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Bean Can Cake Taste TestBean Can Cake Taste Test

Bean Can Cake Taste Test

7 hari yang lalu

Vegan Cheese Taste TestVegan Cheese Taste Test

Vegan Cheese Taste Test

10 hari yang lalu

Will It Bagel? Taste TestWill It Bagel? Taste Test

Will It Bagel? Taste Test

23 hari yang lalu

Will It BBQ? Taste TestWill It BBQ? Taste Test

Will It BBQ? Taste Test

4 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    Elainn Gey47 menit yang lalu

    i wanna be as excited for everything as rhett catching the chicken after getting it right

  2. author

    Michael Vieri Alfa Loppies48 menit yang lalu

    I just gonna say it. Those outfits are fireeeee damn...

  3. author

    Graham48 menit yang lalu


  4. author

    IndoorCobra !49 menit yang lalu

    Nobody: Rhett and Link: Dink it .. annnnd sink it

  5. author

    Lokaikell Jean50 menit yang lalu

    "I still see it" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. author

    T51 menit yang lalu

    When they share the food they never put it in the middle so they’re not reaching over each other 😐 my biggest pet peeve watching them

  7. author

    Jeremy 3352 menit yang lalu

    U guys play the coolest games!!!

  8. author

    Eric K54 menit yang lalu

    What a bunch of dorks!!!

  9. author

    Taylor Martin55 menit yang lalu

    Link, “I would have said thinness” Rhett, “I wouldn’ttt have said that”

  10. author

    Sarah Talian57 menit yang lalu

    "Treasure Planet" "Okay I haven't heard of that" just lost all my respect in just one sentence...

  11. author

    Sylvia Smith57 menit yang lalu

    The other Greek doppelganger looks more like Cotton Candy Randy.

  12. author

    Jolee KatJam Yang lalu

    Rex and Leif

  13. author

    BobbyJ 32Jam Yang lalu

    I love chips

  14. author

    Lello DJam Yang lalu

    Is it just me or has Rhett started looking like a caveman?

  15. author

    ChrisS82Jam Yang lalu

    The Barbie Corvette was bigger and cooler in the 80s.

  16. author

    Your friendly Neighborhood DealerJam Yang lalu

    Are you into indica or sativa, Rhett and Link?

  17. author

    Sweet GrandmaJam Yang lalu

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to go to work every day with your best friend.. And have thousands and thousands of people tell you that you did a great job that day at work... Now that is living the life

  18. author

    Paintbrush JeffersonJam Yang lalu

    “I thought youd think it was an intestine” constantly gives rhett hints

  19. author

    Dona LynJam Yang lalu

    I know what time it is 🤣

  20. author

    TorrriateJam Yang lalu

    Don't confuse entomology for etymology, Brad!

  21. author

    TheXGamerJam Yang lalu

    Rhett: “I’m inside something.” *[insert hole jokes here]*

  22. author

    ElizabethwojJam Yang lalu

    I think links hint about the chicken was actually helpful and made sense . People give him such a hard time.

  23. author

    mshane86Jam Yang lalu

    I carry huge sheets of glass for a living, drive like a moron, drink excessively, and enjoy extreme sports. Not at the same time luckily.

  24. author

    AterhallsamJam Yang lalu

    Link: Can I smell it? *Shoves it in Rhett’s face*

  25. author

    Bean / Heidi Lavender AnimalsJam Yang lalu

    10-) intro lol

  26. author

    Supertaldo916Jam Yang lalu

    9:50 Damn, Link, why do you play yourself like that. It's almost as if you wanted to lose each and every game

  27. author

    Alex DarbyJam Yang lalu

    Link is moonlighting as Russ Parrish in Steel Panther!

  28. author

    J48 _Jam Yang lalu

    My unlucky story: My performance of my youtube channel

  29. author

    ieatdinobaconJam Yang lalu

    We got to get Rihanna on this show

  30. author

    TomdaBombJam Yang lalu

    This episode is disturbing.

