5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts

Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself!

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  1. author

    AG awesomenessJam Yang lalu

    Hit like button if you want theses ppl to come to your house to make you the stuf they made

  2. author

    Monica MartinezJam Yang lalu


  3. author

    Dena BartonJam Yang lalu

    Awesome thanks

  4. author

    Ana ClaraJam Yang lalu

    a musica é linda eu chorei

  5. author

    Gaby MurilloJam Yang lalu

    Someone that comes for the miniature😂😂

  6. author

    Thanh VoJam Yang lalu

    4:39 spilled it but still has amazing nature LOL!

  7. author

    Karla BarajasJam Yang lalu

    Am preety sure almost all those unlikes are from teachers

  8. author

    Bow BowJam Yang lalu

    i know popping your pimpmes sounf weird, but wjen i saw the thumbnail i was like I NEED TO POP THAT PIMPLE

  9. author

    Julia BatkeJam Yang lalu


  10. author

    PretndJam Yang lalu

    You have ruined Doritos for me.

  11. author

    Jelly JessJam Yang lalu

    Who keeps a marker in their Packet every day ?

  12. author

    RendezvousDart GDJam Yang lalu

    There were 666 comments so i just decided to leave one comment or else i woild be cursed for life.

  13. author

    MMD 128Jam Yang lalu


  14. author

    Sallydasavage YeetJam Yang lalu

    4:55 that’s not even cool

  15. author

    Its_Niyah_!!! BeanJam Yang lalu

    I agree with the title. These ideas are to bad to me true!!

  16. author

    Jessica OpalJam Yang lalu

    Who else watches these and _get's inspired to do some creative things??_ 😃

  17. author

    Mila232 :3Jam Yang lalu

    Dude’s name is Arthur in case ya didn’t know. I don’t even remember how I know this but I do.

  18. author

    Jessica OpalJam Yang lalu

    *What* is the plaster type stuff they keep using?

  19. author

    manal channelJam Yang lalu

    J'ai essayé mais rien

  20. author

    Sophie BalyasnayaJam Yang lalu

    This how many times you feel bad👇🏻

  21. author

    Be SmartJam Yang lalu


  22. author

    Leonardo CastioniJam Yang lalu

    0:58 A LSD sound

  23. author

    Evelyn JohnstonJam Yang lalu

    Who else just watches these vids for a good laugh😂LOL

  24. author

    Ivy LiuJam Yang lalu

    why order chopsticks when you cant even use them

  25. author

    Xhesi KolaJam Yang lalu

    the last test is real...

  26. author

    Mey AmeidaJam Yang lalu

    unfortunately, it didn't tell about microwave temperature generally. Which is the important ones.

  27. author

    Xhesi KolaJam Yang lalu

    i am 2% of peopleeee

  28. author

    서연식당 Seoyeon restaurantJam Yang lalu

    It's a very simple recipe for a delicious dessert! I really like the idea.❤️❤️

  29. author

    Coco PerryJam Yang lalu

    1:58 rip but cool vid

  30. author

    ImNatLilLightskin -120Jam Yang lalu

    I like how after they showed you all the ways to cook in your microwave they also showed you how to clean it

  31. author

    Pebbles RamirezJam Yang lalu

    guess we gotta buy all the colgate’s: white paste only, triple action, and the gel...lol

  32. author

    Darkxgamergirl XxxdarkJam Yang lalu

    Some of these things are not even for school

  33. author

    PinkLem0nJam Yang lalu


  34. author

    Mila232 :3Jam Yang lalu

    I don’t think pimples are a centimeter in diameter..

  35. author

    Jammy The ArtistJam Yang lalu

    Thumbnail:If you can see white, you're normal Me:If you can see clickbait, you're normal

  36. author

    Pebbles RamirezJam Yang lalu

    toothpaste is good for keeping windshield from fogging inside.

