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    Cat Destroyer33 detik yang lalu

    Just came for the memes

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    Lane Hacker43 detik yang lalu

    2:51 ok i just have to know where the hell did this song come from

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    Trial_With_An_Error44 detik yang lalu

    She dug her way out of a 6 foot grave, by punching her way out of the casket, while also dealing with a gunshot wound. And then she just casually strolls into a nearby diner and politely asks for a glass of water. The Bride/Black Mamba is and always will be one of the most badass females in film history.

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    JonnyCB44 detik yang lalu

    wtf is this and why am i watching it at 3 am

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    Miracle rojes47 detik yang lalu

    How carnage know Eddie and why Eddie come to carnage jail

  6. author

    Giovanni Franco48 detik yang lalu

    Maybe coronavirus come from this animals.

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    54 detik yang lalu

    Homie just wanted some frozen wings

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    Aditya Kumar Das58 detik yang lalu


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    Raj NibhaniMenit Yang lalu

    So big 🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    Voris. agarMenit Yang lalu

    Im impressed of that zombie design

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    Amos River EntertainmentMenit Yang lalu

    2:46 I think she was creaming her depends

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    Max2dsMenit Yang lalu

    As a martial arts nerd who enjoys eastern and western martial arts, this was always such an awesome scene to me.

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    Argeny SandovalMenit Yang lalu

    Coneheads rule the world through central banks and capitalism this movie was made to deviate attention from the real subject

  14. author

    Alex MccannMenit Yang lalu

    1:16 when you nut and she still sucking 😂

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    Night shade2 menit yang lalu

    This why black ppl don't swim?

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    You'd Look Better In Red2 menit yang lalu

    Don’t get me wrong, this movie was bad (maybe it was due to it being made pg-13 last second.) But this was a fun sort of bad. I definitely want to see more of this dynamic duo

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    Joel Elliot3 menit yang lalu

    This scene is hilarious.

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    Peter Nelson3 menit yang lalu

    Start grabbing that candy fast

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    Marian Popa3 menit yang lalu

    This movie gives anaconda bad reputation which they don't deserve

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    pumpkinhead guy 1013 menit yang lalu

    * woman be a jerk on halloween * Sam: alright imma head out Tbh i wonder if theres gonna be trick r treat 2

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    Just Kidding ._.3 menit yang lalu

    I never notice Katniss is kinda chubbs

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    marco antonio gutierez rosales3 menit yang lalu

    Like how all the cops rush in for the kill. They all wanted to be the man who killed Dillinger.

  23. author

    Dartagnan3 menit yang lalu

    how zombies cross oceans though is my question. from the us to russia?

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    MrFuggleGuggle4 menit yang lalu

    The Thing is very strong, cunning, and extremely dangerous... ...but they ain’t fireproof.

  25. author

    BRENDAJASON14 menit yang lalu

    Uh oh at 1:50 guy in black shirt just fell down

  26. author

    Francisco Gonzalez4 menit yang lalu

    The best remake ever!

  27. author

    Ayyy ItsAaryn4 menit yang lalu

    So wholesome

  28. author

    Intan payung4 menit yang lalu

    3:17 is that Book of Dead?

  29. author

    Arlan Moreno4 menit yang lalu

    So K is alot younger than he really is with implanted memories from Ana. So question: Was K specifically created and put on duty fairly quickly on a possible incident that required a synthetic blade runner to continue doing the job? Did Ana, on purpose implant the memory on reasons from undisclosed reasons for K to find Ana's mom or dad asap?

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    Miguel y sonia Farioli Silva4 menit yang lalu

    La mejor peñicula de todassss

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    Tzipporah Lee4 menit yang lalu

    I wish someone would flirt with me like this 😔

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    Schatzen Liebe4 menit yang lalu

    How Evil forces spread their Hate to Man to have sin and make own law made by Man to allow sin.. Thank You Father in Heaven for redeeming the Sins of the world..

