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  1. author

    Mavisth555Jam Yang lalu

    I wonder what their school grades are

  2. author

    Dan MJam Yang lalu

    The upside for the medical staff infected is that they'll be immune and so can treat patients more easily once they recover

  3. author

    Z H I L I NJam Yang lalu

    even though this virus is a fruit cake with a death rate equal or less than regular flu, China is doing so much to not let this get out of hand. 👍 nice job

  4. author

    dev kumarJam Yang lalu

  5. author

    Gin DentonJam Yang lalu

    There are so many US health care workers who are in clinical areas without health insurance nobody's going to show up when it gets to America. So, the doctors and the administrators are going to have to do most of the work sorry

  6. author

    msp tcbJam Yang lalu

    Would you please start shooting down any planes from China. World War Z

  7. author

    Adrian SzewczykJam Yang lalu

    Time to move to Greenland

  8. author

    Jazelyne SubionJam Yang lalu

    China only report 5% of what is really happening there.. they say there are only 25 deaths but in reality, its already 10,000.

  9. author

    The Real Cigar JefeJam Yang lalu

    China’s lack of health regulations is the cause.

  10. author

    James SmithJam Yang lalu

    Nationalism is on the rise..... Love it.

  11. author

    pollys millionsJam Yang lalu

    Because they are sensible

  12. author

    Ran LingJam Yang lalu

    Some Chinese are into eating wild animals and dogs. This time the whole country is going to suffer fromthe disease with them again , SELFISH IDIOTS.

  13. author

    alex ungerJam Yang lalu

    Climate change is a hoax. #MAGA

  14. author

    BlumenHasserJam Yang lalu

    So the moral is..? No matter where are you from. If you are white you can be a judge even you are a woman. If you are black you will probably end in jail. 'merica nice place you have there.

  15. author

    Batnetic _1_Jam Yang lalu

    Me in 2019: 2020 will be a great year Me in 2020: bruh you gotta be kidding me first america vs Iran now this

  16. author

    svijayiitk2 jam yang lalu

    Far east*

  17. author

    Dusty Eyer2 jam yang lalu

    Grilled rat meat? What could go wrong?

  18. author

    The Boy2 jam yang lalu

    Beware WARS 2020, Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It is KARMA because China was greedy stealing at Natuna water.

  19. author

    Giddy Giddy2 jam yang lalu

    In Revelation 8:7, John describes an apocalyptic vision. His vision explains the triggering event of the sounding of the first trumpet - hail and fire mixed with blood falling to the ground, and approximately 33% of all of the grass and trees in the known world destroyed. sorry to the Austrians...we pray for you !

  20. author

    PsYcHo Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    A chinese girl gave an interview that she is not afraid of the virus

  21. author

    Gabriel Yang2 jam yang lalu

    I lived in China 15 years... hope they will be safe there soon..

  22. author

    what what2 jam yang lalu

    they got their suicide wish

  23. author

    Mr Da Vinci2 jam yang lalu

    Condolences to the brave firefighter's families. Explain to me why humans in the 21st century allowed a billion hearts burned alive?. No matter your background or belief this is a tragedy. 🙏

  24. author

    Ms. Real Real2 jam yang lalu

    Shame on The world health organization for not having advised this move by China, and kudos to China for being brave enough and proactive enough in taking this aggressive stance

  25. author

    Freedom Fighter2 jam yang lalu

    How the owners became filthy rich and killed West Ham

  26. author

    Energy2 jam yang lalu

    Alex Jones said something big was going to happen during the impeachment, Dems and the world order new they were loosing, so they released the Cornavirus, Alex was right. RELEASE THE KRAKEN were loosing. This is your master democrat's whom you work for all the way down to the protester. Don't piss your master off. There literally dropping like flys dead don't let them down play it.

  27. author

    ThatBadGuy2 jam yang lalu

    Salvini is far right? lol... yea when i see him i think of Mussolini for sure..

  28. author

    Irfan Daha2 jam yang lalu

    Good one Tit for tat

  29. author

    Kel Hudson2 jam yang lalu

    I do genuinely belive that the vast majority of us are a product of our environment, which unfortunately is beyond our control. Only a few of us are able to reach our full potential and escape the situations we are born into.

  30. author

    Theta Gaming2 jam yang lalu

    Nice US, can’t beat them in trade war? Just release a virus on them.

  31. author

    DANNY732 jam yang lalu

    *It's not far right, it's being on the right side of history.* *WTO And TRUMP 2020-2024* 🇬🇧🇺🇲👌🏼

  32. author

    Stain2 jam yang lalu

    It seems like a quick and drastic reaction from the government. I don't support the regime they have or anything but props for airing on the side of caution. I wish the best of luck to the victims.

