think blond folds would still be better 👍

  91. author

    Jsweizston13 jam yang lalu

    No no way i'd use Kraft Italian. You gotta get that Four Seasons mix and oh buddy is that zesty marinated with some grilled chicken.

  92. author

    Ryan Sanchez13 jam yang lalu

    Will it trail mix?

  93. author

    The Totally Random Guy13 jam yang lalu

    Want some more insults? Here ya go: the last encounter I had with link ended in me using him as a desk

  94. author

    Car Shel13 jam yang lalu

    Who else agrees this season has the best intro ever

  95. author

    little wolfy13 jam yang lalu

    3:05 your hint is.*its a dickle*

  96. author

    O’ Malley O’No Family13 jam yang lalu

    The purple onion lips go with the dill-doe I bet

  97. author

    Black widow13 jam yang lalu

    Idk how u couldn’t get the gator team colors lmao

  98. author

    Anwar Assaad-Hefti13 jam yang lalu

    Hey guys, I'm in Switzerland and I'm thinking about you xD

  99. author

    Joshua Wilham13 jam yang lalu

    Those "cumplings" looked amazing!