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    Maktumbeg Jamadar47 menit yang lalu

    Yes Owaisi sahab bilkul sahi kaha aap ne..

  2. author

    Nature cannot be fooledJam Yang lalu

    Mother f*cking muslim

  3. author

    Nikhil Devadiga2 jam yang lalu

    In vedas they written to hang the culprit. So hang them. It's Hindusthan

  4. author

    vikash kumar3 jam yang lalu

    Maa.chodo mullo jiy

  5. author

    Abdul Sameer7 jam yang lalu

    Owaisi bold grand salute to you we are with you. Wat owaisi did is like mahtama gandhi ji respect .👍🏻

  6. author

    The 18th Fret7 jam yang lalu

    I hope nobody in India works with him any more in the movie industry and he goes bankrupt.

  7. author

    Saikat Mondal8 jam yang lalu

    Well done

  8. author

    Liyakat Sherkhan8 jam yang lalu

    Mujhe toh bus darr hai ke kisi ka ghar bichad na jaye bus

  9. author

    sanjay9 jam yang lalu

    this kiss inspired by webseries

  10. author

    Yash Chavda9 jam yang lalu

    No action against rapist bas inko saja de do

  11. author

    wanderlust10 jam yang lalu

    Aree to kya ho gya kiss kar li to. Jeene do yr sabko

  12. author

    Arshia Afzal11 jam yang lalu

    Ya Allah madad kariye

  13. author

    Dai Donik Tali12 jam yang lalu

    Weldone sirji

  14. author

    Shaik Yusuf12 jam yang lalu

    Next encouter

  15. author

    live and let live13 jam yang lalu

    Wah...that's great ..

  16. author

    drake twinti13 jam yang lalu

    Face blur nahi karna chahiye , sbko pta chlna chahiye inke bare me

  17. author

    Anna A13 jam yang lalu

    Staged to make a IDreporter video, IDreporter is turning so fake these days

  18. author

    Shahjad Hussain13 jam yang lalu

    Allah malik h kr lo jo krna h tum logo ko musalmano k sath

  19. author

    Loya Lakpa13 jam yang lalu

    Thanks a lot NDA lead government a lot of thanks from the hearts of manipuri Long live Sir Modiji may Lord always be with you may you live Long And serve the country until the last breath.. Long live BJP government we Will be always with BJP... Thanks again for knowing the sentiment of people of manipur... Long live Modiji long live Amitshahjiii

  20. author

    Sayon Singh14 jam yang lalu

    Modi hai to.......

  21. author

    Khangbam Rashi14 jam yang lalu


  22. author

    Youtube Freak15 jam yang lalu

    Russia has too many great athletes.. maybe if we keep bullying them their athletes will come and compete under our flags

  23. author

    Быдлофоб Сидоров15 jam yang lalu

    рашке не место в цивилизованном обществе. Русские, визжите и дальше от оргазма, когда вас нагибают раком путинские олигархи.

  24. author

    Disney fun15 jam yang lalu

    The person who has recorded the video.... isn't recording someone without their consent a cheap act? Instead....better record those men who shamelessly urinate in public.

  25. author

    Ashu Shukai15 jam yang lalu

    it's just a kiss...thats what people do when they are in love..let kids live their lives

  26. author

    NotAPersonPeople16 jam yang lalu

    Of course they're Asian. I would slowly push a ice cold blade into their body so they feel that cold blade penetrating through their warm body

  27. author

    Mobrur Laskar17 jam yang lalu


  28. author

    Sourav Ss17 jam yang lalu

    So fortunate that air India 812 didn't happen again

  29. author

    AshEz ChAUhaN18 jam yang lalu

    Ye ganja apun ko b chaiye 😄😄

  30. author

    Subhash R19 jam yang lalu

    arrest the person who made the video

  31. author

    Tsering Angchok19 jam yang lalu

    Not good

  32. author

    Arjune Kuchhadiya19 jam yang lalu

    I love this show

  33. author

    suvam k20 jam yang lalu

    should have blurred the face...its not like he is a murderer..

  34. author

    Azhar Chaudhry20 jam yang lalu

    What a smart answer by Miss Suohu to end brutality in India against those who eat beef.. Her few words at this forum is a great slap on Modi and shame for India and those who support killing people for eating beef. It is a tragedy.

