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  1. author

    plnkfloydian43 menit yang lalu

    What a sad excuse of a human

  2. author

    Raw LAHiabetes44 menit yang lalu

    Wtf is up with the rat tail. Its gross

  3. author

    Molten Lefty44 menit yang lalu

    I'm a girl and watching just made me hurt I can only imagine what other guys who watches this feels like

  4. author

    Raw LAHiabetes45 menit yang lalu

    Riley's parents look like trailertrash or inbred cousins.

  5. author

    AbbieB Oom45 menit yang lalu

    She tried too heeeeet mee

  6. author

    Raw LAHiabetes46 menit yang lalu

    Layla forced smile was disturbing

  7. author

    Tania Mercy47 menit yang lalu

    Only tlc would spew up nonsense like this .😑😑😑😑😑😑

  8. author

    Raw LAHiabetes48 menit yang lalu

    Pageant mom's are disgusting.

  9. author

    Romina Nombewu49 menit yang lalu

    Uuuuuuum that das cye

  10. author

    Pacospain49 menit yang lalu

    Can not resist them or do not want to resist them?

  11. author

    cosmic vermilion ginger girl50 menit yang lalu

    It kinda looks like mashed potatoes... Yea probably just me

  12. author

    kimmydaff151 menit yang lalu

    Her mum needs to shut up

  13. author

    John Hooper51 menit yang lalu

    They always want to fight.. Always..

  14. author

    Unai Alday52 menit yang lalu

    Or you can’t take 6 shorter 5 minutes showers

  15. author

    Eclipsa Hynna53 menit yang lalu

    My daughter is better than her, my daughter can cook fancy dicies and that Priscilla only cook toast, my daughter is only 11, and my daughter had bigger boob's and had the perfect curves.

  16. author

    Pacospain54 menit yang lalu

    You eat what you are... Start moving and you will lose.. Insane just sitting and I tke a surgery is not going to work out in 1 year is the same stop being lazy lift some weights instead of a fork

  17. author

    B.A. Brackus54 menit yang lalu

    I have been called a loner.....but never a looner.....

  18. author

    Steven [NAT]56 menit yang lalu

    The girls see his private part🤯

  19. author

    Chrissy Curtis58 menit yang lalu

    I don't like the fakeness to it. It made it seem it was reality.

  20. author

    Karl Heinz59 menit yang lalu

    Amerika is so stupid 😂😂😂

  21. author

    Terri CrinklawJam Yang lalu

    4:03 I mean sweetie fix your face you don’t need a double chin and a smile to blow a kiss you also don’t need to go slow

  22. author

    Jesus LuverJam Yang lalu

    Excuses, send her to South America see what starving children look like this fat bitch .

  23. author

    Trap Town HNHJam Yang lalu

    I look forward to more videos.Keep it up! Would you like to be IDreporter friends? :]

  24. author

    RenagadeRose GamesJam Yang lalu

    How dare she stand up for herself and speak for what she believed in for shame sike your dumbass bitch who thinks you can control somebody forever you can continue to be a shape but she's going to be a great nurse is going to become a doctor is going to be a great leader one day and you're going to want some of her money and she ain't going to give you nothing because you are a sheep.

  25. author

    Hailey CJam Yang lalu

    She really played the uno reverse card when she heard the saying, "Ain't nothing in this world for free."

  26. author

    Wolfette ValentineJam Yang lalu

    HE is actually handsome

  27. author

    Saint SinnerJam Yang lalu

    Someone literally wanted to marry a dick

  28. author

    Drei AdraJam Yang lalu

    who wants sushi or tempura? 😁

  29. author

    Catherine HernandezJam Yang lalu

    This doctor has zero tolerance to bullshit & I’m all here for it 🤣😂😭

  30. author

    Javier RJam Yang lalu

    Excuses excuses excuses and a toxic mindset not trying to better yourself, if you want to better yourself then you have to put in the work a weak mindset will get you no where

  31. author

    Playboi MuMuJam Yang lalu

    chanel is bad as FUCK

  32. author

    Leonah CoronadoJam Yang lalu

    Atleast their not the people who buys like 60 bbq sauce that they wont even use and just spended more cause its 50 cents

  33. author

    Arcie YohranJam Yang lalu

    A great gorgeous girl deserve this kind of surprises

  34. author

    Irvin LesnarJam Yang lalu

    My penis hurts

  35. author

    HAPPY MAN VKJam Yang lalu

    mother means holy kindness angel ultimate god i love my mother

  36. author

    jeff limJam Yang lalu

    Omg i love his voice!!!!. Very attractive. Im male

  37. author

    Naomi SedgwickJam Yang lalu

    The girls popping out was a valid concern

  38. author

    Spontaneous-Vulgar-Lingual-CombinationsJam Yang lalu

    The way her farther helped her when she was voimiting was so sweet.

