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  1. author

    Uorth3 jam yang lalu

    Reminds me when tobuscus’ career got ruined of allegations

  2. author

    Leen Mohmmed3 jam yang lalu

    The truth.....

  3. author

    Riley D3 jam yang lalu


  4. author

    Enzo Ferrari3 jam yang lalu

    @ColeCarrigann have fun in jail

  5. author

    crystal perry3 jam yang lalu

    Damn a bad girls club collab 👀 😂

  6. author

    jacktheginger13 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao the picture you used of austil acttually makes him look like an SO

  7. author

    Carl Keef3 jam yang lalu

    Team Logan

  8. author

    iphonejailbreaking3 jam yang lalu


  9. author

    Mr. Spoop3 jam yang lalu

    Keem: waht you see on youtube is not reallity me: I KNEW YOU WERE A ROBOT

  10. author

    spongebob square pants3 jam yang lalu

    Oh yeah yeah

  11. author

    crystal perry3 jam yang lalu

    The way he’s trying to get this friends to come out is disgusting. That “bratty attitude”?¿? Lmaoo he’s STILL only thinking of himself

  12. author

    jacktheginger13 jam yang lalu

    Cole just looks like the type of rat to make shit up in an attempt to get money the fuckin weirdo

  13. author

    Ryan Grago3 jam yang lalu

    No ones going to jail. That’s how it works in Hollywood

  14. author

    6MM M63 jam yang lalu

    Niether, really... This is the product of misunderstandings and assumptions or done thing less (more).

  15. author

    Muddypaws3 jam yang lalu


  16. author

    BryantSuck3 jam yang lalu

    Lol but they can’t arrest the pedo politicians

  17. author

    BryantSuck3 jam yang lalu

    Lol but they can’t arrest the pedo politicians

  18. author

    Happibunni Art3 jam yang lalu

    Disgusting that anyone uses rape to extort money, as u say if they are telling the truth about rape he's messed up there only way to be believed, if true. If it's not he should be stopped and punished heavily. I agree I think Austin does cheat, he's got that personality too he thinks he's it. No couple is truly a happy couple, couples fight no matter what.

  19. author

    yoplait3 jam yang lalu

    I’m kinda confused how you expected this guy to read sarcasm from a text that only said “500k” ....you waited hours to reply saying that you were kidding. I know he left that part out but, seriously keem lmao.

  20. author

    Brody Allan3 jam yang lalu

    Logan paul KSI undercard Cole VS Austin Mcbroom

  21. author

    brisa ramirez3 jam yang lalu

    I am going to unsub to the ace fam I used to be a fan

  22. author

    Milooue3 jam yang lalu

    Cole's gay what do you expect he just wants money and lies to everyone

  23. author

    Coaieman Dushman3 jam yang lalu

    7:37 nice editing

  24. author

    Courtney Bridgit3 jam yang lalu

    Why do people not understand that Cole has no reason to lie against a very large youtube family brand with millions upon millions of dollars, fans, and power? Why would he put himself in a bad situation to get into legal trouble? Since people are discussing the post Leslie made, don't you find it a little bit suspicious that Austin was able to screenshot that post when it was only at 100 or so likes? Leslie has more than 200,000 followers, and gets thousands of likes on all her pictures. Why is it that Austin was able to catch her post so quickly? It almost looks like he sat around patiently _waiting_ for the post. It does look like he paid her to post that. Why would she get on the phone with Cole to say what she said, and then as soon as she gets identified just immediately backtrack? You have to remember that an NDA was signed and that the girls were simply just scared even though NDAs don't matter when it comes to a crime. As for Cole making money off of this, Cole put absolutely no ads in his video. After the James and Tati situation, people know not to lie about things like this. He was also a part of Team 10, so he knows not to accuse someone of serious criminal acts if they are not true because he knows he would be sued. Why would Cole intentionally put himself in harm's way over a fake story? Since we're throwing our opinions out there, I genuinely believe Austin did it. At this point, I am praying this is real. If it's not, it's going to discredit REAL rape victims in the future. With that being said, stay in your lane and let the courts handle this. Stop making video after video about this. You shared the same f****ing info. Nothing's new here.

  25. author

    xxosofia3 jam yang lalu

    i used to believe cole but now i’m on keems side.

  26. author

    Braydon Holt3 jam yang lalu


  27. author

    Samantha Young3 jam yang lalu

    He never asked or threatened anyone for money so is it actually extortion?

