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  1. author

    Sammy Ismail22 menit yang lalu

    Two second solution LEAVE THE FING COUNTRY

  2. author

    ElaBelen N23 menit yang lalu

    I was thinking slip not soap

  3. author

    cupkid gamer25 menit yang lalu

    Red guy is trying to protect his friends from Roy

  4. author

    BrendonUrie&TomHolland&NoahSchnapp Are hot25 menit yang lalu

    I need the cast to react to that intro. There you go. That’s what I need. The only thing I need. Other than a Panic! At the disco Christmas album. Goodbye.

  5. author

    Michael Rogers26 menit yang lalu

    Lion king

  6. author

    Ben Elliott26 menit yang lalu

    I hope anybody struggling with mental illness gets the help they need because everyone deserves to be happy.

  7. author

    DragonRiders Life29 menit yang lalu

    Coyote: I will be in the suicide zone with Pennywise

  8. author

    Baberaham Lincoln32 menit yang lalu

    Just Imagine Matt being Troy in “High School Musical” I would be a *LOT* more interesting

  9. author

    TheAcidAssassin34 menit yang lalu

    You should do a episode on Phineas and Ferb In about how doofenshmirtz turn everyone else into him with Electric static charge

  10. author

    Hayden Blakemore35 menit yang lalu

    Not sure where to put this, but has anyone else wondered how strong the new grinch is?? Dude can hold up all that stuff that can split rocks.

  11. author

    Kira is secretly a Pillar man38 menit yang lalu

    When will anyone look over myself like this guy

  12. author

    purpy x41 menit yang lalu

    13:18 is it bad that I can relate to this

  13. author

    Rex YT Salazar42 menit yang lalu

    I am a lion XD

  14. author

    emery jacobson42 menit yang lalu

    But if all might had the quark to expand he’s body wouldn’t deku get that too? Isn’t that the whole thing with one for all?

  15. author

    Flareon Gaming42 menit yang lalu

    Do some hazbin hotel theories

  16. author

    Star Wars Master45 menit yang lalu

    MatPat got off topic about 14 quadrillion times this episode

  17. author

    Dux50 menit yang lalu

    i wouldnt think about theories, the director might try to subvert your expectations

  18. author

    Maxx zu en Fan54 menit yang lalu

    Is the hip bone and he called Hubert thunder thighs idk if it is connected

  19. author

    purpy x54 menit yang lalu

    I missed this episode 😢 I couldn't find it anywhere either

  20. author

    Mt. Baldwin54 menit yang lalu

    The best fictional villians are those with good intentions but go about achieving them in an evil way. By this theory even Darth Vader could weild the hammer, his goals were peace, justice and freedom (his and only his versions). Thor's hammer then isn't a force for good, weilding it isn't a mark of being a good person. Even a common criminal could, if their goal was supporting their family then bank robbery or drug dealing wouldn't eliminate them either. See the problem with allowing Thanos to be worthy?

  21. author

    NudeMasterGamesJam Yang lalu

    who else is watching this well Rise Of Skywalker is 14 days away

  22. author

    MooshuJam Yang lalu

    Hello. I just finished rewatching RnM s1e11 and at 6:40, there is a time wizard that looks like mr poopy pants and has similar appearance and voice . Please take a look at it!

  23. author

    Becky HackworthJam Yang lalu

    *I AM A LION*

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    Curtis SharpJam Yang lalu


  25. author

    bonbon funtimeJam Yang lalu

    Its a movie who cares

  26. author

    bonbon funtimeJam Yang lalu

    She is going out to find the secrat

  27. author

    bonbon funtimeJam Yang lalu

    Crystle yeah elsa made it

  28. author

    Aussie AbbyJam Yang lalu

    At the start who saw The salad fingers and rusty spoons?

  29. author

    sena carioJam Yang lalu


  30. author

    Milaki GilchristJam Yang lalu

    Can you do a video on how powerful the 7 page muda is ?

