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    Mehdi CHIKHIJam Yang lalu

    "Oui nous le sommes"

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    عاشق أبو الفضل عباسJam Yang lalu


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    Gonkosan RobertoJam Yang lalu

    How did this man manage to look identical to his other roles yet come off as an entirely different creature? I mean what kind of level of acting is that even?

  4. author

    Depalesa TshabalalaJam Yang lalu

    This brings tears to my eyes. I don't know how many time I've rewatched this but every time and so moved.

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    Matthew FinlayJam Yang lalu

    They didn’t air Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood where I live. Even then, I would’ve been too young to see it given how it ended when I was only 1. I have no personal attachment or connection to the show. But seeing this, and knowing the kind of man Fred was, fills me with such sadness

  6. author

    traveller4life123Jam Yang lalu

    Like it 90s kids!!!

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    Matthew FinlayJam Yang lalu

    They didn’t air Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood where I live. Even then, I would’ve been too young to see it given how it ended when I was only 1. I have no personal attachment or connection to the show. But seeing this, and knowing the kind of man Fred was, fills me with such sadness

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    Marek PająkJam Yang lalu

    Don Fanucci should return in sequels as a Force Ghost to advise and coach Bruno Tataglia. Like the ghost of Yoda.

  9. author

    Tobi NicholsJam Yang lalu

    I want me someone like suga 😂😭

  10. author

    NadrianATRSJam Yang lalu

    Not funny

  11. author

    grayedoutmondayJam Yang lalu

    Damn why he is so underrated. I mean i looking for his information fact video with eng sub but very few appear

  12. author

    Papa HillJam Yang lalu

    lol it’s dam hard to kill someone that’s already been dead

  13. author

    Jula _Jam Yang lalu


  14. author

    Josh HornJam Yang lalu

    I don’t know if this is true but I think, I think they want to destroy New York City!

  15. author

    Defiant GTIJam Yang lalu

    poorly built house

  16. author

    jigglymabobJam Yang lalu

    she's hot..

  17. author

    Hauk I Am SiphoJam Yang lalu

    So many movie makers make the same basic mistake of not knowing the amount of shots fired. It's not rocket science.

  18. author

    Domar SinghJam Yang lalu


  19. author

    #diversão na àreaJam Yang lalu

    My Good

  20. author

    MarlonSOL PatingoJam Yang lalu

    Tittle the movie pls.

  21. author

    Jason ReyesJam Yang lalu

    These frat boys are going to prison for beating up kids

  22. author

    Dalon BranchJam Yang lalu

    The smile he did when he landed on the floor was hilarious lol.

  23. author

    Nikhil DeshmukhJam Yang lalu

    Dunno why that wimp of a son is embarrassed about. He should be proud his dad would've knocked the champ down. Rocky's son turned out to be a weepy whiner like Adrian.

  24. author

    Jordan WhiteJam Yang lalu

    1:13 hilarious. That music and his reaction is the best. Bust out laughing so hard. Anyone?

  25. author

    Natilie E. S.Jam Yang lalu

    Listen to this scene. Don't watch it. You will think that there are more than 2 people interacting with one another. Kevin Hart is hilarious😂

  26. author

    Liam HolmesJam Yang lalu

    Best Dream Works Franchise ever.

  27. author

    Loli4lyfJam Yang lalu

    his right arm looks like crazy diamond

  28. author

    Albert ValentinJam Yang lalu

    That movie is soooo creepy

  29. author

    Demierus SimmonsJam Yang lalu


  30. author

    Robert AstropJam Yang lalu

    Hermione Granger's levitation charm. "Wingardium Leviosa"!

  31. author

    Tonya MeredithJam Yang lalu

    Tom Hanks amazes me with every performance!

  32. author

    PromesteinJam Yang lalu

    T rexes have a bite force of at least 35,000 pounds...Mills should have died instantly on the first bite. Body crushed beyond recognition.

  33. author

    Sariou YeJam Yang lalu

    This movie is not bad, the fact is that because it is based on a book fans feel uncomfortable, but the movie alone is good, I remember watching before reading the book and that I liked it, after I went to understand the why people don't like it, but it's not a bad movie

  34. author

    The BurritoJam Yang lalu

    And then he got shot.

  35. author

    RDJam Yang lalu

    Vegetarian vs meat eater

  36. author

    ヅItsTotallyJMPJam Yang lalu

    Rexy: He escaped! Get him NOW! RAWRR Mosasauras: RAWRRR CHOMP

  37. author

    Zezo qv88Jam Yang lalu

    RIP mick

  38. author

    Loli4lyfJam Yang lalu

    should we call it heavy smg?

  39. author

    raptorr 575Jam Yang lalu

    they're stupid...

  40. author

    Sean DonatelloJam Yang lalu

    One of the best trailers ever made for one of the best adaptations ever.

  41. author

    Mimih 27Jam Yang lalu

    Yesus anjing

  42. author

    jcyf94Jam Yang lalu

    Why did he need to stay in a law firm to use the computer, all things considered? The reason I am asking is that I have tried a brokerage and it was not safer there.

  43. author

    LowBudget_FlapJackJam Yang lalu

    This always gets me emotional

  44. author

    gispyavengergamesXDJam Yang lalu

    this is my plan to make a jeager ._.