  28. author

    Kofi Gyasi3 jam yang lalu

    I kinda want that 5$

  29. author

    Hashim Moussa3 jam yang lalu

    Cole kissed you like to undo 👇

  30. author

    fahad badgish3 jam yang lalu

    ha ha no f

  31. author

    Veronica Kaupa3 jam yang lalu

    Whoelse hasn’t heard of A Cole Carrigan, until this drama went viral

  32. author

    FEAR Clan3 jam yang lalu

    Im going to expose keem i snuk into his house and found his Oreos in the basement

  33. author

    Enrique t3 jam yang lalu

    Yo keem find out why 905theshooter was fired from nelk

  34. author

    Stick3 jam yang lalu

    5:10 Long live the meme!

  35. author

    Trash_At Life3 jam yang lalu

    Psssst... (Your pretty cute/handsome) 😘Hav A gud dai

  36. author

    Peter ,4 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist: nobody writes any plot twist anymore

  37. author

    k 74 jam yang lalu

    Never listen to gay people

  38. author

    Grumpy Snail4 jam yang lalu

    Lol I thought he had 5 mill

  39. author

    Sunil Zala4 jam yang lalu

    Your mom.

  40. author

    mcleod56ify4 jam yang lalu

    If this is true then that cole person fucked the case up

  41. author

    Death GameplayZ4 jam yang lalu

    „Ass Family“

  42. author

    Bogart4 jam yang lalu

    The amount of drama that starts from “beauty” channel people. Lmfao yall doin beauty cuz your souls ugly asf

  43. author

    MixtapeX4 jam yang lalu

    that lady boy is a fuckin scumbag... end of story

  44. author

    BlockBechir4 jam yang lalu

    13:40 3 million?

  45. author

    Leo Claros4 jam yang lalu

    Jake paul is tucking autistic

  46. author

    RichRacc4 jam yang lalu

    I have no idea who these people are dude.

  47. author

    bilishu aliss4 jam yang lalu

    Nobody: 2019: cancel culture exists

  48. author

    Blank Fist4 jam yang lalu

    Why did you cut bowblaxes channel?

  49. author

    Sky Mon4 jam yang lalu

    Oh great a horny guy and a gay gold digger having a beef, what's next

  50. author

    Zuhair Muhammad4 jam yang lalu

    Umm.. excuse me Keem, but we are over 5M not 3M ..🙂😇

  51. author

    Zuk Fea4 jam yang lalu

    You should go to prison for creating drama and making things worse

  52. author

    elle4 jam yang lalu

    What I wanna hear is the 'story' you mentioned in your video titled Mr Beast exposed for being horrible boss about Austin Mcbroom couldn't be the story regarding to Cole Kerrigan as his video was uploaded 4 days after your video and since the video from 1 week all you have uploaded is about Cole Kerrigan's video..

  53. author

    reneis sance4 jam yang lalu

    I think threre is a truth to this story. something definitely happened and the ace family is working around the clock keep this quiet .These allegations are too serious for some not to be true ...

  54. author

    Barbara Jimenez4 jam yang lalu

    0:50 swear i heard him say "hella gay shit" lmao jk it sounds like it doe (he said allegations)

  55. author

    Nerousader 9114 jam yang lalu

    They both goin to jail lol

  56. author

    coolbro2334 jam yang lalu

    It’s cool that faggot gonna drop the soap in prison Everyday

  57. author

    Nicole4 jam yang lalu

    Oh Jesus! Nobody is going to jail over this dumbfuckary. Idiots, both of them!

  58. author

    LoovlehCuppaTea4 jam yang lalu

    Cole Keratin

  59. author

    Jona Cadena4 jam yang lalu

    11:41 sounds like keem said On September 21st at whore nights

  60. author

    BeefyPrime xbox4 jam yang lalu

    You have a great way of making me care about stuff i didn't really give a shit about.. Lol

  61. author

    Chronicflame4 jam yang lalu

    All these IDreporter guys are lowkey fags smh no cap

  62. author

    Master Six4 jam yang lalu

    ass family

  63. author

    GothBoy UK4 jam yang lalu

    *ALLEGED* rape victims. Innocent until proven guilty in *every* case, regardless of how heinous the crime. That's such an important legal matter to uphold, especially nowadays.

  64. author

    LolipopJr.4 jam yang lalu

    ...over *three million* ,four thousand subscribers. Shouldn't it be *five* ?

  65. author

    Sky Mon4 jam yang lalu

    Who else thought that purple white haired ma.. Women was James charles

  66. author

    3li4 jam yang lalu

    i hope cole gets sent to jail and drops the soap...