  31. author

    Swat KatsJam Yang lalu

    Iam so lost on the damn score

  32. author

    Johnlo229Jam Yang lalu

    Link gave the game away 😂

  33. author

    OG VladJam Yang lalu

    But dogecoin cryptocurrency hurry it’s going up Like bitcoin

  34. author

    EmilyJam Yang lalu

    I actually knew the pool noodle was a pool noodle immediately.. anyone else?

  35. author

    .hayden.Jam Yang lalu

    8:37 That’s what she said

  36. author

    monika laosiJam Yang lalu

    Feather teeth face might be Link's weirdest moment yet and I love it

  37. author

    Josh ThomasJam Yang lalu

    Did anyone else think the fish was a chicken? 😂😂(The second item for Link)

  38. author

    Elva LalitaJam Yang lalu

    2019? 👇

  39. author

    Lime Green MambaJam Yang lalu

    Potatoes aren't root vegetables, they're tubers.

  40. author

    BabyboodleJam Yang lalu

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who knew it was a chicken immediately from the first view of it. I guess I just cook poultry a lot and I'm super familiar. xD

  41. author

    Lisa OJam Yang lalu

    Why isn't "you were shreked" a thing yet?

  42. author

    Icecream SoupJam Yang lalu

    *That's what boiled gills look like

  43. author

    Jenivere SJam Yang lalu

    I have an incurable illness that causes me constant 24/7 pain as well as chronic fatigue and a number of other unpleasant symptoms...I would not want my husband to give me the pill. He says he would force feed it to me. I would rather be disabled and in love with him than cured and without him.

  44. author

    Linda the HermitJam Yang lalu

    The look on Link's face at the end was priceless!

  45. author

    AG KairiJam Yang lalu

    eating oatmeal while watching this was a mistake

  46. author

    Sidharth DewanJam Yang lalu

    Hey Crew , looking at Link pout I think he would make a great Zoolander and a great episode . Can we Zoolander Rhett&Link ?

  47. author

    Chris AllenJam Yang lalu

    Quagmire sees Title: GIGGITTY!!!

  48. author

    .hayden.Jam Yang lalu

    Your mom

  49. author

    THE FROZEN GAMERJam Yang lalu

    Let talk aboot tha

  50. author

    ellie9289Jam Yang lalu

    That fish and chicken...🤢🤮

  51. author

    Mitchell EllisJam Yang lalu

    No bbq lays? Dafuq

  52. author

    Danni Mistissimo MastersJam Yang lalu

    I love Rhett's hair today! Not sure if that's just me but I like it!

  53. author

    astras18 95Jam Yang lalu

    I guess I'm gonna stop eating chicken now

  54. author

    SunnyDJam Yang lalu

    Well... Im a vegetarian

  55. author

    MelodyGachaEditsJam Yang lalu

    Never thought this would happen but I’m quite proud

  56. author

    Lavena MyersJam Yang lalu

    Hey Post I came up with a memo for you Post Provolone

  57. author

    Three Little PigsJam Yang lalu

    Never eating chicken again

  58. author

    SamanthaVescoJam Yang lalu

    As someone who has a lactose issue there is one thing I have learned. No fake cream cheese actually tastes like cream cheese. Just eat regular cream cheese and suffer. Its worth it.

  59. author

    Emily CowlesJam Yang lalu

    I wonder what the thing was that they were inside of in the intro

  60. author

    Breakfastwaffle 103Jam Yang lalu

    Stevie’s a great person

  61. author

    Hellō ThêreJam Yang lalu

    4:23 me, instantly: a pool noodle

  62. author

    JoschJam Yang lalu

    Rhett's back at it again with the Rhianna obsession

  63. author

    UltralifeJam Yang lalu

    good mythical morning but rhett and link are your therapists and say "lets talk about that" at the beginning of every session

