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Hey you...Hey you...

Hey you...

6 hari yang lalu

Saying Goodbye...Saying Goodbye...

Saying Goodbye...

26 hari yang lalu

I Got Addicted...I Got Addicted...

I Got Addicted...

7 bulan yang lalu

Saying goodbye :'(Saying goodbye :'(

Saying goodbye :'(

9 bulan yang lalu

FaZe Teeqo in 2019FaZe Teeqo in 2019

FaZe Teeqo in 2019

9 bulan yang lalu

A very emotional dayA very emotional day

A very emotional day

9 bulan yang lalu

  1. author

    HaUNT3D SParkZz5 jam yang lalu


  2. author

    Beau Newlands5 jam yang lalu

    This video is a very big motivation to me

  3. author

    Im Sighz5 jam yang lalu

    you’re the fucking best teeqo been with you since you stepped in the NYC house. i aspire to be as humble minded as you. ♥️

  4. author

    Tristen Trevino5 jam yang lalu

    Hey Teeqo I’ve been fan since 2012! and I’ve always wanted to know where you’re in your faith? I just wanted to see your take on religion and what you believe, if you’re comfortable sharing. I love your videos bro and you really are a big inspiration in my life! It’s good to see you healthy and joyful bro keep up the good work man!🔥

  5. author

    vTom X5 jam yang lalu

    Love you teeqo<3 you’ve inspired me to keep going and I’ve kept on going in tho gym recently and starting to pay off now <3

  6. author

    Impact5 jam yang lalu


  7. author

    Aleks CSGO5 jam yang lalu

    I swear, your personal trainer looks good. You should take her out, no doubt. Keep up these videos teeqo. Been an OG from the xbox times back to almost 9 years ago. Not from this account tho but i've been keeping an eye on you ever since then. Greetings from your home country, sweden =)

  8. author

    ChivAff5 jam yang lalu

    Why don't we have more vids like this, teeqo ur amazing luv you❤🙌

  9. author

    Maltz5 jam yang lalu


  10. author

    Nighty5 jam yang lalu

    Can you talk about coping with mental health in an environment like school or college

  11. author

    Nico Parisot5 jam yang lalu

    thank you for the talk in the end <3

  12. author

    Harry Tennant5 jam yang lalu

    Thank you Teeqo, your a special person who made me feel just a whole lot better ❤ thanks man xx

  13. author

    pepepepepepepepe6 jam yang lalu

    teeqo is the most hands down genuine faze member fr

  14. author

    Jack Killer6 jam yang lalu

    i made it to the end <3

  15. author

    jonatan poveda6 jam yang lalu

    You don’t know how much you inspire me

  16. author

    donald the duck6 jam yang lalu

    Teeqo i know ive said this in one of your other videos but keep doing your thing <3

  17. author

    DDazzle6 jam yang lalu

    That talk in the end was goddamn inspirational. Love how you find a way to cheer and inspire others even when you're not feeling great yourself. We're always here for you. Cheers & much love! #FazeUp

  18. author

    Juice Stain6 jam yang lalu

    What time do you usually go to bed?

  19. author

    MysT Knight6 jam yang lalu

    Made it to the end!

  20. author

    MattenMafia6 jam yang lalu

    Teeqo is a true inspiration and always motivates me to try new things. Love you Teeqo!

  21. author

    NylerHD6 jam yang lalu

    Such an inspiration teeq <3

  22. author

    ivide6 jam yang lalu

    Awesome video so glad i watched this after a long weekendmade my day

  23. author

    elly the youtuber6 jam yang lalu

    This hit me in a different way mahn😥

  24. author

    Vincent Silva6 jam yang lalu

    i miss these videos great job teeqo

  25. author

    Rippin6 jam yang lalu

    your videos are dope af and really motivational. It seems like you're a very empathetic person, even though I know it can be hard at times never change bro.

  26. author

    Bryan De Orta6 jam yang lalu


  27. author

    Kifla Kilfa6 jam yang lalu

    I really enjoy this type of your content. The life style vlogging i think the gaming videos are kinda repetitive.

  28. author

    xd senssi6 jam yang lalu

    YAAAAS TEEEQ Finally maan

  29. author

    Itz Flips6 jam yang lalu

    Love Teeqo. You inspired to hit the gym in the morning and it's such a great start to my day plus I tried a new thing today cause you gave that analogy and I didn't expect to get the result I did

  30. author

    Cameron Munro6 jam yang lalu

    My friend is like 10 times better than you 1v1 him he’s only 14

  31. author

    jon rotin6 jam yang lalu

    really opened up my eyes bro dealing with some shit atm your a real one thanks so much

  32. author

    Inri Perez6 jam yang lalu

    Bro your morning vlogs/any videos of yours are amazing they always give me a boost of motivation and just put me in a good mood. Your always soo happy and humble just keep doing that and we will keep watching❤️❤️

  33. author

    Nima6 jam yang lalu

    love you!