  35. author

    nakul singh21 jam yang lalu

    See these type of kisses can distract kids small kids and elderly people would find it offensive its a carnal act okay do you masturbate in public then kiss on an appropriate place not where there are lot of peope of all age groups

  36. author

    Akshay Devadiga21 jam yang lalu

    Himesh Chootiya Hain...

  37. author

    Bipin mawariHari Yang lalu

    18+ ho chuke hai 😆😆😂😂😂

  38. author

    Nishan DasHari Yang lalu

    The guy who shot this video is a total pervert. When some men pee near road side openly in public and create pollution, nobody objects, but kissing in public is bad, according to these sick perverts.

  39. author

    Nishant ChoudharyHari Yang lalu

    Tai ne katai theek keya

  40. author

    Fly Guy LieHari Yang lalu

    True meaning of hotdog

  41. author

    Josh HHari Yang lalu

    talk about a bad hair day

  42. author

    LikhitHari Yang lalu

    Lol all incels getting triggered.

  43. author

    Aparajita BasuHari Yang lalu

    Neither does pc cares about ramsey's comment ; nor does ramsey cares about people's hatred against him. They are doing their jobs. We are the only people giving an eff about such irrelevant topics.

  44. author

    Aparajita BasuHari Yang lalu

    Its so hilarious to watch renowned personalities pulling out the crap out of simple homemade dishes.😂 And its also hilarious to watch how people don't leave simple homemade food from displaying it on social media😂. These celebs will ne'er get off their way from showing off.

  45. author

    khaly gulaHari Yang lalu


  46. author

    Ghab ReisHari Yang lalu

    who else is here in december 2019 after reading bout it in reddit?

  47. author

    The VENOMHari Yang lalu

    Men in the heaven: It was a prank!😁😁😁😆😆

  48. author

    Atti VampHari Yang lalu

    So desperate !

  49. author

    Atti VampHari Yang lalu

    Shameless frusrated people !!

  50. author

    Sai PrasathHari Yang lalu

    I don't find anything wrong in this. Probably the time can be questioned. We don't know how many days/years they were away from each other. Upto me i think as per IPC this is acceptable. Kissing is way of showing love. Hugging also.

  51. author

    Pradeep MauryaHari Yang lalu

    We must keep sports and politics separate. Congratulations Arshad for PB and Pakistan national record.

  52. author

    Anil.kumar yadavHari Yang lalu

    राड़ी मंडल रंडी मंडल ,औकात मत दिखा रे रंडी जिसने तुझको बनाया usi को नीचा दिखा rhi है भिखारी कही की रंडी मंडल के लिए एक गाना,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, फूलों सा थोथना तेरा ,रंग तेरा देख के, रूप तेरा देख के कुक्कुर भी हैरान हैं

  53. author

    HoneyHari Yang lalu

    Saale deshdrohi......

  54. author

    Mr and Mrs CookingHari Yang lalu

    People should think about others comfort..

  55. author

    sandeep KumarHari Yang lalu

    Itna Sona Babu Ki Galti Nahin ismein ladke Ki Galti Hai

  56. author

    shoaibZ TorZHari Yang lalu

    Western people don’t bothered about porn so we can also start that ??? I have a question stop these thinks In public places even we can’t smoke on public. Is it acceptable ?

  57. author

    Akshaykumar GhastiHari Yang lalu

    Boy and girl Muslim .....ager ladka Hindu hotha tho .... Pakistan wake marreige hone nahi dete

  58. author

    udeet sahooHari Yang lalu

    Kuch cheese public me karna achha nahi hota Bache buzurg sab hote hai So westernise hona Matlab yeah nahi kahin pe kuch v suru kardo

  59. author

    Chintu VermaHari Yang lalu

    Bro remove this video...fast

  60. author

    Noor AlamHari Yang lalu

    Itni besharm log hotain jarahe hai

  61. author

    Deep KumarHari Yang lalu

    Shame to indian mentality if they think this act is sinful

  62. author

    sumit kumarHari Yang lalu

    ये साले अश्लीलता फैला रहे हैं। इन पर बैन होना चाहिए। भारत के युवाओं पर पश्चिमी संस्कृति का असर बढ़ रहा है और भ।रतीय संस्कृति को भूल रहे है,यह बहुत दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण है।

  63. author

    BEST IN WORLDHari Yang lalu


  64. author

    What do you think about lesbians ShareHari Yang lalu

    Mager seee 😍 ;) 💘 💘

  65. author

    Ranveer RandhawaHari Yang lalu

    Jeh dono koh kush mat bolo.. Agar gaali deni hain toh enkey Maa Baap koh doh... Jino ney aasii gandii aaulaad koh Janam diya. Public mein gaand daal rahe hain.. Fir boltey India mein rape bahut hotey hain.. Shame on both of you and shame on your parents

  66. author

    Rohan ChaudharyHari Yang lalu

    Bhen ki lodi budia, maregi saali

  67. author

    NATION WANTS TO KNOWHari Yang lalu

    Sadhvi has lost her mental balance and she surely needs a psychiatric checkup.