  64. author

    steve .21Jam Yang lalu

    Scott looks like the guy who voices agent 47

  65. author

    kunai 9099Jam Yang lalu

    the iron maden i thingk or bambo

  66. author

    BOB JOEJam Yang lalu

    6:57 How has rhett never seen that video tf

  67. author

    noami HadidJam Yang lalu

    kinky title 👀

  68. author

    Ziv GrinfeldJam Yang lalu

    Holy link and his dad look so much alike

  69. author

    MeganJam Yang lalu

    God, Link is %100 a sado masochist 😆

  70. author

    Danni Mistissimo MastersJam Yang lalu

    I'm actually really surprised he didn't know it was a pool noodle immediately. Just me? lol

  71. author

    Fly Guy QUIJam Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who wants a slurp Janet??

  72. author

    WasyWasy WasyJam Yang lalu

    you guys should get married

  73. author

    Craxter MasterJam Yang lalu

    The intro is going to become a meme 4 sure 😂😂

  74. author

    renee duhJam Yang lalu

    your family not mine 😂😂

  75. author

    R3dM3gJam Yang lalu

    This is so naughty

  76. author

    NeebsAloTJam Yang lalu

    Next video : Who am I inside of?

  77. author

    Lavena MyersJam Yang lalu

    It's the Prince and the Chase lol

  78. author

    bishkJam Yang lalu

    Whoa, during the fish I thought it was a roast chicken (I saw it from far away) and then the next object WAS a roast chicken!

  79. author

    Brittany VaskeJam Yang lalu

    Who else watches all their vids at 1.5x and always skips the first minute and a half?

  80. author

    Koziol1Jam Yang lalu

    How’d Rhett know it was a chicken and not some other animal with a spine? I call shenanigans.

  81. author

    MrShyloJam Yang lalu

    Next week the same kind of video except they are using a bodypart

  82. author

    Skyler O'TooleJam Yang lalu

    There's something very disturbing about this entire episode, I usually don't wince while watching GMM. still gonna watch it though

  83. author

    eda janeJam Yang lalu

    animal, vegetable, or mineral?

  84. author

    Kevin HartmanJam Yang lalu

    The original title for this video was "Will It Colonoscopy?"

  85. author

    FrenchToastJam Yang lalu

    So many hidden meanings in this episode

  86. author

    Kaitlyn J.Jam Yang lalu

    "Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing...I know what time it is!" 😂😂😂

  87. author

    1 of 8 billionJam Yang lalu

    12:51 OWWNOWW

  88. author

    Kaitlin ReneeJam Yang lalu

    Youresoloud is getting so much content today 😂😂

  89. author

    Roosevelt LittleJam Yang lalu

    Im kinda curious what a filter look like with water after it need to be changed thou and how this one look

  90. author

    Sheev PalpatineJam Yang lalu

    Why did they do a chicken twice? Wanted to see something new each time.

  91. author

    Roosevelt LittleJam Yang lalu

    Ya mofo is crazy lmfao

  92. author

    Kayla MatusinecJam Yang lalu

    Um whoa

  93. author

    eda janeJam Yang lalu

    sort of reminds me of oliver tree

  94. author

    Kaitlyn J.Jam Yang lalu

    Seeing how disturbing and nasty the inside of a rotisserie chicken is, I'm beginning to understand vegans 😖😂😂

  95. author

    Howdy JusticeJam Yang lalu

    Link looks like Rachel Maddow.

  96. author

    Nicxtsy.Jam Yang lalu

    O woah i love team edge this is great i would never expected that you guys would invite them

  97. author

    NishJam Yang lalu

    Rhett you gotta trim that beard dude.

  98. author

    Daniel BezzinaJam Yang lalu

    Potato can't be juiced

  99. author

    Amanda CaseJam Yang lalu

    why did i decide to eat cereal during this episode

  100. author

    Jai CatalanoJam Yang lalu

    My pick-up lines used to be like my Cheetos Dangerously Cheesy!