  33. author

    Prince Lau4 menit yang lalu

    No one now bird don’t have teeth 🦷

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    BLA BLA BLA5 menit yang lalu

    Didn’t Madison died like two times?

  35. author

    PhatdudeAlfa5 menit yang lalu

    Can anyone name the music ? Please and thank you.

  36. author

    The Punisher5 menit yang lalu

    Hiroshima and niggasaki

  37. author

    Yeda Kristy5 menit yang lalu

    0:05 is that guy on the upper right corner chewing gum?!

  38. author

    Max2ds5 menit yang lalu

    It still baffles me that Mike Tyson can speak Cantonese or Mandarin (I don’t remember which it was in the movie)

  39. author

    Chris Trudell6 menit yang lalu

    Acid trap trip 🤯

  40. author

    CORTEZ CASTILLO6 menit yang lalu

    I find it fantastically ironic how Ray thought the that he found safety in Ogilvy’s basement, but was in just as much danger as they were whilst on the run from the tripods

  41. author

    Micah Wooten6 menit yang lalu

    He had him at first 😌😂🤣

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    Jensen Friday6 menit yang lalu

    2:34 watch at the slowest U will notice something

  43. author

    zDreikz6 menit yang lalu

    Why i have water in my eyes?

  44. author

    MrFuggleGuggle6 menit yang lalu

    Sick burn.

  45. author

    Shnoogleberry Razz6 menit yang lalu

    All because CJ didn't follow the DAMN TRAIN!!

  46. author

    Yin6 menit yang lalu

    who talk CGI suck, I guess it child?

  47. author

    C80s6 menit yang lalu

    I want you to hit me as hard as you can

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    justakidwithbigdreams wang7 menit yang lalu

    0:42 I'm dying😂😂 he disassembles the gun with a few karate chops

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    Beatrice Dubois7 menit yang lalu


  50. author

    Ronnie Alvarez7 menit yang lalu

    The most retardest movie ever

  51. author

    Eddie Garbage7 menit yang lalu

    That’s not very All Hallow’s Eve of her

  52. author

    Jime_ Maq7 menit yang lalu

    bro...this is not how it went on the book. Edward was more understanding, calm...idk

  53. author

    Armando Sanchez7 menit yang lalu


  54. author

    BLA BLA BLA8 menit yang lalu

    I didn’t watch the movie and I’m watching this scenes and I’m confused didn’t Madison died like two times? How is she back alive again at the end

  55. author

    Aren Sereathy8 menit yang lalu

    So this is where 4A got the idea for the “Hellsing” in the metro franchise.

  56. author

    AquaVilla8 menit yang lalu

    2:19 This guy flew

  57. author

    Kareem Campbell9 menit yang lalu


  58. author

    Farren Amarah9 menit yang lalu

    That's a titanoboa not an anaconda

  59. author

    oyitslindsey C9 menit yang lalu

    Can’t believe she was 16 in this😒

  60. author

    Andrew Suh9 menit yang lalu

    This is what Bruce Wayne would've become, if his parents didn't died. He would have become an Executive by day and psychotic killer by night.

  61. author

    A Crazy Hobo9 menit yang lalu

    RIP Jennifer Connellys hotness

  62. author

    Brent oesterle10 menit yang lalu

    Omg they not wanted this thing ever preson nomore anywhere liked this car

  63. author

    muchim Gosari10 menit yang lalu


  64. author

    Wavy Max10 menit yang lalu

    Kyle's face in the end 😂

  65. author

    Gian Peñaloza10 menit yang lalu

    The most acting we'll ever get out of Bruce Willis....

  66. author

    emanuel herrent10 menit yang lalu

    Que buena follada le pegó Temistocles a Artemisa, como tiene que ser...

  67. author

    Raptorking1810 menit yang lalu

    Anyone wanna tell me what was that thing at 0:18?