  34. author

    fortnite Battle Royale master6 jam yang lalu

    The cave is a raveen

  35. author

    Tiva6 jam yang lalu

    i feel that i can relate to a lot of the things you talk about, but honestly that speech hit hard bro, we have all taken something away from that speech.keep up the good work bro! <3

  36. author

    Tyler Phillips6 jam yang lalu

    Love these morning vlogs! Motivates me to get my morning started the right way. Much love!

  37. author

    jesus martinez6 jam yang lalu

    Trainer though 😍😆🔥 Great video 👌

  38. author

    israel felix6 jam yang lalu

    I luv You teeq

  39. author

    jesus martinez6 jam yang lalu

    Amazing video 👍

  40. author

    Vivan7 jam yang lalu

    could've been conveyed better if the "sad" music wasn't in the back. Makes this come off as ungenuine to people who may not know you as well as some of your older fans (me included)

  41. author

    vntgzl7 jam yang lalu

    the only FaZe member I genuinely love

  42. author

    vntgzl7 jam yang lalu

    yo she thiccc

  43. author

    Evan Vallejo7 jam yang lalu

    Did you do the shoe kick on the first try? Lol

  44. author

    Vivan7 jam yang lalu

    3:56 ooh thats the CSGO Blast Pro series trophy the FaZe team won in the back XD

  45. author

    vntgzl7 jam yang lalu

    i missed the morning vlogs

  46. author

    Trix7 jam yang lalu

    Why r u ubering to the gym if u got one at the house

  47. author

    dutch rabbit7 jam yang lalu

    Whatsupp teeqooooo, i have a randomly question like idk. Maybe you wont see this comment but who cares. My q is : how did you do evreythin when you were young, like what did you do at the times when you couldnt do anything? Like your videos and all that things just motivates me to wake up early and go 05:00 to school like brooooww..😂 My english is verry bad sorry bout that!

  48. author

    Doc gamingbruhi7 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for the motivation teeqo

  49. author

    Noah Birt7 jam yang lalu

    Beginning of vid had me dying bc apex in the background on his monitor like if you did the same

  50. author

    G Money7 jam yang lalu

    Love u Teeqo u are a true inspiration. Any advice for someone going through bad anxiety and panic attacks?

  51. author

    Osa Junior7 jam yang lalu

    Hey teeqo thank you. You may not see this but you may have changed my life

  52. author

    Neeko B7 jam yang lalu

    Love the vlogs teeqo always had and always will. I love seeing u be yourself, u aint gotta play fort or minecraft g. Keep doing u brotha.

  53. author

    LEG_ Koala7 jam yang lalu

    And also I am kinda newer but not new to faze I plan on watching your videos from now on keep up the good work and love you baby Faze Up

  54. author

    Caty galvan7 jam yang lalu

    I love this kind of videos of you they make me so happy and I love u

  55. author

    יפתח ליברמן7 jam yang lalu

    Love u teeqo u’re the bestty

  56. author

    LEG_ Koala7 jam yang lalu

    Teeqo today is the day you inspired me to try something new and I am going to go on a diet go to the gym and just try hard at everything I do

  57. author

    sib4387 jam yang lalu

    these vlog vibes give me goosebumps!! You're realtalks are insane! Keep up the great work <3

  58. author

    Jonatan Svensson7 jam yang lalu

    So i can

  59. author

    Savage frenzy xj7 jam yang lalu

    Great vid man

  60. author

    Chucky Mambo7 jam yang lalu

    I’m telling you, get a big bag of epsom salt, I like this coarse coconut oil salt from Minnesota with Rihanna Rogue bubble bath. It keeps my muscles from aching.

  61. author

    Culixx -_-7 jam yang lalu

    I swear teeqo has the best vibes 😭

  62. author

    Nggaming7 jam yang lalu

    Good video! Btw God morgon from sweden!

  63. author

    Baylen Farmer7 jam yang lalu

    I clicked on this, thinking it was going to be aton of fun stuff. Yeah it wasnt what I thought, but holy cow, this was an amazing vlog with a great message! Keep making videos! Thank you!