  33. author

    Jc Dizon2 jam yang lalu

    It's the year of the rat after all, rats are known to be notorious disease spreaders

  34. author

    Arthur Valkan2 jam yang lalu

    NATO? You mean Israel - American Spying on EVERYONE! Best to Shoot them down When ever you can!

  35. author

    Jim Dent2 jam yang lalu

    Avoid that market like the plague!

  36. author

    cenad cenad2 jam yang lalu

    Wuhan near Russia. Guess US can't get into war with the two so they hit them with a virus rather than a drone.

  37. author

    Gazpacho Suave2 jam yang lalu

    The world is ending

  38. author

    Maha Abbas2 jam yang lalu

    Any virus can travel fast and now this one its sad i hop its curable

  39. author

    cenad cenad2 jam yang lalu

    Wuhan near Russia. Guess US can't get into war with the two so they hit them with a virus rather than a drone.

  40. author

    Samuel Rosenberg2 jam yang lalu

    The rich politicians don’t care about public school, all of their kids are in private school.

  41. author

    paul hoskin2 jam yang lalu

    Morrison had handled this badly. No way am I shopping there again

  42. author

    Danny Dexter2 jam yang lalu

    Get me on the microscope youll be amazed

  43. author

    Ryan Bashaw2 jam yang lalu

    Dont fund false prophets. Instead you, yourself contact Australia and help them.

  44. author

    Jessie Ants2 jam yang lalu

    rest in peace heros 🕯🖖🌍

  45. author

    洪波2 jam yang lalu

    Respect to the medical stuffs at the frontline in fighting the corona virus

  46. author

    mark ash2 jam yang lalu

    Thick skinned “sex case Andy”

  47. author

    Danny Dexter2 jam yang lalu

    They are lying its in the birds

  48. author

    steve prentice2 jam yang lalu

    All charities should be government regulated and controlled. Because they all lie to make MONEY.

  49. author

    erik olsen2 jam yang lalu

    So sad.... I wish the status quo would change

  50. author

    Ryan Bashaw2 jam yang lalu


  51. author

    Richi Arditya2 jam yang lalu


  52. author

    vinm3002 jam yang lalu

    The WHO guy inspires confidence. Not. He looks like a chap holding out for the biggest bribe to determine his decision.

  53. author

    Cadam20192 jam yang lalu

    Wait hold on a gotd danmm minute ! This man didn’t get a knighthood as a result of this interviews ?!?! I am outraged

  54. author

    John Gerald Pilapil2 jam yang lalu

    yo wtf?!

  55. author

    Rob the Great2 jam yang lalu

    Australian and Americans are brothers 🇺🇸🇨🇰

  56. author

    Mohan Prajapati2 jam yang lalu

    😂😂😂like se jada dislike hai 😂😂😂😂

  57. author

    THICC BOI2 jam yang lalu

    When a Chinese man coughs beside you Me: My time has come

  58. author

    Ryan Bashaw2 jam yang lalu

    Subtitles dont need sign language

  59. author

    Voodoo Woodoo2 jam yang lalu

    Now they been disturbed from their home the world is gonna end

  60. author

    Meooow Camilo-Sibi2 jam yang lalu

    Is the video quality really sh***y or is it just me?

  61. author

    1Me2 jam yang lalu

    That's the problem with charities. Where the money actually goes? A lot on wages and admin. You give in good faith, they give in their interest.

  62. author

    Paul Gibbons2 jam yang lalu


  63. author

    mr unknown2 jam yang lalu

    I got a feeling These fires are starting deliberately.

  64. author

    TechiesSpammer692 jam yang lalu

    i guess now its an actual forbidden city

  65. author

    Fizz Hobbes2 jam yang lalu

    here before wuhan is no longer a city

  66. author

    Giorgi Mikeladze2 jam yang lalu

    Why is Kim John Un so violent? Because he doesn't have a Seoul!

  67. author

    google spynetwork2 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for the tigers. How many of their penises will be consumed to combat this illness.

  68. author

    Calvin2 jam yang lalu

    the news presenter was incredibly beautiful.

  69. author

    Crystal Moon2 jam yang lalu

    where are the parents? Nanny ? noone! nice family!

  70. author

    вoѕѕαɴovα2 jam yang lalu

    Fuckin' ᴄʜɪɴᴋs eating everything that moves.