  31. author

    MyPhychoMindJam Yang lalu


  32. author

    Micheal KoryJam Yang lalu

    I reported the top comment for no reason just for the meme the comment was fine but when I reported it it was deleted oops

  33. author

    Gacha HollyJam Yang lalu

    I AM A LION🦁🦁🦁

  34. author

    pheoxin MLJam Yang lalu

    Ariel's mom would count if you involved the sequels and whatev So would nuka, zira, and maybe sarabi cuz we never see her again in the lion king, anna when she turned into ice in frozen, etc

  35. author

    NicoleJam Yang lalu

    Big fan 👌😎💪 but I'm not strong though 😂😁😩

  36. author

    JRodriguez GranadosJam Yang lalu


  37. author

    Aiden_Kim 20291066Jam Yang lalu

    that would make the first order impossible to form

  38. author

    Riley SmithJam Yang lalu

    Sonic eats a bop it

  39. author

    Emily IRLJam Yang lalu

    And all this time I thought the 7 dwarves were completely useless and the story could have easily gone without them

  40. author

    Kaye AranteJam Yang lalu

    Bruh it's just a movie

  41. author

    Jarris FolseJam Yang lalu

    Is it a film theory video if it doesn’t say “well yeah actually”

  42. author

    Undyla - ChanJam Yang lalu


  43. author

    EthnadarJam Yang lalu

    I’ll take 🤷‍♀️ for 500 Alex

  44. author

    sehhi vootyJam Yang lalu

    Everyone in the comments: when Matpat explained depression, I felt that

  45. author

    ETERNAL GAMER25Jam Yang lalu

    Your true fact voice…

  46. author

    synergy trilixeJam Yang lalu

    They made a kid's meet poppy u can use that for a new theory all notification squad

  47. author

    Джек СоренсенJam Yang lalu

    I can only hear Green Needle

  48. author

    Savage kid BoiJam Yang lalu

    But Illinois has a Springfield

  49. author

    Matt lastname hereJam Yang lalu

    clealwait no! rone!

  50. author

    synergy trilixeJam Yang lalu

    You gotta do a poppy theory plz

  51. author

    Arick plays MendozaJam Yang lalu

    I’ve been to Springfield and it is Oregon

  52. author

    Nardia SuttonJam Yang lalu

    Well crap let me puke out these almonds i just ate

  53. author

    zack vlogsJam Yang lalu

    That show is my childhood

  54. author

    DoctorDeadsmileJam Yang lalu

    Anti-social personality disorder is on a spectrum he doesn't have to have no empathy just less than most people

  55. author

    Tyler HillockJam Yang lalu

    Could you make an episode about what country Fez from That 70's Show pleeeeeeeeas

  56. author

    Jason WolfgangJam Yang lalu

    Hey I live in Missouri

  57. author

    Danny PaceJam Yang lalu

    I like how they brang back the spider pennywise for the original movie's ending and made it better. they also just literally BULLY him to death.

  58. author

    TravlarzJam Yang lalu

    But if you look at the time lines shrek is medieval and pinnochio I based on when the story was made

  59. author

    FlamingDeadCatJam Yang lalu

    Arent nuclear power plants usualy closed systems when it goes to the radioactive material?

  60. author

    Nic SuttonJam Yang lalu

    10:25 -The bullet case is just the case not the bullet, a bullet in a case is a round. A steel "jacketed" bullet is not really a thing because the copper conforms to the rifling in the barrel to cause the twist. A fired bullet will have rifling cut into the jacket being very visible. An AP round or armour piercing round has a steel core though. The case is most often brass mainly for it's malleability and heat conductive property, but can be steel, often seen through Russian guns or nickel plated used in self defense rounds (ie hollow points) due to the resistance to corrosion to offset not being used as often as target rounds.

  61. author

    Masonjar ProductionsJam Yang lalu

    The fact he said that tangled was a Disney classic to kids now is unsettling.

  62. author

    Jacob Cool by peopleJam Yang lalu

    Have you ever been to Texas in the summer it’s light till about 10

  63. author

    Emily IRL2 jam yang lalu

    I really like this theory. I thought it did really feel like a polar change on his part, and didn't really fit. This makes sense, and I feel like it explains a lot.

  64. author

    Koharu -Kun2 jam yang lalu

    I freaking love gravity falls i love this theory 💘

  65. author

    James Tormon2 jam yang lalu

    Is flm theory/matpat is controlled by the iluminati by the popy vid?Or its just like a funny part.Or that is one of the clues that he is controlled by the illuminati??(I WROTE THIS AFTER WATCHING "IS POPPY CONTRED BY THE ILLUMINATI" LOOK AT THE END.