  45. author

    Adenilton PereiraJam Yang lalu

    Cena mais foda desse filme

  46. author

    DexterJam Yang lalu

    What a superb dialogue delivery

  47. author

    Alex SchuylerJam Yang lalu

    are these atheneans

  48. author

    Lara MertensJam Yang lalu

    Wait... She's all that?

  49. author

    Lara MertensJam Yang lalu

    I love girls with glasses

  50. author

    L0r3n2Jam Yang lalu

    I love this freakin' movie

  51. author

    WhisJam Yang lalu

    Let's be real here, you all lost your minds when Mysterio made his entrance...

  52. author

    Kevin PaenidaJam Yang lalu

    Oh my god bro 😂😂😂

  53. author

    e plebaniJam Yang lalu

    this is so sad love

  54. author

    Jason OngJam Yang lalu

    I'm wondering, why don't they destroy these balls using SAM on the ship.

  55. author

    Peaceful PersonJam Yang lalu

    She is really hot.

  56. author

    haziq ibrahimJam Yang lalu

    Aaron : pRiEsT diD tHe sAmE tHiNg Moses : Well did you see I bring 5000kg of kool aid?

  57. author

    AlumlovescakeJam Yang lalu

    Emperor palititene do it do it

  58. author

    وحيدة كلقمرJam Yang lalu

    انا احب هذه الفيلم

  59. author

    Gazala Al MansouriJam Yang lalu

    I think dentist crump is wisest and most reasonable of them

  60. author

    lol gaming nategloJam Yang lalu

    Revolvers don’t use Clips to reload them fill up the cylinder anyone who actually knew guns would know that they don’t use Clips

  61. author

    The wall on the CROWN MVJam Yang lalu

    Kinda reminds me of Final Destination where if you escape death, Death will move on to the other victim/s.

  62. author

    Rehab WaleedJam Yang lalu

    الفلم هذا اعرفه مقرف وايددد

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    panget kaya ni scarlet bwisetJam Yang lalu

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    tofu is awesomeJam Yang lalu

    wow they did awesome capturing high school kids cringiness

  65. author

    c R pondJam Yang lalu

    Cute 🐧💓😎

  66. author

    MoodyJam Yang lalu

    Like if they could have been together 😭😭

  67. author

    GOD-LIKE TOJam Yang lalu

    I’m pretty sure monstrous nightmare is way powerful than night fury

  68. author

    wai tsangJam Yang lalu

    Mist of pandaria vs demon hunters

  69. author

    Alex 3MJam Yang lalu

    Nikola Tesla was surely greatest of all times

  70. author

    YdjingJam Yang lalu

    1:35 Blazing Carrie's Soda "Shallowa"

  71. author

    Kira FeldmanJam Yang lalu

    Why is is the perg thing God is please make me help me

  72. author

    Morgan NagromJam Yang lalu

    Mila is too fit man

  73. author

    ラムネJam Yang lalu

    カラテって正式名称なの? これ中国拳法だよな

  74. author

    Alex 3MJam Yang lalu

    One day would come when Slappy would win

  75. author

    Jose Enrique Torres RoblesJam Yang lalu

    I want kung fu panda 4.

  76. author

    Tommy FerrignoJam Yang lalu

    He released the beast

  77. author

    Karnifal GoodJam Yang lalu


  78. author

    Running BearJam Yang lalu

    Well that was unrealistic lol.

  79. author

    Santiago VillarrealJam Yang lalu


  80. author

    ObeMoreJam Yang lalu

    I just realized he didnt have his mask, lol

  81. author

    Santiago VillarrealJam Yang lalu


  82. author

    Mike PantaleoJam Yang lalu

    Meat sweat central

  83. author

    Charyaប្ TimJam Yang lalu

    The rich kid looks like the kid from home alone

  84. author

    Santiago VillarrealJam Yang lalu


  85. author

    Simon-peter WilliamsonJam Yang lalu

    Isnt the finger supposed to be an extremely messy and violent death. Hence them joking about cleaning up the mess and po wearing the apron and pot because he was wiping up tai lungs scraps

  86. author

    Santiago VillarrealJam Yang lalu


  87. author

    อรรถพล เสาร์ทองJam Yang lalu

    វ ឲ

  88. author

    RiderKamen UnknownJam Yang lalu

    Johnny Gat ? In other Glasses.

  89. author

    KelseyHewittTheMovieProductionsJam Yang lalu

    I'm jealous of Heather! Also, it doesn't help that Johnny Depp is hot in this as well!

  90. author

    KelseyHewittTheMovieProductionsJam Yang lalu

    Arguably the hottest kiss ever in a Hollywood movie. Any other similar kisses to this?

  91. author

    Samantha MansuetoJam Yang lalu

    Nobodys gonna talk about the fact that michael jackson is 5'9 and charlie sheen is 5'10 but edward moss is 6'1 but in this edward looks like he is 7ft tall???

  92. author

    Santiago VillarrealJam Yang lalu


  93. author

    The Student OfficialJam Yang lalu

    And humanity would've been saved *if it wasn't because of you meddling kids!*

  94. author

    Vincent OrdasJam Yang lalu

    Me and the bois on a battleship Meanwhile aliens invading earth *Its our time bois...*

  95. author

    Applehead DefenderJam Yang lalu

    I saw him live :D

  96. author

    Ferhad CavadJam Yang lalu


  97. author

    Redsam121Jam Yang lalu

    it literally only took 2 seconds for it to make him snap.