  39. author

    scarypugzJam Yang lalu

    Just let her rot. She’s a waste of air.

  40. author

    Alexandra juistingaJam Yang lalu

    She calls him out.great-! But she herself is obese!!

  41. author

    mJam Yang lalu

    "I feel bad for everyone who cries" aw annie is such a sweetheart 🥺

  42. author

    BlankFoxYTJam Yang lalu

    I really hate this show, but wow, this is impressive

  43. author

    CelJam Yang lalu

    Bates motel yes

  44. author

    Kayleen AldanJam Yang lalu

    The baby is souch a cutieeeeee🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍🤗🤗😃😃

  45. author

    Suzanne The PatriotJam Yang lalu


  46. author

    Lamya NajmiJam Yang lalu

    The only thing good about her habits is the toilet and brick thing because it saves water.

  47. author

    I'm Just ErikJam Yang lalu

    "Are you serious? I'm insulted right now." I know how that goes 😂

  48. author

    Its VoltsJam Yang lalu

    4:44 holy shit this woman pissed me off. No one on this planet will put all there effort to help someone when they want to be overweight and obese. I sound dark but for us viewers if you choose to die then go ahead.

  49. author

    Garrett WilsonJam Yang lalu

    That's alot of cottage cheese...

  50. author

    nurhana cadirJam Yang lalu

    i think if she farts a huge explosion will happen

  51. author

    bestgirlvayneJam Yang lalu

    the mom looks like Shallon Lester

  52. author

    Lisa WhiteJam Yang lalu

    Cheese can be frozen, so can milk. This is incredible! I wish we had a store that doubled coupons. This is like a part time job, but if she can work this while the kids are at school, she's not taking any time away from the family. I personally wouldn't use those Downy🤷 but I'm sensitive to fragrance. Obviously depends on each person.

  53. author

    Spontaneous-Vulgar-Lingual-CombinationsJam Yang lalu

    So gross yuck

  54. author

    Dwi RessyOktiyanaJam Yang lalu

    Sad finding out what the first wife had been through. So hard to smile and meet the woman who ruined the family.

  55. author

    Leonor ArellanoJam Yang lalu


  56. author

    DiamondBlueHeartsJam Yang lalu

    Most people that are addicted they are married or boyfriend of girlfriend Me : still single

  57. author

    Kulssom BashirJam Yang lalu

    Omg u r so brave

  58. author

    Kiara WilkinsJam Yang lalu

    If u can’t come out the room mind your business what can you do but yell from your bed 🛏

  59. author

    bayawan marj channelJam Yang lalu


  60. author

    Kiara WilkinsJam Yang lalu

    Your potluck isn’t about Family it’s about being Greedy!! the way they plan meals all day makes my stomach Turn, I wouldn’t dare talk about food if my stomach was hanging to my feet.. they talked about eating pizza the entire way home and actually ate 3 pizzas that’s the most pathetic shit I ever seen..and if you were 600 and over sponge bathing you couldn’t sit your ass on my couch because I know there’s funk coming off your ass!! Ain’t shit funny about being that damn big with meat hanging out your pants that you don’t even know wat part of the body it is, all they they do is make excuses I wouldn’t want to be around them if they aren’t willing to make a change the shit is disgusting to watch

  61. author

    Doll ScottJam Yang lalu

    Full of excuses

  62. author

    noot nootJam Yang lalu

    his entire existence screams simp from miles away

  63. author

    MutlapJam Yang lalu

    food addiction is very strong

  64. author

    Daimon VerliesJam Yang lalu

    Although I have huge amounts of respect for the people that actually lose weight on this show, I'm thoroughly disgusted by the fatties that constantly make excuse, lie and then act like they don't know why they're not succeeding. Despicable creatures.

