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  1. author

    Yordi Inca miranda15 jam yang lalu

    Setien tienen que jugar 4,3,3,almenos hasta que termine la temporada .....🤦‍♂️

  2. author

    penis15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann saved us! Great job!

  3. author

    Aland Shirwan15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann the best player❤❤

  4. author

    Willz Greek15 jam yang lalu

    💙♥️ Griezman like ⚽⚽

  5. author

    mok mung15 jam yang lalu

    Thanks griezmann for helping us again

  6. author

    Shamsad TV15 jam yang lalu

    Where does the legend messi

  7. author

    悪VeeSScK15 jam yang lalu

    Que campo merda e esse...parece uma quadra o bagulho

  8. author

    Shashwat Jha15 jam yang lalu

    I dont know how will they defeat big clubs if they had so much problem in defeating ibiza. Defense was like shit against ibiza

  9. author

    Balázs Malik15 jam yang lalu

    Rakitic out

  10. author

    AskAldon15 jam yang lalu

    Me dribbling a Ball at a game My coach : pass the ball

  11. author

    Messi Diosss15 jam yang lalu

    Empesa a entrenar y poner los Jugadores adecuadosssss......!!

  12. author

    Anderson Davila15 jam yang lalu

    En buena hora de la que nos a salvado griezmann de jong y alba me parece con los pases para los goles esperemos para la siguiente ronda se lo tomen mas enserio por que lo de hoy estubo cerca de una gran desepcion

  13. author

    Kumar Sanjeeb15 jam yang lalu

    We can’t win playing like this. There is a lot to be changed before the UCL knockout comes

  14. author

    Balázs Malik15 jam yang lalu

    Line up vs valencia should be: Mats Alba Umtiti Pique/lenglet Busquets De jong Arthur Perez Griezmann Messi ©️

  15. author

    PSC help 36015 jam yang lalu

    tiki taka vs Cross cross cross

  16. author

    Balázs Malik15 jam yang lalu

    I took an L in Ibiza Almost...

  17. author

    Omar Khaled15 jam yang lalu

    Força barça🔵🔴

  18. author

    Alexandru Tanasov15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann weak he surely is not a 120 player I mean people hype him up but he scores because he as a lot of support from his team.

  19. author

    Androxi Xhill15 jam yang lalu

    Y los mandrilistas quejándose de robo😂😂😂

  20. author

    João Batista15 jam yang lalu

    🦸‍♂️griezmann ⚽️⚽️⛳🥅⛳🔥🔥👏👏👏👍

  21. author

    French Viking15 jam yang lalu

    😍 Griezmann ❤️🔥

  22. author

    نادر علي الجرادي15 jam yang lalu

    لا يحتاج برشلونه رأس حربه غريزمان يكفي يحتاج طرف يمين على مستوى عالي وقلب دفاع وياليت يكون فان دايك

  23. author

    rubenkmkc15 jam yang lalu

    Football stadium or night club?

  24. author

    Makhtar Niang15 jam yang lalu


  25. author

    Afia Khizar15 jam yang lalu

    If Messi and Suarez are not there for fc Barcelona then griezmann is there

  26. author

    Sore Seidou15 jam yang lalu

    Merci Barca💪👏👏👏

  27. author

    LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣15 jam yang lalu


  28. author

    Victor Armando15 jam yang lalu

    Finally his been sack FREEDOM!!!!!

  29. author

    eddy the yeti15 jam yang lalu

    Why does the music sound scary?

  30. author

    One Football 115 jam yang lalu

    7:02-7:10 Grizi😂😂😂

  31. author

    الطريق إلى الجنة15 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona ❣❣❣❣🙏🙏🙏❤

  32. author

    Cleilton Azevedo15 jam yang lalu


  33. author

    Kelvin Garcia #2 Game and Music15 jam yang lalu

    Hero ❄️ = Griezmann's Bullying 😂 = one goals of UD Ibiza

  34. author

    Daniel Lau15 jam yang lalu

    Forget new number 9 signing, we have Griezmann. 💥💥

  35. author

    سلوم الميساني15 jam yang lalu

    اكو عرب هناه

  36. author

    VaderBG15 jam yang lalu

    Damn this music is scary

  37. author

    Ashwas Baruah15 jam yang lalu

    Unprofessional Ibiza players

  38. author

    Din droid15 jam yang lalu

    Español alguien

  39. author

    Abbes Rz15 jam yang lalu

    Super Grizou 🔥

  40. author

    syafiq rozin15 jam yang lalu

    Horror audio?

  41. author

    Cleilton Azevedo15 jam yang lalu


  42. author

    Donatello Ala Carte15 jam yang lalu

    Copa del capitana

  43. author

    GamingWIthNasir15 jam yang lalu

    This video was so close to being deleted and never being uploaded.