  37. author

    Haley BrownJam Yang lalu

    Oof rip all the people who sacrifice their lifes for this vid

  38. author

    Abbas AliJam Yang lalu

    This is how many times ppl used this comment 👇

  39. author

    Tiffany MohammedJam Yang lalu

    It really worked

  40. author

    Izzy’s Channel LoveJam Yang lalu

    My mom can’t even buy everything for $1

  41. author

    Emily AshtonJam Yang lalu

    I love your channle

  42. author

    Kunto BimoJam Yang lalu

    Like = if u female Comennt = if u male

  43. author

    Ambar aisha Moreno jimenezJam Yang lalu

    Que asco nada más se me antojo el primero

  44. author

    joanaaJam Yang lalu


  45. author

    Ivy LiuJam Yang lalu

    thats messed up putting chocolate in a dog paw mold

  46. author

    VictoriaJam Yang lalu

    By citric acid do they mean lemon juice

  47. author

    Safaaldin ObaidJam Yang lalu

    this was copied by 5 minute recipes

  48. author

    Powerful Makeup2 jam yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-QI5ZlQHzCWg.html Recomendo

  49. author

    Delia Sardinha2 jam yang lalu


  50. author

    Anna Polking2 jam yang lalu

    5:00 did they use my teacher??? wow accurate

  51. author

    Game Benchmarks2 jam yang lalu

    Japanese cooks are always on point.

  52. author

    Jammo_2222 jam yang lalu

    This video is pretty much like... GO GIRLS WE ARE THE BEST men does nothing to us ;"(

  53. author

    Game Benchmarks2 jam yang lalu

    WHO IN THE WORLD...thinks of that????? I don't even love the food that much to think of it. It amazes me that someone actually loves the food so much to do something like that. Because you got to love it. Otherwise it's impossible. Like you can't paint an amazing painting without insane amount of love for paint and brushes. That's nuts.

  54. author

    Faith Evans2 jam yang lalu


  55. author

    music' channel2 jam yang lalu

    Make kpop ideas pleaseee

  56. author

    Jess Kookie2 jam yang lalu

    7:44 DON'T put a metal lit in there!

  57. author

    Leonardo Castioni2 jam yang lalu

    0:17 that's very very very easy

  58. author

    Anneliz Velasquez2 jam yang lalu

    the very last one I- what?

  59. author

    Jonnie Bernal2 jam yang lalu

    When you made a bag out of a sweater, what if your jacket did not have a hood?😕

  60. author

    Toy Chica EX the lifty fangirl2 jam yang lalu

    1:47i already know that trick 0-0

  61. author

    Ben Goyer2 jam yang lalu

    4:14 i dont mean to be rude but cant you just hot glue the side back down? ?_?

  62. author

    meredith miles2 jam yang lalu

    How does somebody with good eyesight mess up that bad on their lipgloss, WITH A FREAKING MIRROR IN FRONT OF THEM!!!??? 5:11

  63. author

    iasia olige2 jam yang lalu

    iasia olige so cool

  64. author

    Talene Rivera2 jam yang lalu

    To all the dog owners reading this: Does he or she not have a face for when he or she knows they’re in trouble?

  65. author

    Eᕼᑎ952 jam yang lalu

    3:11 oh no my pen isn’t working *pulls out a hair dryer*😂

  66. author

    Raven Eggers2 jam yang lalu

    Is anyone else confused as to how they did the spider thingy

  67. author

    Martin Montero2 jam yang lalu

    Hit jat fli?

  68. author

    Анна Агуреева2 jam yang lalu

    Ээээээ здрасте

  69. author

    Martin Montero2 jam yang lalu

    Que videos

  70. author

    Puppypackleader200 Plays2 jam yang lalu

    you cant eat vasiline

  71. author

    Prabhakar Gadling2 jam yang lalu

    love your parents because there is no one like them in this world agree, then hit like button👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧

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    PHz Videos2 jam yang lalu

    Just watched. idreporter.net/v/video-ICB7e1MVl9Q.html

  73. author

    Telly Lott2 jam yang lalu

    Okay, so Coke doesn't clean the toilet...only Pepsi!