  65. author

    Diane SanchezJam Yang lalu

    My opinion only. EXTREME. I have my issues because no one is benefitting from their efforts. It seems self indulgent. Donate to those in need. Or is this a foreign concept????

  66. author

    Morgan FittsJam Yang lalu

    A career will take you farther in life than that man ever could.

  67. author

    Lucky LeftyJam Yang lalu

    Gotta be a joke ..

  68. author

    Pommie bearsJam Yang lalu

    It’s disgusting. Let’s not pussyfoot around it, or sugar coat’s disgraceful. This woman takes rent and knows exactly why her tenant is infested with vermin and bugs. She’s a thief. If you’re a hoarder, ok. But, when you’re taking money knowing your problems are causing others to be are not a good person.

  69. author

    candaceJam Yang lalu

    I sure hope it wasn't a wedding ring. : (

  70. author

    Nejc PleskoJam Yang lalu

    lmao this is soo fake and funny :D

  71. author

    Project KonstantineJam Yang lalu

    How is he that skinny wtf

  72. author

    John WickJam Yang lalu


  73. author

    Tae Tae BaeJam Yang lalu

    wow...she’s not only smart but also really beautiful

  74. author

    mylife 23Jam Yang lalu

    I hate ppl that wanna be with someone if they're private area no longer works or has an issue. Like rly!? That's how u know if they actually love u or not

  75. author

    Lan lanaJam Yang lalu

    Doc i don't think this is a good idea Me: why you don't think that when you put that ring to your dicc

  76. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    The way she said "you were not like this when you met me in colombia"!! Was so funny! 😍😃😃

  77. author

    Lucky LeftyJam Yang lalu

    His kids shouldn't get anything, but his wife? Shhhiiittt

  78. author

    Aslam SarderJam Yang lalu


  79. author

    Rayyan MamarilJam Yang lalu

    Effin fake

  80. author

    Vicky IckyJam Yang lalu

    Okay, all of the stuff she is buying is kinda just junk food...?

  81. author

    Lizzy The Bearded DragonJam Yang lalu

    I would cut it off.

  82. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    I hope any of the 90 day couple dont become an episode of ID channel

  83. author

    Duo_CraftJam Yang lalu

    If she practices enough she can take comissons... Like what I did now I am making more money then I would if I had a "normal job"

  84. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    She speaks pretty good english!

  85. author

    JulietJam Yang lalu

    guy in the red shirt at the start just like ew tf

  86. author

    AckitY gAyJam Yang lalu

    Mukbangers: ... Are you challenging me?

  87. author

    Vicky IckyJam Yang lalu

    NGL, I hate stale cereal...

  88. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    Money..couples do all this for extra money

  89. author

    Kiara WilkinsJam Yang lalu

    I hate the arrogance of these assholes they kiss ass in order to get surgery but then they start to talk shit your Fat mushy ass is a asshole when your back to not being able to walk don’t call me for help I would cut her ass off and not waste another second on her

  90. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    Heres your oklahoma girl Russ have fun son

  91. author

    Jesse CollinsJam Yang lalu

    Dude everybody blames weight gain on medicine. I can guarantee if you don’t over eat you’ll lose weight

  92. author

    DeddyVaperJam Yang lalu

    Просто нет слов! Врач от Бога! Дай Бог Вам здоровья, Сандра! У Вас золотые руки!❤🥰

  93. author

    JacobAhueJrLovesMenJam Yang lalu

    This is an addiction?

  94. author

    K. P.Jam Yang lalu

    The last dress was the most disgusting dress I've ever seen

  95. author

    Masked PMJam Yang lalu

    "haven't buy clothes for 8 years " wtf?

  96. author

    jagarnaut singerJam Yang lalu

    All the pretty girls from poor cuntries are bossy and controlling if you are fat

  97. author

    Jesse Collins2 jam yang lalu

    And don’t blame it being able to afford healthy meals on why you’re overweight. That makes it clear you know 0 about nutrition and that’s your problem. Because we all know throughout history that poor people are overweight... Jeez.

  98. author

    Jesse Collins2 jam yang lalu

    As a husband, the opening really breaks your heart, but you’ve got to take responsibility at the same time.

  99. author

    lucy hanna2 jam yang lalu

    Zach the dog is very cute. He looks really fit, at least he doesn't have an enabler!

  100. author

    jagarnaut singer2 jam yang lalu

    Anfisa has some mental issues