  44. author

    vibhu raj15 jam yang lalu

    guy with the jersey will be disappointed 3:00

  45. author

    jamesvgjg15 jam yang lalu

    Hearing all this house is too funny it's only right

  46. author

    Roberto Juárez15 jam yang lalu

    Hola equipo de fútbol Barcelona saludos cordiales atte rover

  47. author

    Kshitij Shrestha15 jam yang lalu

    setien: like no place for valverde to vote as my opinion 🤭

  48. author

    Naymar Jr15 jam yang lalu


  49. author

    Kyng T15 jam yang lalu

    The players are acting rude at least say Hi when they say hi to u instead of putting earphones in ur ears to not answer to anyone

  50. author

    Moamen Sharawy15 jam yang lalu

    It's maybe shamed more than dramatic because like you we play with first degree players and the new head coach that surley is better than mr. Ernsto against and with a 80% of the game possession against a Segunda División B club and finally we won with a 95 minute goal what the LOL

  51. author

    Android Gamer15 jam yang lalu

    Visca el Barça!!!

  52. author

    Taka no Me Mihawk15 jam yang lalu

    Messi messi messi

  53. author

    Nelly Okyere15 jam yang lalu

    So none of the players signed the shirt of that man😥😥 I feel sad for him

  54. author

    Mohammed Zokari15 jam yang lalu

    Frenchie b

  55. author

    M. Ranney Rabha15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann 💝💝💝👍 From Assam

  56. author

    Keithos 9915 jam yang lalu

    U know the drill.Last number of likes is who u r. 1-Messi 2-Grizzy 3-Cr7 4-ronaldinho 5-Yashin 6-Zidan 7-R9 8-VVD 9-Maldini 0-urself Plz subscribe to my channel

  57. author

    Esther zathang15 jam yang lalu

    9 minute ago

  58. author

    Mandar Joshi15 jam yang lalu

    Plz make episodes on the setien era like you did a couple months ago

  59. author

    Ser Jan15 jam yang lalu


  60. author

    bastian muñoz15 jam yang lalu

    Desde cuando asensio es guardia del barca? Min 4:07

  61. author

    Jr Vargas15 jam yang lalu

    Maestro Setién mucho porque trabajar, se puede mejorar y acercarse al estilo Barsa. No olvide la intensidad y esa defensa está muy frágil.

  62. author

    Kevin Zaka15 jam yang lalu

    Neymar come back to Barcelona MSN PLEASEEEE

  63. author

    Tamil Selvan15 jam yang lalu

    full match u live catch ...

  64. author

    Aman Ahmed15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann: I perfectly took a pill in Ibiza

  65. author

    Jyoti Pimple15 jam yang lalu

    Missed his phone call celebration!!!☝🏾🙍🤘🤘

  66. author

    Yatharth Rawat15 jam yang lalu

    3:00 Feel bad for this guy

  67. author

    Jonathan Ekales15 jam yang lalu

    IBIZA was the better team no doubt

  68. author

    Sam 2715 jam yang lalu

    Grizi was taking full enjoyment

  69. author

    Dragon World15 jam yang lalu

    People who want Griezmann as a CF➡️ 👎

  70. author

    Marta 1715 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann is the best !!!! 💪🔥🔥🔥 Like si crees lo mismo

  71. author

    Agustín Firbas15 jam yang lalu

    a friend made fun of barça losing and i said "they are gonna win, you'll see" and when i got the results i was like hahaha in your face

  72. author

    Eddie Hernandez15 jam yang lalu


  73. author

    mk sonam lama15 jam yang lalu

    Nice i am supporter barcelona

  74. author

    Shraddha Gogoi15 jam yang lalu

    Griezmann! 🔥

  75. author

    GIORGI GAMER15 jam yang lalu

    i love messi

  76. author

    Ivan Rakitić15 jam yang lalu

    Visca Barca❤️

  77. author

    A B Siddique A B Siddique15 jam yang lalu

    Messi the best player in the World's 👍👍

  78. author

    Roy Adu Putra15 jam yang lalu


  79. author

    benjamin gularte15 jam yang lalu

    Se sucribe ami canal

  80. author

    Football Lover15 jam yang lalu


  81. author

    لين العفيف15 jam yang lalu


  82. author

    Ryo Xam15 jam yang lalu


  83. author

    THE MOON Amine15 jam yang lalu

    Valverde out😡😡😡😡

  84. author

    Dilu Villamarim15 jam yang lalu

    BARÇA, BARÇA, BARÇAAAAAA❤❤❤👊🇧🇷🇪🇦🇧🇷🇪🇦🇧🇷🇪🇦

  85. author

    Ali Lotfi15 jam yang lalu

    Barca are back 💪💪

  86. author

    علاوي كيمز الجبوري16 jam yang lalu

    انا فرحان لئن فازت برشلونة MSR

  87. author

    GameTürk16 jam yang lalu


  88. author

    Siva Prakash16 jam yang lalu

    I literally hate your sence of music for this video...😂 Seems like apocalypse

  89. author

    ThonyBri16 jam yang lalu

    sludame bro hola griezmann

  90. author

    MD mannan প্রবাসী জীবন16 jam yang lalu

    Wow 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  91. author

    ⱮμรꙆเⱮ_βεҡ16 jam yang lalu

    Best line-up: Ter Ştegen - Semedo, Pique, Lenglet, Alba - Busquets, Arthur, De Jong - Messi, Dembele, Griezmann 🔥

  92. author

    IkerrrXD16 jam yang lalu

    Like si quieres que Griezman se quede por siempre al barça 😢❤

  93. author

    Knowledge is Power16 jam yang lalu

    Barcelona is the best football club on this planet 😘😘..

  94. author

    استبرق الموسوي16 jam yang lalu