  67. author

    BenfyX_YT4 jam yang lalu

    Never trust a james charles clone.

  68. author

    9-year -old4 jam yang lalu

    Keem said 3.4 mil SUBCRIBER not 5.4 mil

  69. author

    adam limamy4 jam yang lalu

    pls cole he is ass and a liar what a brat !

  70. author

    Pretty Dia4 jam yang lalu

    I think they are all going to jail. They are both wrong. Austin raped and Cole spread true rumours for sake of money.

  71. author

    THE_G_CHILD _4 jam yang lalu

    God this dude is such a fucking tool

  72. author

    Clyde Torris4 jam yang lalu

    This Cole guy is a great value version of James Charles

  73. author

    Jacqueline Walker4 jam yang lalu

    It was his dad who rape not Austin

  74. author

    Ryan Houldin4 jam yang lalu

    At the end keem said over 3.4 million subs think he meant to say 5.4 million

  75. author

    Sebastian Watson4 jam yang lalu

    You’re an idiot doing such drama videos.

  76. author

    Microde _4 jam yang lalu

    Cole: Tries to make 100k off the situation but fails, Keem: mad Keem: Adds a sponsor on a video about the situation and makes extra money off of the situation Nice 1

  77. author

    Leemo4 jam yang lalu

    Does Keem not understand you can't tell sarcasm from text messages

  78. author

    Pauliethelegend4 jam yang lalu

    I’m on Austin’s team

  79. author

    Patrik4 jam yang lalu

    Mby if the sponsore was available everywhere it would get more money

  80. author

    Twiz4 jam yang lalu

    When he said the part about this videos sponsor I thought he was going to show a commercial for the ace families IDreporter Chanel as a joke lol

  81. author

    Jacqueline Walker4 jam yang lalu

    You didn’t said you didn’t get paid, so you got paid 😂 🤐

  82. author

    JayPlays5 jam yang lalu

    13:46 since when did your channel go from 5 to 3 million? XD

  83. author

    Sup E5 jam yang lalu

    The biggest whoosh moment in IDreporter history. (Cole)

  84. author

    ABRAHAM OUBAN5 jam yang lalu

    But the girl says that . Austin was not involved. So... how can he go to jail. This is all bs

  85. author

    Christina Faye5 jam yang lalu

    Why is half of the text marked out in black🤔🤔🤔

  86. author

    FR9_ Extreme5 jam yang lalu


  87. author

    ABRAHAM OUBAN5 jam yang lalu

    Keem you should go to jail.!

  88. author

    Jr_ e9a5 jam yang lalu

    Your going to jail No you No u No you No u No you N u No you No u No you No u No you No u No you No u No you No u No yoooooou Nooooooo u Ñóóóóóóóóóóó Ýóú _______________________________________ They both go to jail

  89. author

    Sara Canka5 jam yang lalu

    Wait he said "Now over 3.4 million subscribers" but he has 5.4 what??

  90. author

    Lil Draco5 jam yang lalu

    I don’t think this Austin guy raped anyone. But if he did this Cole motherfucker really fucked this case over for his friends if they were going to seek legal action. Also the fact that he posted that video to primarily make money and exploit his friends ‘rape’ story is disgusting. Rat.

  91. author

    Toolijalg5 jam yang lalu

    ass family

  92. author

    Nady Boyer5 jam yang lalu

    Why you cancel boxblax, keem. Now he defenseless now Cole will strike him 3 times and shut down his channel.

  93. author

    Sinza za5 jam yang lalu


  94. author

    James Alvarez5 jam yang lalu

    Plot twist : Keem paid Cole $500k to have Ann Nichols come on Drama Alert 😀

  95. author

    Jck pl4ys5 jam yang lalu

    Keem: I only tell the truth Also keem: gives his opinion which is a subjective opinion

  96. author

    Bijo BMusic5 jam yang lalu

    Them faggots are really fucked in the head haha get it? Fucked... in the .... head? Haha like they are blowing dudes haha im so offensive suck ma dik

  97. author

    CoolShyHaha5 jam yang lalu

    Idk keem does sound like he being bought cuz all he talk bout is cole

  98. author

    Abdulrehman Imran5 jam yang lalu

    keem said over 3 mil 400 thousand subs its 5 mil tho

  99. author

    BacktozeroGaming5 jam yang lalu

    does nobody else noticed that he sayd 3 million 4 hundrethousand subs at the end ? xD

  100. author

    XD KYØKΛI5 jam yang lalu

    Why is this dude messing with someones family