  68. author

    007DeepHari Yang lalu

    This is not PDA, this is help that the boy is providing the girl of filter oxygen due to high pollution in Delhi 😝😝😝

  69. author

    Aayushi AroraHari Yang lalu

    Man ! Wts wrong in kissing ? !! Cheap mentality!!

  70. author

    Donte PolsonHari Yang lalu


  71. author

    pokemoner boyzzHari Yang lalu

    Very bad

  72. author

    MAHESH KUMARHari Yang lalu

    Mazza as gaya Aunty ne sahi kiya

  73. author

    My LailaHari Yang lalu

    Sonu nigam is LEGEND of all legends and baap of all singers .. he is a GEM

  74. author

    Naik RayeesHari Yang lalu


  75. author


    ॐ शान्ति ॐ

  76. author


    43 killed latest imformation

  77. author

    Divye SharmaHari Yang lalu

    Wtf seriously they making this shit a huge deal??? People are dying because of hunger

  78. author

    DkHari Yang lalu

    Don't follow western culture blindly. It is really unfortunate that we r influenced by wrong things.. respecting elders is what our culture is. N doing this in front of elders is really shameful

  79. author

    Rantu XaxHari Yang lalu

    even kisses going viral..lol

  80. author

    urxn160 negiHari Yang lalu

    Agar koi koi eve teasing Hoti hai toh log chup rehtey hai aur yahan complaint Kar rahey. Sick mind

  81. author

    All solution 360Hari Yang lalu

    Lol lol lol and this type people's are ..................add aduse what u can think about your self

  82. author

    Bhavik PatelHari Yang lalu

    Wtf is wrong with the mentality of people !!! Whats wrong in kissing?

  83. author

    A sureshkumarHari Yang lalu

    What a great 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  84. author

    Tirupati TirupatiHari Yang lalu

    Galti to hoti hai bhai

  85. author

    Best video inHari Yang lalu


  86. author

    avinash jediaHari Yang lalu

    These news channels wont show anything relevant .... Bus chote chote issue ko hype kr k trp lena chahte hai ...... Really fed up with these news channels ....

  87. author

    bhaskar stephenHari Yang lalu

    100% drunk or on drugs

  88. author

    THE GaadiManHari Yang lalu

    People are so obsesed from foreign culture...do they people know that what indian culture is ?

  89. author

    Ashu TyagiHari Yang lalu

    Hahah gandvaa bandaaaaa

  90. author

    Ratna HaldarHari Yang lalu

    Oh no.....

  91. author

    Sanket JoshiHari Yang lalu

    So horrible god bless families of victims.....

  92. author

    Souvik Santra2 hari yang lalu

    I saw this article at TOI said that one person lodged complaint to the administrator. Lol. Let them kiss. Let them love each other. Let them protect each other from the cheap mentality public. Let them live together. Kissing is not a crime dear fu*kin psychos. Your cheap mentality is a catalyst to the rapists' mentality.

  93. author

    Dj Banana2 hari yang lalu

    Luckily he just beating a man.. not bombing the airplane. Beware of terorists.

  94. author

    Anushka2 hari yang lalu

    Just see in foreign countries

  95. author

    Traditional Walk2 hari yang lalu

    Isse pata chalta hai ki begunah hai ye

  96. author

    kago Tagang2 hari yang lalu

    Tushar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  97. author

    shashi pintu2 hari yang lalu

    Jab nahi hai to pareshan kyo ho rahi hai,

  98. author

    Soumyadeep Roy2 hari yang lalu

    Sick Indian mentality, having problem with kissing lol ,we really live in the stone age.

  99. author

    Vilas Shriram2 hari yang lalu

    Agla number oasi bhadkhau ka hai.

  100. author

    Sruthi Akarapu2 hari yang lalu

    parama shiva pls kill him