  71. author

    Emi2 jam yang lalu

    Such disgusting people! The poor animals, they did nothing wrong to the world yet they suffer because of human's greed and stupidity!

  72. author

    ferkemall2 jam yang lalu

    In times of a national crisis your worst enemies are in order ,the government ,the Army ,the police & the council !

  73. author

    Lexi San Diego2 jam yang lalu

    My favorite is the lady in the fur-trimmed jacket - she has confidence in her government's ability to handle the outbreak - I bet a lot of terrified people would like some of whatever drug she is taking - but, seriously, in a way she is right - China's government cares so little about it's people that they would kill everyone in the affected cities (if they thought it would help their agenda) without blinking an eye. The Chinese government has had no apparent qualms in the past about murdering millions of it's own citizens. It does not care about what the world thinks of it.

  74. author

    my name is ciko2 jam yang lalu

    Grave couldn't keep him Cause hes a real Hero of Australia Rest in peace

  75. author

    hamza adrees2 jam yang lalu

    The realty is that being Muslims we can not force anybody to become Muslim,it's her own choice wether she become Muslim or Christian and this pakistani family is just following the real teaching of Islam by not to force her to become Muslim

  76. author

    RussiaNukesAmerica32 jam yang lalu

    Firefighters from the U.S. " The Great Satan " were killed ? 👍🏿

  77. author

    The warrior z2 jam yang lalu

    They love him all over the world he is the most loved man of 2019

  78. author

    Haran Sivasambu2 jam yang lalu

    This is yesterday old news

  79. author

    OSK42 jam yang lalu

    RIP to those who lost their lives 😓

  80. author

    Grace Lasconia2 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    永恒的2019年6月21日2 jam yang lalu

  82. author

    ferkemall2 jam yang lalu

    how many infected people worked in factories that exported food ?

  83. author

    Reece Qwerty2 jam yang lalu

    That's what happens when you live on a fault line... Lex Luthor WILL have his beachfront property !

  84. author

    Bored Eats2 jam yang lalu

    why do i hear tina turner singing that? LOL

  85. author

    Nomadic Zak2 jam yang lalu


  86. author

    gear true2 jam yang lalu

    1:18,is that Charlie sheen?

  87. author

    Tony2 jam yang lalu

    What people NEED to UNDERSTAND is that government and politicians (world wide) don't give a FUCK about YOU at ALL! They only care about foreign interests, and gaining and expanding their power - they are controlled by the elites. The public are seen as SCUM in their eyes. They will make use of this bush fire crisis. Look into smart cities - they are the future of which these fires will pave the way for. Everyone is talking about Climate change and Global Warming, but not many are talking about Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Weather Control, and Agenda 21.

  88. author

    Jack Chevy2 jam yang lalu

    So now American firefighters are dying fighting this shit a world away from there home and this Australian PM still has his fuxking life?? Fuxk him. God bless the australian citizens and everyone fighting this hell on earth.. I'm praying for you.. Fuck these politicians.

  89. author

    James Smith2 jam yang lalu

    *Let's shut the pedo lying BBC*

  90. author

    Daniel Varela2 jam yang lalu

    Reporters should wear mask

  91. author

    Polish Lass2 jam yang lalu

    A vegetarian was roasting a chicken? She's declared vegan. And there's more (bragging about climate change paired up with excessive fuel consumption). Two faced hypocrites.

  92. author

    KatariaGujjar2 jam yang lalu

    Its wierd because in my native country, acacia is abundant and purported to cause droughts because it retains a lot of water.

  93. author

    j3fron2 jam yang lalu

    Well those land of aborigins Cursed land maybe? Only for whites that live ini there? Who knows

  94. author

    Sandro Nagaring2 jam yang lalu

    China, God only sent small creatures to make you frantic, make you restless, because you torture other human beings .. free uighur

  95. author

    James Smith2 jam yang lalu

    Extinction Rebellion Arsonists have blood on their hands..........

  96. author

    suspended suplex channel2 jam yang lalu

    0:50 3 taklas (balds)😂😂👈👇💯

  97. author

    HenryDavidT2 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to the 21st century, dear Japanese men!

  98. author

    wisnu aji2 jam yang lalu

    Hey dude, prepare your shotgun...!!!

  99. author

    Osyas2 jam yang lalu

    Fuck, good people are dying out here they deserve more Recognition for there efforts!!

  100. author

    Anan G2 jam yang lalu

    Most worrying video of wuhan virus so far. Other video kinda downplay the situation, not considering the incubation period of the virus. This one make sure you know that millions of people, possibly carrying the virus already left before the lockdown is in place.