  64. author

    SSA7 jam yang lalu

    Made it to the end bro in from Sweden, Skåne like You. Kommer aldrig sluta grinda för FaZe.your the best❤️

  65. author

    D4RK Wizard Z067 jam yang lalu

    Love the videos man! I’ve been following you since NY and I’m so glad to see you playing CSGO. I just started playing a month ago cause I’ve rooted for faze forever and thought the game looked sick. Keep it up

  66. author

    SythSF7 jam yang lalu

    “Hey you”

  67. author

    Allan Garza7 jam yang lalu

    Anything is possible!!💯

  68. author

    Nopie7 jam yang lalu

    I Made it to the end:)

  69. author

    Jose Garcia8 jam yang lalu

    truly inspiring. keep up the good content!!!

  70. author

    Liam8 jam yang lalu

    I like how u put it with the plate

  71. author

    Lance Hogan8 jam yang lalu

    This made me want to change a lot of things and start new thank you teeqo you really help me alot

  72. author

    Flynn Main8 jam yang lalu

    Teeqo: Save the young generation Robert: I am going to macdonal do you want hamburger

  73. author

    Logan Vuong8 jam yang lalu

    Eat f ing food

  74. author

    VTRN Jokr8 jam yang lalu

    You’re definitely getting bigger brother keep smashing it 💪🏻

  75. author

    Misfit8 jam yang lalu

    I love you 3001 <3

  76. author

    joshbeezi8 jam yang lalu

    💪🏼❤️ f*ck it, I’m starting the gym today. Your vlogs just seem to hit differently I think it’s because you can see you are being genuine. Keep your chin up my guy, inspiring.

  77. author

    Malachi Smith8 jam yang lalu

    I love watching your video when ever where ever much love

  78. author

    Filip Maljko8 jam yang lalu

    Teeqo your vids are so motivating man love from Sweden. >3 KEY WORD IKEAAAAA

  79. author

    Dominic Pop8 jam yang lalu

    Ima real one

  80. author

    Misfit8 jam yang lalu

    hey Teeqo I just wanted to say I really look up to you bro. I really believe you are good enough, just because you don't upload everyday DOES NOT mean you aren't good enough. Your videos are perfect the way they are. Your videos help me all the time you inspire me to keep going. Whenever I'm feeling down I can just watch your videos and feel better. You are one of the most inspiring people I've ever seen. Everyone goes through things NO ONE is going to always be in a great mood and always happy it's life bro. I really hope you get better if you're going through anything and i hope you learn to like yourself, because you may not fully know but you really help a lot of people. I've never commented like this on any video in my life but you are a great person and the same way you help me without knowing it, I really hope this helps you. OHH and love you 3000

  81. author

    Salty8 jam yang lalu

    Love you teeqo

  82. author

    Naif Dh8 jam yang lalu

    Much love bro. Keep it up! You are inspiring me and a lot of others.

  83. author

    Sihgma8 jam yang lalu

    Ok you dont feel good enough. Now ask yourself what you're gonna do to make yourself feel good enough.

  84. author

    Hector Carrillo8 jam yang lalu

    You’re the best teeqo. Your videos inspire me to do great things every day

  85. author

    eric olmedo8 jam yang lalu

    Amazing vid teeqo 😁

  86. author

    Eric8 jam yang lalu

    Love you Teeqo you’re great

  87. author

    Kevin Romero8 jam yang lalu

    Love your videos 😝

  88. author

    Domingo Terraza8 jam yang lalu

    Super inspirational tbh, definitely super chill guy

  89. author

    Christopher Aguilera8 jam yang lalu

    Love yo videos keep it up

  90. author

    Brendan8 jam yang lalu

    5:24 that was a sick transition

  91. author

    Bryce Merrell8 jam yang lalu

    Man, love the positive vibes!

  92. author

    Mathieu Siegl8 jam yang lalu

    Talk about the power of keeping a positive mindset

  93. author

    falcon punch8 jam yang lalu

    this video actually helped me so much thank you <3

  94. author

    Malakye ツ8 jam yang lalu

    Cuff her

  95. author

    StrxyAlex8 jam yang lalu

    Please talk about losing body fat, im just starting because you inspired me to start working out and bettering my self. If theres any tips or advice please talk about it. Thank you :)

  96. author

    ItsKevoo8 jam yang lalu

    Ayyyye does Teeqo actually respond?!

  97. author

    Mia_fj8 jam yang lalu

    this was so heartwarming <3 <3

  98. author

    Gabe Adrian9 jam yang lalu

    I can’t help but smile whenever I watch Jakob’s videos. This dude is just wholesome as fuck

  99. author

    Mellwing9 jam yang lalu