  68. author

    Hispanic hige hige bandit -11 menit yang lalu

    2:48 when you catch on fire and a engineer moves his dispenser away from you. Tf2

  69. author

    Brent oesterle11 menit yang lalu

    Not now to no about return fake zombie

  70. author

    shortznotskitz11 menit yang lalu

    He reminds me of Franklin from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  71. author

    Eek Yay11 menit yang lalu

    If you have disney plus it's on there.

  72. author

    Hunter Wilder11 menit yang lalu

    How does someone who went to college (Plankton) not know that there is another letter after "Y" in the alphabet?

  73. author

    Bundy Joan11 menit yang lalu

    The best kind of friends are the ones who know how to encourage you to be more confident in yourself by going out and having some fun while at the same time using you to get a driver.

  74. author

    Kaila Deasis11 menit yang lalu

    The cat exact go to hello kitty station

  75. author

    Armando Sanchez12 menit yang lalu


  76. author

    Brent oesterle12 menit yang lalu

    Through that zombie of a war zombie

  77. author

    Dayton Woodford12 menit yang lalu

    Fat penguin

  78. author

    Brent oesterle12 menit yang lalu

    A few of zombie fates farts then

  79. author

    Spider-Man12 menit yang lalu

    Anyone else notice the black dots on his upper lip look like a mustache?

  80. author

    MumiTM13 menit yang lalu

    You’re not yourself when you’re hungry Sam.

  81. author

    Kaila Deasis13 menit yang lalu

    That cat is laughing so hard hahahahah

  82. author

    Jdabomb9313 menit yang lalu

    Wow. Thanks Leu Kang.

  83. author

    Armando Sanchez14 menit yang lalu


  84. author

    punched slinkey14 menit yang lalu

    Put one of those inflatable rafts under his bed and tell him there's a monster under his bed. Or hide it in his bed as a teddy bear.

  85. author

    Harry Apple14 menit yang lalu

    Would have been fun to wax those skinnies and leave their bodies for the seagulls to pick at.

  86. author

    Greg Williams15 menit yang lalu

    Calculus moment had me laughing hard back then and it still does now.

  87. author

    Jordan Ezell15 menit yang lalu

    The horseman had good idea there. His sword and axes were part of his being, as demonstrated when he threw one past the fences. The pointy fence post, however, was a worldly weapon and not a Demonic spiritual one. Feel bad for Balthus, though. That must’ve hurt, ouch!

  88. author

    patrick taylor15 menit yang lalu

    I love this movie and thought it was even better than the first one. It showed what a total badass Mick Dundee was when he was completely in his element in the Outback. Those drug dealers never stood a chance against him. I always thought that crocodile skin vest he wore was pretty cool looking.

  89. author

    Malagueña Salerosa15 menit yang lalu

    1:14 EPIC🤩

  90. author

    Brent oesterle16 menit yang lalu

    A some zombie a an bunches of em

  91. author

    Ron Doe16 menit yang lalu

    1:45 The kid comes falling down

  92. author

    Brent oesterle16 menit yang lalu

    Could've been done a zombie already

  93. author

    Always Finesse16 menit yang lalu

    Fatality !

  94. author

    imthehairyweirdperson16 menit yang lalu

    The asian announcer is still my fav character in this show....

  95. author

    Alexandru Goga16 menit yang lalu

    Me: finally my turn Him: don't hold back, hit m...... Me: HEEEYAAAA!!!!

  96. author

    Sam Hill-Wilson16 menit yang lalu

    + cool set up and directing - Michael Bays signature racism (Still enjoy this movie btw, before anyone from Texas starts to cry)

  97. author

    Brent oesterle17 menit yang lalu

    Married time !

  98. author

    imthehairyweirdperson17 menit yang lalu

    Hung over?........bruh....

  99. author

    Lostmunkey17 menit yang lalu

    Just gonna point out that Johnny could totally play Stan Lee In a movie!

  100. author

    Kaila Deasis17 menit yang lalu

    They go into safe hands 😍😍😍