  66. author

    Dani Snyder2 jam yang lalu

    I want to second and third place because I had said Atlantis or Hercules

  67. author

    I COCONUT2 jam yang lalu

    Still here in 2019 we good

  68. author

    Cora & Hallie life :32 jam yang lalu

    If your watching in 2039

  69. author

    Teagon Marie *2 jam yang lalu

    Elsa’s magic is explained in frozen 2

  70. author

    ETERNAL GAMER252 jam yang lalu

    Ah, but you forgot about the diamonds, emeralds, gems, and crowns. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Lean the Savage2 jam yang lalu

    You should make a video “Why the grinch hates Christmas”

  72. author

    Aldous Betana2 jam yang lalu

    I think you're overthinking that meme

  73. author

    warzone killerttv2 jam yang lalu

    when is Who is marry marry part

  74. author

    Cora & Hallie life :32 jam yang lalu

    Gravity falls was made when I was 3 years old

  75. author

    Falco2 jam yang lalu

    6:51 I can't be the only one who sees a swastika...

  76. author

    Jesse2 jam yang lalu

    This video is super dumb. Who watches this garbage?

  77. author

    KLance Cosplay2 jam yang lalu


  78. author

    Oof It ME2 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    The Undertaker2 jam yang lalu

    Peter died 😂

  80. author

    Zach Rider2 jam yang lalu

    Still tryna figure out that "Have you seen Perry" line🤔🎻😭

  81. author

    Mae Hogenson2 jam yang lalu

    Brain needle

  82. author

    B C2 jam yang lalu

    This intro to this video clearly influenced by the xmen animated series intro theme song was FUCKING AMAZING!!

  83. author

    Detroit Become human2 jam yang lalu

    Nosiest human rights

  84. author

    Diego Gonzalez2 jam yang lalu


  85. author

    xXDeadlyToeXx2 jam yang lalu

    if the purge existed in real life i would raid area 51 and bring back et

  86. author

    Bryce Spencer2 jam yang lalu

    I think he left just to go back to his family

  87. author

    the real cLeEtUs2 jam yang lalu

    Even though Ultron isn't an Avenger, he could lift Mjolnir, he just couldn't use it's powers. It's the same with Barnes and his shiny vibranium arm, since Barnes' vibranium arm technically isn't part of his body, but still acts as a normal arm.

  88. author

    cold_bacon2 jam yang lalu

    Hey I have a theory suggestion! Have you watched/heard of Hazbin Hotel? If you have, maybe you could do a theory on how all of them died and how it relates to their designs, or something like that. Just a suggestion :)

  89. author

    snowmans home2 jam yang lalu

    What if he has a quirk to allow his body to store that much sweat, or just compress it. We also know that he sweats something LIKE nitroglycerin but not nitroglycerin so it may have different rules.

  90. author

    Megasmash69082 jam yang lalu

    Huh no laws *downloads 13 terabytes of illegal loli p0rn*

  91. author

    EndlesGaming2 jam yang lalu

    Probably wonderment snow as much because of global warming

  92. author

    banana 1012 jam yang lalu

    Wait, hol up

  93. author

    Yiwen Yang2 jam yang lalu

    Hi! 5 feet 7 is 1.7018 meters, not 1.735 meters!!!

  94. author

    Rachel Krause2 jam yang lalu

    Mickey Mouse coult!!!!

  95. author

    ARVIN PERSAUD2 jam yang lalu


  96. author

    HOHHRP2 jam yang lalu

    look i doubt the writers thought about the brain remixing stuff thats overanalyzing matt.

  97. author

    meme meme2 jam yang lalu

    Theory all the muscle he gained from one for all

  98. author

    Ryce Gabriel Major2 jam yang lalu

    Shut this down before COPPA or something

  99. author

    Lucifer Mena Sy Go2 jam yang lalu

    No one: IDreporter cc: MatPat pls control yourself MayPat pls back to crack

  100. author

    Johnny Pope2 jam yang lalu

    Unwatchable. Ugh.